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By John Sprague

We’ve heard it all before. “You should’ve fired a warning shot!” “You should’ve shot him in the leg, you didn’t have to KILL him!” “He was a harmless sweet boy who wouldn’t hurt anyone!” The sob stories from the family members of goblins who were offed by good guys are always so touching. They rationalize that the true victims should’ve acted differently to accommodate their thug loved one. Well, here is a new one . . .

A little back story: on December 26, 2011, Jeremy Atkinson decided that he didn’t get enough Christmas presents and decided to help himself to some unearned income from the local Kroger. Grocery store manager Elijah Elliott, though, decided to play the Grinch. He didn’t take kindly to Atkinson threatening his fellow employees, so he pulled out his own gun and killed the robber.

Now, back to the rationalizing. And let’s throw in a little profiteering just for fun. The family of the late Mr. Atkinson see him as the victim, not the Kroger employees whose lives were put in danger by their thug perfect little angel and they’ve decided to avail themselves of the legal system to compensate them for their loss.

So now they’ve dug up an ambulance chaser to target the one party involved with deep pockets – Kroger. From

According to the lawsuit, which was filed Friday in U.S. District Court, “Kroger failed to supervise its employees and enforce its safety policies including Kroger’s policy that no employees shall carry a firearm while on duty.”

What it really boils down to is this family is suing the grocery store for not allowing their son to rob the place all nice and normal like. After all, they could have strip-searched their employees before their shifts, right? No word on whether Kroger plans to countersue the family for their son breaking their established “do not rob our store” policy.

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    • Oops. This comment was meant for the Aurora shooting.

      What I meant to say here is that Kroger should counter sue the family of sweet little Jeremy for negligence in raising their little darling and causing a menace to society for unleashing this sociopathic predator to the world. Then Kroger should sucker punch the ambulance chaser for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

      • Greg, I agree 100%. Krogers should the family for negligence in raising a menace to society. Perhaps the possibility should even be looked into that the family is guilty of knowing about the criminal act ahead of time and being an accessory before the fact if not in some way actually involved in it. Perhaps the family sent him out to do this criminal act, etc. Also with the attorney, I say let him represent the criminal family. However, they should create a legal ruling that states that an attorney is allowed just so many (say like 3) frivolous lawsuits in a 10 year period and if they do more than that, then they WILL have their attorneys license revoked and they will not be allowed to practice as an attorney again. I guarantee you that would insure that attorney’s make sure that any case they agree to take on would have a factual basis to it.

  1. Let us hope Kroger will nut-up instead of settling with this lawsuit. You can pretty much guarantee that the employee that did this good deed is now unemployed, and will have trouble finding work at most gun free (read:target rich) workplaces.

    • It continues to amaze me that ANY company, with the stroke of a corporate pen, can deny a person’s second amendment rights about legally carrying a concealed weapon. I’ve worked for a couple myself, and have been quite vocal about stomping on my constitutional rights. If someone has been vetted through training, background checks, etc., and are given their right for concealed carry, that should mean EVERYWHERE, and no company should have the right to deny that individual’s right.

  2. Stories like this one help to confirm that the commies did indeed infiltrate our country back in the 60’s and have been brain washing our kids in colleges all over the country ever since.

    Now those same kids are the ones in charge and they have a mission to change america into new russia. We even have an openly COMMUNIST party in our political system, and everyone is just like: meh.

    The commies have branched out and now call themselves things like “progessives” “libertards” and “democrats”.

    It is unfortunate that 300 million of us are going to continue to reap what has been sown from the fake cold war of yesteryear.

  3. This happened about 2 miles from my house. It’s been a water cooler topic for several days. The surrounding “neighborhoods” do have that mentality — that their criminal loved ones are just misunderstood and societal victims.

    • Too bad for them.

      Everyone dies at some point, it is part of life so get over it.

      If you are going to live by the sword you will die by the sword, still holds true to this day huh?

      Natural selection took care of this thug.

  4. Mr. Elliot should sue the family for $25 for a new box of ammo. Had it not been for their idiot thug of a son, he’d still have a fully loaded gun. That’s the only tragedy in this story, that a combination of high ammo prices and bureaucratic corporate bullshit doesn’t reward such a perfect managerial decision.

  5. More evidence that people are ridiculously stupid and will try to get away with dumb crap…thats a legitimate self defense situation the Kroger manager found himself in and he acted correctly

  6. Just once i would like to see a company change to a more liberal employee CC policy after one of these demonstrations on how it protects law abiding folks.

