“The four-hour [active shooter police training] exercise is scheduled for Saturday at Treynor High School in western Iowa [above] and includes police, firefighters and hospitals,” foxnews.com reports. “Officials say the drill’s fake scenario would involve a teen who has ties to a white supremacist group and is angry with illegal immigration.” As opposed to a teen who doesn’t have ties to a white supremacist group who’s angry with illegal immigration? ”Cause otherwise they wouldn’t secure the perimeter? “The drill’s director Doug Reed said Thursday that the scenario is ‘completely fictitious’ and the immigration issue was incorporated to get Homeland Security funds to cover the costs of the training exercise.” So whose idea was that particular tick box then, Mr. Reed’s or Homeland Security?


  1. Politicizing the fictitious psycho kid for this exercise is stupid, but those White Nationalists are pesky. The Spokane MLK parade IED incident is the rare terrorist plot of late that wasn’t midwifed by FBI undercover operatives. The Christmas Tree Bomber here in Portland comes to mind in the latter category.

  2. I’m surprise they didn’t require the group to contain at least one veteran, one anti-abortionist, one Tea-Party Member, one…ala DHS definition of a terrorist. Because we all know it’s not believable that there might be some Jihadi Sleeper Cells or Left Wing Union members that would do anything like that.

  3. I grew up in a town right near this place. This isn’t some mecca of diversity like New York. There are very few muslims, but there are a lot of angry white people.

  4. Welcome to Iowa ! Keep in mind that we just unseated Iowa Supreme Court justices for being too extreme(gay marriage) Hopefully we will find out who spearheaded(is it pc to say spearhead) this operation and unseat them from whatever government job that employs them !


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