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(courtesy The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page)

The left-leaning mainstream media and the race card waving-Justice Department were desperate for the Chapel Hill shooter to be motivated by religion. When it turned out he was an atheist who defended Muslims on his Facebook page, a man angered by a parking dispute, their disappointment was palpable. This isn’t the bigoted right-wing “gun extremist” you’re looking for. Cartoonist John Cole was undaunted, taking editorial solace in the fact that the pro-gun shooter used … wait for it … a gun. So Cole created this little gem, attempting to lump the killer with all armed Americans, and all armed Americans with him. The irony of profiling gun owners was no doubt lost on his audience. Well, not all of them . . .

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  1. Wow. The detachment from reality for some of these people is truly breath taking and troubling. He really believes the desired meme even in the face of the facts. This is Slender Man stabbing psychotic. And they think we’re time bombs waiting to go off, talk about projection. Glad my firearms is on my hip because these people are losing it like Eliot Rodger and Karl Pierson.

  2. Oh, I think atheism is a religion unto itself. As far as cartoons go, I can think of images of enlightened figures of individual rights being sacrificed in front of a deity atop an altar representing the Supremacy of the State.

    • Depends. Agnostics that don’t really think about religion and atheists who shun it (there are people in between too) tend to be different thinking people.

        • We would. There’s just not enough of us. Kind of hard to beat funding from thousands of years of collecting 10% from congregations.

        • We would.

          No, you wouldn’t. How much money would it take to open a small community hospital or even a clinic where it’s needed? Not a lot. So don’t tell me what you “would” do when it’s obvious that you won’t.

        • We would, except we’re not an organized, centralized community. The only thing atheists have in common is lack of belief in any deities. So, opening a hospital in the name of non-belief is kind of a silly argument. But there are plenty of non-religious hospitals as it is.

        • A lot. Medical supplies and services aren’t cheap. That’s why charity clinics and hospitals struggle.

          In any case, a group of people mainly defined by what they’re not aren’t going to be what you’d call cohesive or organized. There are plenty of atheists who individually contribute to causes, donate to hospitals, volunteer, whatever. But for the most part, there isn’t necessarily a larger group of atheists that they get together with, pool their money and time, and put the name of whatever that group is in front of what they’re doing.

        • If it were that easy it would be done already. As others have stated we aren’t a cohesive group. There is no common ideology. No list of rules, regulations or commandments. Atheism is not a religion. All it takes to be one is a lack of belief in god. That’s it. Anything else you decide to do after that is up to the individual.

          There are already groups of atheists out there who have found common ground who do great things for charity. All it takes is a google search to find this out. I also find it amusing that you already know what I want to do and what I don’t want to do.

        • @BradN:

          Of course atheists are organized. It’s called the State. The overwhelming majority of atheists are Progressives. You shouldn’t project your own views on the entire atheist community. Libertarians whether real or faux are a small portion of the population and the atheists among them are mainly Rothbaridan Progressives.

        • Last time I looked, there were a whole lot of religions which get tax-free status and do not operate hospitals. In fact, I find the concept of religious status being defined by hospitals to be hilarious. Seriously, though, if there is a god, why are hospitals needed, at all?

      • @Ralph
        You shun atheists because you’re certain we wouldn’t open a clinic or a small hospital? OK, fine. Where’s the one YOU started?

        • I have no doubt that many religious folks give back to the community, but I was asking Ralph specifically, since he’s so quick to dismiss “us” and apparently has no trouble looking down at us. Did he start that clinic? Did he start any clinic or hospital? No? This is my shocked face.

        • @Mr Pierogie, I don’t shun atheists. I just think that militant atheists are hypocrites. And no, I didn’t start a hospital. I’m one person, not a group. But as a lawyer, I practiced pro bono in a disadvantaged community and gave money to the Shriners so they could operate hospitals.

      • @Grindstone When we get rid of our current Byzantine tax system and replace it with a flat tax with no deductions or a Fair Tax. I was also under the understanding part of the reason Churches were not taxed was so they couldn’t preach politics at the pew, but that’s silly since, as Aristotle put, man is a political animal.

