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Rolling Stone

Just in case you didn’t get the message, here’s a relevant excerpt from Dan Baum’s upcoming book Gun Guys: “I also wrote an article about [the Wikiuep machine gun shoot] for Men’s Journal, one of the magazines owned by Rolling Stone publisher Jan Wenner, and for the first time in my twenty-five year career had an article killed for explicitly political reasons. The editor had quibbles with the piece as editors always do, but wouldn’t give me the chance to fix them. ‘I can’t even show this to Jann,’ said the editor. ‘It’s not anti-gun enough.'”

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    • merchants of death was a nickname for companies that supported US involvement in WWI, for the purpose of profit (ammo manufacturers, banks, etc). There were hearings in the 1930’s and some in congress wanted to nationalize the ammunition industry. Thank god that never happened.

      • Speaking of nationalizing the ammunition industry, I think that the AI need to start looking into cooperativizing the ammunition industry. As in, creating our own member owned ammunition supply chain. A cooperative dedicated to it’s members, wholly independent of the industry and government at large.

        As we’ve all seen, the pipeline is all but dry and citizens are at best third in line behind the .mil, .gov and LEO’s. That’s not a good thing and it’s one of our greatest vulnerabilities. The Colonial period Rebels were in very much the same spot as we find ourselves in today.

        Though it’s a little late in the game right now, I think that it would be wise for American citizens and patriots to start a completely vertically integrated ammunition manufacturing cooperative capable of providing us with the supplies we need. This new state of the art facility would be highly competitive on the domestic and global markets. If there is excess capacity and sufficient demand the coop could then sell on the global market to keep costs down for members.

        Creating the coop would be a significant undertaking requiring years of dedication and billions of dollars in capital. Daunting, indeed, but not outside our reach.

    • Jan Wenner, the self loathing, leftist, atheistic (as apposed to the good religious) Jewish homosexual, at least allowed Rush and Heart into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (better late than never), so he aint all bad.
      Springsteen sucks (though he claims Springsteens is the years best album). Look up the bias of this non relevant music rag.

  1. Just curious, I wonder what percent of the mass shooter people are NRA members? How ’bout the gang bangers and such? See whre I am going with this? That point must be made by the NRA

      • Don’t be ridiculous. Slander is spoken. In print it’s libel.

        Come on, someone has to know the quote…

        • Every time I see that scene I do the exact same head thrown back completely breathless guffaw. So silly, to think the media is beholden to anyone for being truthful in their releases.

      • I can’t accuse the NRA of being cunning or nimble minded because of lack of evidence. I am a member as I am with The SAF, GOA, among others, and contribute as often as I can. I’ve felt the GOA and SAF to be making more coherent arguments and counter arguments for some time. Unfortunately Wayne has become something of a lightning rod and is not the best at countering b/s arguments.

        • We need a lightning rod. Without guys like Wayne LaPierre, we’d be lucky to be allowed pellet guns at this point.

        • Nor is he adept at engendering trust among gun owners, I’m afraid. I know I haven’t trusted the guy for nearly as long as he’s been director. Time for a new guy, NRA.

  2. We are now absolutely in the minority. Soon there will be internment camps for gun owners and Bill of Rights supporters.

    • You gunnies are way too paranoid. We don’t need internment camps now that we have Obamacare in place. Just come in for your checkup, which will now include a mental health evaluation. Then we’ll send you for ongoing care and evaluation.

      Anybody not in favor of mental health checks for gun ownership please raise your hand (so you can be counted)!

    • there will be no internment camps for the minority

      theyll be for outspoken advocates for the bill of rights and the other toys nobody wants to play with.

      but in a feudal, high tech police state, population relocations create their own internment camps in cities.

      Not that im bent out of shape over possibilities. as soon as such a thing is attempted, heads will roll.

  3. The rolling stone is a washed up rag that I wouldn’t even use to toilet train a puppy. Hopefully they’ll be the next COMMIE publisher to go under.

    • RS has been utterly irrelevant for the last thirty years. I can’t fathom what keeps it afloat. I don’t know ONE person who reads of buys it, or has done so in the last ten years or more.

    • I got a free subscription with some concert tickets i bought. (thought i clicked the box not to get it) I got two issues, and had it cancelled.

  4. This from the magazine that brought down the career of Gen McChrystal.

    I stopped my subscription to Esquire b/c of their political stance and labelling conservatives as “evil”. Everyone needs to quit their Rolling Stone subscriptions.

    • This.

