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Everybody wants to be Employee Of The Month. Who can resist the allure of reserved, close-in parking and the immortal glory of having your name and photo on the Wall Of Fame? Apparently not Willie Mitchell of Deerfield Beach, Florida. Even though Wal-Mart, his employer, gives none of these laurels to their Employees Of The Month, he completely lost his cool when he lost the award to a rival employee . . .

From the NY Daily News:

Willie Mitchell is accused of firing one round at the woman’s empty vehicle in the bizarre revenge scheme.

The woman told detectives Mitchell argued with her about their workload after she won the prize at the Deerfield Beach store. The award is for bragging rights only, but he was furious and threatened the woman before he stormed out, authorities said.

“I’m going to show you,” he told the woman, according to the police report.

Mitchell drove back to the parking lot a few hours later and pulled in next to the woman’s SUV, a surveillance video shows. After learning the woman was still inside at work, he rolled down the window, fired at least one shot at her vehicle and drove away, authorities said.

Even though Mitchell worked at the store, he forgot that the whole parking lot is monitored 24/7 by several surveillance cameras.

Oops. There’s no evidence (so far) that Mitchell actually intended to shoot his rival, but it’s unlikely that this 110% devotion to his job will translate into improved future employment opportunities. I hope he understands there his criminal conviction and IGOTD award are going to be part of his Permanent Record.

Yes: His. Permanent. Record.

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    • Not to defend Willie in any way whatsoever, but the unequal workload thing is something I once experienced in a really big way.

      Most Walmart employees are lazy and do the minimal work it takes to remain on the job. When someone who actually will work hard comes along, the managers start shifting the workload of the lazy workers onto the person who wants to do their best. VERY demoralizing, I can tell you. Then they will schedule much more work for you than you can possibly get done in your shift, and guilt-trip you if you haven’t finished by quitting time – hoping (and sometimes succeeding) that you will clock out and stay and finish your assignments. They have been found guilty of this practice in labor disputes in practically every state in the union.

      So maybe Willie had a genuine beef – but not the shooting part, of course.

      • Well Walmart has fixed that now haven’t they? It’s called the “self … checkout.”

        Their service has always been pretty pitiful and your choice out of 30 checkout lanes is checker #1, Checker#2, and self checkout with very long lines for each. Also, asking employees questions is always fun. In five different Walmarts, I have had employee’s tell me where items are… rather than showing me where they are. Most of the time their advice on item location was incorrect anyways.

        I have a motto for walmart:

        Help yourself (because we aren’t going to help you).

        That said, I will still shop at a Walmart over my neighborhood target for one reason… “guns.” Target doesn’t carry any – or any hunting gear, etc. In fact, they don’t have an “outdoors” department really – only a “sports” department (basketball, football, etc). For that reason – i’ll still go to Walmart.

        You would think that a store named Target… with a logo of a target of concentric circles would carry things like “guns,” but alas, No.

        • I was talking about WORKING at Walmart (like Willie used to do), not about CHECKOUTS. Jeez, I thought it was quite clear…

          Who else thought I was talking about checkouts?

        • Burke,

          I thought you were talking about how working for Walmart was not to your liking – then I started talking about shopping at Walmart was not to my liking. I know you didn’t mention anything about checkouts. I was the one talking about checkouts. Anyways, you were unleashing some hatred for Walmart and I took the opportunity to do the same. You were talking about lazy employee’s and I mentioned the self checkout. No biggie.

          I by no means was directing my bad shopping experience towards people like you. From your post – it’s clear you were working hard and like a socialist country, the managers dumped everything on you (the one guy willing to actually work).

        • Shrug. You said, “but they fixed that, didn’t they?” and started talking about automated checkouts. Hence my reply.

          I want to say that I DESPISE it when machines talk to me. I avoid self-checkouts and the like for that reason. Machines have no right talking to anyone who doesn’t like to be talked at by a machine.

        • @William

          When the time has expired on my microwave it says “Your food is ready”. Every time I see that I want to go Kyle Reese on it. How does it know my food is ready? What if I was just defrosting something so that I could cook it in an analogue device? Maybe it is not food at all, maybe I am reheating a reusable heating pad? Why doesn’t it mind its own g-ddamn business? Unfortunately it is a built in so I can’t switch it out without doing an inordinate amount of work.