  7. Another reason they might be going after Kroger instead of the manager is that they can’t find him. In the original story, the question was whether or not Kroger would terminate him for violating the company no-weapon policy, but all Kroger would say was that they “were investigating, and that investigation could take some time.” The shooting took place on 12/26, and although Kroger offered to let him keep his job, he resigned “to begin a new chapter in my life” on Feb 1. He announced it in a press conference on that date, the first and only time he spoke publicly about the shooting. At that press conference, his attorney declined to confirm whether or not his client still resides in Montgomery County. “Because of the nature of the case, we have been very careful to avoid saying where Elliott is living,” Seiter said. source

    • Same old story – save lives with a defensive gun use? You’ve now won an no-expenses-paid trip to Targetville! Where all your dreams of litigation, intimidation, character assasination, assault, and murder can come true.

      Mr. Elliot, wherever you are, good luck and God bless.

      • Mark N.: Yeah, I know that’s the case here in FL, but the residents of other states aren’t so lucky, even those that have SYG-type laws. I wasn’t sure if it applied to this case, so I didn’t mention it.

  8. The worst communists were the synagogue of satan’s bolshevik’s who slaughtered 20 MILLION to 165 MILION people, mostly Christians. The sos is always behind the push for disarmament weather is obvious (bolshevik revolution) or not so obvious (nazi germany). The sos’s death penalty to be Christian federal law in America (see “merry Christmas & off with your head”) was passed by republicans (aka re-thug-lie-scams) who also must have set a new record for treasonous legislation under the bush/cheney usurpation especially after the sos’s false flag attack on 9/11 (see wrh fiveisraelis [israeli truck bombs of 9/11 & more], missing links (israeli involvement in 9/11), wtc 7: this is an orange, etc…

      • Allow me to sum it up in a way that any moron could understand (so you’ll probably still have trouble understanding it anyway).
        stalin (bolshevists) hitler (nazis) first disarmed the people before the slaughter started. History shows disarmament is always followed by genocidal slaughter.
        Now go do some honest research so you don’t have to flaunt your ignorance so blatantly next time. I swear reading your moronic comment was like having a small child proudly show me how he crapped on the carpet as if it was an accomplishment.

        • JCII, you’re actually going to defend your ridiculous post (which could well have been written by a drunken first-year English student from the Republic of Bulimia) by insulting your readers, and summarizing your previous post in a manner “that any moron could understand”?

          The term for one such as yourself is “conceited buffoon”.

          Let me know if you need this post translated into Bulimian.

        • Jeez, I boil it down to the most simple facts possible & coach it into a MAJOR point in suport of the 2nd amendment & you STILL can’t handle what should be easy for an elementery school child to understand. I expected acceptance of FACTS or at least honest debate, apparently no one else here is mentally capable of that much. I’m used to talking with people with enough INTELLIGENCE to look into the ACTUAL FACTS & enough HONESTY to accept the TRUTH or at least DEBATE what the actual FACTS mean.

    • i think this gibberish, and i could be wrong; been a while since i had to translate gibberish; means it’s all the jews fault. now, i don’t claim a religion, never have in spite of my hellfire and brimstone baptist upbringing. but in defense of people of faith everwhere i gotta say it. you sir, are batshite crazy. off your meds and as much as i hate to support even the tiniest bit of gun control i fervently hope you’re not in possesion of anything deadlier than fingernail clippers. thus endeth the sermon.

      • Somehow, I don’t think that Stalin, a true satan’s disciple, was Jewish. He was directly responsible for the purges and progroms, and he included among the condemned much of the Jewish intelligencia that was the original support of the Communist Party in Russia. In fact, the Russians have a long and storied history of anti-semitism.

        • There’s a difference between the Jews & the synagogue of satan (rev 2:9 3:9). Obviously none of the replies have done any actual research into the FACTS mentioned.
          I’d title this the synagogue of satan kills millions yet other than saying “jews” inatead of synagogue of satan, the facts are accurate:
          Now, not only were there israelis driving around in truck loaded with explosives in NY on 9/11, they had painted on the sides of the trucks a mural of the twin towers with a jet smashing into the side of one of the towers. One of them was stopped on their way to blow up the Washington bridge, other israeli terrorists set up a camera on the WTC BEFORE the attacks started & were laughing, dancing, high fiving, celebrating the towers coming down. Not only were they not tried & convicted, they were released & flown back to israel (at our expense you can bet). Police transcripts, news reports, etc:

