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“Gary, for decades you taught about the need for a Marxist revolution in America. But you lacked the courage to translate your political ideas into reality. Now, in your declining years, you are calling upon young people to incite the kind of violence needed to impose your worldview on those you have failed to persuade. I would encourage you not to send them into harm’s way. Those of us who are staunch defenders of the First Amendment also tend to be staunch defenders of the Second Amendment. And you can bank on the fact that all proceeds from this column will be spent on ammunition.” – Mike Adams in Letter to an Aging Communist [via]


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  1. The full letter is worth the read.

    The only downsides are, the person he’s replying to probably doesn’t care, and the people who need to read it probably won’t.

    • I agree. The columnist himself is a real character. His work, including his books, is pretty insightful.

      We actually went to the same high school, though separated by about a decade. Seems we had some of those same people influencing our views on rights and authority.

      On this column, I liked his point by point refutation, especially the Ministers of Peace bit toward the end.

    • Damn straight.

      I look at the faces of those idiots in the picture and know that they have no clue what they are getting themselves in for if they try to do what that degenerate coward is inciting them to but was too afraid to do himself. They would be facing thousands of Viet Nam vets, vets of so many different conflicts around the world in the war of terrorism, patriots and shooters of all ages, and just plain good people of all races who know what they have in the USA and are willing to fight for it. They are slime and no better than people like bin Laden and Guevera who hate our freedom and want to crush it. My response to them can be said in two words.

      Bring it!

  2. LARPing is fun and all until the bodies start stacking.
    What I don’t get is how shitting where they eat is supposed to accomplish anything. These people already live in like-minded strongholds. They going to burn down their own neighborhoods or invade Idaho?

    • This is what happens when “red-state” America’s highest aspirations are to send their kids to “institutions of higher learning”…

      Kids who were raised on farms and in small towns go and get indoctrinated and then see all the “oppression” and “hatred” in their old stomping grounds.

      So yeah they’d probably really like to invade Idaho and Kansas and Mississippi…gotta make the hive mind complete.

      • There’s a partial solution to the indoctrination problem.

        First, have the kid take all the AP courses he or she can. Also try to have them take as many first-year-level English, history, etc. courses at a local or community college that will transfer credits to where they want to go. Get as many of the out-of-major prerequisites out of the way while they still live at home; its cheaper than paying for required “dreck” at the big name schools and lets you keep tabs on any nastiness the Prof is spewing.

        Second, make sure kid picks a hard-science or engineering major – less nonsense there. Side benefit: kiddo is much more likely to find a job after graduation, assuming they don’t go on to grad school. And grad school in the sciences, and some engineering, tends to be self-funded (e.g.tuition paid for by graduate advisor’s research program).

        Third, and this is important, STOP PAYING FOR IT if kiddo changes major to something not in the above categories.

        • These elite credential mills are quite a racket. They have convinced most everyone that having their diplomas actually makes someone more productive and valuable.

        • Much better idea… Don’t send children to government indoctrination camps – starting at birth. Colleges are not the start of PC and socialist indoctrination, but merely the finishing schools. If your “kids” are homeschooled, or otherwise educated without the gov. crap, they will survive in college. Not to mention that those who really WANT an education will find a way to pay for it… and will value it that much more.

          Raise individualists, not wannabe snowflakes. Less cannon fodder for the “progressives.”

        • Or stop making education government mandated. How’s that for a solution?!?

          I’d rather see kids that have lower IQs, no aspirations for higher learning, etc get into the work force early and learn a craft or trade, become a skilled laborer, you know something that actually may benefit society, rather than sit in a classroom and be hypnotized into believing that government is the answer and solution for everything.

          And the opposite is true. It is pure moral evil to mandate that a high IQ person be forced to sit in a “grade” of age related peers just because they have similar birth dates.

          Education, or lack thereof, should be entirely up to the parents. Private, voluntary solutions are the only answer.

        • There’s a third option as well- send your kid to a private school that shares your values and beliefs. For me, my son goes to a Christian school, like I did. If you disagree with the teachings or have a problem, they’re your paid employees. Go in and have a conversation and address the problem. IME, the instructors are very good and competent and actually care that your kid learns, not just learns to regurgitate. Kids are going to be indoctrinated into whatever you expose them to- that’s just the nature of growing up- so indoctrinate them to what you want them to be.

        • You got to college to get an education. But, more important, too get a job. Too many kids and their parents miss this. Nice new college graduate with a major in a fuzzy subject (gender studies, liberal arts, art appreciation, etc.)? Good luck finding a job.
          Look at careers that are in demand. Careers that are growing. Careers you work for.
          Then there are tech careers. The ones in Technical colleges and apprenticeships. Many times employers scout the classes and work with the teachers. They offer part time work to help with the training.
          The student that goes into these careers is going to be too busy to have time for protests and other ndoctrination.

