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    • I made it all the way through and I will only say that it gets better and I had to chuckle at the big reveal at the end.

        • Not sure what you mean, by “privilege”.
          I meant that by living in certain neighborhoods these kids are insulated from things which are glaring realities in others.

          I grew up in the burbs. Wife grew up in inner city. Different experiences. Luckily, we arrived at the same world views.

    • And at the same time yell “OMG he’s got a gun!” That would be interesting footage. They’d probably trample each other to death running away.

  1. I can not follow the logic of the antis. They really do more to enforce our argument than theirs’. All that said I see a mob mentality spouting inane and childish slogans with absolutely no grasp on reality or the facts. They are very likely to give into their delusions and hysteria and may become violent at any time. I would favor gun control only be applied to the antis. There people are extremely dangerous.

    • No logic or argument can succeed in the face of determined, willful ignorance. They want to live in a fantasy world of butterflies and puppies, where the hard realities of life on planet earth do not obtain. You do not agree, so are therefore evil, to be silenced, and marginalized.

  2. I made it about 30 secs. in and I stopped it. I will not listen to these people spout diarhhea. I could not go to any place where they might be. I wouldn’t get violent but I would be afraid of what I might say.
    One thing I have noticed is that the anti gun people are ready to jump on anyone. I have yet to see the NRA or any other organization holding signs and chanting at people.

  3. Does this process of demonizing guns, gun owners, gun makers and associations remind y’all of anything?

    There was a time, not too long ago, when damn near everybody smoked. Then the Surgeon General said that smoking was a killer. Some people stopped. Other people didn’t.

    It took a while for the plaintiffs’ lawyers to get involved. But once they did, they were relentless. The tobacco companies were winning the cases, but it didn’t matter. Just like terrorists, the lawyers only had to get lucky once, while the tobacco companies had to get lucky every time. It didn’t matter that everyone and his grandmother knew that cigarettes were dangerous. It didn’t matter that they had been called “coffin nails” since the day they were first rolled. It didn’t matter that songs had been written about smoking and everyone knew the words. The warning label on the packages weren’t enough of — you know — a warning.

    Then the media started to get involved, to save us. Cigarette companies were villified. Hollywood made movies hating on what they called “Big Tobacco.” Slowly but surely, Americans were being scared to death. But not scared enough to make them stop.

    So somebody decided that secondhand smoke was killing the children. That got everybody’s attention.

    The politicians, always seeking the hot issue of the day, got involved in a big way. Confiscatory taxation was applied. Buildings and transportation were made smoke free by law. Smokers were ostracised. Reviled. Despised. Marginalized.

    But it was all for our own good, and see, it’s working. Children no longer get asthma. Lung cancer no longer exists in the world. We’ve been saved.

    And now the social reengineering process is happening to us.

    • “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin

      Agreed, gun owners are being successfully villainized in real time in the MSM. They have the momentum but then again, so did the occupy movemtent for a while. I even had my car vandalized by some of the 99% because its a BMW and therefore i must be rich and deserve it. Nevermind that i saved, worked hard, wife works and we budgeted for this item. We were also succesfully vilianized by the MSM and subsequently punished. But their gone now, hopefully for good. Back to their universities and mothers’ basements so maybe there’s hope.

      I find it ironic that these libtards resort to violence so easily. I still have a lot of cop friends and during the last election they recommended take your GOP stickers off your cars because at the height of their hate, they were targeting cars with Romney stickers. And these are the people who are somehow morally better? I guess they are so sure of their superiority, they feel that violence or property destruction on their causes behalf is somehow justified.

      My greatest fear is that they’ll win and pass a sweeping gun ban in the end. Then, if and when the time comes, 10, 15, 50 years from now when we the people need to reestablish the Republic from tyranny, we won’t be able to. At least not easily. I doubt i will be here but my kids or their children will be. How ironic these silly and simplistic anti-gun fools will look when they are unable to defend themselves from the very State they worked so hard to enable?

      Why is Ben Franklins quote so hard to understand. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” It’s not that complicated. Written by the very man who help found this nation, you’d think it would be a little more relevant to them. Ben was as educated and enlightened as a man in history can get. But I guess the moral superiority of today’s generation, a generation that’s only experienced minor hardships compared to history, knows better.

    • Not that much longer ago, cocaine and morphine were OTC available at pharmacies, and through the Sears catalog if you lived rural. They had almost the same addiction rates we have now, and they didn’t have to fund a giant futile enforcement machine which breeds criminals at ever increasing rates.

      Much like gun control, drug control was sold as a way of keeping them thar scary dark types in line. Disenfranchisement and prohibition have gone splendidly as we can see.

    • You forgot to mention the most important result of the war on tobacco.
      Young people are avoiding tobacco.
      There are no new smokers, dippers or chewers.

