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You need 9mm range ammo. Sportsman’s Guide has it in stock now for as low as $218.49 for a box of 250 rounds. Get it while you can.

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  1. This ammo is 4 times higher than last year or during normal times. Almost $900 a case of 1000 is flipping ridiculous. Stop buying ammo ppl, and the prices will start to come back down to normal. Stop buying ammo at these prices if we ever want to have normalcy again.

    This is a ridiculous article posting as if this were some kind of good deal.

    Dry fire, dry fire, and dry fire some more.

    • Yep, if you’re new in this game buy what you need now and a bit extra, wait for the market to settle and glut out when it’s 1/3 the price.

      I bought a fairly significant amount during the bottom of the last curve, next time I want to buy quite a bit more still.

      • With just a little patients and tenacity, you can get what you need without paying excessively. Relax and keep an eye on the ball.

        • I’ve got a ton of primers I bought after the last shortage knowing they’d be good trading currency, although I’m trying to keep those close as of now.

          I will say that I’m out of LPP but that’s not a biggie since I only have .45 ACP that uses em so I just went out and got a decent quantity of SPP .45 brass instead.

          What kills me is that I just started collecting stuff to do 40 S&W. I need a mold and a Lee Sizer to really get where I need to be but that’s gonna require me to pay crazy prices for a Lee mold or get something higher end (I’ve never had a higher end mold, maybe it’s time?)

        • Create a wish list on midwayusa of things that are out stock. When notified they are back in stock move fast. The prices on Lee molds has risen, but not that much.

    • Well, I guess the point isn’t that they have a deal, but that they have any ammo at all. If a shop is going to have ammo on the shelf these days, the price has to be crazy high or they need a “limit one box” rule. Or both.

      I’m not buying at these prices, the memory of 250 rounds for less than $50 is still too vivid in my mind.

      • I walked into one FFL that had a box of 50 .380ACP FMJ marked at $80. Just a few days ago I bought two boxes of .380 JHP for $18.99 each. That’s still more than I like but its closer to reasonable. I’m not paying $80 for that.

        Personally, I’d rather pay $280 for a 12GA pump right now than $400 for for this. But everyone has their priorities.

    • Yep, I bought my daughter a case (1,000 rds.) of new 9mm about 1.5 years ago for $200. I was buying cases of 5.56 Lake City for $250.

      My personal cache is now below 20,000 rds of pistol and rifle. I’m running out of ammo!

  2. The one caliber I’ve noticed hasn’t increased nearly as much as most others is 7.62×39. To be sure, it ain’t cheap compared to pre-Covid. But I’m finding price wise the Russian steel case stuff is running on average about double pre-pandemic (YMMV). Compared to what you’ll pay for 5.56 or 9mm these days (if you can get it), that’s *almost* a bargain.

    I about poo’d my pants when I checked on .32 ACP, though. I was seeing like a $1.30 a round for FMJ on Ammo seek and elsewhere I love my shooting my .32 pistolas, but not that much!

    • “The one caliber I’ve noticed hasn’t increased nearly as much as most others is 7.62×39.”

      .50 BMG is roughly the same, and that’s tempting me mightily to order that Serbu RN-50 for 1,200 bux.

      GunBroker was selling surplus Lake City ball for about 2.50 a round, [n quantities of 100…

      • “Expected lead time:18 months from order date.”

        Will give you (and the demtards) plenty of time to make plans.

      • I’ve also noticed that 7.62*39 has “only” roughly doubled in price while .223 and 9mm have at least tripled in price. It kind of makes me think about adding a bit more 7.62*39 to my stash. Then again I already have more 7.62*39 than I do .223 or 9mm (and I have more guns that shoot .223 and 9 than I do 7.62*39).

        I also started thinking about that Serbu budget .50bmg. You can’t get one. They are sold out with a long wait list.

        Magazines for ARs are still reasonably priced and available, though I already have quite a few.

      • > GunBroker was selling surplus Lake City ball for about 2.50 a round,

        That’s ten times what I paid two years ago.

    • Supply & Demand is driving these prices, not “gouging.”

      If your home value goes up and you sell it for market price are you a “gouger”? No- I didn’t think so. Selling water for an exorbitant price to someone dying of thirst is gouging. Selling a scarce item at market is not. God Bless Capitalism.

      • Utter nonsense!

        If you are charging prices so steep that you are damaging your own customer base, then it is gouging and greed run wild.

        For myself, I have a huge supply built up over many years. Have never been harmed by this greed-party. But I know people who absolutely are. People who have guns and have stopped shooting them.

        And home prices are not the same thing. Comparing apples and piles of cow pies.

        • The way scarce resources are allocated is the price goes up until demand drops to meet supply (and if prices stay up in the long run, supply increases).

          This is the way those scarce resources end up with the consumers who need them the most.

          Anybody demanding otherwise is either Socialist or Ignorant (but I repeat myself).

    • The wholesale price of ammo has gone up by at least 40% across the board, as manufacturers have seen the cost of raw materials rise by a similar amount. Couple that with extreme demand, and that’s just what ammo costs now.

      • We would all be thrilled if the price of ammo today was only 40% higher than it was fourteen months ago. That would put cheap steel cased 9mm, .223, and 7.62*39 at about 25¢ a round (as opposed to the 17-18¢ a round before). I can live with that.

