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Hassan Ouaza (courtesy

We hope that Morocco citizen Hassan Ouaza – like all IGOTD winners who’ve shuffled off this mortal coil via a ballistic faux pas – rests in peace. We can’t read his Facebook page and we can’t find details about the exact manner of his death. “Hassan Ouaza, a citizen in Boumalne Dades in the Tinghir province who was a member of the association of Sellers and Solidarity Association (sic), accidentally killed himself while using live ammunition to kill stray dogs on August 4.” That’s all has to say in the subject [NOTE: disturbing pic at the link.] The sad thing about this story, well, one of the sad things about this is . . .

Moroccan authorities are still using guns to shoot stray dogs.

Marrakech – The residents of the city of Salé, a town near Rabat, woke up, on December 9, to the sound of live ammunition, which local authorities used to kill stray dogs.

The inhabitants were frightened, because authorities did notify them that they would be shooting dogs with live ammunition in the early morning.

The shootings occurred at 8:30 am without prior notice, which concerned the inhabitants, according to Kaima Belouchi, a journalist with the National Society of Radio and Television (SNRT) who lives in the neighborhood.

Belouchi announced that she is intending to file a complaint to the representative of the King, protesting the way the authorities killed the dogs.

It sucks when someone dies after violating one or more of the four safety rules. It sucks even worse when someone dies from a negligent discharge and others don’t learn from the tragedy triggered by the shooter’s irresponsibility. And it sucks, well, I’ll just say this: it shouldn’t happen to a dog.

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    • I can understand dealing with dogs who are overpopulated, bothering/attacking each other and people, spreading disease and defecating all over. Just don’t be shooting in populated areas for pete’s sake!

  1. I don’t know if the author realizes it, but in some areas of the world, stray dogs are almost as big of a problem as the wild hogs in Texas. These aren’t pets – they’re vermin. The author has a rather ethnocentric view of acceptable hunting practices.

    • Right. I’m not sure what I’m reading here. Maybe we can sponsor a ‘bring a stray dog back to America from turkey’ program…

    • Yup. And America’s feral hog population doesn’t spread rabies (AFAIK).

      I’ve lived somewhere where I wished someone would get all Kalashnikov on the wild dogs in the streets.

  2. 1: Why does the article point out that the ammo was “live” so many times? Do they use blank ammo frequently there? And if so, how can residents tell the difference as they are waking up?

    2: Shooting stray dogs is a crime in most of the US and should be everywhere that it is not. Dogs have just as much of a right to life as any other of God’s creations. We were given dominion over them to protect them and use them purposefully, not to go out and kill them because they are invonvenient. (I feel the same way about hunting. Doing so for food is good. It serves a purpose. Hunting for sport or fun is just cruel to the animals who are killed for sport. I see no difference in that and dog fighting.)

    3. Morocco has legal firearm ownership. There aren’t a whole lot of them (roughly a million legal and illegal firearms in civilian hands. 1 in 20 owns a firearm. Why is it news when a firearm is used in ANY african country? This is really not all that far from Libya and all those other crazy places where muslims are killing everyone they meet.

    • I just hope it wasn’t MILITARY GRADE live ammunition in a FULLY LOADED HIGH CAPACITY CLIP that was fired from an ASSAULT WEAPON, because then things might’ve gotten really dangerous.

    • Morocco is a long way from Algeria and Libya, in quality of governance if not in miles.

      King Mohammed VI FTW.

    • dogs are a huge problem in some places. and where does God say all of his creations have a right to live? that’s just silly. Last time I was in Korea, BTW, there was a vendor down by the river in Seoul selling live puppies…and they weren’t pets.

    • Regarding your second point, in most rural areas of the western states, it’s not only lawful, but considered an obligation to eliminate strays that are harassing or attacking cattle, sheep, etc. When I was growing up in rural Oregon, our farming community was just far enough out of town that dimwitted people would drop their unwanted pets off on the highway near our home. (I guess they considered that more “humane” than dropping them off at the pound, ’cause us nice farmers were supposed to adopt all their derelict mutts.)

      The county Sheriff and the Fish and Game folks both told us to shoot any dog that was chasing livestock or deer on sight.

      • Absolutely standard procedure in livestock areas. Once, in my kidhood, Dad was silly enough to adopt a stray, mainly because it looked like it was about 99% German shepherd. One day soon, when it was about 110 in the shade and no shade, he discovered the mutt was “guarding” the water tank in one of the fat cattle feedlots. Several 1,200-pound prime beeves were already dead. As was the dog moment later.

      • Where I grew up in rural New England, loose dogs would pack up and kill livestock in the winter. Able to run on the crust atop the snow, they could even bring down cattle and horses. Since many of these animals were actually domestic dogs allowed to run loose, they weren’t killing from hunger, but just from an instictive desire to hunt.

        After the first snowfall, local farmers would shoot any loose dog that wandered onto their land.

  3. Here in New Mexico, A pack of feral dogs attacked a woman on a horse almost pulling her off the horse and trying to hamstring the horse as well. Luckily the horse didn’t buck her off. The horse kicked at the dogs injuring one of them. Then the horse was able to break free of the pack and gallop to safety with the woman.

    She should of had a gun.

    Another feral pack in a diffetent area was attacking and killing free range cattle. So a neighbor stalked them and killed them all with an AK-47.

    Feral dogs are just another wolf pack without a fear of humans.

  4. In Eastern Europe packs of wild dogs kill people. This isn’t your “Lassie” situation. In Iraq these packs carry off children.

  5. It’s sad that the guy managed to kill himself, but (and I love dogs) there are dogs that need to be put down sometimes. Just like how sometimes there are people that need to be put down.
    It’s not fun, or sport, or anything like that. It’s just what needs to be done.

  6. Believe there are worse things than shooting them. I volunteer with a dog rescue organization. I’ve seen a lot, here in the United States there still some shelter that use gas to euthanize dogs. Put them in crates, crate go into gas chamber, you can image the rest. I love dogs but feral dogs running in a pack are dangerous. In third world counties spaying/neutering is rare, vaccinating for rabies rare. When resources for food are scarce and animals are staving or are dieing a slow painful death due to a multiple common canine diseases – what would you do let them die a slow death or put them out of their misery with a bullet? A lot of places there is not the s/n free clinics, low cost vaccination clinics. Does not matter if 3rd world country or in this country, it’s a big problem.

    • Depending on the gas, it can be quite peaceful.

      Doesn’t need to be chlorine gas, but pure nitrogen or CO and the animal probably never knows what hit ’em. Or straight ether. Then again, I’ve never been gassed to death with any of the above, so what do I know.

  7. We have had more than one situation in some of the rural areas of my county and the one just south where packs of dogs have attacked and maimed or killed people, other dogs, and cattle. Even large domesticated dogs when in a free running pack will attack almost anything.

  8. You have a mouse, problem you get a cat. You have a cat problem, you get a dog. You have a dog problem, you get an untrained Human. You have an untrained Human, you hand him a gun. Its the way our little world corrects it’s self.

  9. If the clod shot himself shooting animals, which most of the time don’t shoot back, all I can think is it’s a good thing he wasn’t a cop where a bad guy may have shot back.

    • If the dude shot himself, I don’t think the end result would have been much different whether he was shooting dogs, criminals, or tin cans. The fines can be pretty hefty for breaking Col. Cooper’s four rules.

  10. About 30 years ago a village in northern Iran was being pestered with snakes. They asked a local hunter to try and kill them. Well after he blew a lot away with his shotgun he got too familiar with the procedure and shot one but it was not quite dead. As he tried to crush its head with the butt it got its tail inside the trigger guard and shot him.


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