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Yeah, that’s Justin Bieber with the heater. He’s was visiting the set of a movie called Feed the Dog, so that’s most likely just a prop. No idea who the OFWG is, but sez the girl on the right is his current main squeeze, Selena Gomez who’s acting in the flick. We didn’t think it was possible for Justin to look any more tough and intimidating that he already does. Clearly we misunderestimated him.

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        • Brandon Lee was killed by a blank, not a prop. Not the same thing. Props are generally non-firing lumps of metal/plastic.

        • Oh, FFS.


          Gun safety is awesome, and we practice it, but give it a rest. This is a picture of an actor, who no one in their right mind would call a role model, doing something stupid.

          He’s kind of an idiot, and this picture is not telling us anything we didn’t already know. Stop being such a bunch of fussy killjoys and just have a good time on a Friday afternoon making fun of the idiot.

        • I am with Matt on this one… pretty sure its a prop. The curmudgeonly nature of the replies is quite off-putting. It’s like its hip to be the first to point out the safety violations or be completely humorless on this site. I appreciate gun safety as much as the next person, but there are many, many more things to complain about Justin Bieber than trigger discipline on a fake gun.

        • It’s like its hip to be the first to point out the safety violations…

          YouTube gun videos are like that. If the person doesn’t show clear three times, turn around twice, spit, and then run an endoscope up the gun’s ass to prove it’s not loaded, the comments section is usually full of people frothing at the mouth to point out the “safety failures.”

  1. The Beebs or not, if he pointed a weapon at me like that I’d give him a good cussing out on ignoring the basic rules of firearms safety.

  2. So can I assume no one here ever played cops & robbers or cowboys & indians with toy guns as a kid? What was that thing about throwing the first stone?

  3. How do you “…misunderestimate…”? You either underestimate, or you don’t. There is no such thing as misunderestimate. The first rule to writing well is knowing the subject matter. The second rule is to use a dictionary, MORON!

    • LMAO. Seriously, I had to wait to finish laughing to type this.

      I guaran-damn-tee that RF’s use of that word was on purpose. I’m really surprised you didn’t realize that. I’m also really surprised you’ve never heard that word before, used on purpose.

      Look at the first line under “notable statements.”

      Lastly, I’m really surprised you are so mad about it.

      Thanks for the laugh.

  4. How do we know it’s not real? Sets have blank-firing guns on them, and while those don’t fire metallic projectiles, the wadding can still hurt or even kill if fired from extreme close range.

    Jon-Erik Hexum was killed when he put a gun loaded with a blanks to his head and pulled the trigger. The wadding caused bits of his skull to push into his brain, causing hemorrhaging. Read all about it in the Wikipedia article.

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