          I am not being sarcastic at all. I really hate that thing talking to me.

        • After years of careful study, I’m fairly certain Kyle Reese didn’t actually do anything meaningful….but I get the point.

      • Thank you for supporting my decision not to grace wally world with my presence or dollars. Long ago I decided to shop hometown, and have not regretted that decision once. When the cashier asked me if the 22 bullets were for a pistol or rifle I told her it was none of her damn business, she said she could not make the sale then. Last time i have been in wal mart. I believe that was 5 years ago!

        • I visit a couple times a year, maybe. It’s walking distance, and if I need something I’d have to go a long way for, I go to Wally’s instead. But very rarely. They treated me more shabbily than any other job, by far. And for $5.50/hr. Right before 2000. Right, FIVE-FIFTY.

          They put me in charge of Live Pets (which consisted solely of tropical fish), and then piled so much work on me in other places that I couldn’t care for them. Feeding is time-consuming, cleaning the aquariums ten times more so. I felt responsible for their lives, so I fell into their trap: I would clock out at the end of my shift – no OT allowed, except when THEY said so – and went and worked on feeding the fish and cleaning out the dead ones, cleaning the tanks. At 3 months I was supposed to get health insurance, but they said I wasn’t working hard enough, and denied it for another 3 months.

          I sat down and wrote my resignation right then and there.

          I’d be working hard on an assignment, and a supe would seek me out, because they couldn’t find any other wor… I mean “associates”, pull me off that to do another task, and I was still supposed to do my assignments before quitting time. Bastards. But tell you what – I think every one of those supervisors were FIRED, and some went to jail – for stealing from them. One woman walked out the door after her shift EVERY DAY with bags of groceries and other goodies. FOR YEARS.

  1. If your sole intent is to vandalize someone’s car use a bat or crowbar, same effect only you probably will only have to pay a fine, not who knows how long in jail.

  2. I’ve BEEN in that store, it’s only 5 miles from my house. I just can’t believe it!

    There’s NEVER any ammo in that store!

  3. Wal Mart? Really? My wife wasted 13 years working for that company. She said the first year or two werent bad, but the change of management turned it into a hellhole. Random schedule changes, drastic cuts in hours and in the store she worked in, management showing favoritism to employees who reported what other people were saying or doing. I got to know a lot of the folks she worked with and they all seemed unhappy. But maybe they do things different in Florida. Or (more likely) this guy is mentally defective.

  4. Now wait a minute. All the gun grabbers tell us that employer policies which ban guns at work are critical to everyone’s safety. They claim that an infuriated person will whip out a gun and start shooting so we cannot allow people to be armed in the workplace. Further, they claim that we must not even allow employees to store their firearms in their cars because an infuriated person who is not armed will simply march out to their car, retrieve their gun, come back in, and start shooting. And the gun-grabbers are satisfied with these policies because they cannot imagine that an infuriated person would actually drive home to retrieve a gun, come back, and then start shooting.

    Of course gun grabbers refuse to acknowledge that a person who is motivated enough to violate murder laws and actually murder someone is also motivated enough to go home, retrieve a weapon (firearm or otherwise), come back, and attack.

    Meanwhile, everyone who is unarmed at the workplace is defenseless. Now that is an ignorant, dangerous policy.

    • I agree Ralph. Thanks for the story. You should have made a TTAG article about it.

      The video was pretty crazy:

      They were some violent cops freaking out about him having a concealed carry. Upset he didn’t notify them earlier (even though he was holding his CCW permit out to them the whole time). I especially found it humorous that they thought he was an idiot when it was them who didn’t even bother to look at the permit he was holding for some time (and kept offering to them).

      This cop was very aggressive and clearly escalated everything on his own.

      This was certainly true: “Ream cited a pattern of verbal abuse and making physical or death threats.”

      I thought it was extremely strange that the arbitrator ruled in his favor and he can have his old job back – especially since he got $40,000 when leaving and received workers comp and disability retirement pension:


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