        • I was under the impression that churches weren’t taxed so that government couldn’t use taxes as a way to prop up its favorites and hammer those it doesn’t like.

          Separation of church and state cuts both ways, and the framers of the Constitution were a lot more worried about government meddling in religion than vice versa.

        • ^ that’s the theory. The power to tax is the power to destroy.

          But newspapers are taxed. All sorts of free-speech media are taxed. Seems like it’s only big religion that gets that nice tax-exempt status while it rakes in the money to pay more employees, build more structures, etc. Sounds almost like a business!

          And then there’s scientology…

    • Precisely. When I moved toward atheism (though I ended up agnostic) I noticed I could never feel a part of most atheist communities. Why? They were big government statist hell holes for the most part (another was that they often heavily insulted even moderate religious people, which I found to be hypocritical). They left theism but moved on to another god, the state. Which answered all their problems, no matter how logically inconsistent. It is hilariously ironic. When I used to browse reddit, I noticed that anyone who denounced the state in /r/atheism was banned. So ironic.

      • /r/atheism was more of a collection of edgy teenagers than anything else. You had to go to /r/TrueAtheism to have any sort of thoughtful discussion on religion etc. Pretty much ever subreddit that catered to a subculture eventually moved that way, unless heavily moderated. People trying to farm karma and edgy kids trying to out edge each other would just poison the well. Talking to people in real life, and not internet fvckwad personas, really helped filter out those types.

        I left reddit because of the karma farming was just way out of hand, but I do miss the crowd-sourced news and information. Also /r/history and /r/askhistorians were the best subs ever.

        I do get your comment about not being able to fit in with atheistic community because they are typically very far to the left. At the same time, I also have a hard time fitting in with a lot of gun communities because the are similarly very far to the right. There’s a real lack of critical thought in both.

      • I don’t know where you’re meeting your atheists. I am one, and most I meet are libertarians. Maybe there are two types – the first type gets there by thinking about religion, and they conclude for themselves religion is just fairy stories. These thinking people are libertarians. Then there are those who are progressives/liberals, and their political beliefs steer them away from religion, and towards atheism. Progressives tend to move in lock-step, so if most progs are atheists, if you want to fit in, you must be an atheist too – and as in their political mentality, they don’t think for themselves about dispensing with religion, they do it because they’re told by their peers to do it. These, of course, the statist atheists.

        I am aware of the progressive atheists, and frankly, I think they’re confused. They have rejected religion, but they have substituted in its place the state, which, to libertarian atheists, is just as bad. Why, we wonder, would they trade one over-bearing, straight-jacketing authoritarian system for another?

        • For a different color yoke, security blanket and free lunch of course.

          Why, we wonder, would they trade one over-bearing, straight-jacketing authoritarian system for another?

        • You are committing the Pauline Kael fallacy. Just because all your atheist buddies are Libertarians doesn’t mean that most atheists aren’t Progressives. All you have to do to figure that out is look at the number votes the Libertarians got compared to Obama.

      • People as a group have an internal drive to worship something bigger than themselves.

        Whether that is based on a true internal desire to connect to our creator or because of some evolutionary drive no longer needed by us so advanced and sophisticated “animals” is immaterial. (We’ll find out after we are dead)

        But the end result is that instead of worshiping an unseen being, many people that reject this idea, ie athiests’ will end up giving their allegiance and “worship” to the state.

        And all of the illogical and irrational actions and beliefs that can come from those that give blind obedience to their “diety”.

        The exception to these atheistic “blind worshipers” of the state might be the atheistic libertarian.

        • Lots of generalities, here. I’ve been an atheist/agnostic for over 50 years, do not remembering “worshipping” the state for even 10 minutes. Another way of putting that would be “what makes you think so?”

    • There definitely exists a subset that treats it that way. There’s another subset, the Atheism+ set, that essentially treats “Social Justice” like a religion. So if you’re not on board with every piece of that agenda, you’re an evil person who needs to be cast out of polite society, at the very least.

      I personally don’t have any religious beliefs. I’m fine with whatever anyone else wants to believe as long as I am left alone with my lack of belief.

      • “I personally don’t have any religious beliefs. I’m fine with whatever anyone else wants to believe as long as I am left alone with my lack of belief.”

