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Clay Bennet cartoon (courtesy

“This is appalling,” pronounces, re: Washington Post cartoonist Clay Bennett’s handiwork above. “This cartoon perpetuates the false narrative about Trayvon Martin, calls conservatives racist, and blames conservatives for impeachment talk all at the same time. The trifecta of lies! In reality, Trayvon Martin was bashing Zimmerman’s head against the cement so George decided to respond with deadly force. It’s called self-defense. Ironically, Obama is hurting our country, and impeaching him could certainly be a form of self-defense.” Bennett’s cartoon certainly promotes a bunch of boneheaded ideas. But the one that stands out for me: the depiction of a black man – the first black President of the United States no less – as a defenseless victim. That’s demeaning, dispiriting and disgraceful. IMHO.

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  1. Looks to me like the artist is portraying the President as a thug being watched by a responsible neighborhood watch and he’s about to try to destroy us. I don’t think the artist meant it that way.

    • Because he’s a black kid with a hoodie, that makes him a “thug?”

      What if we had open season on hick kids wearing overalls and chewing on hay? Clearly those clowns will never amount to much and they are inevitably firearms lovin’ ammosexuals. Better to shoot them first rather than ask questions later, right?

      • I guess if your stupid enough to start an “open-season” ,as you call it ,on “hicks in over-alls” then come at me bro! !

      • Let’s be honest here, as someone who has chased and arrested criminals of all races wearing hoodies, that a hoodie definitely pings the dirtbag radar. I judge someone, in part, by their appearance. So does every other rational person. Whether it is a sharp uniform, crisp suit, or black hoodie and forehead tattoos, people do actually judge by appearances. Of course there are lots of criminals who rob banks in suits as well.

        • Just as there are plenty of bigots that wear cop uniforms.

          And plenty of bigots that vote Republican, which we see demonstrated daily.

  2. I think that cartoonist has managed to drop the bottom out for class, easily blowing by Mike Luckovich on the way down.

    • Indeed. It’s perfect for the intended purpose, viz. getting the prog, useful idiot, core supporters of the DNC stirred up for November.

  3. This post will almost certainly cause a shit storm RF. Obama’s boyfriends (John G, int19h, Swarf, lizzrd) will be along shortly to wail about how the republicans are just itching to impeach.

  4. I can’t believe that this was a published cartoon! This is the sort of crap boys would sketch in junior high school, resulting in a trip to the vice-principal’s office when they were caught.

  5. The funny thing about that picture is, the ONLY people talking about impeachment are his people in the white house.

    • Exactly. Who started the (nonexistent) impeachment fight, who has faux martyrdom status, and which group of metaphorically-trigger happy politicians are spending their time getting raked through the mud trying to defend their claims of not starting the fight?

      Obama’s people started the whole impeachment thing, the president is riding the wave of hysterical left wing outrage started by his own people, and Republicans are being tarred as some sort of guilty trigger-happy party to all this when, in reality, they are being dragged through this without any good way to stop it.

      • I don’t understand, is your comment a response or just a comment out of leftwing? You are like a remora that just came along and attached itself to the comment thread.

        For the record, I haven’t heard Rush call for impeachment, and with Glenn going weak-knee recently, I doubt he has either. Only Palin has actually said anything about impeachment, or that the president is eligible for impeachment due to a variety of constitutional issues (The “if congress doesn’t act than I will” for a start)

  6. I don’t understand the cartoon. Are they suggesting Trayvon had ventured out in the rain for a mile round trip errand to buy skittles and a can of what, Kraft parmesan cheese? Anything to evade the reality that his second item was actually Arizona brand watermelon fruit juice cocktail and whatever that implies, huh?

    • It means the president is on his way back to the white house to mix up some “drank”. Skittles + Arizona Ice + Robitussin = Drank. As much as I don’t agree with Obama. Showing him on his way home to make some home made drugs is in the very least disrespectful of the office that he holds.

      • None of us are capable of disrespecting The Office of The President as thoroughly as Obama has. Jeffrey Dahmer, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden combined haven’t shamed us to the extent he has.

      • 30 years ago the black urban population had strong family cohesion, strong Christian morals, and a mentality that they were not victims. Treyvon the druggie thug would not have existed cause his married mother and father would have straightened him out. Progressives have destroyed black culture, and they are moving on to hispanics and whites.

  7. I think everyone knows what should be in the next couple of panels, right? You know the story by now, the whole Trayvon following his victim back to his car, and then that whole self-defense bit that actually happened exactly the way his victim says it did.

  8. That quote from youngcons is lacking in the critical thinking department. I believe Zimmerman acted in self defense and was within his rights. That doesn’t preclude Zimmerman having stalked Trayvon after profiling him, which is what the cartoon is depicting. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

    • Anytime someone manages to conjure a fatal DGU out of nothing both parties are usually at fault. Don’t go looking for trouble and life becomes much simpler.

