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It’s come to this on the lump of dirt formerly known as Great Britain. Knickers appear to be in a helluva twist over a t-shirt worn by a “hot-head” Italian soccer player who plays for Man City. “His top showed a pistol, machine gun, knife and a girl’s bleeding mouth was condemned by a leading anti-knife campaign group.” Can you believe there even is an anti-knife campaign group? As one perpetually outraged candy-ass whined about those who play the, um, beautiful game, “the least we expect in return is for them to behave like responsible adults. But it doesn’t surprise me and what I want to know is what their union chief Gordon Taylor will do about it.” Because this is absolutely beyond the pale. Rule Britannia.

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  1. “the least we expect in return is for them to behave like responsible adults…”

    Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black. What kind of responsible adult could ever belong to an anti knife campaign group.

        • Yeah, and what Aussies call Australian Rules Football, Americans call assault and battery. It’s a strange, strange world we live in.

        • Ralph, what????? You make no sense on this, mate. Anyway, in regard to the shirt, so what? Only soft-spined poofs would get the vapors over that. Despite all the people throughout the world that lose sleep over other people that call different sport by different names, worse yet, there is still the growing number of people that worry about pictures on shirts, dangerous, intolerable and un-PC team names, sugar consumption, spanking, and all the other dangerous and unfathomable things out there. The fewer we have of those worry-wort’s around, the better we, in the world, would be.

        • Australian Rules Football? Don’t you mean Australian “No Rules” Football? At least, that’s what it looks like when one watches it! 🙂

          Rusty W

    • Yes, because it follows that a game named ‘football’ would be played with one’s feet. It doesn’t follow that it would involve large men wearing tights playing grabass. American football is like a pussified version of rugby. American is great at watering down sports for domestic consumption.

      Muay Thai becomes kick boxing (san elbow and knee strikes, kicking done with foot instead of shin).

      Vale Tudo becomes Mixed Martial Arts (most changes were ok, should still be able to kick and knee a grounded opponent to the head).

      Rugby becomes ‘football’ (enormous amounts of protective padding and helmets added).

      Oh well, at least we aren’t so weak wristed to have ANTI-KNIFE organizations here.

      • American football has the most powerful impacts per hit of any sport, ever. Every play. The size and speed of American football players dwarf all but the largest rugby players.

        There is a reason they have to wear pads and a helmet. If they didn’t, no one could play modern american football for more than a game or two before being crippled.

  2. I have a similar shirt, but it has a grenade instead of a mouth. It was almost two weeks before I figured out that the four imagines on the shirt spelled LOVE.

  3. I prefer the COEXIST one with the logos of famous arms manufacturers.
    Too bad marketing a t-shirt would requre copyright permission from all the manufacturers, so I doubt that anyone is going to pull that off anytime soon.

    • Place of birth: Palermo; Nationality: Italian
      Well known for his disciplinary problems. Natural parents from Ghana. Adoptive parents are Italians.

  4. Banning guns is just the first step to surrendering all of your rights. I bought a paring knife in the UK in 2009 for a picnic of cheese and apple.

    I had to ask for the knife, which was stored behind a manned counter, and had my passport copied so, in the event I went on a murderous rage with my 1 1/2″ paring knife in the Lake district I could be tracked down.

    Restrict guns? Then villains buy knives,

    restrict knives? then villians use clubs,

    what’s next, restrict table legs?

  5. You know, the soldiers of Allah, the very same ones that want to convert, subjugate or kill us, must be rolling in the aisles at this latest bit of nanny statism. It’s hard to blame them, at least in this instance. Horatio Nelson and Winston Churchill must be spinning in their graves. Presumably, Britons will be eating with their fingers now, since knives and forks are much too dangerous.

  6. RE: What’s next?
    Sharp, pointy sticks.

    When knives are outlawed, only outlaws will have knives, and the rest will starve to death because they can’t prepare meals.

  7. Really, out of respect for the English language if nothing else, they need to change their name to “Not-Even-Mediocre Britain”. At least they serve one purpose: we can look at the UK and see where we will be in 5-8 years.

  8. How stupid for people to care that some jackass wears a shirt saying he wants to kill people – after all, no one ever gets killed in real life, do they? Kids these days!

    • I suppose some people have been strangled with a shirt, but that is no reason to ban shirts, in most countries.

      His shirt spells LOVE.

  9. Dateline: 2050 After another savage sporking incident that sent two people to the Slightly Injured and Somewhat Sick Center today, legislation was introduced to ban the spork. If passed, the only legal way to eat in this country will be by placing your face directly on the food (fingers have been outlawed for eating purposes since the Poking Incident of 2045)….

  10. here in Oz you have to be over 18 to buy a knife, you don’t need a licence yet but someone, somewhere is working on it.

  11. The UK has very restrictive “anti-knife” laws now, due to the fact that young punks like slicing people up. To be legal in the new “Cool Brittania”, a kitchen knife has to have a semicircular, spatula like “tip” so it cannot be used as a stabbing weapon.

    Of course, a few minutes work with a pair of tin snips or a hacksaw, plus a file (or just a stone stoop) will quickly turn one of these “safety” knives back into a yob’s pet slicer-dicer. But I wouldn’t expect either Labourites, Tories, or Conservatives to be able to figure that out without a live “how-to” video. My guess is the lot of them probably couldn’t tie their own shoelaces without expert assistance.

    The real solution, a citizenry that is able, and equipped, to defend itself, is a cause for horrors at Whitehall today. Never mind that England pretty much invented the concept. (See Agincourt, etc.)

    Fortunately for the Powers That Be, they all have armed bodyguards, so they’ll never have to worry about some wideboy bracing them with a blade in his hand . Everybody else isn’t so lucky- and if they harm the “poor little child”, odds are they’ll get arrested instead of him.

    It’s difficult to decide whether the modern UK is a police state- or an idiocracy.

    Or maybe it’s both at the same time.

    clear ether


  12. Two years ago my pocket knife was confiscated while going through security at the London Eye. You see, it was a locking blade model. The security was very nice about it. I had to fill in an 8 1/2 x 11 form, things like my address and phone number back in the states, where I was staying in London, etc. They actually saved me from being arrested, as would have happen if Bobbies had got me. Or 3 days later when we took the chunnel to Paris. All luggage was screened as carry on, so they really would have nailed me there.

  13. This nonsense goes on in the US as well, under the catchphrase, “KNIVES … TAKE LIVES!” A couple years back the Michigan Renaissance Faire had to take place with all blades forbidden, including their decorative Elizabethan swords … which made the whole event non-historical and ludicrous.

  14. Brings to mind the old Simpson’s Halloween Episode with the monkey’s paw. Lisa wishes for world piece and everyone melts down their guns. Then the two aliens show up with a slingshot and take over the world. Moe finally gets sick of it, picks up a board with a nail in it and chases the aliens off the planet. Kang says to Kotos, “Soon they will make a board with a nail it it so large they will destroy themselves! Bwah ha ha”

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