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Thanks to a link from Reddit, this morning I watched a 5 minute video showcasing the fine training one would receive at the G1 Tactical Solutions Combative Handgun Course. And I don’t think I’ve cringed more in any five minute stretch of my life. If you’re going to be breaking that many firearms safety rules, you really need to be using a “dummy” gun, or at the MOST an airsoft replica. Especially if that gun is being jabbed into someone’s throat. Loaded or unloaded, you just don’t do that shit with a real gun in a training class. And you ESPECIALLY don’t stand next to the goddamn target when a student is firing at it.

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    • John S,I got an email from some guy last nite…ROBERT FARAGO telling me I was banned from here,and please can I stop posting comments.Well Im still here.
      Obviously it wasent one of your guys wrote it because that would have been childish,and we dont train people like that do we.
      Im passing the email on so we can all have a good laugh at it.

      • -OPSEC PERSEC-
        adam you dont have any
        i was informed by 4 memebers of our staff you wrote you our company, you were sent a Due diligence vetting form which you still have not filled in,
        -if the Directors/Admin of this respected site banned you Adam, there must be a very valid reason,and if you have be banned that means they dont want to see you write here…….
        -i disagee with most of of your comments, they are not backed up ,mostly childish,
        -big boy rules?, redicilious these men training are not running the roads on tampa,Irish or running the road is helmund of j,bad road,they are students who most have not shot before , all not some,do not not have any “operational ” experience on the ground contrating, that includes the Instructors of that company, for legal reasons if you want that info you can write to us,
        a training program, has SOPs and safety rules for a reason

        now some of us actualy have to work, so i wont be on here ,

        • hey Shenkin,

          Could you repeat that with proper grammatical phrasing in reasonably understandable sentences? Complete with capitols and paragraphing!

          It’s extremely difficult to read your writing. Sounds like a 8 year old typed up some thoughts and just handed them in.

          Side note: If Adam was banned by the site admin, then technically he wouldn’t have been able to post at all. unless of course the admin’s are unable to process the forum coding to ban his IP address!

          You might also want to take note that there are both Technical and Tactical courses. The more advanced techniques and training runs seen on the videos are very obvious not for beginner level shooters. But since these are promo videos, who’d want to see the technical shooters going through countless hours of dry drills?! That’d make for one boring and LONG ass video, the complete antithesis of what a promo video should be!

        • G1 do not come under any Governement approved training standard,or accreditation from any authority,so in that, if you going to spend your hard earned money on them, and then apply for work you more than likely wont get it.

          their Chief instructor has already been dismissed/fired from a unarmed Close protection Detail in Hong Kong, thanks Suj for the Intel

          they have little or no vetting process for their applicants,ie they have been training unvetted civilians Explosive breaching techniques in Clark Philippines, ye , great,and we wonder how the mafia,Taliban and Al quada get so well trained blowing stuff up.

          they have trained people with criminal records, great .well vetted G1

          they have made claims they can buy foreign nationals automatic firearms in the philippines- also illegal

          yes i like making money, we all do , but i have turend down training contracts becuase of prper Due Diligence or students or potential clients and groups!

          even when i am offered work in Iraq or Afghanistan where i am now, i will still background check the company,licences ,work record before i accept a job,……..has kept me in work in hostile Arenas for 10 years,

          once again a student can train who ever he likes, but do your Due Diligence, and hopefully after Philippines NICA reads this , little more Gov research will be made on their behalf also

  1. I was also pretty impressed by the asian guy , Jin/Gadget’s, sweet rat tail! great view of it about 2:53 in.
    Hopefully none of these people get shot. I don’t really care how much I trust my partner, I’m not standing next to a live target.

    • I did notice a hint of kali moves there… thats something that is deadly kali…nothing like 2 pieces of bamboo hitting you before you know what hit ya

      • this is a comment for all potential people who wants to jon a course involving firearms training, this is not targeting any one company or person:
        candidate: befor you choose a course decide,why you want to do the course? to what benifit? increase skills? gain employment?what employment if any?
        is the course relevant to the work you want?
        ie suit & tie close protection/EP/CP work
        Hostile area close protection? DoD?DoS? DoJ ,WPPS?
        maritime security?
        static guard,EMT ,designated marksman,medic etc etc
        Acreditation: who recognosied the course? which authority?Gov agency? if your going to spend alot of $$ on training for a job in Afghanistan for example, make sure that company recongises it? or Gov Iraq and Afghn gov want to see now accreditation from recognised training authority even before you get a work visa,

        are the skills couse relevant to the work?: ie no point shooting froma window of a car,if your car has armored window that dont roll down.

