us ballistics shooting gear

MidwayUSA’s exclusive U.S. Ballistics brand of shooting gear offers high quality, affordably priced range improvement equipment to maximize your time on the trigger and improve your shooting.

MidwayUSA has all of the U.S. Ballistics gear you need to get your range set up starting with steel and paper targets, target hangers and stands. That includes their own tough AR500 steel targets at prices you won’t believe. Like their IPSC 3/8″ steel target in three sized for as low as $22.99.


There’s also their AR500 3/8″ gong target that’s safe for 500 S&W or .338 Lapua Magnum in three sizes as low as $11.99.

You know you can always use more ammo cans. MidwayUSA has you covered with U.S. Ballistics .50 and .30 cal waterproof steel cans in two-can and five-can combo packs that save you money.

There are few tools that help you improve your shooting like a good shot timer. The U.S. Ballistics electronic timer can help you time your draw, or your first shot on target, or even your shot split time, and the results will be easy to read on the clear LCD display. This timer can hold shot strings up to 99 shots, or a time period of up to 200 seconds. There are adjustable settings for par time, start delay, backlight on time, beeper volume, microphone sensitivity, and shot dead time (helps prevent false readings from echoes of shots). Time records to 0.01 seconds for precise measurement.

us ballistics shooting gear

And while every shooter needs ear protection, they don’t need to spend a lot of money on it. U.S. Ballistics has amazingly affordable passive and electronic ear pro options that let you put your money into ammunition for more practice time.

us ballistics shooting gear

Check out MidwayUSA’s entire U.S. Ballistics line of shooting gear and upgrade your shooting today.