Incendiary Image of the Day: Cottontail Edition

“I can envision an NRA-backed law giving homeowners the right to shoot any big-eared mammals of the genus Oryctolagus that enter their homes for the purpose of leaving chocolates and brightly colored eggs on a certain religious holiday.” Of course he can. Because gun owners live to kill. That’s apparently David Horsey’s attempt at artfully combining Easter and an anti-gun message. Because when people think of the Easter Bunny, they think of gun laws. Or something. And you know, gun owners hate us some home-invadin’ socialist immigrant lagomorphs. So if you have an extra egg lying around after this morning’s festivities, you might want to toss one Mr. Horsey’s way. And if it’s uncooked, well, we’re sure that’s just a little oversight.


  1. avatar Roy says:

    I find it interesting that his “bunny” image looks an awful lot like the Dem. Donkey. Might speak to the true fear of the left. Their power is fading where gun control is concerned.

    1. avatar cirsten says:

      Now that u mentioned it ……… it does , doesn’t it! lol

  2. avatar James says:

    “Of course he can. Because gun owners live to kill.”

    I would have to argue that some do. While evidence abounds that most (legal) gun owners are peaceful, upstanding, law-abiding citizens, once in a while something comes out of the blue that makes you realize that there are a goodly portion of them that are just barely hanging on from coming unhinged.

    Take for example the comments left under TTAGs own “Somali Pirates” post from a couple days back.

    Before all the beer-swilling, tobacco-spitting, straight-Republican-ticket-voting chime in with some variation of, “durr hurr hurr liberals,” let it be known that I am anything but a “leftist” (I hate lefties as much as I do righties), am most assuredly not a gun control advocate, do have a CHL as well as a good number of scary black rifles & shotguns, and am a little bit frightened by the comments left under that article by a good number of folks that seem to be all for baiting and murdering Somali pirates on the high seas as entertainment, and seem to think it would be fine and dandy since there is no law saying they couldn’t.

    Point being: Everybody wonders where panty-wetters get their poor opinions of the American gun owners. I’m here to tell you that they’re getting them from American gun owners such as those in the comment section at the above linked article.

    1. avatar girlswithguns says:

      “there are a goodly portion of them that are just barely hanging on from coming unhinged.”

      Really? Daydreaming is “just barely hanging on from coming unhinged?”

      So when I read about scumbags sexually abusing young boys and I picture the perp being @ss-raped in prison by Bubba-the-big (you know, so the relative size of pen!s to @ss is roughly the same as a grown man to a young boy) I’m “just barely hanging on from coming unhinged?” I beg to differ. I think such harmless fantasies do more to cool a hot head than to inflame violent tendencies in normal people.

      If any of the commenters in the pirate thread were actually making plans to carry out their ideas, then I would worry. All I see is harmless daydreaming. It’s human nature to have dark thoughts from time to time. Anyone who says they don’t is either a liar, severely repressed, or a softer marshmallow than I’ve ever met in real life. It’s far healthier to air those thoughts under the harsh light of reality than to suppress and hide them in the dark regions of the mind where they fester and take on a life of their own.

      1. avatar James says:

        On that page, it breached the realm of “harmless daydreaming” when multiple counter-posts to my own were offered up that dehumanized the Somalis, and justified any and all actions against them – including baiting and then murdering them – on the fact that no law exists in international waters to punish such an action.

        And yes, “harmlessly daydreaming” about those you choose to vilify being brutally anally raped in prison is unhealthy, inhumane, and more than just a tad bit deranged. Whether it’s a pedophile or someone doing three to five on a third marijuana possession, male or female, inmates in America’s prison system (far and away the largest, most populous prison system in the world) are routinely raped, often times sodomized with broomsticks or mop handles or shanks, often times by large groups of other inmates, to the point of death.

        Read that again – Raped. To. Death.

        If you find brutal rape to the point of death to be a fitting punishment for any crime, then you’re perhaps sicker than any armchair Rambo who dreams of sailing the high seas, scouring the oceans for dreaded pirates. Their psychotic, homicidal, “harmless daydreams” would require certain means and resources.

