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Just to be clear, “The goals of Moms Demand Action are to ban assault weapons and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, require background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases, ban online sales of ammunition, and counter efforts to weaken gun laws at the state level.” So reports something called And in case you missed the news, the book “was banned by two California schools in 1990 because Little Red Riding Hood is carrying a bottle of wine in her basket, a detail taken directly from the original 17th-century story by Charles Perrault.” So is their point that ARs are welcomed in the halls of academe? Your guess is as good as ours. A muddled message? You betcha. Still, there’s not much ambiguity where the Moms stand. They want your guns and they want ’em now.

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  1. Ok… so the book was banned in TWO schools. The gun is banned in EVERY “gun free zone” school. What’s their point? (Other than to stir up emotion in those too stupid to realize the above point.)

    • Exactly. Typical lie. “Banned in America” implies banned nationwide.

      I used to work in a library and the whole “banned books” thing is a crock of caa-caa. A book is considered “banned” if one high -school library in one state decided it wasn’t appropriate for it’s students. Ridiculous.

    • Yeah, well, try taking that copy of red riding hood into a school, and then try taking the AR-15 into one, see which one gets you arrested and or shot. That is the most purposely deceptive and poorly thought add I have ever seen. Get real…

    • Let me translate the first image… “A constitutionally dubious decision, possibly in violation of the 1st Amendemnt, completely justifies a willful violation of the 2nd Amendment.”

    • This ^ .. the group that made this ad has already changed its name from “A Million Moms..” because they couldn’t substantiate that number. And really, it’s just a Bloomberg front anyway. I know quite a few moms in my neighborhood with far more common sense (including the common sense to be cagey about their views at this time)

    • He didn’t. When he says “the Moms”, its capitalized. He’s referring explicitly to the organization.

  2. I demand action for gun sense too. Namely, I demand that groups like this one stop trying to deprive me of my Constitutionally-guaranteed right to keep and bear them. Maybe I should start my own lobbying group…

  3. It’s completely stupid they both have something in their hand that belong to an adult (if that’s the point the moms want to make both of these kids are doing something illegal..)

  4. There are two more of these ads I’ve seen… One if them has a kid holding a dodge ball, another has a kid holding one if those “kinder surprise” eggs. Because dodge ball is universally banned in every school and its a felony to bring one onto school property.

    Also, fun fact: in all 3 of these ads, every child holding a “banned” object is non-white. Only white kids are holding the evil assault rifles. Maybe a coincidence, but still weird.

    • “Because dodge ball is universally banned in every school and its a felony to bring one onto school property.”

      If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball.
      – Patches O’Houlihan

        • A dodgeball is a felony?! Good lord! I played dodgeball in elementary school, middles school, and high school. Sure kids got bloody noses and whatnot, and it started a few fights. Easily the most most entertaining sport I’ve played on school grounds.

      • In my high school PE we had a variant that was called “Warball”. After about 50% elimination, “Blue Line!” was called which created a middle zone both teams could go into. This made for some pretty short range throws and the possibility of sneaking up behind an opponent and getting them out by forcing them over the line. Good times.

    • I noticed that too. But of course that’s just us being racist, naturally that is not how it was meant..

    • They still play dodge ball in my kid’s school. Back in the day, that was everyone’s favorite game in gym class. We called it “bombardment,” and would beg the gym teacher to let us play.

  5. As it has been pointed out so many times before, the crux of their argument is emotional not logical. That ad has an emotional impact. Logically, however, we know that schools are GUN FREE ZONES already. But let’s not allow facts or logic get in our way now…

    • But the gun-grabber wants the facts to be out there and debated.
      “The NRA has been very very good at creating fear among their members that their rights are going to be taken away or somehow the government is going to turn against them. We’re trying to create debate and discussion about the facts.”
      Let’s have that discussion. The facts are that guns are used to save innocent people far more than they’re used to kill innocent people. The facts are that we have an individual right to keep and bear arms, and nobody has the right to tell me how or with what I should be able to defend myself. The facts are that gun free zones are an advertisement telling mass murderers to stop by and pay a visit because nobody there can fight back. The facts are that criminals break laws. The facts are that the best way to stop an attack is to fight back.

