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Hear that? It’s the collective yawn of outrage! at Madonna’s world tour debut in Israel. According to the Madonna WANA-be’s (We Are Not Amused) at the, the once and future Material Girl began her show “in a glass confessional as a Hebrew prayer was read [and] then shot her way out with a rifle and burst into her hit Girl Gone Wild. Later, during Revolver, she wielded the Kalashnikov AK47 automatic rifle, used by modern-day insurgents, while a dancer held an Israeli-manufactured Uzi.” To sum up: a middle-aged broad trying to get attention by using some heaters in her act got some attention for using some heaters in her act. There’s another pic after the jump. Don’t worry – as long as push-up bras are cool, it’s definitely SFW. If gun safety violations make you queasy, yup, there’s that too. Again.


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  1. Four rules police!

    1. Finger on the trigger.
    2. The revolver has to be pointed at SOMEONE in a crowd like that.

  2. I guess I am a legitimate old fart as I find I don’t care what Madonna thinks, does or wears anymore.

  3. The AK47 is the gun used in killing many Israelis: military and civilian young and old.

  4. Can anyone ID what model of AK that is in the second photo ?( Polytech? MAK-90? Aresenal?).

  5. This is just another embarrassing result of the gun fetishism that has been exported from the US to the world. You guys should be proud. It’s your baby.

    • Seriously? That concert is in Israel; the most armed-to-the-teeth militaristic country in the world (they’ve got about 120million good reasons for being so, btw).

      You want me to go find some of Italy’s embarrassing exports? I can. Since you’re painting everyone here with the same brush, why shouldn’t I paint you with your country’s brush?

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