        Yours, on the other hand, are of institutionalized, sexual torture that is commonplace in our sick, everything-is-a-felony culture.

        I’m ashamed to call people like you fellow citizens, much less fellow human beings.

        1. avatar girlswithguns says:

          “And yes, “harmlessly daydreaming” about those you choose to vilify being brutally anally raped in prison is unhealthy, inhumane, and more than just a tad bit deranged.”

          No it isn’t. Are you saying that you never, EVER think of harm befalling some evil person, or someone who wrongs you? If that’s the case, then you’re the one who’s not human.

          Dwelling on such thoughts is what is not harmless. I certainly didn’t dwell on the prison rape thought nearly as much as you obviously did. I never said (nor even thought!) that pedophiles should be gang raped to death – that was YOUR extrapolation. That’s what I meant by airing your thoughts under the harsh light of reality – once the thoughts are acknowledged and considered, they are also rejected by any decent person, so the train of thought stops.

          Did it ever occur to you that some of the posters in the pirate thread were just baiting you? I doubt that there was more than one person in that thread who actually thought it was okay to set a trap for the purpose of killing criminals (as opposed to killing in self defense).

        2. avatar James says:

          “I certainly didn’t dwell on the prison rape thought nearly as much as you obviously did.”

          Is that right?

          “[…]and I picture the perp being @ss-raped in prison by Bubba-the-big (you know, so the relative size of pen!s to @ss is roughly the same as a grown man to a young boy)”

          Well, I’d say that when the “harmless daydream” turns to quantifying the ratios of “pen!s to @ss”, you’ve clearly thought about it damn plenty – and in excruciating detail. All I did was add a touch of realism to your vindictive rape-as-punishment fantasy.

          “Did it ever occur to you that some of the posters in the pirate thread were just baiting you? I doubt that there was more than one person in that thread who actually thought it was okay to set a trap for the purpose of killing criminals (as opposed to killing in self defense).”

          Possibly. Though, in my defense, I don’t think that’s necessarily what was going on, especially if you go read all the comments on that page – there’s a lot of chest-thumping going on over there.

          Even if I concede that it’s all “harmless daydreams”, airing it out in a public forum – one of the more popular public forums on the topic, where there will be an eternal record for all to see, including the antis – is not at all well thought out.

          To put it in simpler terms: It’s shit like that that makes us all look bad.

        3. avatar Derek says:

          I’ll be honest, I think you’re trying to be overly politically correct. I’m not knocking you, I just think your desire to NOT appear to be the bloodthirsty psychopath/vigilante that the antis paint us as is clouding your judgement on this one.

          Our ancestors spent the last 500,00 years murdering their way to the top of the food chain. Since then, we’ve occupied ourselves with murdering eachother. My point is, we’re violent animals.

          Teachers trying to tell kids to never get angry or never have violent thoughts fail for the same reason catholic teachers fail when they tell boys to never have sexual thoughts. Everyone gets angry and everyone gets horny. It’s simply in our nature.

          Having violent fantasies, having sexual fantasies, getting angry, getting frustrated; these are all normal human things and there is nothing wrong with any of them.

          To say that someone who has a violent fantasy is “barely hanging on” is like saying that anyone who has a sexual fantasy is barely hanging on. If that were, the case then I estimate that 99.999999% of the male population is a stones throw from bloodthirsty rapists.

          The OP fantasy about baiting pirates or gwg fantasy about poetic justice via rape are both just that. Idle fantasy. They aren’t particularly pleasant but no one is suggesting actually acting on them.

          When the OP buys a boat and starts going on cruises around Africa, then we should worry. When gwg starts suggesting we round up some Pedos and grab some broomhandles, we should worry. Until then… lighten up dude 🙂

        4. avatar James says:

          Anybody, anywhere, can have all the fantasies they want. ‘Merka – F**k Yeah!

          The need to spell out your bloodlust in detail on a publicly accessible forum is poor planning.

          This is no different than when I bitched about the tit pics being plastered all over the site a couple months back. The tit pics themselves weren’t so offensive, if only in the quantity.

          The worst part was the lonely losers chiming in on every one. “I’d like to slide my cleaning rod into her barrel – if you know what I mean.” “She can put her butt-pad into my shoulder any day. Wink wink.”

