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So a Mom from Moms Demand Action (formerly and laughingly called One Million Moms for Gun Control) rings-up Senator Corker’s office. Heather Whaley pretends to be a paranoid schizophrenic thanking Senator Corker for supporting her Second Amendment rights. Which is lame on more levels than The Providence Place parking garage. But then Whaley browbeats Corker’s secretary into affirming her fake perspective. Which, to her credit, she doesn’t. Imagine if a pro-2A supporter bullied Senator Schumer’s assistant the same way. And then ask yourself what kind of person would do such a thing. If you’re struggling with that one, I’ve got a simple answer: a paranoid schizophrenic. As Kurt Vonnegut warned in Mother Night, “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” Combined with something about a mask slipping.

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  1. Y’know Who she reminds me of? The completely insane woman Who owned the weimeraner in Best In Show played by Parker Posey.

  2. Does Tralfamador have the equivalent of 2A?

    Y’know, people here love to bash Hollywood, but have you ever noticed that in most depicted futures in both cinema and on television, only the dystopian visions do not feature an armed populace.

    Arms are part and parcel of being a hairless ape, be they club or blaster.

  3. I hate when they use this “Mom” thing to try and validate their cause. As if to say “because we’ve had kids that automatically validates all our political and societal views.”

    The gun grabbers simply refuse to acknowledge that we live in a primal world, not some utopian fantasy land full of rainbows and hipsters.

    • +1000. Every time someone wonders why people do what they do to each other I always bring up the lovable family dog one day out of nowhere ripping little Billy’s face off for no reason. Sometimes animals snap and go, well, all animal on some other creature. People are no different. We are nothing more than primal creatures at our core, and all of the “enlightenment” in the world will never change that fact. We are here to eat, f–k, s–t, fight, and die just like the rest of the animal kingdom. All of the rest of our man made BS is filler. As soon as you open your eyes up to that, the world seems to make a lot more sense in all of its senselessness.

      • “Filler”.

        I like that one.

        This broad must be doing what she is doing as filler to occupy what she believes is her otherwise boring life. By her own words she is clueless and extreme without logic.

        Wasting her energy like she does is a disservice to her family and provides no moral guidance for her children..

        • That’s what really, really bugs me. She’s providing a role model to her children that will result in them growing up with a truly warped view of how to interact with other people.

        • She probably treats her Husband like the poor secretary on the phone. Frank: run like hell. Being a part-time Dad with your sanity is better than living full-time with crazy eyes.

      • People are not dogs or animals. People can choose their actions, animals do not have the capability to make decisions of where they live, when they eat, where they sleep, who they mate, how they will live their lives, whose face they will rip off. People do. If you choose to live your life like a dog, you will have the life of a dog.

  4. I can tell by her face that i do not want to watch this video. If i want to hear preachy helicopter parents, i’ll go say dirty words in Hobby Lobby.

  5. She’s positively insane. Someone in another gun forum posted a video of her reading excerpts from a book she apparently wrote… It was called “sex and food” or something.

      • Well, she does seem to behave that way and since she’s advocating for gun rights she probably has guns. That can’t be safe for those babies. Should the authorities be notified?

  6. I agree with her, she certainly seems mentally ill and should not have access to firearms lol. She also seems incapable of raising her child too imo. I mean, why should we trust her with the care and well being of a child if we can’t trust her with a firearm?

  7. A pictoral of her mind would resemble a ferris wheel with most of the seats missing. Yes, they “have” to do something, try getting mental help, Randy

  8. So glad not to be her husband, or kid. Or neighbor. Meet the new face of “batshit crazy.”

  9. Great message to pass on to her children. I bet her kids wind up complete douche bags. Something didn’t go the way you wanted, so go ahead and act like an adult baby and whine and cry and bully those who view things differently than you. If my wife ever acted like this around the kids I’d flip.

  10. Just clicked on the link to visit the groups site. The comments are scary. If people like this had complete control of our government, the 2A would quickly become extinct.

