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Someone’s taking the President’s advice and fighting calls for gun control the Chicago way — by punching back twice as hard. This vid, an apparent answer to the Demand a Planners, attributes over a quarter billion murders to governments down through the years. And it urges Americans to “demand an end to citizen disarmament.” Now that’s a plan we can get behind.

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  1. ANY QUESTIONS? Many thanks to Alex and crew for showing the true reason for gun control: MASS MURDER.

    • In case anyone thinks it couldn’t happen here, please watch this video about U.S. “Internment and Resettlement Operations” being staffed as we speak, where they document their intentions to shoot anyone attempting to escape.

    • Nothing said by Alex Jones can atone for his despicable and vile 911 truther accusation that the US government was an accessory to the 911 slaughter. He deserves to go to his grave with the 911 truther millstone around his neck. Personally I’d prefer to tie that millstone to his neck while he was still alive and then boot him into a deep lake.

      If I ever passed him on the street it probably would end up with me going to jail for administering a nasty curb stomping on his fat face.

      • Gosh, I’m so glad you’ve figured out how a highrise precision implodes after a light fire and a plane impact it was designed to absorb with plenty of reserve.

        You’ve explained all the on the scene reports of police and fire hearing timed explosions, the fact that no other high rise on Earth has ever failed like that despite being fully engulfed top to bottom for several hours, that the NIST ‘explanation’ and simulation had nothing in common with the actual video of how the buildings failed, that a building which had a minor fire and was never struck with a plane collapsed.

        Not to mention the AIA certified architects who say the building couldn’t fail that way after the minor damage it took. You know, the ones who actually designed it.

        Gump, you’re a genius.

        • And it’s good to see you are stoned and stupid enough to think that THOUSANDS OF POUNDS OF EXPLOSIVES AND MILES AND MILES OF DET CORD could have been planted in those buildings under the noses of the many TENS OF THOUSAND OF PEOPLE working in those buildings, (thousands of them every day sneaking cigarettes in the stairwells), and they all kept the secret that “BushCO” and “Da JOOS!” wired up and took down the Towers and faked planes flying into them fully loaded with jetA.

          /sarcasm, off for idiots like you who THE JIHADIS LOVE so much.

          I live in NYC, and I lost an acquaintance on 9/11, and you can kiss my f*cking ass, you moron.

        • Actually, the collapse of the two towers is no mystery.

          They were designed to survive the accidental impact of a 707, which implies a landing.

          The planes that hit were slightly larger, and had recently taken off. Hence, they had much more fuel than had been planned for by the builders.

          The steel heated and softened at the fire, the upper half pancaked the lower half and the walls come a-tumblin’ down.

          I’d like to know why was no debris or furrow at the Pentagon and why WTC 7 exploded for no apparent reason…

          Is is fractionally possible that someone knew what was in the works and let it go ahead, having no idea how bad it would because a frightened populace is more easily controlled and it opens doors – to the Patriot Act, f’rinstance.

          Not likely, but definitely possible.

          The same as been said of Pearl Harbor. We’ll not ever know.

        • Light fire? The impact energy from the crash and explosion were equivalent to a 155mm nuclear artillery round — somewhere between .5 and 1KT. that was more than enough energy to cause the structural damage that collapsed the building. The visuals of the damage were dwarfed by the scale of the building.

          My location on 9-11 was the New Forseman Conference Room, ME841. Where was yours?

        • Yup, a light fire which they are all designed to handle with ease. All that Jet-A? Released it’s energy spread over the course over tens of seconds, not a few milliseconds as in would happen in a fission reaction. And then it was gone. Nothing left to burn but some paper and office furnishings.

          Totals sound impressive, but they are meaningless without context. Please, go build a forge and fuel it with a few thousand gallons of aerosolized kerosene and office supplies. You won’t even get a big girder past 200 hundred degrees before your fuel runs out. You’ll get sturm and drang that does nothing.

          All those girders strung together? Massive heat sink.

          Buildings of the exact same construction (the one in use to this day) have survived being fully engulfed for 50+ floors for multiple hours. The rare cases of failure are well documented – they tip and lean, they never pancake. Ever.

