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The Second Amendment Foundation is a group devoted to bringing about positive change for gun owners through litigation, and they do it exceedingly well. Heller v. DC? McDonald v. Chicago? You’d think something as big and powerful as the NRA would have been leading the charge, but instead the Second Amendment Foundation was the challenger of record. While their legal battles have been legend, their power in the world of lobbying and press conferences has been limited — its not in their charter. So, in cooperation with the CCRKBA, CAL FFL, and CALGUNS Foundation, they officially launched something that combines the best of all of the organizations to provide a new front in the fight for the second amendment: the Firearms Policy Coalition. Whose new website went live mere moments ago . . .

Join with us.

Our coalition is special.  It’s unique.  It’s powerful.  And it’s the future of Second Amendment rights advocacy.

For too long, our Second Amendment civil rights have been shackled to partisan politics, leveraged, horse-traded, misrepresented, and misunderstood.  That frustrating history is why we created FPC – because your fundamental individual liberty deserves better.

What makes FPC so different?  Our product.  Put simply, FPC delivers.  From landmark federal lawsuits like D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago to our highly-successful STOP SB 249 Campaign to stop a new gun ban in California, our Coalition members all have something in common: defending Second Amendment rights – your rights – has been and will forever remain the priority.

By combining our organizational strengths with the awesome potential of millions of law-abiding gun owners across America, FPC offers an incredible new opportunity for advancement of the right to keep and bear arms: truly innovative, disruptive, and scalable Second Amendment issue advocacy.

Don’t just join FPC,  join with FPC  and make a difference for your rights today.

FPC is the future – and the future is now.

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    • The irony of this is that you can use paypal, which is owned by ebay, and is anti-gun. DO NOT use paypal. PAYPAL is ANTI-GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So long as they use this Marxist site, I will not join!

      • and google checkout is much better? Unless you write your own front end most smaller sites are going to use one of those 2 services and to be honest I kinda prefer Pay Pal or Google checkout as I know my CC info wont be given to the site in question.


      • Where can I confirm that PayPal is in fact anti-gun, Paul? Certainly PayPal has not, for instance, blocked any of my online gun-related purchases, or sent me any messages saying it doesn’t approve, and until and unless PayPal starts taking that kind of action, I will continue to use it.

      • We know from experience that our people are more likely to have and use Paypal to checkout than enter a credit card.

        I sometimes hear the demand to drop Paypal and ask people to take a hard look at where they get groceries, for example, their insurance, their utilities, etc. and the organizations that are supported by them at a corporate level.

        I’d prefer we have $97 pro-gun dollars offsetting the $3 possibly less pro-gun dollars in a $100 transaction than $0 pro-gun dollars standing against $3 less pro-gun dollars coming from somewhere (and someone) else.


        P.S. Those who don’t want to use Paypal can always user their credit card securely by simply clicking the other button.

      • I agree. I never use p—-l. Vote with your dollars. In fact, should that business not provide another payment option, purchase from some where else. Do not support anyone or any thing that will not support your beliefs.

  1. The word needs to spread, starting in Cali is good, but this effort requires a NATIONAL coalescing of forces. To the Keyboards……………..

  2. is this a new organization, or is it SAF, CCRKBA, Calguns and CaLFFL working together?

    When you go to the donate section, you are still donating to the individual organizations, rather than the FPC. I’m confused.

    • It’s a true coalition. Each organization will serve a different role in cooperation with the others. Building on our strengths is what we’re about.

      When you join/donate at FPC, each organization will receive what you specify.

      • then why join your organization instead of joining those organizations? I’m confused. I’m looking for a new/better alternative to the NRA, which I feel is truly out of touch and somewhat…lacking…when it comes to working with people that don’t fit the social conservative older white male demographic (which I think is a long term death sentence for them).

  3. “What makes FPC so different? Our product.”

    I need some real clarification about what they plan to do and how they are going to do it. I already am a current and paid-up member of the SAF. How is this organization different? Is it focused primarily or exclusively on California? Will they be doing lobbying too?

    • In short:

      “I already am a current and paid-up member of the SAF. How is this organization different?”

      It’s a true coalition, a combining of forces with a strong, cohesive working relationship and strategy, not a new organization.

      “Is it focused primarily or exclusively on California?”

      It is launching its state-level efforts in California and will quickly expand into the other “battleground states”, eventually having a presence in all 50 states.

      “Will they be doing lobbying too?”

      The organizations who are legally able to directly lobby will be.

  4. I no longer give money to the NRA for many reasons. The SAF and ISRA had been getting my money. This group will be addes to that fold. We need an agressive group that is out front and can talk about firearms issies to the OFWG’s , the young and minorities. All without using lame cop outs like violent movies and video games.

  5. Not that I want to rewrite history or anything, but the gratitude for District of Columbia v. McDonald should go first to Robert Levy, Esq. and The Cato Institute who brought the case in the first place. Levy and The Cato Institute seem to have been forgotten, but if it wasn’t for them, there would not have been any McDonald case and nobody would have heard of the SAF.