        • The false charge of anti-semitism being a death penalty offense was a major tool for the slaughter of 20 million to 165 million or more people, mostly Christians. Also most of the bolshevists came from NY. The synagogue of satan has a death penalty to be Christian federal law on the books in America (public law 102-14) since 1991. They were hoping to usurp enough authority to act on it when they did 9/11.
          They did it in Russia, they hope to do it in America:
          From the lips of an israeli ex-minister, ANTI-SEMITISM, IT’S A TRICK WE USE IT ALL THE TIME (to try to silence dissent about israel or the holohoax, etc)

        • Probility is that not a one of you actually knows how many bldgs came down on 9/11. Two bldgs were hit yet THREE bldgs came down despite the fact that wtc 7 was not hit by any planes or major debris & only had 2 small, unexplained fires that should have easily been put out by the bldgs sprinkler system. WTC 7 came down at free-fall speed, into it’s own footprint with the majority of the steel PRE-CUT into the largest size that could be lifted up, to be hauled away to be ILLEGALLY DESTROYED. THAT CAN ONLY HAPPEN WITH CONTROLLED DEMOLITION! Add to that tbe owner was also caught on tape ordering them to begin the controlled demolition of WTC 7. That means the bldg was rigged for demolition BEFORE 9/11 waiting for 9/11. He also leased bldgs 1 & 2 six weeks prior to 9/11 & took out an unusual & unusually heavy insurance policy against terrorist attack in with he made SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS from 9/11

          Missing Links (israeli involvement in 9/11)

          The ignorance of the average American is staggering.

      • Thanks for showing you lack the honesty or intelligence to refute or even debate a single point. The synagogue of satan has brain washed you well into a useless little drone only capable of disgorging their programed kneejerk reactions. Considering Jesus was known as the TRUTH your absolute refusal to FACE THE TRUTH says alot about who your master actually is. I can understand ignorance yet being too stupid to even LOOK AT THE FACTS when they don’t fit into your programing is something that I cannot undrstand & I have to put it down as you’re obviously to possessed to even consider the actual facts.

        • This is a Gun Site, not a conspiracy site. If we wanted to be enlightened about the “synagogue of satan” we would search for it.

          • I’m pointing out those at the roots of every push to disarm America. I know there’s not many here that can add that 1+1and get 2 yet I try.

          • I’m pointing out those at the roots of every push to disarm America. I know there’s not many here with the honesty & intelligence to be able to add that one plus one and get two yet I try.

          • I’m pointing out those at the roots of every push to disarm America. I know there’s not many here with the honesty & intelligence to be able to add that one plus one and get two yet I try.

          • I NEVER said I hated jews, I even quoted Jesus to point out the difference. So tell us all why you think Jesus is a neo-nazi jew hater & why you so obviously hate Jesus & his teachings so much. Are you a lubavitch pos that supports the death penalty to be Christian federal law (public law 102-14)

        • “Thanks for showing you lack the honesty or intelligence to refute or even debate a single point. ” To be totally honest and intelligent we would have to point out that you are an anti-Semitic neo-nazi brainless fool, especially if you are stupid enough to think anyone with an IQ higher than 2 would fall for the age old “the Jews did it”. From what I am reading of what you are saying, I would have to say that you are a “Jew-hater”
          of the most ignorant kind. With the level of intelligence
          (or the lack thereof) all I can do is feel the utmost pity
          for you.

        • Calling Jesus a nazi is a typical act of the synagogue of satan (rev 2:9 & 3:9) y’all even teach it to your kids (youtube search “mocking Jesus on israeli children’s tv). In that video THE SCANTILY CLAD ISRAELI GIRL SAYS “YOU’RE A NAZI JESUS, A NAZI” & LAUGHS SADISTICALLY AS SHE HAMMERS IN THE NAILS.

        • It is so absolutely amazing how (accidently I’m sure) much you quote letter and verse what these groups say.
          “I NEVER said I hated Jews, I even quoted Jesus to point out the difference.”