          My location? Watching and listening to the multiple reports from fire and police about timed explosions. Watching raw sat feed showing the tell-tales of nano-thermite in use. Knowing not who was responsible, but knowing it had zippo to do with airplane impacts.

        • Fanfare Ends, if you think it would take “thousands of pounds of explosives and miles of det cord” you really need to learn about explosives and demo. Especially the last 40+ years. Especially shaped charges, radio controlled syched timers, and nano-thermite.

        • At the risk of arguing with a fanatic with all the answers. When an airplane crashes with a full load of fuel it just doesn’t spread out and burn. It get aerosolized and acts like a fuel-air explosive mixture. That’s quite a boom. This fire wasn’t just a pool of jet fuel, the jet fuel ignited every piece of flammable material in the building and created a mini-firestorm. The steel beams did not have to “melt” to fail. They just had to be heated sufficiently to lose their normal load carring ability. Once the beams began to fail the weight from the top started a cascade with the energy increasing at an increasing rate collapsing each floor in turn. Ironically, it was the lack of asbestos insulation around the structural support beams that caused them to heat sufficiently to fail.

          Two questions for you:

          (1) when did the Feds wire the building; how long did it take; and how much material did they use?

          (2) What kind of missile hit the Pentagon that could do such damage? (This one is designed to test your imagination. Some of my friends were in the parking lot and saw the airplane hit the building.)

        • “light fire”?

          That’s not what I or any rational person saw.

          I’m still waiting for someone to explain how months of preparatory work, carried out by hundreds of people never raised suspicions & nobody involved has talked.


        • At the risk of arguing with someone who has bought into a story that holds no water for any ME or metallurgist, nor anyone who designs highrises professionally, do tell me all about fuel-air explosives. Especially when what energy is generated blows out the windows.

          I’m fully aware of what happens when you randomly aerosolize that much kero, which is why I know how little “boom” it creates. Besides, were that the causality, WTC would have failed right then. But instead, it burned off over tens of seconds and started a light office fire. Then the explosions started…

          The thought that any of that heat could even marginally weaken the structural steel is frankly illustrative of a distinct non-understanding of structural steel. Or, of a beyond gross failure in the engineering standards of that steel.

          Once again, I ask you to test your theory. I know what that kero burn will do to the strength of a massive I-beam – nothing. Office garbage burning? Won’t even warm it up.

          As to your questions – 1: I have no good science to indicate exactly who placed the charges and when. That’s what the investigation should have been for. In reality, it is incredibly easy to have access to place the charges required in a high-rise. Hundreds of contractors every day. A small crew of 10-ish guys could do the job in under a couple of days each.
          2: I never mentioned the Pentagon, other than to distract attention, what’s that got to do with WTC issues?

          Mike the Limey, a ‘light office fire’ in a highrise is not your wastecan going en fuego. It’s a whole floor burning the paper goods, furniture, and carpets. It’s all about context. As fully engulfed (30+ stories) for tens of hours have never collapsed, do explain the magic.

        • Virtually all civil engineers agree what caused the collapse of ALL the WTC buildings that fell & metallurgists galore have supplied their knowledge of how steel loses strength well before it melts.
          The fire was hot enough for molten aluminium from the aircraft to be seen falling from one of the towers & experts agree that the fire went to at least 1,000 degrees.
          I’m still waiting for you to explain how all those buildings were wired to blow without a single witness to ANY kind of suspicious work taking place over several months, as you plainly have never studied building demolition when you say this: “A small crew of 10-ish guys could do the job in under a couple of days each.”.
          Preparing a building for demolition takes WEEKS & that’s if you aren’t trying to hide what you’re doing.
          The steel framed building you refer to that burned for 10 hours was completely different to WTC1 & 2 in its structure & the steel was severely warped in the fire – look at the photo’s.
          WTC7 had a MASSIVE hole in its structure & also suffered a major fire fuelled by diesel tanks for emergency generators.
          Anyone believing that those buildings were destroyed by explosives is mentally ill & should seek help for their massive persecution complex.


    • Yup. I didnt need to even dust off my ol’ Pelvic Ashtray or can of Zyklon-B. Wait, I just did.