        Instructors: ex SF this and that is nice,different instructor will have different techniques-are they currently used and accedited techniques for your job?,does your instructor have relevant background,training, experience to the course or work your looking no point spending all you $$ fo hostile arena trianing for work, if the instruction team havent done that,(just example)

        safety: should be the highest priority,there is a reason all companies make you sign a waiver if you get shot!

        guys il be honest contracting work is ever changing,Iraq ,afghanistan has changed alot over the last 10 years with working there,maritime rules have changed,do you have clearance?can you pass a medical,look at the big picture.different Countries,Companies:TC,XE,CRG etc etc ,agencies will ask for different skill set, check them first before you spend your hard earned money.
        no one technique is the right technique,spend you money on wha you think will benifit you the best with all the options out there to choose, from and the goals you want to get out of security employment is alot more regulated,so check first make sure you benifit fully in the goals that you intend to apply for.

        jobs :

        • vetting: just becuase you have money to spend on a course, does not mean you should be accepted for a course, check see how a compamy vetts accepts is candidates?background check,meeical checks, etc

          employment: many campanies will “offer: you employment so you join there courses, please be wairy of this, who do they currently employ? or what contracts? where? check it!
          I dont ever promise to offer work, but have got good passing students jobs and refferals,thats networking with people who can. each student should be graded differently in order to how good/bad they performed,becuase in the end a company who does certify people ,will have to keep a good rep,and lower perfomance students who get “passed” may wrongly gain employment,and there are alot of reprocussions to that.

          company offering training to what gain: a training company should have other goals that to make money from training,you are being trianed to protect yourselves and others,possibly in a high risk environment, if not trained properly in accordance to your work SOPs then it put lives at risk,yes sound melo dramitic but thats how it is in todays different security jobs.

      • I have to disagree with that!: all companies professional or not, are not similar at all, that why every applicant should check the company, standards and background and acrreditation.
        pofessionalism will be determined on company:
        work ethics
        accreditation :local/national/internatinal and Gov Agencies:

        Instruction team
        Instructor qualifications recognised to instructor level by governmetn bodies .being a former soldier does not make you a instructor)
        ability to gain students employment
        paying training contracts with:
        gov agencies and authorities
        training contracts with other companies

        training standards:
        are set by gov authorities like:
        WPPS protections program example
        UK SIA
        maritime SSO
        standadised training which has been approved by training authorities relevant to the job you apply for

  2. When you’re a high-speed, low-drag operator, as these gentlemen obviously are, then it’s totally OK to run the program by Big Boy Rulz.

  3. From experience, you will never see the front sight more clearly than when shooting “danger close”. Good training should represent real life and if you never train at shooting your “target” when someone you don’t want to shoot is close to that “target”, you will fail under the stress of a real life situation. Does anyone think that a fight or combat takes place with everyone in a lateral formation along some imagined firing line? We shouldn’t knock shooting while someone is “downrange”, we should train for it… because in real life, people are all around us.

    • In a real life situation, a BG is also coming at you with a knife or shooting at you with live rounds. Maybe G1 should add that to their training.

      • That’s exactly what force-on-force training is. Good observation. Although what I’m talking about is being able to hit a target without hitting other good guys nearby.

    • Henry, I am in the St. Louis area. Can you fly in on Saturday morning while I test out the Sig 238? I will spring for the ticket (on Southwest) and can send a car for you. Funeral plans, I mean return travel, are on you. 🙂

      • If you are so incompetent with your handgun that you are unable to place accurate shots from, what looks like in the video, about 5 yards… and you’re worried that you’ll accidentally hit something laterally separated from your target by a few feet… then, no, I won’t be coming to St. Louis.

    • We shouldn’t knock shooting while someone is “downrange”, we should train for it

      Agreed, we should train for it, but not with human targets. That would be a little, uh, I don’t know. Lemme think . . . . Okay, I just remembered the phrase I was seaching for. Unfortunately, TTAG won’t publish it. For the sake of the children. But it rhymes with “truck dup.”

      • How about you put two white targets next to the target. If the shooter hits the white targets, he gets water boarded for 1 minute. Before he shoots he should get water boarded for about 10 seconds so he knows what he is in for. Shooting under extreme stress. Problem solved. No 3rd party risks.

        • thats a great idea for the first few rounds,then those deemed competant go on to having other operators infront.If your not competant,stick with the paper targets till you are.