    • Why don’t you try “neighborhood watch volunteer watching unknown young man walking around aimlessly in the rain in a burglary-plagued neighborhood.” Sure, it’s not as pithy a “stalking” but it has the advantage of accuracy.

  9. The most powerful man in the World is a victim. And in a world of people like Carolyn McCarthy and Gabby Giffords, being a victim is an accomplishment. Usually, their only accomplishment.

  10. “the depiction of a black man – the first black President of the United States no less – as a defenseless victim.”

    Let’s be honest – since Teddy Roosevelt, we haven’t had a president that could fight and defend himself. Sure, they have their thousands of guards, but the man himself (regardless of if we’re talking Nixon, JFK, Bush 1 or 2, Clinton, Obama, FDR, etc) wouldn’t last five minutes in an actual fight.

    • At the time of their presidency, or over the course of their lives? Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy and Bush Sr. were all veterans, and I’m sure could have punched out a few guys in their youth. Herbert Hoover was a miner in the Australian outback for a while. At the beginning of their presidencies, Truman and Bush Jr. weren’t exactly slouches. I mean, you’re basically saying “Too bad a bunch of 50-60 year old guys can’t win any boxing matches.”

      • I mean, you’re basically saying “Too bad a bunch of 50-60 year old guys can’t win any boxing matches.”

        What I’m saying is that the President is almost always physically incapable of defending himself, regardless of weaponry. Rob’s comment about it being an insult to the president to imply the President would be a victim is just wrong, since it’s been incredibly rare for us to have a President that could (at the time they were President) fight.

  11. Pretty fitting comparison really. Thugs all seem to blend together. It only would have been more fitting had Zimmerman been wearing a jacket with USA on it with Obama on top of him beating his head into the concrete.

  12. It has now come out that George Zimmerman was treated very badly in jail reported by other inmates, he was beat over and over, left naked in a small cell with bright lights on and music so he could not sleep at all and was cleaned up just before court , and also kept him from using bathroom. the guards doing all this were not white and they got away with all the bad treatments….WHERE is JUSTICE in Amerika?

  13. So what this cartoon is saying is that Obama is going to assault impeachment from out of the darkness, to the point that impeachment’s only option is to use deadly force to avoid being annihilated?

    OK, I guess I get it, but it still makes no sense.

  14. Poor Barry. The ultimate victim. BTW JFK and Bush sr were war hero’s. Nixon and Truman served. Ike was a great football player as well as capable of killing. Bush jr looked pretty burly. Carter…never mind. Ford was a football star. Slick Willy & Barry not so much. I was pretty capable in my younger days-now not so much. Are you suggesting Barry Soetero is not authentically a bad ass black man? Raised by white folks & Indonesians? How he moved to Chicago to learn to be black? Shhh…don’t tell anyone.

  15. The only people talking about impeachment are the Democrats and Sarah Palin. It will never happen because the Republicans know that even if they could get a conviction out of Harry Reid’s Senate they’d still be left with President Biden. Unless they can link Biden to something more serious than general stupidity they’ll never push for impeachment, even if they had a 2/3 majority in the Senate.

  16. Ought to have a battered, bloddy and bruised Zimmerman labeled “Constitution” flat on his back and have Obama straddling him and raining down MMA-style blows on his head.

    That would be more accurate.

  17. All the evidence showed that Trayvon was closer to his apartment when he turned around and followed Zimmerman as he was walking back to his truck. All the evidence shows that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating the living day lights out of him; and a jury of his peers agreed he was justified in using lethal force to defend himself; and STILL; people want to insist that Trayvon was a victim of racism by a “white/hispanic”.

    It was this case was the last best example of many that showed me that the old media is utterly and completely corrupt,a propaganda machine for the left without an ounce of professionalism, impartiality or truth. The “journalists” of the old media are worse than prostitutes; at least the prostitutes are honest in what they are selling.

    • Yes and the press lies and NEVER reports the REAL NEWS…Now we have the TOTAL COVERUP of how George Zimmerman was beat up in jail over and over , made to sleep on cold cement floor, and not fed some meals ,,, go’s on and on. Now the MEDIA is not telling us about bans on Russia exports , will bring on world war 3, this is to hide the fact the dollar is READY TO CRASH, as Russia , China will not use the PETRO DOLLAR ,, The BIGGEST money CRASH of ALL HISTORY is coming on FAST…. thanks OBAMA you destroyed it ALL….

  18. Never underestimate the importance of hate for turning out the Democratic vote. These are people who vote based on feelings and not rational thought.
    Who was that great leader who exhorted hie people to vote with their heart and not with their minds?
    Yeah, that guy Hitler.

  19. The problem is not with the president, it’s with the people who elected him. This cartoon [not just if it appeals to anyone, but that someone thought it might] is proof.

    If you are from a Blue state, you may be part of the problem. If you are liberal, rino, or have a (D) after your name, the problem is part-of-you.


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