    • Every time I see Alex Jones’ stupid face I roll my eyes and change the channel. This loon does nothing positive for our movement.

    • Have any of you morons ever seen a kerosene heater melt down from the temperature of burning kerosene (jet fuel)?

      I THOUGHT NOT. Kerosene burns at WAY too low a temperature to melt structural steel, which is designed to withstand massive fires; a steel-structured tower in Madrid burned in much more dramatic and hot fire for over 36 hours, without collapsing.

      The fires in both WTC towers were so much lesser that firemen were able to get nearly to the top of both towers; yet they collapse, both of them, within a couple of hours. Firefighters describes DETONATIONS on virtually all floors; one blew out the glass in the ground-floor lobby, though the hits were both 70-plus floors above. This happened with firefighters IN THE LOBBY. Yet most windows between the lobby and the collisions survived.

      Employees describes several floors being close off the workers in the preceding weeks.

      WTC fell in the late afternoon, without being hit by any debris, plane or otherwise; several small fires burned. At 5:20, firefighters told bystanders: “Get back; they’re going to PULL THE BUILDING!” And it collapsed, on cue. If you can find an alternate explanation for “pull the building”, please let me know: it means PLANNED DEMOLITION.

      Please also tell me how the first two towers were PULVERIZED INTO DUST, with steel beams cut into UNIFORM LENGTHS, to fit on the back of trucks – to be HAULED AWAY FROM A CRIME SCENE, and sold to China, within a couple of weeks.

      Tell me, PLEASE, where THOUSANDS of STEEL FILING CABINETS went to; they alone would have piled up higher than the rubble that remained. No visible desks; yet Mohammed Atta’s PASSPORT was “found” ON TOP OF A PILE OF RUBBLE, untouched by your massive fire.

      Nothing will change your uniformed opinion. I just wasted half an hour on you, and other mugwumps.

      • So in your “mugwump detecting expert” opinion, the planes hitting the towers, and the Pentagon, and crashing in the field were all part of a massive BushCo NeoCon Joos plot that included installing tens of explosives and miles of detcord before 9/11, so as to FOOL THE WHOLE WORLD that it was the planes caused the towers to come down, when in reality, it was pre-placed explosives?


        Please call us after your next colonoscopy, and tell us if they found a koran, howard zinn, or ron paul (or all of them, since they all agree) in your rear end.

        Or if none of those, maybe they found whats left of your brains.

      • William the loser. The steel was not designed to withstand the fires. The flame retardant coating was knocked off from the blast of the plane impact and started to bow with the increased temperature and weight of the above floors.
        Get off the stupid internet if you cant ferret imfo from crap.

      • FFS, Clinton couldn’t keep blow job secret yet you people are convinced about a secret govt conspiracy? Don’t you think the whistle would have blown on that by now?

    • So if Alex Jones told you the Moon orbits the Earth, you’d deny its, because he’s Alex Jones? And if Chairman Mao told you you’d have eternal life, you’d become an atheist, RIGHT?

      That’s messed up. Think about it.

      • It does in terms of persauding people, who will note the source of the message. That said, I’d rather have this video out there with Alex in it that to not have the video out there.

      • exactly.

        alex has hit the mark previously, although he’s definitely not my favorite person to pass a message.

        just because it is him, however, doesnt mean the message isn’t true.

      • Yes it does. Why do you want your message associated with an America hating 911 truther?

        • We certainly don’t want the message associated with a street punk who is willing to commit felony assault.

        • In Germany, we say “auch ein blindes huhn findet mal ein corn” (“Even a blind chicken finds a seed sometimes”), maybe this aplies to Alex Jones, too.

        • “America hater”? You are delusional, my friend. But I’m wasting my time. Your mind will not be unmade up. I’ll waste no further time on you. It’s a trap.

  2. There’s two guys in the video that I feel like I should know, but I don’t know who they are. One is the guy with the salt & pepper beard wearing the zip-up fleece (he does the “Western Colonialism: 50M people” stat), and the other is the guy right after him in the striped dress shirt and black jacket (this guy’s voice sounds especially familar). Are either of them someone I should know?