        Amen! Er, wait…

      • Amen, brother.

        I would like the same acceptance for being a white, heterosexual, christian, gun owning proud American.

        Oops, to late. Gun owners in general are vilified by the liberal/progressives. Add the Christian, white, heterosexual to the mix and we are given an extra dose of demonization by the “tolerant and multicultural” crowd.

        • In addition to being all of the things on your list, I’m also pro-life, a man, and a smoker. Talk about being discriminated against!

          In all seriousness, I have no idea what it’s like to experience REAL discrimination. But liberals/progressives sure do hate me and everything I stand for, and consequently, I very much enjoy pointing out their hypocrisy as they’re preaching tolerance from their soap boxes.

        • Take all of that Steve and go into pretty much any university and you would find out what “real discrimination” feels like. Especially on the East or West Coast.

          Talk about being a hated minority.

        • “Talk about being a hated minority.” The truly sad part is that when a man stands up to political correctness, and says he is proud of being Christian and White, that man is told that is wrong to have that view point and then is called a nazi or klan member. I am not ashamed of being white and my religious beliefs that grant me the blessing of critical thinking would preclude me from being a Nazi or Klan member that is filled with hate in his heart. I do know that in my city If i am to be robbed or assaulted it won’t be by another Christian White, and that is pathetic that I am forced by the state to put up with people of lesser moral character adding insult to injury my tax money pays for my own armed robber to eat. Yet, protected classes of people are allowed to have tax free organizations(La Raza, NAACP, and sadly the DoJ) that are solely for the purpose of advancing that race at the exclusion of all others, unless the other racial groups can be blamed for perceived misfortunes, which doesn’t sound so equal to me.

  3. Fine the 2nd amendment is my religion and the range is my non dominational church. I’ll take some of that sweet 1st amendment protection now thanks.

    • Yep. I pay my tithes in ammunition.

      Actually, if people want to say I worship guns, I’d consider it an inaccuracy, not an accusation. As a thoughtful agnostic, I don’t really worship at all. But guns represent the most inviolable of all individual human rights — the right to protect my own life and my loved ones — so yes, to me the right to own, carry, and use them is pretty darn near sacred.

    • @Bob- I like your thought process and it would be nice to write off ammo purchases and 30 round magazines as a tyrant tax credit. The Church of the Rising Gun or the Holy Tripod could work for me, and if the Rastafarian people who prefer pot over alcohol out in Cali can create weed churches, Christians should be able to have gun churches, since it is kind of like trading in your robes for swords.

  4. I have my Tavor sitting next to me right now, but I am sure as hell not worshipping it.

    Does this idiot worship the first amendment? Would he defend it with fervor and enthusiasm? I bet he would, just as I would defend the second amendment. Of course I am pretty enthusiastic about defending the other rights enshrined in the bill of rights but I only have time to do so much.

    • There morons don’t understand that a threat to one right is a threat to all, because of the principles that the attacks seek to destroy and the precedents successful attacks will set.

      “Because it is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties. We hold this prudent jealousy to be the first duty of Citizens, and one of the noblest characteristics of the late Revolution. The free men of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entangled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle. We revere this lesson too much soon to forget it.”
      James Madison (from his “Memorial and Remonstrance”)

      • “The[s]e morons don’t understand that a threat to one right is a threat to all, because of the principles that the attacks seek to destroy and the precedents successful attacks will set.”

        Nailed it! All attacks on our rights come from people who reject the fact that all human life is sacred. The attackers are superior in their minds and justify using, abusing, exploiting, and consuming “inferiors”.

  5. It was fascinating to watch the report go down. When they found out the guy was likely just a nut-bag and his spring simply popped, they couldn’t handle the facts and reality. The only thread hanging, a gun, and the scape goat was born.

    • This is more evidence that the people in the media are pretty damn sick people. They salivate at the thought that an “other” that fits their most hated stereotype has committed a heinous crime. It gives them the chance to blame that entire population of “others”. When you think about it, it almost sounds like laying the framework of the final solution.

      • They’be already set the precedent with the acceptance of the murder of unborn children by dehumanizing them as a fetus.

