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TTAG reader Aaron emailed a link to this image accompanying Tenn. rejects more gun purchase applications at The Daily News Journal of Murfreesboro TN. I understand why he finds it so upsetting: the sign maker (one Lee Foster) assumes that Americans who own guns lawfully don’t care about safeguarding innocent life. In the main, the exact opposite is true. In fact, the firearm in the single best tool a law-abiding person can use to protect innocent life when facing an attack by someone who doesn’t respect the sanctity of human life. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions but that doesn’t excuse driving with your eyes closed. Ms. Foster and her ilk are going to hit something. But that’s the way it goes.

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  1. “In fact, the firearm in the single best tool a law-abiding person can use to protect innocent life when facing an attack by someone who doesn’t respect the sanctity of human life.”

    They will never understand that logic. Ever. I have tried and failed repeatedly, believe me. Ms Foster and her fellow hippies are wired differently. They are sheep. Permanent and forever. They are future victims living in a fantasy world and even when they are attacked, they blame themselves or society. They represent, oh, I don’t know, 10%, 15% of society? Romney took a beating for saying the 47% who vote Obama were not his concern, but he was right. They would never vote for him and trying to change them was a waste of resources. Like that example, Ms Foster and her demographic, will never be convinced, and thus, it is a complete waste of time to try and change their minds. They are simply emotional creatures who value feelings over logic. Destined to be a future victim and dependent on Government for their safety.

    • If you were to ask your typical lakefront liberal what would happen if there were legally armed citizens on the Gold Coast last weekend they would reply “why there would be needless death — a blood bath would occur.”

      Ask a gangbanger the same question and you would get “I’m not going down there and gett’in my ass shot off!”

      Thugs and gangbangers have more common sense than gun grabbing lefties.

      • You don’t have to be educated to be intelligent.
        You don’t have to be intelligent to be educated.

        Memorizing a bunch of crap from a book and regurgitating it onto a test does not mean you have critical thinking or deductive reasoning skills.

        There are plenty of drug dealers and gang bangers who didn’t make it through middle school but are slick enough to evade law enforcement, launder their money, and stay a step ahead of their competition.

        Conversely, there are plenty of over educated CPAs and para-legals who would simply go hungry, shiver at night, and stand in line at relief areas were their area to be hit by a natural disaster.

    • They don’t value feelings over logic. Feelings and logic are equally important.

      The problem is that feelings need to be prioritized and understood in order to function. When short term, readily apparent feelings are given priority over long term, more influential feelings for selfish and/or irrational reasons, the above occurs.

    • “Hippies”? THAT’S the best you’ve got? Seriously? Do you know what year it is?

  2. if we could just get them to wear a sign that says “gun grabber”, I would probably keep my weapon holstered if I witnessed an act of violence perpetuated upon their person.

    yea, me either. I’m going to do the right thing no matter how I am maligned.

  3. Anyone who wears a knit hat and clip on sunglasses that holds a hand written sign automatically has their opinion invalidated.

    Just sayin’, true story.

  4. Spot on, Brad. To grasp the liberal mindset, Evan Sayet’s ‘The Kindergarten of Eden’ is a good read. For liberals, feelings are all that matter. The ends don’t have to justify the means; the means of achieving their goals are irrelevant. You have to feel good about driving a Prius, about using green light bulbs, about recycling, about reducing your carbon footprint, about awarding every child a trophy, about making every child a valedictorian of his/her class so their self-esteem won’t be damaged, and about passing more laws that infringe on the right(s) of law-abiding citizens to bear arms.

    Conservatives unite! Run for office – school board, city counsel, state legislature – stop the liberal agenda in its tracks!

  5. Her sign is heralded by the leftists ad statists as profound and deep, yet if I stood there with a photo of a dead and mutilated abortion, with the words “Abortion Kills People”, I would be considered evil by the leftists. (Not to start an abortion dialogue! I am merely opining. I promise!)

  6. He said, ‘Sometimes it’s a country, sometimes it’s a girl,
    You know everybody’s got to have a purpose in this world.’

    Building the Perfect Beast indeed…

  7. Not saying I like the TBI or that I have to do a background but I fill out the 4473 and within 10 minutes am out the door. In Connecticut I couldnt even look at a gun without a permit. Im happy here in TN.

  8. If the person holding the sign is indeed a fellow Tennessean, please forgive their IGNORANCE. Tennessee was recently ranked the 3rd most “free” state. The folks that live here intend for it to stay that way.

  9. Typical gun grabber agenda. She and others want everyone to conform to their disarmament.

    Gun rights advocates would allow her to choose gun or no gun and be responsible for the consequences. Maybe that’s attraction of no choice. You can’t be held accountable for the outcome.

    I like choice.

  10. Someone should inform Ms. Foster of how many lives are saved by guns every year. She is stricken with a deadly case of ignorance and needs cured before it spreads to others.

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