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It’s always refreshing to hear the police tell the truth about guns. Especially when the mainstream media is desperate to spread the usual lies and disinformation about the root cause or causes of firearms-related crime. Too many guns! Like this from . . .

We’ve all heard a lot about the record deadly year in Indianapolis in 2017, which ended the year with 154 murders.

It’s probably no surprise that most of those murders involved firearms.

We wanted to take a closer look at guns on the street and reached out to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

According to last year’s data, police confiscated 3,319 guns in 2017, on par with the 3,309 guns collected in 2016.

On a par? The numbers are closerthanthis. And what’s this? The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department points out that the confiscated firearms aren’t all “crime guns.”

Police say that not all of those weapons were used in the commission of a crime, but a lot were in the hands of felons and people without permits.

“The problem and challenge for us as a law enforcement agency and as a community is quickly identifying individuals in possession of firearms that shouldn’t be,” said Sgt. Christopher Wilburn. “You have to give this piece of machinery the respect that it deserves, and we are not seeing that and people are handling their emotional exhale with a firearm.”

However, IMPD stops short of calling it a gun problem.

“We don’t believe there is an overarching ability or ease for people to acquire these firearms,” said Sgt. Wilburn.

Huh. Not only does Sgt. Wilburn have a poetic bent, but he’s telling the world that the city has a gang problem, not a gun problem.

Well not exactly. I’d bet dollars to [cop] donuts that a gang-related comment ended-up on’s cutting room floor.

Anyway, reporter Allen Carter can’t leave his article like that! Vox pop to the rescue!

However, people around one of Indy’s hotspot crime neighborhoods disagree.

“That’s a lot of guns. That’s 3,000 guns,” said James Underwood.

“Over the last year, it’s been a lot of senseless crimes too. a lot of young people just killing each other it doesn’t make any sense,” said Antonio Eaton.

“They are everywhere and it’s a whole lot of it and it’s been like that for quite some time,” said James Awesome.

Officials say it is difficult to quantify where all of the weapons are coming from. Often, they say, a suspect lies about how they obtained a weapon, so they don’t often know if they are stolen or from a street sale.

But police were also reluctant to give too much away out of fear it might inspire more illegal activity.

Yeah, right. Sure. Indy’s cops don’t want to talk about gun theft and straw purchasing because shhh the bad guys will know how to get a gun!

Lazy journalism is understandable. Journalists are lazy. But deeply biased journalism — also to be expected — is morally bankrupt. Shame on Mr. Carter and his ilk. Shame on them all.

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  1. How many of those murders were committed by law abiding citizens vs., I don’t know, bangers and career criminals?

      • outliar. in fact study after study shows 90% to 95% of homicide perps AND homicide victims are criminals.

        In the case you noted the killer expressed hatred for Christians and Muslims but other issues occurred in this killing and the police and state and federal investigators found:
        “After initial investigations, a U.S. Attorney for North Carolina said the killings were “not part of a targeted campaign against Muslims”.[15]”

        More to the point this guy would have been able to get a firearm if any and all gun ocntorl proposals ever put forward by gun control groups had been law.

    • 20 of the murders were deemed self defense, ie good guy with a gun. There was only one police involved homicide last year according to a local news website.

  2. part of it is the university environment where journalists are taught that if they dont tow the line of the editors and only write sensationalist BS then they wont go far and partly the communist owned media itself. sadly that is what the once great media that once reported the truth has come to and part of that is allowing owners of media to own more than one outlet and broadcast across entire nations. it was far better when there were many hundreds of small news and media outlets as they then had to tell the truth because someone else would and not telling the truth would loose you sales.

    • It’s called Tabloid Journalism i.e. Propaganda-Fake News. Some of the most Liberal people in the Fake News (Media (sic)). Are more interested in being the news than Faking it. Jim Acosta,Rachel Maddow along with Mika and Joe.

      • yep i totally agree. the MSM is a complete farce worldwide but again as i said the truth is it is the same small group of people who own over 90% of the media worldwide. that is why i say no one should be able to own more than one single media outlet be that on radio station, one tv station or one newspaper and that is in all countries of the world. most of them are also financed by the same banks, again a problem as he who controls the purse strings controls what is said.

    • Most college professors are even more biased than the media. if you don’t express liberal views, many professors will penalize you with lower grades.

      • yes exactly and that is why i would not go to a university today. i did try once and clashed with lecturers in a big way. no way i was going to get good grades. but then i am also someone who would hang for treason many who are in govt and the banking and judiciary and media systems due to most of their activities going against what is laid out in he constitution

        • It’s better in STEM majors. 2+2=4 whether it’s politically correct or not. They pay better after you graduate, too.

    • “tow the line ”

      That means to drag a rope behind you in the water.

      You want “toe the line”, which all Americans used to understand because we all had gym classes where we had to line up for roll call with our toes precisely on a line on the gym floor. The call “toe the line” meant line up and get those toes exactly where they belonged.

      • no i dont want “toe the line”. what i want is to get the F@$%#&g corporates out of the media and put it back to individuals with only a single media outlet. that way there can be no single agenda pushed as there is now with the MSM and that agenda is to the populaces detriment whether they know it or not

      • Never knew that. I have only ever heard the expression in regards to the “sticking to the talking points” meaning. We always lined up in lines and rows in gym class, not in a row on a line on the ground.

        • We had a wrestling coach who used it, too, though in that case it meant the white line that circled the wrestling mat. He’d been a drill sergeant, which is where we figured he got it.

  3. At least Indianapolis doesn’t blame Chiraq for it’s “guncrime”…reverse IronPipeline © anyone?!?

    • Indiana is awesome for gun rights compared to many states. Not constitutional carry, but lifetime shall-issue pistol permits at reasonable cost in a reasonable timeframe. Not too bad while we’re waiting for constitutional carry.

      State and local officials aren’t constantly banging on about ‘gun violence’ and blaming me for the problems with gangs and bangers. Many actually seem to understand that harassing the peaceable and law abiding isn’t an effective strategy.

      I live 5 minutes from an indoor pistol range and 15 minutes from an outdoor range. People open carry and no-one bats an eye.

      All the freedom running Shannon off is just icing on the cake.

  4. Indianapolis is like any other big city in the US… it’s an overpriced shithole, but the reason it’s 150 murders last year and not 700 is because CCW’s are shall issue. If you had that in Chicago or Baltimore or San Fransisco, violent crime and murders would probably be halved.

    Nothing stops crime faster than possibly getting your brains blown out as a punishment from doing a violent crime.

  5. I read the linked article three times and I can’t find where it says what the headline here claims it says.

    Disappointing — I thought I was going to get a good source to toss in the general direction of some of the antis I know.

    • The headline is accurate. The Vox article is a inversion of what the local police were saying:
      “We don’t believe there is an overarching ability or ease for people to acquire these firearms,” said Sgt. Wilb

      • The problem with that statement is that it can be used by controllers to say gun control works because it’s made access difficult. It definitely doesn’t say that easy access to guns is not a problem.


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