        When they paint all gun owners as sub-human, racist, wife beating, penis compensating, Wanna be mass murderers; they have laid the necessary dehumanizing ground work for the next step of a “final solution”.

  6. I have little doubt that the guy who drew that cartoon follows Obama’s insistence that ISIS’ reign of terror has nothing at all to do with religion. It was sad to watch just how much some were hoping that shooting was the act of a stereotypical conservative redneck. I think they even got a few hashtags to trend! It’s as if that would have confirmed every last one of their deeply held views of the world.

    • I saw a story on one of the old media outlets.

      The head line was that a man was stabbing people if they admitted to being muslim.

      It was only after getting into the story that you find out it was a Muslim man that was stabbing infidels because the man stated he didn’t like people that weren’t muslim.

      The “news” outlet didn’t correct the initial wrong headline because it supported their narrative that Islam is the “religion of peace”.

  7. There is only one thing I bend my knee too.
    It is not to a gun, a piece of parchment, a book, a person, a government, money or fear of death.

    Because of this. I am truly free.

    • If you truly have that moral conviction sir you are among the righteous and I would count you amongst my brothers, but if you work in an industry that preys on others you just a hypocrite and as I call them a 50/50 Christian. If you place making money over doing the right thing you are not much of a man and can not call yourself a Christian. 50/50 means that you are only a good caring person when you are going to get a plaque or personal recognition for your good work towards your fellow man, instead of just helping. Living in a two million dollar house, while others die on the street, you are going to have some explaining to do and the explanation will go along the camel through a needle eye story.

      As you said I will only go onto my knees in front of the Lord and if any man tries to lord over me without my consent, that man would have to pray to God for mercy for I would show none, and that sentiment is backed up in Man’s Law by the Second Amendment .

      • Aren’t we the judgemental type…I live in a tiny house. And God gives us wealth to help others…the only thing getting me to heaven is the blood of JESUS…

        • I know my enemy and I have no moral qualms arranging for them to be judged by God. You are either a man with an honorable moral code or you are just a communal sheep that has been cast out amongst the wolves to wonder what could have been as you wait to be slaughtered. I can’t enjoy causing pain to another even if it is deserved for a chomo,rapist,murder, or snitch, and I can’t hunt them down because that is murder. Now if an evil man is dumb enough to be that way around me, he wouldn’t enjoy that I have a doctorate from the hard knocks university and he has met his personal harbinger of fate as I will kill him and any of his cohorts after the fact for the reckoning, which is stopping the continued threat. I don’t sacrifice my morals for anything, especially for money, which is what makes this contest of animating liberty a good life. Selling out is the same as having no honor, which is a lost moral concept amongst sheep.

      • … and the gibberish thickens …

        “I am holier than you!” “No you’re not, you’ll fry in hell!” “Nanny-nanny Boo-boo!”

        • Not holier but more than likely a better shot. Not Gibberish as you say but yes moral lines are getting thicker, and some of us realize that some of our countrymen no longer can be called that, which leaves only one route for correction. You are right, in the fact of how it will come down to who is better than who but the winners will be the ones left with a country to call their own, and not have to feel guilty about being a homogeneous nation with select few minorities. Israel would once again have the strongest moral nation at its back again and Muslims could stay in the 7th century and never touch our soil again, even the so called moderates. All of our liberals, previously conquered and enslaved races, and big money conservatives could go to England peacefully, or stay eternally resting somewhere in the Constitutional Republic.

  8. As if any of us care what some blowhard who conjures up some vaguely comprehensible trash that has ANYTHING to do with guns, because it’s a hot topic and induces thought and emotion in some people, me not being one of them. I’m passionate, but not over some idiotic cartoon or writings from some other opinionated blowhard who bangs out some poorly written ridiculous anti gun garbage.
    Gun control is largely getting its ass kicked and while money bags himself has the assets to flush, he’s losing.
    He can keep renaming his groups, but they are seen for what they are, JOKES. Yes there have been some wins along the way, narrowly, like 594 in Washington, which Washington Legislature is going to start picking apart, but the wind is in the sails of defeat for Bloomturd and needs a nose job Shannon Watts.