    • Those instructors and students were a danger to everyone around them every shot of someone handling a gun in that video. Astounding. At least WHEN something happens, “America’s lax gun laws” won’t be to blame this time.

    • To all who replied, yes I’m serious and no, I’m not trolling. The stress of having a “good guy” near a “bad guy” that needs to be shot, makes solid and focused fundamentals all that more important. It’s a situation that almost always occurs in a real life fight and in combat. We all know that under stress, we revert to the training that we’ve mastered. If you’ve never shot a target with a buddy nearby in training, how will you do it when it really matters? If it’s always been forbidden to shoot while somone is “downrange”, will you be able to shake off that ingrained trainer-ism when the shtf?

    • I agree with ‘Henry Bowman’. The hand wringing and gnashing of teeth that always occurs when someone posts a picture or video of an instructor standing next to a target just shows how much “range rules” are ingrained in people’s minds vs the 4 basic gun safety rules. The 4 basic rules are the only thing that applies all the time and everywhere; the 180, down range vs uprange are all range or match specific rules. An instructor standing next to a target a few feet away while a student shoots it does not inherently break any of the 4 basic safety rules. It does however serve the useful function of breaking students out of square range mindset.

      Having a white no-shoot target on top of a shoot target does not induce the same mental process as someone standing a few feet away from a target. Its better to break out of that “don’t shoot when people are down range ever ever ever” mentality in the controlled environment of training than when the situation occurs for real. Will that split second of hesitation cost you?…hard to say. It used to be common practice in police range training to make them put their spent brass in their pockets between strings…until they found some dead cops with spent casings in their pockets.

      As for the rest of the video, I’m not a hand to hand combatives guy so I can’t comment on the validity of his training. I do know most schools that run that kind of training use dummy, airsoft, or simunition guns for the purpose. The most I can say is that he has a lot of confidence in his students.

        • It’s happened before. If you’re confident enough in your ability to hit your target and disciplined enough to abide by the 4 Universal Firearm Safety rules, then I’m confident in your ability to not hit me.

        • Sorry, Harry but you sound like as much of a macho menace as the one in the video. I hope that’s not too harsh to get posted.

          My belief is maximum safety should be exercised at all times when shooting. Your nonsense about trusting the ability of a shooter and all that is crap.

    • if you have been trained up to a high enough level to do that then maybe yes i agree, but this so ” instructor” has taken beginers from airsofter clubs in Hong Kong and trying to teach them this, I s$%t you not!!
      Airsofters!! , I training school yes in there to make a profit and do business , but not at the expense of trianing the wrong things to the wrong people and he wrong price!. If the instructor does not have the teaching skill background, or operational background experience to teach their students the right technique when they realy need it, they shouldnt be teaching at all.

  4. I like how during that little spinning grappling and firing routine, the person being held becomes a little docile lamb very quickly.

    Here is the thing about human stress response. Just because a situation resembles a stressful situation doesn’t mean stress is induced. Live fire drills that are meant to replicate real defense situations can’t rely on looks alone to prepare students. Stress and panic don’t make shooting harder, the physiological response to stress does. Do exercises that will cause the same sympathetic response to stress without compromising on safety. Get that blood pumping, make those hands sweat, exhaust those muscles. Make some noise, make unfamiliar or strange things happen. Real defensive handgun courses need to focus on the brain; not on spins, flips, and pony tails.

    Through spent brass, bang some cymbals, have two guys on either side of the shooter (not the target) start rapidly shooting something bigger and better then the student has, pull on the shooter’s belt from behind, etc. I’ve heard of a lot of ways to get this done. Induce sympathetic nervous system activation. Do it.

    • Yeah, I noticed that too. I personally wouldn’t stand next to a target or expect others to do so, but I can see how some extreme training could include it (I did not get the impression that these bozos were extremely well trained, by the way). So philosophically I might wonder at, but at least intellectually grapple with the idea of standing near targets and shooting with less rigid safety rules.What I can’t understand is the absurdity of doing some kind of exercise of putting a restraint hold on someone and then shooting down range while holding them. I just don’t see the point of it. Primarily, if the guy is such a threat and I have a loaded gun, I’ll be shooting him first and then deal with the guy outside of arm’s reach. Secondarily, I can’t even imagine why the restrained guy should suddenly stand still while I shoot his buddy. It’s an absurdity that completely destroys any tenuous philosophical credibility to the rest of their looniness.