          While creativity points are due for keeping the lecherousness gun-themed in most of the instances, it doesn’t make sense that these drooling mouthbreathers felt the need to publicly discuss their sexual arousal with other men. In writing. For all the world to see. Forever.

          Ultimately, this is RFs site and he and the gang will run it the way they see fit. ‘Merka – F**k yeah!

          All I’m saying is, “grow up.” Quit acting like a bunch of adolescents and hammering out the first thing that comes to mind every time. Teenage girls on telephones show more restraint and forethought than some of you people.

    2. avatar Tom says:

      So what is wrong with getting rid of the Somali Pirates? We used to do this all the time to the Barbary Pirates back in Stephen Decatur’s day.

      1. avatar James says:

        “We” used to do this?

        Just how old are you?

  3. avatar Paul says:

    Many years ago, while stationed at Walter Reed Army Med. Center in the MP’s, a friend of mine had a very unfortunate incident with the Easter Bunny. I won’t go into a long dissertation as to how or why, but while on patrol one particular night, I recieved a frantic call from this guy, who was working the desk at Forest Glen. As I returned to the station, I could hear cries of anguish coming from inside the building. As I entered with .45 drawn, I saw my buddy, curled in a ball sobbing hysterically. All he could do was to repeat over and over, he was here the Easter Bunny was here. As we transported that poor soul to the psych ward, he would grab onto my arm, and I would tell him that it was ok, the bunny wouldn’t get him.

    As the years past I later learned that this individual finally over came his afflection with the bunny, but he does keep a loaded shotgun in the house, and maintains a pack of hounds, just in case…

  4. avatar jkp says:

    I’ve noticed as of late, an effort (organized or no) to paint all gun owners in a certain political light. See, e.g., the “Meet the NRA Leadership” website.

    1. avatar Rydak says:

      I don’t know if it’s possible, but the NRA should sue the pants off them for that web site. Clearly defamatory, not fact based at all.

    2. avatar Derek says:

      Lol. Steve Hornady’s profile on there is good for a laugh… and a facepalm.

      1. avatar CarlosT says:


        Seriously… Once someone learns even the basics about guns, it’s this kind of thing that completely ruins the credibility of the anti-gun people.

  5. avatar cirsten says:

    Sounds like David Horsey has more issues than even Dr. Freud could help him with! lol

  6. avatar Cliff says:

    The funny part is that Horsey lives in the Pac NW, where a number of home invaders have been shot doing what they do. If you wonder if sometimes the other side is REALLY on the other side, you know, I guess Horsey wanted those home invaders to be successful at their plans. Gosh, if those homeowners had not been armed, then the raping, pillaging and murdering would have gone just fine.

  7. avatar girlswithguns says:

    I warned you, but did you listen to me? Oh, no, you knew, didn’t you? Oh, it’s just a harmless little bunny, isn’t it?

  8. avatar CarlosT says:

    By the way, I just noticed that the bullet’s trajectory is curved. Mr. Easter Bunny’s real mistake trying to distribute eggs in the house of the assassin from Wanted.

  9. avatar Aharon says:

    from the link:
    “Once you can buy all the weapons you want at unrestricted gun shows…”

    — Really? Gun shows are unrestricted? Military grade weapon systems are for sale at those shows? Funny that all the gun shows that I’ve been too do a CB check before selling a gun, and many weapon categories such as full-auto are restricted. I’m only writing this should an uninformed non-gun owner venture onto this page. I think Mr. Horsey needs some therapy.

  10. avatar Mr. Sane says:

    Alternatively, your response could also be “it’s a joke, perhaps I should lighten up and not take everything anti-gun so seriously.”

    1. avatar Silver says:

      Except it’s not a joke. Politically-slanted cartoons are basically passive aggressiveness, the same way some “comedians” use comedy as a thin veil to deliver hateful, seething vitriol. All politics is war, and trying to pawn it off as a joke only speaks to the cowardice of the cartoonist as unable to speak for himself.

  11. avatar waif says:

    I don’t think I “get” the cartoon. Does the NRA even have a stance on socialism, progressive income tax structures, or immigration?

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