      Stop giving your money to your enemies. Don’t watch NBC. Don’t buy the NYT. Tell Jami Foxx and Chris Rock to get fvcked and don’t go see their movies.

    • Considering what McChrystal said recently in favor of an AWB I’m ambivalent on that point. He’s shown that his ambition is more important to him than the Constitution. He apparently didn’t notice that the current coalition thinks the DHS is more important than the DoD. Generals are out. Ex-Weathermen are in. Hollywood and Chicago are in charge. Until the other party puts together a platform that actually resonates with Euro-American women, it will stay that way. BTW, US Magazine pays Wenner’s bills, not Rolling Stone (née Ramparts Magazine).

      • NOT happening. The GOP is a dead, smelly fish. Time for a NEW party, started and run by PEOPLE. The Democrips and Rebloodlicans are two sides of the same, worthless coin.

        • You can only change a party from within. We are always going to be a two party system. If you think Mitt would have been as bad as ‘kid Kenyan’ you are batchit crazy. Notice we are fighting for our liberty(guns) right now, dont you?

  5. What we are now witnessing is a well-coordinated conspiracy to destroy gun culture in general and specifically the Second Amendment. It is part of a more far-ranging conspiracy to destroy the 4th and 5th Amendments as well. Warrantless searches are routine. American citizens can be killed without any due process if a nameless senior official decides that they pose a threat of any kind and at any time. The abrogation of the Constitution is aided and abetted by the media. Politicians will always try to gain greater and greater power — that’s to be expected. But this level of collaboration by the media is unprecedented.

    Do you recognize America? I don’t. Land of the free and home of the brave my @ss.

    • +1, dont keep your hands in your pockect when walking in new york, you might have a gun and they can search you for it… Don’t drive a darkish color truck at 0500 in LA you’ll get blasted by cops… don’t talk to your family and friends if your from the middle east you might be a member of a terrorist organization and the drones overhead might be ordered to drop a bomb on you… don’t speak up for the constitution the media is gonna hide behind the 1st amendment and blast you for supporting the 2nd…


    • I’ve always thought that the point where our country was lost would come and go without hardly anyone recognizing it. I’m am starting to come to grips with the fact that it may have already happened. But hey free birth control and obama phones so, cool.

      • The following is an exchange from Star Wars, not the Congressional Record. It’s fiction.

        The Emperor: [to the Senate] In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society which I assure you will last for ten thousand years.

        [Senate fills with enormous applause]

        Padmé: [to Bail Organa] So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.

        • the regression of the republic into a imperial hyperpower sends a power historical parallel to rome and other great empires.

          Rome was a freedom loving republic too. empire turns all great nations into authoritarian cesspools.

        • While we may (are) certainly recede, I would not compare our representative republic with the one during ancient Rome. If we continue to ape European socialistic nations, the ugliness must continue to grow. Sadly, ancient Rome could be a future reality if the 2nd amendment is erased.

    • More of a consensus (among lefties in government, the media and the non-profit industry) than a conspiracy, though the effect is the same.

    • I’m glad to see you’ve come around to my position on the al-Awlaki killing, Ralph. In the past, you were very blasé about it.

      Constitutional protections have been under attack since 9/11. The Bush administration did some unconscionable things, but Obama makes them look like card-carrying members of the ACLU. It’s not just the Second Amendment that’s under threat. It’s the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments as well. There’s a huge fight ahead and right now, no one is fighting a coordinated fight except the enemy.

    • Ralph and I are old enough to remember when people would say “it’s a free country” without sarcasm.

  6. Is that Rihanna on the cover? I just think its funny they are bashing the military on one headline and yet the cover girl is back with her woman beating thug Chris Brown

  7. I like how the NRA gets portrayed as some mysterious, foreign, manipulative interloper. As though it’s not made up of, ran and funded by, Americans. They decry the NRA throwing money around but don’t seem to know, or care anyway, where that money comes from; members. “But gun manufacturers give them money too.” They sure do, but do you know where the mfgs get their money? Consumers. American consumers. The “Gun Industry” has money because their products are popular. The very fact that they’re rich and powerful means that they’re doing something popular.

    The NRA doesn’t have the influence it does just because it has money, anyone can bribe politicians. The NRA has influence because they represent votes. Tens of millions of votes belonging to tens of millions of people who are by and large single issue voters. Scaring politician with the prospect of not getting re-elected is, apparently, much more effective than buying them.

    “NRA VS. AMERICA” 1.

    Trying to paint the NRA as some kind of fringe, outlier, minority group (1) and in the same breath claiming they’re some type of ominous, powerful, rich, manipulative entity (2) is either a complete inversion of logic or an intentional obfuscation of the truth.