    • 594 wasn’t a “narrow” win. The gun control crowd crushed us, 60% to 40%. Our once liberal (in the traditional sense of the word) gun laws are in dire straits here in Washington…

      • Be ready to ask what difference it made 10 years from now, and how much did it cost in freedom and $$.

  9. If you peel away yet another layer of this onion, you will see the implication that religion compels destructive behavior beyond reason, to the point of insanity. A belief very similar to that which the shooter held. Peel yet again and you find a similar cartoon depicting islam in this light that will never be drawn by this artist, ever.

  10. Well, I do worship at the house of John Moses Browning, hallowed be thy name.

    Browning be with you (and also with you)

  11. The CSGV recently tried to associate this guy with Hypocrisy and Stupidity of Gun Control Advocates (a pro-gun Facebook page) by claiming that he “liked” the page. Of course, they made no mention of the other things that he liked. On top of that, they provided no evidence that he even “liked” the page. I’ve taken a look at his “likes” several times now, doing a text search each time, it’s not on there (in other words, the CSGV lied, again):

    For further reading:

  12. I’m sure that John Cole would have been more comfortable with a bunch of metrosexuals bowing down to a statue of Obama.

  13. Not really relating to this but has anybody else heard “Isis” referred to by the media as “ISIL” ?

    • The “L” is for Levant-a very old term for the area from Iran,Iraq including Syria and Palestine(and present day Israel and Jordan). Barry Soetoro is just trying to be “special”…

      • I don’t have a complaint with ISIL, the fact is that the group is active in more than Syria, its OK if the name we call it recognizes that. And its’ members call it something different, they don’t speak English.

  14. I assume the same cartoonist ran an image of himself bowing to the first amendment and blamed it for the Charlie shootings?

  15. First, while I do think some people approach “worship” in their love of firearms, by no means does that describe all, or even most, gun owners and second amendment supporters. Granted, I haven’t been following the developments religiously , but I have not seen anything that would indicate that the shooter worshipped guns, either.

    Second, even if he did, how was it a “factor” in the shooting? If any and all beliefs and values someone has can be considered factors, isn’t his atheism a factor? What about which sports teams he supported? Are those factors, as well?

  16. Typical progressive projection and lack of critical thinking skills: a rabidly hostile nutjob with anger issues kills three people, and somehow it’s the fault of the inanimate object he used.

  17. We went shopping today. In the hustle to get out of the house I forgot my carry weapon. In addition, I forgot to have a talk with my gun to remind it that when I leave it alone, it is not allowed to shoot anyone.

    • Dennis- If you had time to grab your car keys you had time to grab another tool that could protect you. I made the same mistake once in Minneapolis at age 23, but thankfully my friend was constitutional carrying since our rights to carry a firearm are void the next state over. We were parked in a Taco Bell lot when all of a sudden my door opened up and I saw some Black ghetto savage pointing a gun at me, then my Brother said something to him, which turned him white in fear, and then I helped the thug to the ground repeatedly until his airsoft gun broke on his skull. To provide moral justification for breaking the arbitrary law my Brother says He killed people once in foreign lands for his oath to the Constitution and he would again in defense of it at home. I disregard corrupt laws because unconstitutional laws are not laws in a Constitutional Republic, and any man trying to enforce them is acting as an armed criminal, which in most states is a green light for armed defense.

      Moral of the story is to always make time to grab a tool that could save your life, even if just going out for a taco. I carry everywhere that I go, but that is just me as I will never be placed in handcuffs, which would allow my fate to no longer be in my hands, but in the hands of a broken corrupt system.

  18. Just an observation, this site enforces official lines when the shooting victims in the “news” are Jewish, but on this story TTAG suddenly gives a critical look? What gives with the seeming double standard?

  19. So “worshipping” the Constitution is bad? Are not journalists worshipping 1A when they make their whole livelihood out of being able to say whatever they want, even if they are biased and even if their facts are made up? I’m guilty, then. I do “worship” the Constitution, even the parts I don’t like so much. It may be the greatest single document ever written.

  20. He should have made an Allah cartoon then sat home without a gun…..I wonder just how brave Cole is……let’s see some Islamic trash….

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