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“The video has been posted on extremist websites linked to al-Qaeda which are viewed thousands of times a day,” the reports on a website viewed by hundreds of thousands of times a day. “One site has 66,000 registered users. It is feared the terror network — whose leader Osama bin Laden was killed by the US in 2011 — intends a massacre in Britain or Europe like the 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India, that left 164 dead.” Question: why is it OK for The Sun to publish stills from the video but not a link to the video or a YouTube version of the same?

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  1. then it’s time for the british people to insist that they and their police be allowed to arm themselves. oops, forgot who i was talking about. let the massacre begin.

  2. This picture would make a much better Weekend Photo Caption Contest than the one you gave us this weekend. Just saying…

  3. Look, these guys (or gals) just need a good ass kicking. They’re about as threatening as my daughter’s teddy bear.

  4. It is now clear that al-Quaeda has been receiving tactical training from the Japanese.

    Didn’t Japan lose the last war they were in? Because they surprise-attacked the United States? With airplanes? In a year ending with a “1”?

    It all makes sense now?

  5. hey, are they Tokarevs, Makarovs, or CZ52’s? Lets play everyone’s favorite game: “Name That Pistol”!

  6. the 2 end guys look like they have tokarevs. the middle bunch are positioned so that their slides stand out against dark backgrounds. my sigma has the same color to the slide and i’ve heard that sigmas were issued to the afghan national police. stands to reason, we have a history of trusting the wrong guys.

  7. also, a side note about their fashion. as a young man we referred to those style of pants as 7 day shitters. don’t remember why now, been too many years.

    • “7 Day Shitters”? You are NOT getting away without explaining the reason.
      Think you can slink away without making us spit coffee or tea?


  8. Question-“why is it okay for them to publish stills but not a link to the video”. MY response-look at the quote by “It is feared the terror network……intends a massacre in Britian or Europe like the 2008 attacks……..”. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Being that there have been no attacks, we need something to feed the fear, so henceforth the press acquiesces to the governments desire. Providing a link to the video would be allowing a “gateway to terrorist indoctrination”.

  9. Al-Qaeda ninjas…I thought this was a caption contest until I clicked. And I laughed harder at this than any caption contest.

  10. This image is a screen capture from a pretty old video, that made its rounds on all the major us cable ‘news’ networks post 911. Most of it involved obstacle course junk, cargo nets, running through overtuened tires, ect. However there was a brief section with them punching holes in paper (pictured), and also a short clip of them in a makeshift MOUT course. It appears to me they are all teenagers as well, judging by the height disparity in that group, it is much more apparent in the videa.

  11. Mty first thought was that they are all nicely positioned for a good stout kick in the gonads, especially the guy on the far right. I’d like to volunteer for the first go-round.

  12. At first glance, I thought this was a picture from a Palestinian propaganda film I once watched featuring a Palestinian ninja woman who could dodge bullets from a dozen Israeli Mossad agents all of whom were firing at her close distance and at the same time.

    • I was thinking the same thing, go ahead and wear your cool black outfit in a desert environment. If the stifling heat doesn’t get them our crack sharpshooters certainly will.

  13. I guess there well be new event at 2012 British olympic games for British army SAS to attend to how many al-Qaeda nijas can they kill if when they attend. British are not gone be shy be let lose SAS on al-Qaeda if start killing english people in London. Iranian Embassy siege happen in London 1980 show what happen last group got in shoot match with SAS they all left in body bags after SAS got through with them.

  14. I don’t worry about the people I see in these training videos (obvious propaganda / recruiting material). What I do worry about are the people I DON’T SEE who are training for God knows what.

    Anyone else a fan of the Showtime series HOMELAND?

  15. JWM – they are called 7 day s….. because the story goes that Muslims believe their god will return from a mans body, so they tie off the legs of their pants to collect their waste for 7 days then if no god returned from their body, they dump and hopefully change pants. This was the story I heard during the 60’s going around in the Navy. Sounds like a story from young American males.

  16. propaganda, and im not talking about propaganda for al qaeda. apparently, its ok for americans to be afraid of terrifying fundamentalist muslim ninjas! “here DHS (throwing blank check book)! make the problem go away!”

  17. Think of it as a target recognition course. Now you won’t hesitate, asking yourself “What the hell is that supposed to be”.

    Just – hellllo, bang.

  18. I hate to think about the massed body odor from wearing those getups in a hot dry environment. Speed Stick anyone?


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