          Well considering that your “Jews are at the bottom of everything evil and to prove it I even quote Jesus to prove it” statement, is the exact same rote that the nazi’s, neo-nazi’s, communists, islalmists, and every other group like that has said over and over. Another sign is that even by the very little bit that you said about Jesus shows how ignorant you are of His Teachings except to try to use it to justify blaming the Jews for everything. I would even be willing to bet that it sticks in your craw to have to use the words of a Jewish Messiah to try to support your conspiracy theories and charges. There is absolutely ZERO proof of the Jews being behind any of it and you know that even if you aren’t honest enough to admit it. And I even get a kick out of your arrogance that if I say that you are a “neo-nazi jew-hater” then I am calling Jesus a “neo-nazi jew-hater”, I hate to tell you this because I’m sure that it will break your heart but you are NOT Jesus nor anything close to that. In fact, when you make unsubstantiated accusations (and doing it knowingly) then you are making those claims about every Jew that ever lived and that includes the Jew name Yeshua (which in english is Jesus). So now tell me who the Jesus hater is?

          • @robert, I’m used to the yypical pathological liesof the synagogue of satan, calling documented proof “conspiracy theories”. No involvement huh, google wrh five israelis (israeli truck bombs of 9/11 police transcripts, witness testimony, etc) for starters. The use of the (accurate) phrase “the synagogue of satan” was first done by Jesus & is still accurate to this day. Your calling anyone tjat uses it a nazi shows your true thoughts about Jesus as was taught to you in the satanic talmud (Jesus (balaam) is being punished in hell by eing boiled in semen, Christians are boiled in dung). That is seriously wisted & yes it actually says that, I’ve read it. So te sos are typically possessed genocidal psycho pathological liars. I fully support the anti-zionist Jews (i.e. REAL Jews) such as those targeted by the sos`s nazis (google federal reserve 3 billion hitler’s germany & 150,000 “jews” in hitler’s army (article doesn’t point out it was 150,000 so NOT Jews yet the documentation is accurate other than that. See while you lie about it some people actually reference the info I post & see it’s accuracy so while you lie & argue the TRUTH spreads. You wanna concede defeat now or shall we continue?

        • Does anyone else have precisely no idea what this dude is saying? Honest to God, it’s like he’s speaking a different language. I recognize the words, but the order in which you use them makes no sense.

          Oh, and learn to hit refresh, that way you don’t look like a dumbass by triple posting, like last night at 22:07, 22:11, and 22:15.

  9. Can anyone link me a article where a white family says things like “he was a good boy” and “he would never hurt anyone” in response to their child being arrested/convicted/shot in the commission/etc of a violent felony? Or is this a black thing? I know they say that all the time around here in Chicago. If their child was a minor they also mention how he was a honor roll student who did well in school. They say it so much that i’m inclined to believe that blacks who do poorly in school are simply incapable of committing crimes.

    • Pipe down, you.

      It’s a pretty universally understood comment that mothers will always say “he was a good boy,” neighbors will always say “he seemed like a nice enough guy,” etc.

      It’s not a race-exclusive thing, don’t try to make it one.

        • I’m not getting into this conversation with you, because I know you to be a racist, and I’m not playing the game.

          You have my response. Stop trying to stir the pot.

        • @Matt in FL
          Oh noes, i’m a racist?!? So how does that automatically make me wrong?

          @devil in arabic guy
          Sometimes around here ya never know, and i’m not too familiar with your posts yet.

        • Being a racist doesn’t necessarily make you wrong on this subject. It makes you someone I consider to be wrong in general, and therefore someone I’m not going to engage in a debate with.

        • When was the last time you met a white guy with the name Omar?

          From the article:
          Thornton, who was black, shot 10 people… Immediately before the shootings, Thornton was fired for stealing beer. Before killing himself, he called 911 and told an operator: “This place is a racist place. They’re treating me bad over here. And treat all other black employees bad over here, too. So I took it to my own hands and handled the problem… A police investigation concluded there was no evidence to support the claim of racism.

          Those white people must be evil for giving him a job. It must be racism if he was fired for stealing from your employer. Just another baby’s momma trying to win the ghetto lottery.

  10. This is one of the many reasons our country needs to address the frivolous lawsuit. How about:

    “No person, or party thereof, shall sue any other person, company, etc. for any injury or death that occurred in the commission of a violent and atrocious felony act.”

    • It sounds like youre a cop trying to further immunize himself from police brutality cases.

        • Which is why you work as a LEO in California where it illegal to conceal carry, and you will uphold the law and arrest any civilian you run across who is carrying concealed.

          Your sure do have a funny way of defending concealed carry.

  11. In the interest of judicial expedience, I think Kroger should be found liable.

    The judgement should consist of one box of Lunchables for the “victims” family, and a lifetime no-trespassing order for anyone that ever knew this saintly, martyred youth.