    • Lets not mention some PACs, funded by uncounted anonymous members, have spent nearly as much or more in a few months for the anti-gun cause than the NRA collects in a year. Where are the articles on these mystery groups?

      It’s the same thing as politicians like DiFi saying other politicians need to “do the right thing” and “stop being scared of not being reelected”. Here I thought “representatives” were supposed to “represent” what those that elected them want, which reelection is one sign of doing or not doing. Just like National Amusements stating “FPS and driving games are the most popular according to revenues but we have to think of what’s best for the people and not just profits”. Hello, they are showing you what they want with their wallets.

      The anti-gun side thinks they know better than anyone that disagrees with them, that they are more sophisticated and educated and they must protect the children (anyone that disagrees with them) from themselves. In reality they are in denial of the danger and evils that exist in the world and will not take personal responsibility for themselves or their families and would rather rely on the government. To them the world is safe and they will always be taken care of, but that communist delusion will be shattered one day, whether it’s by crime on their doorstep or when it comes time for them to retire and they find out social security won’t cover a single bill.

      The anti-gun side tries to treat us like children but they are really the ones that are children living in a fantasy world, rejecting personal responsibility.

  8. Ban reading Rolling Stone magazine, not that I’ve ever read it. Last night, I began re-reading Siddhartha.

  9. I sent this pic to RF a week ago. I tried to read the article, but I had mixed feelings of nausea and laughter. The article LITERALLY goes out of its way to be anti gun. Manufacturers targeting children, .22 caliber “assault weapons”, and other labels so ridiculous, the article wouldn’t make it to any evidence table because its THAT biased. The level of ridiculous in that article brained my damage.

  10. Rolling Stone is basically giving their magazine away these days – something like .50 per issue. That and they had to go to a regular size format a few years ago compared to the old style.

    Basically they’re bleeding money faster than their liberal politicians can print it. They’re only relevant to the hipsters and children – basically their opinion and the drivel they write is completely irrelevant.

  11. I’m nonplussed, frankly, by the expressions of surprise at the decline of constitutionalism. After all, that part of the US population who cultivated the idea are no longer in charge, half of them having willingly sacrificed the future of their children and grandchildren for, well, money, non-reproductive sexuality, and the privilege to end up, by and large, disproportionately alone and poor.

    I can’t fault that. Noble goals, those, much like the medieval church sans the medieval 1%. The successful do divorce and marry up the second time around, but most do not have this option. The result of this ethnic split is that 70% of the population (in terms of sharing progeny) is effectively 35% at the polls. Don’t leap to conclusions: I fault Euro-American Republican men, too. They vote, in the South, as if they actually want to father and pay for raising twelve kids, which they don’t. In the North they vote as if they really believe that handing our domestic markets over to the output of US-built Chinese factories is a long-term win, at least for US Equities, just so long as we can stop the oil supply to China should they grow uppity.

    Al Gore had the words mostly right but the order wrong, “An Inconvenient Truth” more aptly being written as “The Truth Is Inconvenient.” It has ever been so in the world. The only thing which changes over time is whose truths cannot be spoken. Putting a limit on the extremity to which this suppressive habit of ruling coalitions can be driven is the role of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, which is why I’m in favor of keeping them in a meaningful form. If I were Black or Hispanic, I’d have the same opinion, for the reason argued above. Things change. Always.

  12. Well no more Rolling Stone for me. When my subscription runs out that will be it. I suppose that was inevitable seeing as how I’m at an age no where I have no idea who most of the people they talk are or why they are worthy of my attention . The ones I do know something about usually are a bunch of no talent flash in the pan hacks anyway. As to their editorial content it usually blames the USA for all that is wrong in the world. As to the anti 2a stance of their burnt out hippie editor Jann Wenner just gives me one more reason not to care about what Rolling Stones says. It lost all relevance a long time ago. Justin Bieber on the front cover!? Please…

  13. No Obama and gun grabbers are the agents of death: and stupidity. That’s why I never read that Nazi crap like liberal media.

    • Thats why I dont even have cable/sattelite or a computer. This phone is my only connection to the media world. No facespace pages either. Hell I feel more cultured than the average person with that junk, at least from my age group.

  14. NRA vs America?

    What, is the NRA some sort of foreign state owned lobby group lobbying for the destruction of America? The Rolling Stone is grasping at straws here. I wouldn’t be surprised if their next headline was “AR-15 vs Your Sanity: Touching One Turns You Crazy”

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