  3. Hopefully thats a good enough plan for em. If they need another more betterer one they can post, Randy

  4. And again this site proves that it has nothing to do with gun information: you are just interested in persuing a radical, extremist anti-government Libertarian ideology and you don’t care what gun owners you alienate with it.

    This video is pure, unadulterated crazy. Obama is wrong in his pursuit of gun control, but if you truly believe that obama is some baby-eating hitler-lord then you are part of the problem.

    • Facts are just nutty. Got it.

      Obama is merely a cog in the machine. He’s not personally responsible any more than a whole bunch of folks tried at Nuremberg.

  5. Although I can quibble who some of it’s points and people, I won’t. In presentation and power it’s exactly what’s needed. Go get ’em.

  6. Not a bad message. One of the comments underneath was something like ” america has started 2 wars in the past 10 years. explain how the 2nd amendment helped protect those dead American soldiers”. First, we went to war because shit went down that was a threat to our country and to democracy, so of course we’re going to fight. Who else is gonna fight? The plucky Brits, with their air of intellectual superiority and wishy-washy attitude of act/dont act, or the French, who can’t stop whining and complaining and eating cheese and not showering long enough to pick up a rifle, let alone use it? Nope, it’s us. The country everyone loves to hate but who is on speed-dial for every time bad shit goes down. Second, these antis seem to think that just because someone has a gun, everything will automatically work out in their favor. As history and statistics show, this is definitely not the case. BUT, at least our troops, and any armed citizen for that matter, had/has a fighting chance when they are armed. Guns don’t equal automatic victory, they simply provide the best option for living through a crappy situation. And that, the ability to best defend one’s self against a terrible act as best as possible, is what we 2nd Amendment supporters want. It kills me that if shit were to go south pretty damn quick and I needed to use my AR to defend my loved ones, should I have a jam or a magazine malfunction, I would have to struggle with a bullet button and lose many valuable seconds trying to fix the problem just because some utopian liberal retard thinks that any AR owner is a psychopath. And don’t even get me started on 10 round mags. How could that go badly?

      • I’m just quoting (loosely) what I read. And yes, they don’t need protection, other than bringing them home to rest. I apologize if my comments aren’t making a great deal of sense, my shoulder is FUBAR and my pain medication is surely affecting my (already marginal) coherence.

        • I can sympathize. I was struck by car in 2003, sending my left knee into a slow death spiral; I was crossing at a green light. All traffic had stopped. I spent 14 weeks on crutches.

          Now both knees, in the past two years, have begun going down at a fast clip.

  7. Actually, from the published studies, in 100 years the number was 662 million. This video only hits some of the top contributors.

    • Various pogroms against the Kurds by Iraq, Turkey and Syria came to mind, but maybe they were in the fine print as individually they were only 6 figure genocides. I suppose that part was included in Turkey’s total, though at only 2mm and change I’m not sure it covered all the Armenians, Greeks, Kurds, Serbs, Croats and others killed by the Turks in the 20th century.

    • True. However, I don’t think such a short spot was intended to that inclusive. The number’s MUCH higher. They know that.

  8. i’m leery of alex jones, but the message is solid 🙁

    Can we get mr. colion noir and admidsthenoise, bruce willis, and gayle trotter to repeat all the lines again?

    • You have a right to be leery. We are stupid to hitch any part of our pro 2A activities to any part of the Alex Jones rotting carcass of 911 trutherism.

  9. Gun control the Chicago way? Yeah thats worked really well so far. The chicago way is let all the law abiding citizens suffer while the criminals get to do whatever they want.

  10. But but but our government would never do such a thing! Not at Ruby Ridge, not at Waco, not at Kent State, not with drone strikes, nor a half a million Native Americans, nor hundreds of deaths in the WW2 Internment Camps, nor a black person shot by police every day. Not our government. Our government would never attempt such a big body count when it’s so good at killing Americans a few at a time

    • You are correct as to why the body count is so low in the United States. The United States is one of the most limited and controlled governments on the planet at home.

      Overseas, at war, we are not nearly as controlled.

      The current administration is working very hard to reduce the controls that we have to insignificant levels, and they are getting their way.

