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Dan Bilzerian (courtesy YouTube)


If you want to see the whole YouTube video wherein poker player Dan Bilzerian surrounds FPSRussia with more reasonably attractive scantily-clad women than you’ll find at the AVN awards, click here. I didn’t post the video because TTAG’s sworn off of non-gun porn and watching FPS’s extended Monster truck shark jumping (after the shooting) is painful. A bikini-clad girl shooting full-auto from the hip with FPS for stabilization? Girls turn around (so we can see your butts)? OK, the fat bald guy with his underwear hoiked into thong position shooting prone while getting showered with brass is funny. But the firearm hand-off above is anything but. So to speak. Whoever’s RSO’ing this gets a fail, as does Mr. Bilzerian for grabbing a gun like that, tactical beard or not.

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  1. What was that about self defense, avoid stupid people doing stupid things? Guess it works for life in general.

  2. Really? THAT earns IGOTD? Might as well print one off for me and every single deployed combat arms soldiers/marine/airman/sailor past and present.

    Nothing to see here guys. Jesus.

    • What did you expect from an editor who is probably older than the hills and fuddier than Elmer?

      No safety violation here.

      • Nah I wouldn’t say that. RF is usually pretty solid.

        I think its just a disconnect between what is considered “proper” weapons handling and what is “practical” weapons handling.

    • That seems to be in dispute. Even the author of the piece stated so. Either way it is NOT relevant to the way the piece is handled in the video, which is what the TTAGers have based their complaint on. They still have no case. The alleged “safety violation” never occured, at least not ON THIS VIDEO.
      IMO, this is just another example of TTAG bias, which they demonstrate often. They have an agenda to push, the same as every other sheep on the planet….

  3. @3369. Big difference between playing operator and handling weapons irresponsibly and being in the military in an actual operation.

    • Not really lol. I don’t see how you can apply a double standard to “unsafe” weapons handling. Either it is safe, or it isn’t.

      Hint – This isn’t unsafe.

  4. It wouldn’t be NEARLY as sketch if it wasn’t an AK, he had his finger of the safety in a way that could have switched it to fire if he wasn’t careful.

    • Where is the safety mentioned in the four basic rules of gun safety again? Oh, that’s right, its NEVER mentioned!
      There is a reason for that. NEVER trust a safety to do the job that YOU are supposed to be doing! NEVER violate the second or third rules just because; “the safety is on”, or because; “the mag is out and it has a magazine disconnect” or because; “dont worry, its not loaded”!
      All of those are nasty amteurish attitudes that get people killed “accidentally”!

  5. I honestly don’t see the big deal here. I couldn’t be sure but it looked like the gun was on safety, his finger wasn’t on the trigger, and the gun didn’t look like it was pointed at anyone.

    So… where’s the foul?

      • I lurk here quite a bit, and I have noted that both Farago and Leghorn seem to lack an understanding of the four basic rules of gun safety. They seem to KNOW them, yes. In the sense that they have read them and can cut and paste them, etc. But they lack the deep understanding that would allow them to LIVE them. In much the same way that doctors “know” their Hippocratic Oath(If you think doctors do know it, just ask yours to recite it).
        This is only one example. I have noted others. A post a couple weeks ago on the 1911’s trigger vs a striker fired handgun(Glock, etc)for example. RF stated that leghorn wants that “extra margin” of safety when he carries because he is afraid that he might pull the trigger too quickly…. obviously NOT following rule number three, yes? Or, probably, number two either! If he is worried about pulling the trigger, why is he pointing it there? A double error, a “stack up of errors”! That’s when the “accidents” happen.
        Perhap RF or leghorn should be today’s IGOOTD…..

  6. If this was a trick question:
    The only thing I picked up on was that Dan had his face in the wrong direction while FPS was shooting the 50 BMG

  7. As a younger guy, Im just gonna put this out there: Dan Bilzerian has 1.3 million followers on instagram, and nearly always portrays guns as cool and useful (for self defense and fun). Most of those 1.3 million followers are probably younger than 30, and most of them probably dont follow him for the gun porn, yet get exposed to guns shown in a positive light often. Maybe you should think a little longer before you slam him for an incident that may or may not have been unsafe (looked safe IMO).

    • This.

      Dan is a big help to the gun community. TTAG doesn’t need to portray him in a negative light.

      This didn’t even look unsafe to me…

    • It was actually a kick ass vid. What’s the issue? That the guy handing it to him didn’t hand it butt first? That a politeness issue, not a safety one.

      I think someone is just jealous.

  8. @3369. When I read your first comment I read deployed which made me think you were speaking of being in a combat zone. Gun safety shouldn’t have a double standard unless you have higher priorities such as avoiding incoming fire.

    @UhOk. I have never seen a true operator operating in operations. I have known special forces and they don’t go around acting like YouTube idiots.

    That said I didn’t watch the video referenced yet as I am heading home from visiting family for Easter. Happy Easter to all.

    • I am not deployed currently, but I have as an Infantryman in combat, and I have worked with SOF. That handoff, and most of the weapons handling you see in the clip are typical, if not even SAFER than the way most guys handle weapons while deployed.

      What he did was not unsafe. Was there maybe a safer way to do it? Maybe. But he maintains positive control of the weapon, his finger is off the trigger and he maintains (what appears to be) muzzle discipline.

      The problem with Dan Bilzerian is he is super high profile, he imitates the SOF Community without ever having been a part of it, and has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way with his lifestyle. Which causes people to analyze everything his does as if everything is wrong. He is NOT like an SOF veteran, because truth be told, he ISNT one. But that doesn’t mean he is inherently wrong because you disagree with his lifestyle.

      • The guy never made it through BUDS, after trying three times. Props for trying.

        But, trying to capitalize on his failed effort to become a SEAL acting all high speed-low drag, when he is not…fail.

        I frankly didn’t notice the gun safety issue mentioned, the other aspects of the video were too, um, distracting.

  9. I’m with most everyone else on here. I think this no Israeli Supermodel thing is getting out of hand. This just looks like a (really) fun day at the range to me. Why don’t girls like that show up at my range? WTF?!?!

  10. I have now been able to watch the whole vid. The most unsafe thing I saw was the brass from the beltfed hitting the butt man in the face. Granted he really didn’t have to show the gun going into the truck brief as it was.

  11. How did an ass-clown like this ever get his hands on a SAW?
    My father was right, the world is many things, but it is seldom fair.

  12. This isnt really an IGOTD… maybe we can get a separate award for Rich Asshat Acting Like Tool award, or Mall Ninja Pretending to be an Operator award, but I guarantee most organized hog hunts have much less safe gun handling going on.

    Maybe you can work the angle of he is higher profile than the average Joe so he should be an example, but honestly, like the previous discussions of should we maintain religious dedication to the exact letter and language of the “4 Rules” or should we teach a much simpler (read easier for a noob to remember) and arguably just as safe “keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, and keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire”. This guy was acting like a complete mall ninja tool playing with his expensive toys, but nothing too flagrant from a safety perspective. I see guys at the local range who are way worse.

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