    • Or “Bitchez Demand to Know ‘What are you Thinking?'” That one makes me want to run away, screaming.

      We were having a nice moment together. Don’t you EVER ask me what I’m thinking AGAIN! CAPICHE?

      You don’t WANT to know, trust me….

  11. On the screenshot (before pushing play) I didnt think that was a phone she was holding…

    Maybe they need to take a hint. If you have to change an organizations name because its advertises numbers you dont have, heres your sign.

    On a side note, the Providence Place garage sucks. I really miss eating at Fire and Ice though.

  12. OK, I’m going to propose some commonsense legislation. It’s a tough thing to say, but then again, it takes a tough man today to tell the truth.

    There should be comprehensive background checks before we allow people to breed.

    There, I said it.

    One of the best ways to prevent deranged people from going on killing sprees is to reduce the number of deranged people in the general population. This would require the forced sterilization of deranged adults so that they don’t produce deranged offspring.

    Case in point, please see above.

    • Haha I often think of that myself. Of course theyll get all butthurt and say its no ones business to say they cant have kids but it is theirs to say we cant have guns. Iresponsible people can have whatever they want and the responsible cant.

    • Talk about dystopian. We don’t need to be within A MILLION MILES of eugenics. Which is what your plan amounts to.

      You are NOT god. Those people are NOT god. I am NOT god. Let’s keep it that way, SHALL WE?

      • Hey, you’re a day late and a dollar short, WB. We already have eugenics.

        It’s called “Planned Parenthood” and it was founded by a rather staunch proponent of eugenics, Margaret Sanger. Well, let’s clarify that: It was really a re-naming of the “Birth Control League” after the BCL name became tainted with Sanger’s glowing comments about the European (and in particular, Nazi) eugenics programs. So the whole “Planned Parenthood” thing is really just a re-branding to remove some of the taint of the European version of eugenics.

        Use a little Google-fu and look up “Margaret Sanger” and “Negro Project.” Or her “Plan for Peace” from 1932, where she advocates exactly what I’m proposing above: sterilization of “undesirables.”

        Am I proposing eugenics? Sure. I’m giving the types of buttinskis found in “Moms for Action” exactly what they want. Good and hard, too. You butt into my rights…. and I’ll butt into yours in return.

    • Don’t put your dick in crazy!!! I stole that from someone else on here but it is very applicable.

  13. When it becomes one person making a crank call and failing, you know their campaign is a failure.

  14. Clearly this woman has taken her eyes off of her main purpose in life. Someone needs to gently guide her back onto the right path and show her how to make her husband a sandwich and iron his shirts because Astro-turfing is not her strong suit.

  15. If she represents that goup, truth in advertising would require the group be named.

    Bitchezs be crazy.

  16. If I were Sentor Corker, a call like this would re-affirm that I made the correct vote and increase the likelihood of ignoring the group Moms Demand Action in the future. It looks to me like they are self-destructing.

    • Could you imagine coming home very night from work to this nut job? Oh yeah, I did. Not for long though.

  17. I sold hardware in a real old fashion hardware store for many years. A couple with two small boys, in the 5 to 7 year old range, came in to have some paint matched and mixed. While I worked on the paint with the husband the lady and the kids browsed the store. All of a sudden she came charging past dragging the kids like something was chasing them. The husband followed to see what the problem was. She had toured the store until she spotted our wall display of machetes and cane knives, and she was in a panic because the kids might see them. The husband told me that where they came from in New York things like that were under counters and out of sight. It’s a damned good thing she didn’t see the ammo display, she would have plowed through a wall.

      • My kid was sorting brass for me before she started school. I think she would have retrieved ducks if I had asked her, she spent enough time in duck blinds to know how to do it, LOL.
        I would think it was too cold to wake her up and take her out but she would get up on her own all ready to go.

    • oh, they’re enabled, your comment just has to be approved first. I added one about how she’s setting a great example for her kids while berating a staffer with her crank call tantrum. a true role model. pretty sure you wont see it pop up on the page.

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