      Oh, I see now. This is why they don’t really want the facts…

  6. There was another poster from them that showed a kid with a dodgeball and the other with an AR. I guess dodgeball is banned too? DUDE! What happened to our school system. As kids, dodgeball was awesome. Yes, I got beaned often and red marks would show up frequently, but I learned the 5 D’s (dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge).

    On a side note. The girl in this poster at least knows not to put her finger on the trigger. Can’t say the same for the other posters I saw yesterday.

    Side Side note. The kids holding the guns in the posters are all Anglo while the kids holding the “banned” objects are different ethnicities. Interesting.

    • thought i heard they banned floor hockey too right? in n.korea they teach kids to throw hand grenades @ “americans” were raising a bunch a sally’s.

      • I’m too young to remember but supposedly they had shooting as an activity in public schools way back when. Why the F*@& did we get away from that?

        • They used to have shooting clubs in New York City high schools for crying out loud. I remember my local Sears store had racks upon racks of guns on display when I was a kid. You could just pick them up and handle them. Everyone on my block (central Connecticut) had a BB gun or a .22 not to mention boxes full of toy guns of all shapes and sizes.

          Teach your kids to shoot! I taught mine, and the little punk is better than I am.

    • nope, the gun was added post production, at least it looks like it from the pic. So had she been holding a real gun she would have had it on the trigger… on the other hand she would have insisted she was a “hunter” from “Virginia” who knows that “with guns come responsibilities”….

    • I see you noticed it as well. The implication is what? I would think that it MAY go along the lines of the comment by Michael Moore-(paraphrase)’90% of gun owners are scared suburban whites’. The tactical move here is the suggestion that guns are allowed in schools. Half-truths as usual to cloud the truth that schools have been legally gun free since 1990.

  7. Yahoo Shine is a garbage section. It’s truly awful, invoking eye-rolling frustration every time I read one of their silly articles. It’s a section aimed at worried mothers and nonsensical women. It’s the Oxygen Channel of Yahoo. I got to the point where if I saw an interesting headline was from Shine, I would close it immediately because the article would be either a fluff piece or just poor journalism.

  8. I demand that these moms be sent back to elementary school to learn the basics of the US government and the Constitution. Clearly they slept through it the first time.

    • Unfortunately, US government isn’t what it used to be. Look at today’s curriculum and be shocked at what today’s children are being fed. I used to be against disbanding public education, but about 10 years ago I was working for the county schools as an IT contractor in the classrooms. After seeing the “lessons”of misinformation, half truths and omissions; it’s enough to induce foaming at the mouth. The concept of “everyone wins”, the policy that no child can receive a score lower than 50% is appalling.

      • Yup. I pissed off some friends when I said that I’m OK with government funding for schools, but that the schools should be privately run.

  9. I think that ad cuts the opposite way that they intend it. If a gun is as safe as book with a picture of wine on the cover, why are we banning it? And if banning the book was stupid, so must be banning the rifle.

    also: is it me or is the action on that gun closed??

    third picture on the article: finger in trigger action closed.

    • I wonder if this is another case of somebody being so distanced from reality that they have no idea how other people will perceive what they say or do. To the Moms Against Constitutional Rights, banning books and candy and dodgeball or anything else “for the kids!” makes sense. To the rest of us, it’s ridiculous and counter-productive. And the same holds true for guns.

  10. Wait… so these moms are making the argument that it’s OKAY to ban books!?

    Maybe we should just burn all those undesireable books.

  11. I want to make an ad like this to see just how many useful idiots respond. Tell them to call their reps and demand that they repeal the GCA for the children!

    • i hope you are being sarcastic. the one with the candy egg, the girl has her finger on the trigger and action closed as far as i can tell.

