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Even though the button-down Borg (a.k.a. Cerberus’ Freedom Group) snapped-up the southern-fried suppressor folk, Advanced Armament Company is still living the dream. The company┬áis safe haven to testosterone-crazed males who are deep into black guns, Italian cars and shapely women. Exactly what you’d expect from a company whose logo is a skull and crossed modern home defense sporting rifles. The above image is the latest in their Volk-like canon of supressor-selling gun porn. I think it takes things a bit too far. AAC spends a lot of time, effort and money promoting silencers as good clean, high-tech fun. For most people (i.e. anyone who’s never fished with the stuff) a stick of dynamite evokes uncomfortable images of mass destruction. It’s hard to walk the line between cutting-edge corporate firearms fetishist and plain old-fashioned gun loon. Still, it’s better to play it not safe than sorry. I guess.

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  1. The caption for the photo was “The Quiet and the Loud.” I think the photo is fine. Would you prefer it if the photographer switched the dynamite for a tuba?

  2. “I think it takes things a bit too far. ”
    I think you need to find your balls, my too PC friend. What state do you live in? It’s obvious you need to move to western ND for a few years and reclaim your common sense! Good grief it’s a frickin stick of dynamite…Big Efin whoop!!!

  3. The Truth About Guns is obviously a misnomer. Should rename the blog, “A Troll About Guns”. Someone who does not respect the principles this country was founded upon. The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting. It isn’t even about self-defense. It is about defense from tyranny, which the Framers had very recent experience with, and hoped to save us from having to deal with in the (their) future.

    No reason a man cannot have “fun with guns”, but the honest working man also shows respect for his tools.

  4. Suppressors and dynomite, what more could you ask for? I’d also like that cool looking XM25 and a machine gun and I’m never satisfied.


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