      • You may not be able to shoot the first guy because theres a danger of hitting a bystander.The second one may be in a better pos to be shot at. The first one will be compliant because he is now unarmed and in fear of his life.You should train with real weapons in that situatin to make it as realistic as possible.Of course it looks like it has been staged,Famouse martial artist practice katas and take down techniques.Think about what your saying bro.

      • The original training for that section was for the initial couple of shots to be fired into the restrained guy. But due to this being a Training course, firing into your partner would be extremely detrimental to his life.

        Therefore the shots are made down range, and subsequently the partner/guy is now suddenly standing still and not making a fuss.

  5. This is the same as what went on with martial arts in the 70s and 80s. You have a bunch of “experts” coming up with convoluted theories and fanciful moves out of thin air and peddling them as appropriate technique when really they are like performance art which is best relegated to movie action sequences. It’s choreography, not practical tactics. Kind of like balisong is really just juggling and has nothing to do with fighting with knives.

    I hate this Gun-Fu stuff. “Practicing” it puts you at way more risk than any help it would be if some ninja tried to scrap with you. If someone ever tried to scrap with me up close like that I’m going to run the hell away until I can’t… tripping over myself like a klutz if I have to in order to create some space with the threat and then just draw and shoot them if I’ve got no other option after that. If I look like a bumbling pansy fool while doing it, I don’t care. My priorities in life are first to not get murdered, second…avoid having to kill anyone, next a list of a million other mundane things in life, then maybe looking cool after all of that…

  6. What wannabe garbage this is. It looks like a 15 year old kid’s idea of what a training program would be. The difference is that 15 year old kids are supposed to be juvenile and unprofessional- these guys should know better.

    There are ways of stress inoculating yourself that don’t involve being recklessly stupid. Yeah, maybe the SAS or SEAL 6 break the usual safety rules as they train, but if you’re not professional enough to know the difference(s) between YOU and THEM, you shouldn’t be touching a gun at all.

  7. this guy claims to be Force recon-be good if you can all check that out, hes never done a contractors job in his life after 10years of PSD Afghan/Iraq so amkes you wonder, good intel:my Buddy Suj in Hong Kong was a CP TL had to fire him off a PSD team, he sat in back seat with principal haha,more than anything i feel sorry for the students wasting their hard earned money and endangering thier lifes, ye ide rather be back in Helmund right now! safer lol…. always check about a Instructor before you waste the time,money or your life!!

    • Its really sad how these so-called training outfits might give Filipino shooters a bad reputation because of what they’re doing. In any case, I found your comments here kind of suspicious and somewhat malicious to some extent. I did some research and saw at your website ( that you are doing the same kind of training at the very same shooting range based on the photos and videos posted on your site. It seems to me, and its quite obvious with the way you are ranting, that the G1 ninjas are a competition of yours. Please do not use this great website to promote or use material here for your personal mudslinging at business competition. The mere fact you are portraying yourself as some super PSD dude is very irritating and so obvious. The professional folks who’ve been there, done that keep their mouths shut and let their work do the talking. From the way it looks, your method of “tactical shooting” is as ninja as the flukes being talked about here.

    • A lot of comments have been removed,what are you afraid of.Leave the comments here.You ppl condemed G1 but wont let them speak up.Thats a good way to keep the opposition quiet.

  8. It’s too bad this outfit is so nuts, that collins guy seems like a pretty decent hand to hand instructor if he would just invest in some damn blue guns.

    • The guns he uses are all unloaded and checked by the instructor,user and the oponent.They dont leave the area,at all and when they do they get checked for unloaded again.How about when the military conduct blank firing excersises,arent those weapons live fire weapons which may have or might be used in an armed conflict.Blue guns are for people who are not yet competent.As for minors on the range,theres kids in Australia younger than that go out on weekends with .22LRs and shoot fox with there dads.14-15 yrs old is a good age to start with fire arms.Quit making excuses and bad mouthing the best.