  12. The most successful grocery chain in my midwestern city was bought out by Kroger several years ago. I don’t know what Kroger’s weapons policy is elsewhere or what the local chain’s policy is for employees. However, I do know that they do not prohibit customers from carrying concealed. Under my state’s concealed carry law, it is illegal to carry inside a business that posts a “no guns” sign. After looking carefully, I have never found such a sign on the buildings or at the entrances to the properties.

  13. I feel no sympathy for the deceased’s parents. He probably was a good person to them, but he was a monster to the rest of the world.

    To the lawyer that took up this case and convinced the family that this has merit, rot in hell.

  14. I work for a major grocery chain that also bans employees from carrying weapons – even if they have a valid CCW permit. Every crook in the state knows that our company has intentionally disarmed against robbery.

    Our company also knuckles under almost every time someone files suit. I’ve been told that the policy is to estimate the company’s liability (worst case if they should loose the suit) and then offer 80% to avoid a trial EVEN IF THEY’VE DONE NOTHING WRONG. And every lawyer in the in the state knows that our company has intentionally disarmed itself against civil suits.

  15. Kroeger will NEVER admit this, but their policy proves it: the board room thinking is that it is better to have a dead employee than a dead robber because there’s less chance of being sued silly in court by some bottom-feeding lawyer.

    Further, I’m not a violent person and I won’t condone violence except in self defense, but I hope that the bottom-feeding, ambulance-chasing, money-grubbing, vulture of a lawyer who’s bring this suit, Mr. Drew Miroff, is absolutely freakin’ terrified of being out in public.

    • The board room thinking, impressed upon them by their insurers (who are in league with the Brady Bunch) is that if no one resists, no one gets hurt. Then the loss is only money, and money is easily replaced. But if a customer should get hurt/killed in an exchange of gun fire between a gunman and an employee, the store’s liability would be astronomical. And the companies follow this advice, why? Because it’s not their money, it is the insurance company’s money that is at risk. Therefore it is better to go along than to go without insurance.

      • So corporate says to be good little sheeple & lay down & take your fleecing (robbery) the way the foreign owned, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, private-for-profite entity known as the “federal” reserve has taught you for 100 years. BTW: corporate gov is the deffinition of fascism, the more control the corporations have the more the people become slave labor to fuel their greed & sadism.

        • Apparently no one here knows & y’all won’t accept the truth form me, maybe you’ll accept it from Ronald Reagan. READ 2ND HIGHLIGHTED AREA:
          The “federal” reserve are the modern day money changers on the steps of the temple (see- rev 2:9 & 3:9). The gov prints the money & GIVES it to the “fed” which then “LOANS” it back to the gov AT INTEREST (when the gov could print it up & use it FOR FREE. This kind of scam is why the American revolution was faught) hence the majority of the national debt which as the link points out the income tax only goes to pay the interest on the ficticious debt & THERE IS NO LAW SAYING YOU HAVE TO PAY THE INCOME TAX yet America has been corrupted to the point where wven having a damn good lawyer who knows the facts (the 16th amendment was never properly ratified) still can’t win in tax court.

      • Somebody here shock me by taking the few seconds to ACTUALLY LOOK AT THE FACTS CONTAINED IN THE ABOVE LINK because there’s more where that came from & this is data/facts that EVERY American should know.

  16. Kroger’s in turn should counter sue the family for “Parental Malpractice” for failing to teach their spawn the difference between right and wrong before sending him into society to prey upon innocent people.

  17. Nobody I know wants to see someone lose their life but when you are committing a felony and get shot the responsibility is yours. If more store employees were armed there would be far fewer armed robberies. I feel badly for the loss of life and sympathize with the grieving parents but the bottom line is that their son was killed during the commission of a felony in which he endangered the lives of store employees and customers. I don’t think anyone should lose any sleep over it. If you beez a crook, you takes your chances.

  18. Jeez, it seems there’s more sos propagandists & their useful idiot brainwashed braindead supporters on this thread than actual honest American gunowners.
    typing from droid keyboard so it drops below the keyboard & I can’t see what I’m typing so typos etc and spell check said no mistakes, go figure.
    Also it said post failed so posted repeatedly & every time it said post failed so I gave up & it posted em all anyway. So that means braindead pos propagandists supporting the destruction of America think they can call me a dumbassbecause of a malfunction in the thread’s posting. Typical of people with very fe functioning brain cells to call an honest person a dumbas because I don’t fit in with their brainwashings.H

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