    • +1

      Those incidents definitely deserved mention, and the video definitely would have been even more powerful if they had included them.

    • Not to mention our gov would never encourage folks to sail on a ship that they knew to be carrying munitions and would be sunk. You know, like the Lusitania and the fact the Germans took out newspaper ads in the US warning people that it would be sunk for carrying munitions.

      Not to mention the Tonkin Gulf Incident which every historian past grade-school knows never happened, based on the gov’s own records.

      Oh yeah/. Operation Northwoods.

    • I’m with you all the way. NONE OF THAT HAPPENED. Our federal government hearts us. They want us to live long and prosper.

      The made-up “minds” here might rival the made-up minds of the gun-grabbers. What we lack in number is rivaled by the depth of ignorance.

      Hate Alex? GO LISTEN TO GLENN BECK; he’s a true American voice. (HAW!). Go listen to gun-hating, freedom-hating RUSH LIMBAUGH. Bring Cheetos.

    • Probably from the forced relocation of East Prussians (ethnically German, so they don’t really count, right?) in 1945 and later. “Ethnic cleansing” didn’t get its start in 1990s Yugoslavia.

  11. Really, how is ratting out considered an act by a government (Democide) ? Pretty sure there was no Polish government while that country was occupied. Also it said 1945- 48 and thats after the war.

  12. Alex is an avowed 911 truther who has repeatedly accused the US government as being an accessory to the 911 massacre. He is a 99% scum bucket and the other 1% that he is right is the broken clock analogy.

  13. You’re life is better not knowing about the scumbag 911 truther Alex Jones and crowd.

  14. Dean said….. “Overseas, at war, we are not nearly as controlled.”

    Sounds like you we’re been indoctrinated by some university in the last 20 years or so. Name a superpower since the beginning of time that spread more freedom and shed more of their own citizens blood to help other countries.

        • …. and neither of the 3 of you could answer the question….. Name a superpower since the beginning of time that spread more freedom and shed more of their own citizens blood to help other countries.

      • I’m also thinking the same. They have too much funding; they’re everywhere. Soon their drones will fill the sky, threatening even birds. They don’t deserve a cup of Tomato Soup.

    • Define freedom and explain the right of a “superpower” to shed citizen’s blood.” I have no idea what you’ll come up with as far as “own” relative to a superpower’s citizens but you’re welcome to try.

    • “Name a superpower since the beginning of time that spread more freedom and shed more of their own citizens blood to help other countries.”

      War is Peace…love bombs for all!!!

  15. Okay guys, we get it, this is now a site for crazy extremism.

    Look, I come here for gun info, not for diatribes not related to the 2nd Amendment. I’m as hard-line Libertarian as they come, but come ON! Goverments are just organizing bodies, composed of people. They are not evil entities. I am all for the reduction of government oversight into personal lives and I’m all for limiting the power of the State apparatus, but to suggest that Barack Obama is secretly plotting to massacre Americans is outrageous paranoia. I honestly believe Obama is interested in reducing gun rights because he is interested in curbing gun violence, it’s a pragmatic tradeoff for him. To think otherwise is paranoid lunacy at its worst.

    We need to counter that pragmatic tradeoff with facts, and constitutional law. Obama and the dems are wrong about gun control because of facts, not because they are evil human beings who want to barbeque your babies.

    You’re just going to irritate non-extremist gun owners with this kind of rhetoric, alienate moderates, and give further ammunition to the group that wants to limit gun rights. What better way to look like a bunch of paranoid, bunker building lunatics than to hitch our wagon to them?

    Support of a constitutional right should NOT be fastened to extremist politics, or you’re just as bad as the dems who call us all ignorant, uneducated hillbillies.

    • So if we don’t think Obama is taking away a Constitutional right due to pure-hearted intentions, we’re lunatics? Wow…you’re worse than progressive fascists, because at least they don’t cloak themselves in the mantle of libertarianism.

      And people wonder why I don’t want a psychological aspect attached to background checks. Even self-proclaimed libertarians love randomly labeling people crazy for not abiding by their narrow view.

  16. Democide would mean killing of the people, not necessarily by the government.

    There’s no simple form for killing by the government.

    Pity, that.

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