  9. Oh no! I think has another candidate for Irresponsible Firearms Instructor of the Day. Thanks to google and a few quick clicks on the mouse, it seems this Jon S guy is not what he seems. According to a couple of forums here in the Philippines, Jon S is alleging he’s trained SEALs and Delta. WTF?? Here’s the exact post he made in one of the sites ( Had to register to see it for myself)
    “SEALs & DELTA, i have worked, trained with and trained both units and they are some very big differences no one unit is better than the other, mission dependant.
    for example, Delta Force medics or 18Deltas as they are known are probably the best Special operations Medics i have seen in action here in Afghaniatan or Iraq where i work and are a little below the level of doctor.
    Delta are good for long operations which include lenthy surveillance and recon,where as SEAL teams are designed for short incursions,
    the SEAL teams tend to have bigger bugdets becuase they are alot smaller than the Delta units, andf groups first group 7th group Special forces from the Army etc
    its shows in the SEALs pension expecialy when they retire
    Marines despite being a first force into the fight will get worse equipted than the regular army as their budget has to come out the whole of the Navy budget so tend to get the left over gear from the Army but stilla effective fighting force”

    • i didnt say we train SEALs or DELTA, our instructors are made up of
      18 DELTA Medics for our trauma med courses
      maritime instructor recell SEALs formt he US and for pre deploy trisning our TCNs
      we also use Israeli shin bet and ADAM SF Instructors from Israel for CP courses
      we contract Philippines TCN SEALs for maritime work

      • “Delta Force medics or 18Deltas as they are known are probably the best Special operations Medics ”

        No Jon……they’re not. 18D’s are merely medics in SF. (and damn well trained ones to boot) Your statement is incorrect and make the rest of your blather seem ’15 year oldish’ too. Your website also says you have “Former members of US 18 Delta Special ForcesGroup”. Oh really? You obviously have no idea what this is. Did you move out of airsoft and right into security consulting? Is this a picture of you?

      • Right. Kind of like how Gary Gotidoc has all this wonderful experience when….OOPS!…he never even completed one enlistment in the Army, never even went through Ranger School (sorry, RIP doesn’t count).

        You’re just a joke.

        • Yeah,good comment Bluto. But did John Macalese of 22SAS join the Rangers??? No he didnot. Why dont you go to Hereford and tell them that John Mac wasnt a Ranger so he wasnt any good. Just cause your not a ranger dosnt mean your no good. Maybe Garry got his training else where??? Navy SEALs arent rangers so maybe they dont do so well either???

  10. Personally I have trained with Chris.
    And this video leaves much to be assumed.

    Like the hours repeated dry fire drills, done before each live fire drill.
    And the any minor range violation is punished with sweet and tears.

    And at no time in this footage (or training) was a student shooting at a target next to an instructor!

    Feel free to assume all you want.
    I have had the best training ever!
    And its the simple things he has taught me that has already save my life in the field.
    No US civilian range or training can compete.

    as for Jon S…. you offer exactly the same course… for cheaper.
    what a… rhymes with… kick!
    You have nothing better to do than try to belittle your competition?

    Jealous much?

    • unlike Chris who has been fired form several simple Cp gigs in Hong Kong , lol our Instructors are actualy qualified instructors, it may well be he served in Force Recon manya year ago, but doubtful, and regardless, i have had several of his students come over to me, for get the poor safetey, but not teavhing basic breathing techniques under stress, rates of fire at different distances, thats basic infantry shooting dont have to be high speed to know that.
      the echniques we teach for our courses and nothing liek this , what collins has attempted ot do is copy magpull techniques froma video.
      what i say no one tchnique is the right technique provided they are also taught properyl and safely.
      we teach a israeli technique,used and designed by shin bet and Israel SF.itsa condition 3 technique and is safer, and its how i have worked in Iraq and afghanistan for 8 years

      • I know for a fact you have at least one liar on staff. Guy who says he did this and that when in fact he didn’t even complete one full enlistment in the US Army. Didn’t even go through Ranger school. And am I supposed to believe he’s the only full-blown liar on your staff? No. If you accept one liar….then chances are you’re ALL liars. What a crock. You shouldn’t be allowed to keep your US citizenship. People are catching on to your load of excrement. Good luck hanging on to your fairy tales.

    • It’s a fact you have at least one liar on staff who claims military experience he doesn’t have. And if you have one….we know full well the rest of you are lying too. Claiming military service you don’t have in the effort to make a buck. You make me want to puke.

  11. In the real world Opfor DON’T come from 180 degrees down range!

    So training for real world scenarios at a range with 180 down range rule is a major handicap.

    And watching this footage a few times now it looks like all the difficult stuff is done by the qualify staff / trainees.
    I’m sure your not going to be attempting any of there’s high end techniques on the first day of training and would probably not without some solid training and qualifications.

    And any assumption that these guys lack any form of safety regulations is just that. An assumption.

    These guys have balls for pushing the boundaries of training,

    Just wish I had access to this range and the training.