  6. I wonder if they are hiring or need volunteers? I live in the same state as the Second Amendment Foundation and I’m a looking to change jobs.

  7. Before y’all rush to affiliate yourselves with anything having to do with the CCRKBA, you might want to check out the felony conviction of its president, Alan Merril Gottlieb, in 1984, when he pleaded guilty to underpaying income tax returns by $17,000 and served ten months in Federal prison. Now, this is a far cry from, say, capital murder, domestic violence, or pedophilia, but as a convicted felon Gottlieb is one of those who is not supposed to be able to possess a firearm. Somehow, though, as I understand it, he has been able to circumvent that restriction. Bottom line: do we 2d Amendment supporters really want/need a convicted felon pleading our case?

      • Yeah, POTUS gave the order to take out Osama bin Laden, and all Gottlieb did was cheat on his income taxes.

        • I think it’s unAmerican of the federal government to steal so much money from us that they call taxes. If the SAF is doing a good job defending the 2A I’m ok with Alan.

        • And Steinbrenner won all those Series with his own bare hands, yeah? Tired of the “I got bin laden” chestnut, it would be a red herring no matter who was president when it happened.

    • He has helped to win how many 2nd Amendment cases? Listen, I hope you mean well by this but I don’t know if this is true or if it’s the same man. Even if it is, there may be an explanation for this. I would think though that he would not be on CNN or any other websites if he were a felon. Maybe I’m out to lunch on this but it’s just my feelings.

      • It’s the same man, and his conviction and 10-month prison term are matters of public record, but it seems that folks believe him to be so effective in advocating for 2d Amendment rights, that his history doesn’t matter. And maybe it doesn’t. But stuff like that does tend to come back to bite folks in the ass.

    • Old and busted. Not even the anti’s use that.

      Alan is a MASTER organizer, debater, fundraiser, and is feared like grim reaper throughout the gun control moment. Bow tie and all.

      He’s effective in short, and only the very careless should dismiss him.

  8. Hopefully this idea helps and follows the people’s will as much as everyone wishes the NRA would. It would be nice to have a few powerful lobby organizations instead of just the NRA (though I don’t really have a problem with the NRA like some people do). It’s harder to win a war on multiple fronts and that’s what would happen with a couple of lobbying organizations.

    • Looks like a 1911 to me. If it walks, talks and quacks like a 1911, it’s a 1911.
      102 years latter
      JM Browning: Perfection

      • Actually, I’m pretty sure he’s right on it being the CZ40b. Click the picture to see it larger, the recessed section behind the ejection port and the external extractor give it away.

  9. I can hear the bradys saying “we love the NRA”. It sounds like the gun rights movement is all set to chew gum & kick ass… & we are all out of gum, Randy

  10. I just hope they start pushing harder than the NRA and start slapping facts in the face of the enemy.

    That’s one thing that I could never understand… why don’t any of these spokespeople ever cite FACTS? Why don’t they bring up the FBI UCR? Why don’t they mention numbers about how the gun crime is going down in the nation? Why don’t they mention how many crimes to law abiding citizens there are?

    What scares me is the thought of a law being passed without facts being presented to lawmakers. Instead it will probably be left vs. right who can yell the loudest.

  11. In a perfect world boys and girls grow-up, fall in love, marry, have perfect children and the cycle of life continues, Utopia.
    If that world existed, we’d all be hair stylists.
    All life exists as a dynamic conflict. Those who wish to disarm the armed do so in order to enslave and consume them (not like in NO KO,no that would nevr happen here) sarc-Off!
    The real world?
    Women and men create children. FDecent Men create familys with women they submit to so that thier genes will be transfered to the next generation and in the process learn to become a father, a man thatbeats his ego into permanant submission to a higher goal. During this eon long ordeal he may find it necessary to defend his off-spring from “Ravegers”, that is his secondary, but equaly important purpose. In a Polite Society, a Society without Ravegers the Women will
    Deprive the MEN of the tools needed to protect the off-spring thus deneying
    men the affermation of thier primary role in life, that as protector. Those roles are increasingly filled by women with a penchant for male behavior. Male children are raised like girls. Female headed species make excelant livestock

  12. Just read a article header: “How many people have been killed by guns, since the latest slaughter”? (heading revision, mine). How about, “How many people have killed people”? Guess that would not be as catchy? If a gun/ammo ban does emerge, “concealed weapon” will take on a wider meaning.

  13. We all know that there realy is only one POLICY, and that is well described in the 2nd amendment(with or without a comma).
    But the organization is well named to at least not have anti’s turn their nose up before taking a look. The word “policy” is usually a a back door soft word for What’s the best policy to outlaw guns. It sounds open to establishing good policy so by using anti’s words we just might get a few words in before they close their ear holes.

  14. I support many pro 2nd amendment orgs. as best as I can. However, it seems like when I send $50 to support the effort, they spend $30 on mail outs asking for more money! I don’t know if I should just send my $200 to $300 dollars per year to one group and let all the others save a bundle on mail, or keep “spreading the wealth”.

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