        Maybe 40% might be inflation. The other 150-200% part of the price increase is due to panic buying, shortages,.supply and demand, and profiteering.

        Whatever. It is what it is.

        I don’t need to buy 9 and .223 ammo at the current price. I can wait for it to drop, shoot less, reload some, and shoot alternative calibers. I’ve got a reasonable stash of 9mm, and lots of components for reloading 38sp. Maybe I will just shoot more .38 and 7.62*39 and less 9mm and .223 for the next couple years. I’ll probably mainly shoot 22lr anyway. I have a lot of that.

  3. Almost a dollar a shot. That should keep “the poors” out of the picture, and actually it’s ” the poors” who need it the most.
    Many forms of disarmament.

    • Jim that’s true but you have to be careful. A lot of the stuff that is offered that cheaply is steel case which indoor gun ranges will not allow people to shoot. Also you have to factor in the $4.99 shipping charge per order.

      • Why won’t they allow you to shoot steel case, is it because they can’t sell your brass if you don’t shoot brass?

  4. Last week, I had to replace the batteries in my laser bullet. Cost $11 and change. Shooting almost every day.

    I know, I know: it ain’t loud, there aren’t no smoke, and it don’t recoil. Agree, not as much fun. But it is inexpensive, reasonably good training for target acquisition from the draw, low light shooting, and moving while shooting.

    The only limit is the length of the basement…and having to rack after each trigger-pull.

    But, did I mention it is inexpensive….and can be done from home? Heck, I’ve been been shooting during conference calls.

  5. I bought 1000 rounds of the same Ammo in 2020 for 250 dollars. This gouging has gone way beyond supply and demand. Ridiculous.

  6. There used to be a time when 9mm range ammo was around 13 cents a round, right? That’s not a hallucination.

    As low as…

  7. Wasn’t there just a an article “CAUTION: Beware the Online Ammo Scammers”?
    $218.49 for 250 rounds of 9mm is a scam.
    The online place I deal with has 1000 round cases of brass cased name brand ammo for $650 which I find insane. I have thousands of rounds of 9mm from when Walmart went out of business so I’m good.
    They also have .223 and 5.56 but not at prices I would pay.

    In the comment section on that piece I wrote about online ammo sellers: “That’s where the ammo is going, you just have to see who is gouging the least.”
    That obviously applies to Sportsman Guide, they are seriously gouging.
    I did not post the online place I wrote about in my comment because I did not want to break TTAG rules.

    The ammo they have is pretty much from Vista Outdoors so Federal AE, Speer Lawman and Blazer Brass. In SD ammo they have HSTs and Gold Dots.
    They are a legitimate company in Indiana, I have dealt with this place a few times.
    If you don’t believe me then they do have over 5000 reviews so I would say they are legit.

    If TTAG gives the OK I will post their website. They have my Email address.

  8. I meant “When Walmart got out of the ammo business”.

    They are still in business, I used to stop in a couple of times a week after work and buy ammo before I hit the range. With Covid going on they aren’t even open when I’m on my way home, I go there about every 3 months now. I used to walk in at about 6 AM and the first words from them were “ammo”?

  9. What our own industry is doing to us with all this price gouging could do more harm to Second Amendment Rights in the long run than all the failed efforts to ban guns and ammo.

  10. Until a year ago my local gun shop had S&B and Magtech for $219.00 per 1000rd case. WITH NO SALES TAX. It was this price for 3 years! They had pallets of this stuff. I wish I had bought more. I can see paying double but quadruple, no way. Prices are going to be crazy until president Harris leaves office. So sit back and find a new hobby for the next several years.

    • I doubt it will last nearly that long but ammo will never come down to where it was.
      Inflation will get you every time.
      Like I wrote above Speer Lawman is 65 cents a round and you know the wholesale price is much lower. The ammo makers are going full speed 24/7. 15 years ago I was buying 500 rounds of .45 for $80. I have a box of WWB HPs .357 that has a price tag of $11 on it. When supply catches up to demand you will be able to get 9mm for say $12 a box. The days of walking in to Academy, Cabelas or Bass Pro and seeing a pallet full of 9mm for $7 a box on sale are gone. It’s like the .22 shortage and inflation in general. You will never find bricks of .22 for $10 again. This happens every election cycle, the ammo makers have to pay more for supplies and labor. The senile POTUS passed a 7% increase in corporate tax increase, do you think manufacturers are going to eat that 7%? That’s going to passed directly to the consumer so just about everything is going to cost the average Joe 7% more. Whats going on right now is demand far exceeds supply. When it catches up, the wholesale price will be higher and passed directly to the consumer.

      • This almost made me cry…. I just looked up what I paid for 3000 rounds of federal F9BPLE (115 +p+ HP) I bought 14 months ago. $692.58 plus $64.88 truck freight. Now I have the song “if I could turn back time…” running in my head.

  11. That ridiculous price for petty 250 rounds is just plain out “horse’chyet”…..I just recently in the past couple of weeks bought 12 boxes of 50 rounds of 9mm at Rural King stores for $14.99 a box each, that’s 600 rounds for $179.88, these bloodsucker sellers can eat their damn ammo!


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