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Assault scope

“This special Swampfox riflescope combo [product shot after the jump] comes with a Red laser, tactical flashlight, scope lens covers, rings and allen wrench. The superb optical system is designed with fully coated lens to give clear, crisp contrast and a bright sight image. high precision matching components provide smooth and easy adjustments. The aluminum monotube offers a shockproof and waterproof structure, and the rifle scope is nitrogen purged for fogproof performance. Complete instructions are inside the package, and this combo fits both weaver and picatinny rails.” Yes, but – “assault scope”? . . .

SwampFox Covert Assault Scope (courtesy


Available from

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      • Everything used to be Heavy Duty. It didn’t matter what washer and dryer you bought, it said Heavy Duty.
        I just bought a new stacking set in “assault red” from Best Buy. I’m so fu—- bad ass! 😉

  1. “.. Yes, but – “assault scope”? ”

    Yeah. You grab that bit there like a handle and then whack the other guy with it.

    Sure it’s an expensive club, but it’s your money and you can spend it on whatever you want.

  2. At just over $50, once it predictably breaks and you can’t aim your rifle unless you have a BUIS, you use it as a club to “assault” someone over the head?

    • Yea I don’t think its a big deal, at that price point I think the majority of buyers will be kids mounting it on cheap airsoft guns. It’s not like it’s going to be the next big thing firearms enthusiasts will be buying lie hot cakes

  3. Wow! I’ll take three … one for each rail.

    And maybe a fourth for the bottom rail behind the slanted and straight foregrips as a backup…

  4. Not just an “Assault Scope,” but a “Covert Assault Scope.” For when you need to assault covertly.

    This item will pair nicely with the “Covert Deadly Sniper One Shot One Kill Sneaky Backshooter Scope” they will be offering next week. You can attach it to your “Scary Black Murder Death Kill Military Assault Weapon” and look vewy, vewy fwightening.

  5. I’d like to have two so I could take a dump on one and cover it up with the other one. we could market it as the assault scope turd sandwich.

  6. What exactly is “covert” about this?

    Features say:
    –> Crystal clear optics for sharp images even in low light

    What is the manufacturers idea of “crystal clear” and “low light?”
    Given the price tag, I would like to know where they got precision ground glass with uniform PVD/CVD thickness coatings produced in a laboratory? Where can I get these lenses for 10 bucks with amazing optical transmittance?

  7. It’s how you attract the tacticool mall ninjas. Like the “tactical assault glove”. Place the words “tactical assault” in front of anything and it’s instant +10 kill to death ratio. Reminds me of when 10 years ago when a company was trying to market a replacement to the MRE with the Tactical Assault Ration. The TAR. And just what the hell are you going to “tactically assault” with a ration?

  8. Can’t hardly blame anyone for trying to market something to make a buck. That’s part of the American dream! Hell, after Mt. St. Helens blew in 1980, covering much of Washington and parts of Idaho in ash, people were packaging up ash in little bottle and selling it. C’mon, they sell the Clapper for gods sake! Look at the crap they sell on TV! But wait, there’s more. Buy the Assault scope and we’ll send you a deluxe lens cap set absolutely free, a $20.00 value, just pay separate handling and processing. Yes we didn’t mention shipping, that part is supposed to confuse you.

    Heck, if they can have that thing made China or South Korea for $8.00 a copy, sell it here to douche bags for $50.00, why not? I care less if people mount that garbage on their DPMS shit rifles. Have at it!
    That light is in a terrible place for usefulness, but shhhhhh, it can be our little secret.

  9. This type of equipment is fine for airsoft but dangerous in the real world. I recently went through a carbine course with a guy that had a $500 rifle, walmart bought korean mags, and some half assed assualt tactical optic like this. The $500 rifle would have been ok but the optic caused him constant problems all day as it fogged, loosened, and while constantly lost zero during very basic range use. About half way through the day, the instructor insisted that he borrow a rifle. If the dude ever really needed to use his rifle that optic would have failed him and possibly cost him his life.

    Buy once, cry once and make sure your equipment doesn’t kill you.

  10. You’re all missing the “real” benefit of this covert tactical assault ninja mall scope!! It will make your semi auto assault black death killer rifle go from “Pew Pew Pew” to “PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW” the second you install it on the ninja rail.

  11. You could totally assault someone with that thing. Just blind them with the flashlight and beat them over the head with it.

  12. Mount one on your rifle.
    Then, mount one on each of the rails on the first one.

    Just imagine the look on your friends’ faces. It will be totally worth the $200.00.
    April 1 is just around the corner…

  13. This how much shit can I hang on an AR is getting totally outa hand. Its like the guy who does a driveby down the chrome diddy aisle at Pep Boys and turned his car into a rolling offence to natures delicate eyes.

  14. I spose after about 30 rounds when the thing goes off the rails inside you could always use it to hammer tacks into the backboard to hold up your targets.

  15. Same sort of targeted adolescent advertising that has made everything “tactical” and “zombie” and likely the same mindset that damaged Recoil magazine with their “too powerful for you” article.

    It must work or they wouldnt do it. Apparently there is a glut of adult with expendable income who operate at a fifth grade level and are attracted to buzzword “cool” crap.


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