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Courtesy TASER

We’re well aware that many people don’t want to carry a firearm. Fair enough. But that’s no reason not to carry a self-defense weapon of some kind: defensive cane, knife, mace, pepper spray or a TASER, for example. Technically speaking, the last item on that list is a “conducted electrical weapon” (CEW). Practically speaking, it has its limitations, the most significant of which relates to the fact that CEW’s were designed for law enforcement. Let me explain . . .

A police TASER administers a single five-second jolt per trigger squeeze. It’s enough to incapacitate just about anyone (stories of PCP-crazed villains notwithstanding). Five seconds are enough to allow an officer to apprehend a suspect after he’s been TASEd. It is not enough to allow a civilian to escape a bad guy with a single “shot.” So . . .

The new TASER Pulse [click here for a PDF of the specs] administers a 30-second charge. The company reckons that’s enough time to TASE a bad guy, put the gun down (while it’s still active), run like hell, call 911 and thank your lucky stars you had a TASER. (They’ll replace the gun for free upon production of a police report.) Even better: you can hit a target from 15 feet. You know…if you can.

TASER Pulse (courtesy TASER)

The new design is also a far cry from the “Phaser” or “electric razor” style TASER C2. Not to put too fine a point on it, the Pulse looks like a gun. And it’s a lot smaller than the massive TASER X26C. And less expensive; the Pulse retails for $399 (as opposed to the X26C $1000).

TASER is sending us a Pulse — currently on pre-order — to test. I am NOT going to be the test subject. Dan? Nick? Tyler? Jeremy? Dean? Josh? Bueller?

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    • He ain’t stupid. Sara is armed to the teeth with guns even concealed in her pony tail (as well as every where else a gun can be concealed).

      • also, Sara don’t live in TX, and I doubt she would hop a plane down there just to get poked with 2 barbed needles and zapped.

    • Yeah 5 seconds was enough for me – 30? Hell no. Well maybe for some BBQ and a great deal on a firearm from the boys. Hey guys – I’m in Houston.

    • From what I was told in my CCW class, the 30 seconds is so you can taze and run. Supposedly, Taser has a great policy that if use their product, then dump it and run, you can get a new one.

  1. Um, he’s sick.

    My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Ferris get Tased at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

  2. I’m guessing this still has the “micro-dots” to prove discharge and ID the user? Leave it behind??? It’s a $300 dollar piece not a bic lighter.

    • The whole point of this model is to zap the bad guy giving you time to escape. You cannot escape with the TASER as it is busy zapping- the wires are still attached and will be busy for that 30 seconds. Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

  3. I’m in the Austin area. I’ll volunteer if you give me some gear left over from other reviews. Terms can be negotiated…. you know how to get ahold of me (I think).

    Totally serious.

    • Robert, in a previous post, you asked about what type of videos?
      Here ya go.
      My jaw and elbows hurt just thinking about it.

  4. @James69, Taser claims they will replace, for free, any Taser left behind after being used for self-defense: “Safe Escape Product Replacement Program: If the TASER Pulse is used for self-defense and it is left at the scene, TASER will replace the device free of charge”

    • well that’s good at least. I’m thinking you would have to file a police report. Don’t think I’d want to though.

  5. I’d be interested in one at that price as an alternative to lethal force, I’d rather have to explain a tase than a gunshot if I misread the situation, but if there is more than one threatening person, obviously this is not what I’m drawing. When someone comes out with an instant-effect drug dart gun with full-capacity removable magazines, we might have a real alternative, but I’m still not leaving the heater home.

  6. As 2asux says, self defense can be accomplished with things other than guns. The 2a doesn’t apply to just guns.

  7. Full retard states like CT and MA will still either outright outlaw non-LEO use or make it so you’ll still have to jump through all the hoops to get a permit anyway so why not just carry a real gun?

    Personally I’m not opposed to the thing. I’d rather go home knowing I just make a guy piss all over himself rather than know I just took a life but the one-shot all or nothing chance seems too risky. If I were still locked away in my former slave state this thing would be illegal even with a carry permit.

    If moron states were even marginally more reasonable I could see this having a decent customer base but those states won’t pull back from the brink of full retardation anytime soon so residents may as well just carry a real gun.

  8. The specs don’t mention moisture resistance. I have carried a C2 Taser in some places where a real gun was not a legal option, but my C2 seemed to have problems dealing with a bit of sweat. Not good. I would want to see better moisture resistance before I buy this.

  9. Are there going to background checks and training required? I’ve heard of deaths resulting from falls and serious injuries from fire. I think some people will be more likely to use it even in a sadistic manner believing it to be non-lethal.