  12. I don’t get it… Didn’t we already ban guns from school? I thought I remember that happening…

    Oh that’s right they’re not just talking about school, they’re just using school and the children as a reason to ban guns from all law abiding citizens. Well, why not just ban school. Kids can get hurt a number of ways in those horrible places.

    • I’m of the opinion that it would just be easier to ban children.

      That would actually solve a lot of problems.

  13. Too bad we have constitutional guarantees that makes their wants a moot point. I am glad they have seen the folly of leaving 2 young kids unprotected in a library, good going mothers, Randy

    • My favorite part was when she said we need a resolution to enforce the current laws that the DoJ publicly and adamantly refuse to prosecute people under. So it’s a law, but to enforce it we need a resolution to enforce it?

  14. The real outrage should be directed not at the standard propaganda image of the kid with the big gun, but rather at those who would ban a book because Gramma had a glad of wine in it, or at those who would ban a game because a few idiotic adults let it degenerate into a free for all, or those who ban a classic candy because parents can’t be bothered to supervise what their kids are eating.

  15. I demand a plan and a vote for my dead cousins (father & young son) killed by a drunk driver 8am on a Sunday morning. Why haven’t these repeat drunk drivers execute or thrown in prison for LIFE after committing these crimes?? Repeatedly!!!

    Yeah, the actors, mayors, and moms can kiss my arse when it comes to firearms. Until the US does something serious about preventing drunk driving accidents anyone e

    • Sometimes they do. Here in Memphis a drunk named Donald Branch killed the daughter, granddaughter, and unborn grandson of Dave Brown, the most popular TV weatherman in town. He was at least 30 mph over the speed limit when he hit them. He didn’t even break a bone. He got 70+ years.

      Why was he in such a hurry? He was late reporting to jail to serve his weekend time for – you guessed it – DUI.

      • Over the past year or so, in my state of Delaware (forgive us for Joe Biden, he was born in PA, but lived in DE) there have been a handful of new stories about a few people being arrested for the 5th or 6th time for DUI. REALLY? Don’t forget a few “straight & narrow” state politicians that got busted for DUI too. Pathetic.

  16. I demand a plan and a vote for my dead cousins (father & young son) killed by a drunk driver 8am on a Sunday morning. Why haven’t these repeat drunk drivers execute or thrown in prison for LIFE after committing these crimes?? Repeatedly!!!

    There are more deaths to Americans of all ages due to drunk drivers & other car accidents than guns per year. Yeah, the actors, mayors, and moms can kiss my arse when it comes to firearms and “demanding a plan”. Until the US does something serious about preventing drunk driving accidents anyone else gets zero sympathy from me.

  17. So someone banned a book with a picture of a bottle of wine in a basket. To me that’s just acknowledging the ridiculous extremes we’ve gotten to. The takers are bickering with each other over what should be taken. Instead of parenting and teaching our kids to swim we just take away the beach. The same “Million Moms” won’t go away if guns go away. They’ll be looking for something else to take away for “for the children.” Perhaps we should ban History and Current Events. We wouldn’t want the children to learn anything about the world beyond their protective, captive bubbles.

    • Thank you. Exactly. On the original article yesterday that was exactly the sentiment I expressed “What this ad campaign illustrates to me is the stupidity of BANNING THINGS.”

      Banning is a form of prior restraint which is a wrong way to implement laws. Prior restraint encourages selective punishment of certain citizens i.e. discrimination.

      With dogs, it’s selective punishment of people who prefer large breed, blocky-headed dogs. With guns, it’s selective punishment of people who prefer modern, easy-to-accessorize rifles.

      The punch line of course is that the act of Banning never produces the desired outcome anyway. So in effect certain people are punished and discriminated against with the justification of “improved public safety” and public safety does not improve.

    • “Instead of parenting and teaching our kids to swim we just take away the beach”

      This is brilliant, if you don’t mind I’m going to start using this phrase more often.

      As for banning stuff in general, how did that Prohibition thing work out?