    • Ralph, the connection to cigarette smoking is a bit of a stretch. First of all, at one point, many doctors smoked and it was widely believed that smoking was, if not good for you, not all that harmful. Things did start to change over the decades, but the things that got the cigarette companies in real trouble were the fact that they knowingly suppressed health information showing their product was dangerous as well as tinkered with the chemical formula of the cigs to make them more addictive. Add to this, the targeted marketing towards minority groups and children in an attempt to maintain a customer base as the more educated and affluent groups started to turn away from smoking.

      Fact is that the cigarette companies got what they deserved in the form of the lawsuits because they did stuff they shouldn’t have. Now, as to the other side of the argument, I agree that politicians and interest groups twist things (think of the children) to make things more to their liking. I’m a cigar smoker and see the results of this in the form of restrictions as to where I can smoke.

      Honestly, this does not bother me. I can remember when I was a kid being on planes with a smoking section in the back. Of course on an airplane, there is no such thing as a non-smoking section if even one person is lighting up. I can remember being sick on many flights due to the smoke. I can also remember many meals spoiled in restaurants by the smell of someone’s cheap cigarette, so I don’t miss the banning of smokes from restaurants either. I’m a bit more miffed at the no smoking in bars policy, but since I don’t go to bars all that much, that really doesn’t bother me overly much.

      The simple fact is that the very act of smoking is intrusive on those around you. Unless an airtight smoking room is used (like they used to have at some airports), one person with a cigarette or cigar can bother a lot of folks. Guns on the other hand are different. Whether I have a gun or not is not intrusive on my fellow man. He might think it is, but we all know that is horse shit. While I agree with you on the attempts at social re-engineering, I would suggest you find a better analogy than smoking and the cigarette companies.

  4. I loved how one of the protestors was whining that the coverage was biased. What he meant was the coverage wasn’t biased towards gun control for once.

  5. Gun control rally? Whats that? I went to a local gun show this weekend and there was ONE protester who had the balls to be there. She couldnt even STAND for what she believed in, parked it in a lawn chair. A few people went up to her and she was gone after that.

    I have no time for cowards or fakes. If an anti has something to bring to the table, I welcome the conversation. Otherwise go home and drink your cranberry juice.

  6. Glad they outed them that the boxes were empty. As soon as I saw them carrying two at a time I knew they were empty. If you ever moved a full box of paper that size you know they wouldn’t be moving two at a time, holding one of them that long would take a strong back.

  7. *sigh…*

    Those individuals have the privilege of being anti-gun.

    If an active shooter were to show up in their vicinity while they were just going about their day, they’d be praying for a good guy with a gun to put the animal down.

    • If an active shooter were to show up in their vicinity while they were just going about their day, they would be too busy running and screaming to think about praying.
      After the animal was put down by a good guy with a gun, they would hold a press conference to tell the world there would have been no bad guy with a gun and therefore no need of a good guy with a gun, if only there were no guns.

  8. Thanks for sharing Adam Kokesh’s vid. I don’t agree with everything Adam does, but he brings informative and entertaining news to the people and is also a strong leader in the libertarian/ voluntarian movement.

    Though I loathe these morons and their fear of inanimate objects, I can’t agree with the NRA’s ‘solution’. Just sayin’.

    • It’s not the NRA’s solution at all. There are armed people in schools all over the country, and have been for at least since Columbine. That’s not just college campuses, but grade schools too. And as far as I can tell, there haven’t been any problems to report. I’d also add that there haven’t been any shootings at those schools, but then again, school shootings anywhere are statistically rare.

      • Everybody’s solution to an attack is to get a gun. Anti-gun people “order out” and have their guns delivered, hopefully in 30 minutes or less, but that’s not guaranteed. Pro-gun people like to have their guns handy right then and there and skip the waiting. But in the end, the solution in both cases is more guns.

  9. It like goofball rally some one put together with bunch clueless people did know what they where protesting.

  10. As Southernmutt said, I don’t always agree with Adam, but he does good work. The Code Pink guy did a good job of stating at least part of their position, and I can respect that, at least. The stupid protesters bitching about “bias” have no idea what that means. He’s allowed to have an opinion, and he was asking them what theirs was. Bias means he wouldn’t ask, or if he did, he wouldn’t air it. They were simply butthurt because he asked them a question, and they didn’t have an answer, so they acted like petulant children with the hands & signs in front of the camera and the “Don’t feed the troll” chanting. I would have at least had some respect for them if even one of them had been able to hold a coherent back and forth with him without resorting to name-calling and childish antics.

  11. Adam Kokesh, the cameraman in this video, is a friend of Code Pink, as you can see by their confusion in how to treat him.

    Basically the guy is in it for himself, so take any of his indignation with a grain of salt.

    In DC everybody is basically on the same side anyway.

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