  10. The major problem is that it is a single shot
    Even criminals have friends
    Maybe accomplice is a better term
    What happens when 2 (or more )criminals attack you?
    What if you miss your first shot?
    Even a revolver has 5 or 6 or even 7 shots
    I gues you could be like Black beard and carry a brace of tasers
    Seems cumbersome to carry more than one
    I do like a non lethal option

      • Thing is that places with rules against guns also tend to have rules against tasers, armor, knives, brass knuckles, and so on. They argue against the very principle of self defense, and that needs to be fixed first.

        I see a weapon as a personal choice. Some people are against the idea of killing, and that’s fine. It’s still shaped like a gun to be taken as seriously as one, and it should work well enough.
        It might be only one shot, but the crooks have to decide who wants to ride a lightning bolt for thirty seconds.

  11. Honestly, I would consider getting this. I live in a city where the school I go to doesn’t allow weapons and as I don’t have a car, the metro is the only mode of transportation and it’s a felony if you have a weapon on the light-rail. While it is cheaper, it’s still a little expensive for me.

  12. Problem is the same as with the C2, a non-rechargeable 6 V lithium battery pack. There are complaints about battery life being too short, replacement battery is about $45.00. Taser M26C takes 8 AA batteries.

  13. Tasered. Not tased. Just like it’s lasered, not lased.

    Furthermore, even though it’s technically an acronym (just like laser), since it’s entered the American lexicon as a common word, you can drop the capital letters and treat it like a normal word (again, like laser).

    Unless you’re talking about Taser, the company, in which case it functions as a proper name. And there’s still no obligation to capitalize the whole word; corporate marketing usage (I’m looking at you, Glock) doesn’t dictate language to the rest of us.

    Whew. Okay, rant over. Had to get that out before my inner editor went medieval on me.

  14. I’m excited for this. Hopefully this has a wide adoption and leads to more Taser awareness and improved self defense And taser laws.
    I think you should be able to carry your firearms just about everywhere, and the few places you shouldn’t most of them you should be able to carry a Taser.

  15. 5 seconds may not be enough time to get away, but it’s enough time for 5 good, clean right hooks; which coming from me or anyone else who can throw might be as much medicine as a 380.

  16. Electroshock weapons could way more effective than they are. They have been purposely dialed back out of fear. Yes, if you want them to remain “less-than-lethal” you must dial them back but they do not need to be as watered down as they are now. Also, their would be a market for purposely high current (lethal) weapons of this nature. We already got guns, bows, swords, and clubs. High output electro-baton trumps M1 Garand?

  17. I like that energy weapons are starting to make some serious gains. I’m not interested in a taser, but an electric pulse emitter, laser gun, or plasma gun I’m definetly interested in. 2A ain’t just for firearms.

  18. Damn! I thought you said “Phaser”? I was going to ask if it was a ST “JJ Abrams verse” tactical pulse, or ST Next Gen “Boomerang ” collimated beam style with full Disintegration capabilities. With a no mess clean up , and no police reports!

  19. I received my Taser Pulse 6 weeks ago.
    I intended it to be a non-lethal “first shot” for an assailant or home intruder. Still coming, eat lead.
    This things has MAJOR issues though…
    On the plus side, it is extremely compact. Even holstered, it fits easily in a front pocket and just looks like a wallet. Appendix carry or any other IWB option is as easy as a Glock 43.

    The PROBLEM is that there is no way to really know how much charge that tiny battery has. I pulled mine out of the box and followed the instructions to first test it without inserting a cartridge. Done. Light, laser, electrical arc crackle… Two days later, I show it to a couple friends in law enforcement and we planned to setup the included target and test fire a cartridge to see how well the laser is aligned. We turn it on and the light and laser lit once and went out and the power indicator on the back went from green to dead. It never powered up again.

    I contacted Taser support (nightmare runaround) and was told on that they would send me a replacement battery and an envelope for me to return the defective one in…. After a week with no mail, I called again and the young lady (Angela) says, “yeah I talked to you a week or so ago and told you that we’ll send you a replacement battery.” When pressed as to where it was or when are they going to send it, she replied, “It’ll be in the mail tomorrow.” Two weeks went by and still nothing. I called again and got more run around and voice mail. During this time, I notice that Taser has removed replacement batteries from their website (backorder…) This leaves me with a $400 paperweight. I’ve filed an RMA to return the darn thing and followed up with 2 calls (both redirected by live people to voice mail). My concern if I return it is that my friends in law enforcement have told me and showed me a section of Taser’s own policy of not accepting a return for refund, merely to repair or replace at their option. Why would I want to carry any device that will possibly/probably fail when I NEED it most? Further researching this battery issue, I found a youtube video where a fellow dissembles a Taser C2 battery and shows that it is made up of two generic chinese C123a batteries. Seems like 15 years on (according to my friends in law enforcement and supported by the class action lawsuit against Taser), Taser is still having serious quality control issues of both their “weapons” and batteries.

    Taser Pulse = expensive mistake, IMO

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