  18. You guys should go check out the top comments over at the original article. There’s good stuff there. Hopefully I’m allowed to repost this, it really struck me.

    Originally written by Hal.
    “Let’s see. One of my earliest memories is shooting cans off a log with my Dad. I think I was 4 at the time. Maybe 5. I had a rack full of rifles in my room by the time I was 10. I never even considered pointing any gun at a person. It just wasn’t part of my makeup, and why was that? Because I was raised that way.

    The problem we have in this country isn’t that there are guns. The problem is that we’ve been raising feral humans for a generation and they act like animals. We should stop that. In the mean time, disarming the good guys with all these ferals around seems for lack of a better word…….stupid.”

  19. What they think they want is to BAN anything and everything from Public Schools that might hurt their children physically, mentally or emotionally. I’m having trouble thinking of any Sport or Instruction or Play Activity that doesn’t pose a risk, and despite claimed efforts, kids bullying other kids still runs rampant at all levels. Maybe we should just ban Schools. School is just too dangerous all around!

    • No matter how incapable a parent thinks they might be, I have yet to see any child who doesn’t look to their parents for instruction in all things.

      Math, chemistry, hygiene, sports, reading, writing, social skills, problem-solving…parents teach their kids daily without realizing it.

      Home schooling is not for “reclusive preppers or Christian fanatics” any longer. There is a broader sense of wisdom involved nowadays. Just look around you.

      • True. Besides if these Moms were busy Home Schooling their children, they wouldn’t have time, or the need, to think up ridiculous junk like the subject of this post. They could control their children’s learning environment to their satisfaction and stop trying to control the rest of us. Win-win!

  20. Moms Demand Action….
    If they really want action I would be willing to give them some action, the better looking ones anyways. 😉

  21. Okay, okay, they win. I’ll write a letter to my son’s principal demanding they close the school’s armory and cancel “bring your assault weapon to school” day.

  22. I keep thinking the arguments of the antis can’t get any dumber. Then they get dumber. Human stupidity never fails to surprise.

  23. I love MDA. But I can’t find ant dealers where I live now.

    Seriously do people think about the acronyms when they name their organizations?

  24. Haven’t parents gotten into trouble for posting pictures of their children posing with guns? Where’s the outrage that poor innocent sally was posed with the EBR?

    And, on a side note, that kid has a rifle in her hands that I cannot own in the constitution free zone of California.

  25. If you look closely in the upper left of the frame you can tell that this photo was taken in the Fiction section. But that should be obvious already.

  26. I recall seeing a photo, not too long ago, of an 18 year old “child” holding an AR-style rifle while trying to protect himself, and other members of his squad, while under attack in Iraq. Where were the Moms Demanding Action then?

  27. By the way that link to the abortion mill’s Doc who is up for 7 counts of infanticide in OH, guess who owns the Bldg that houses the “Clinic”.
    Eric Holder’s wife and her sister…un-by-indicted
    This should be no suprise as Margaret Sanger founded Eugenics/Progressivism in the US at the same time as Planned Parenthood

  28. At least the girl has her finger off the trigger. Although they made the mistake of leaving the action closed. So basically she has a loaded firearm. Stupidity abounds.

  29. They should ‘want’ in one hand, and shit in the other, then tell me which fills up first.

  30. That video. It’s a double edge sword. The person holding the rifle could be a crazed mad man, but you know who else is holding that rifle? A cop, a Marine, a man, a woman, a young child protecting his home, protecting her family, fighting for God and country. It is not the weapon that makes the human. It is the human being that takes simple things made of metal, wood, stone, etc into weapons and it also takes a human being to decide what the weapon is used for. When you wake up in the middle of the night and something goes bump think about how long it’ll take for you to get up, grab a phone and dial 911. Then think about how long it’ll take to get your gun…think about that. So….how many rounds are we going to let it go? As many as it takes until you are safe.

  31. “One child is holding something that can be used in America to protect them. Guess which one.”

    There; fixed that for you.

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