  12. I have done there 5 day course in PI as well as 1 with another Coy in Arkansas.They do push their safety boundries but no where near the point of danger.Their courses are not for the feint of heart or guys who cant cross big roads without their mommys.They are for real operators.After youve finished with samson and have stoped crying come over to G1,learn how to do it in such a way youl save your own life as well as the client.

    • Wrong. Gary Gotidoc served 3 years in the Army, went through RIP but never Ranger School, did one overseas deployment to Korea and got out on a hardship. Never did a single minute of military or paramilitary work ever since. He’s a liar, his partners are liars and they’re just a group of wanna-be man-child idiots putting on a complete sham.

      • He has done extra training. Hes an instructor with G1. That is extra paramilitary training.That went for more than a minute. He also did the G1 course before becoming an instructor. Theres video evidence to prove this on youtube. Wheres your evidence Bluto??? No video evidence of his claims?no written records of his supposed claims? And what has he been claiming according to you. We never heard anything?Its Just your word. Whos the liar now Bluto???

  13. How can anyone express an opinion after watching a 2 minute clip.In the real world you will not be confronted by a paper target.Here in Toronto, Canada a dirt bag former mayor called Miller banned shooting clubs within city limits,thinking this will fight crime.Go figure!I will check out G1,better than shooting paper targets at some stuffy range outside of Toronto.

  14. Message: On type in G1 Tactical Solutions Asia Pacific. At 2.06 into the play take note of the guy second from the right next to Chris Collins.That guy has a company called SPS Security.This person is Nic Constantin.He is an ex prisoner who was locked in a cage for assault and armed robbery.He is seen again at 2.12 ,2.30,3.08,3.24,3.32 6.05 and at 6.08 hear chris saying FLAGED HIM as 1 untrained student flags another with a hot weapon in this off Broadway flop.He can also be seen in G1 the kill house shooting his way in.

    Nic Constantin is a stan dover man from Sydneys kings Cross red light district.The NSW and Federal police dont want him doing security work anywhere.They have refused him a firearms permit.When he loses his contracts,which he will he will probably go back to beating and stealing.God help the cop who is called to the venue he is holding at gun point.There will be blood running in the gutters of Sydney as he and his well trained crew tacticaley remove them selves from the crime scene.Why werent these people vetted before being accepted for the famous G1 tactical courses.Where was this movie made,certainly not on a conventional range,theres people walking round all over the shop.
    Can you believe he\’s in charge of Kings Cross/Darlinghurst security.The Kings Cross drug trade is governed by the doormen and women of Kings Cross/Darlinghurst.

  15. They are frauds. They claim military experience they don’t have. I should know: the fat asian one that is usually in the background is my wife’s brother (I REFUSE to call this stolen-valor POS man-child my “brother in law”) I wish his US citizenship would be revoked (he may be full Filipino but he’s US born and raised) and there would be a warrant waiting for him when he sets foot in the U.S. But alas…we don’t have a law against falsely claiming military service for monetary gain….yet.

  16. I’m very surprised to see Jony Shenkin posting here about professionalism and standards. Shenkin has a terrible reputation in the Philippines, especially around the former Clark Airbase and Angeles City, Pampanga. Anyone who has worked with him will tell you. Among other things, if you become friends with Shenkin on social media he will raid your friend list and contact several of your female contacts both friends and even family. He has no shame. Shenkin is a poorly educated individual which is apparent with his writing skills. Individuals and law enforcement alike refuse to work with Shenkin or ‘Samson Ops’ after any contact with him. Shenkin has also had run-ins with Philippine police officers due to his arrogant manner. He is also very deceptive by misleading his potential customers by by claiming that he, his company, or his ’employees’ have been connected to various government agencies and units such as USSOCOM, US DoD and US State Department, among others. He also claims to have former members of US SF, US SEALs, UK SF, and others as training cadre. The fact is that Shenkin is a one-man-show and no other cadre exist. Be very careful with this individual.

  17. There are so many violations of personal/professional safety standards in this video I almost puked.

    Having said that just watch the “El Presidente” drill with a double taps on three targets, a reload and three more double taps.
    In both examples the shooter loses tactical view of his target when he watches his magazine fall to the ground and then looks down at his mag holder to reload. I guess keeping your eyes on the target and completing the entire reload by feel (while observing your target visually) is not something they feel is important. In a non-lethal drill with airsoft etc. each of these Instructors would be dead where they stand the very millisecond they
    took their eyes off me. Sad that new shooters and vets alike patronize these clowns.


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