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Michael Yatsko (courtesy

“A St. Cloud [Florida] man was arrested Wednesday after he handed his son a gun and told him to kill himself when the boy talked about committing suicide,” reports. “Michael Yatsko, 44, allegedly put the gun down on his son’s bedroom and said ‘do it, kill yourself I really don’t care.’ He told police that he knew it wasn’t the appropriate response but his son’s ‘cowardly’ comments have become ‘frustrating.’ Yatsko was also accused of slamming his 13-year-old son’s head on a table, causing a bump above his eye, police said. He was charged with child abuse and child neglect. The right to keep and bear arms does not make people any better – or worse – than they otherwise are. Removing that right doesn’t change human nature, either, but it leaves good people at a disadvantage. That is all.  [h/t SS]

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    • My brother ran awn away from home when he was 5. He got about 4 blocks away before he came back home. My dad said “what made you come back? My brother said “I got hungry”. The next time my brother got a wild hair and decided to flee, my dad said “Do you want to take some peanut butter sandwiches with you so you don’t get hungry this time?” He never left. His threat did not have the result on my dad that he was looking for.

  1. Wow, father of the year candidate?

    We need a law against handing a suicidal child a gun! /sarc

    Public shaming would be appropriate for despicable man.

      • How about with trans fats and HFCS sodas over 16 oz.? That might distract Michael Bloomberg enough that he’ll go back to his previous nanny state campaign to protect us from freedom.

  2. Or we was trying to shock the kid and get his attention. Kid’s not dead, is he. And if you think social workers, or shrinks, will be any help, you’ve drunk the kool-aid.

  3. Wow… talk about some seriously bad parenting.

    Everybody knows teenagers can be a handful, but telling your kid to kill themselves and then handing them a gun?

    Way to fulfill a bunch of bad dad / gunowner stereotypes.

  4. God, how can he be angry with his kid for acting “cowardly” when he’s slamming his head into a table? That would make any teenager wanna kill themself!

  5. Reasonable controls on parenting. UBC’s and registration of parents. It’s for the kids.

    Yatsko is a complete douche.

    • Kissimmee/ St.Cloud… Just up the road from me.

      Is Mom’s Pawn still in business?

      Last time I was driving through Kissimmee’s old downtown (Not the tourist trap 17/92 Disney World cheap hotel Hell) the old town looked like it was frozen in time in the 1960’s.

  6. is how it’s done. Not defending him giving him a loaded gun, much less slamming his head into a table, but the boy was suicidal and needed a reality check. Pills and shrinks aren’t always effective. Was he already under treatment? This kid’s chances are FUBAR now that he’s going into the system. Shrinks and cops failed the kid in California with the BMW.

  7. I learned a long time ago, that there are two kinds of people that threaten to kill themselves.
    Those that want only attention, and then those that mean it, and if so, there is no stopping them.

    Just as well let them get it done the first time.

    And it sure tells you which group they are in.

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