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After FPS Russia switched into gun guru mode, away from his roots as the Blow Shit Up Guy, it was inevitable that someone would bring some heavy artillery onto YouTube with the sole purpose of causing high caliber mayhem. In a comic sort of way. And . . . here it is: Russian vs. Snowman. So I guess the gunman’s nic is “Russian,” right? As long as he restricts himself to a catchphrase and maniacal laughter, I’m good with that. You?

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  1. I guess the scarring under his eye came from getting too excited and shooting his pistol while using the scope?

  2. Other than the fact that “Ivan” is going to have a heart attack one of these days trying to move like a tactical ninja, it made me chuckle.

    Plus, I really appreciate him obliterating winter like that for us!

  3. I appreciate that he encourages eating carrots and getting exercise.

    As far as the ethics of hunting explosive deer, it’s better than letting them interbreed with the common white-tailed deer. Think of all the car accidents that would end tragically in flames if these are allowed to invade the native populations.


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