        • “Get as many of the out-of-major prerequisites out of the way while they still live at home; its cheaper than paying for required “dreck” at the big name schools . . .”

          This is absolute truth, something I told people for years when I was more involved in education. Spending 50k a year to have your 18 year old politicized in some “studies” program is beyond stupid but that still doesn’t stop affluent parents from turning their kids into snowflakes at some expensive “elite” diploma mill. Higher ed. has become a huge shuck-and-jive. Getting your basics out of the way at a decent community college is not only much cheaper, it’s also a good way to avoid the crap taking place at the “competitive” schools.

          • Unfortunately, Garrison, that’s not always the case. I taught nursing at a small community college more than 30 years ago, and quit when I couldn’t take the politics, back biting, out of date curriculum or the general dumbing down. This was LONG before the PC and sex scandal stuff came in, but the people who were graduating with an associate degree THEN left with very little of the knowledge they should have learned. In fact, most learned NOT to think critically, do any of the hard work of analysis and coordination of various factors, and certainly not the absolute need to accept full responsibility for their choices and actions. Show me any college today that teaches these things…

            My sons and grandchildren learned those things, from an early age. None of them went to college. And all of them are doing just fine, dependent on nobody. 🙂

            If youngsters are taught, from an early age, to be principled people, self motivated and self starters… willing to work hard to learn the real things they will need to succeed in life – then yes, a community college would be a good place to start. But I can’t imagine how PC even most of those community colleges are now. It was bad enough 30 years ago.

        • I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine who was a missionary in the FORMER Soviet Union, after the fall of the Soviets. He commented on how nothing worked. The heat was out, the plumbing was either leaky, backed up or non-functional and lighting was unreliable at best. He went on to say “they had more education than me, almost to a man, they could discuss Plato, Aristotle, new all the ancient mythologies, most could at least read music if not play and instrument, but they had no desire to fix anything, not really an understanding that they needed to. They were depressed, capable of describing their depression in multiple languages and with deep philosophy, but no answers as to what to do about anything.” This is where our “Institutions of Higher Learning” are pushing us.

      • My small town kids went to university and became liberals. Moved back to a small town, got married, had kids, surprise! Conservative again.

  3. Oh well. I guess it’s time to decide this business once and for all.

    But let’s do this right. Yes, stack some body’s in the street. But do not let the folk that have pushed for this outcome off. The behind the scenes movers and the talking heads rousing the crowd.

    They all need to die. Even if it means sending wet teams to other countries.

  4. How in the hell do the communists think that they can start a war, and take over America when those spineless pansies can’t, and won’t, leave the confines of their commiecrat controlled bastions (Cities)?

    My response always has been, and always will be “I wish a motherf***er would!”

    Liberal arts degree is the new scientology, pay a huge amount of money to become brainwashed, retarded, and useless

    • “Spineless pansies”? Those spineless pansies control the schools, universities, major media and head many major corporations. Once in complete control with the reigns of power over the government, the courts, the police and the military; these spineless pansies then go on a mass murder spree that has killed hundreds of millions in the last hundred years.

      So if these people are such spineless pansies, what does that say about the people that have allowed them to come to such prominent positions of power?

      • Burley

        I have said that for awhile, encircle the cities, nothing goes past the siege lines. Starve them out, let them feed off of each other until only two are left.
        The remaining two communists will then be told that only the final, remaining one of them will get through the line. The remaining “Survivor” comes to the line, the good guys can let him through line to a table, with food and good water.
        When the remaining communist goes for the table, that’s when the crowd then pummels the survivor, slits the survivor’s belly open, drag him to the woods along with some of the other worthless carcasses with slit bellies and feed the wild life
        The good Americans then go on with our lives as if nothing ever happened.

        A guy can dream can’t he? haaa but I do say to encircle the cities and starve them out after the good people leave those concrete prisons called cities


  5. Advocating ‘civil” war and trying to get someone else to take the enormous risk of acting to start it and the endure the suffering that is the cost is one of the least ethical and cowardly things I can think of. I see people on both sides trying to do just this in comment sections all of the time. I posit that if you are going to advocate civil war you are scum if you simply try to agitate others to it and don’t just take the risk and suffer the consequences yourself.

    • You’ve definitely touched a nerve here.

      You are correct that there seems to be seething hatred on both the right and left for violence. I wholeheartedly do not advocate for it but I fear it will come to it because, well for one it is viewed as easier and two it is really what people want because it offers some sort of catharsis.

      I advocate for peaceful separation…but I routinely get snarled at for being “pants on head retarded” and other such things for offering sane, logical solutions that, you know, don’t end in piles of dead bodies, carnage, suffering, theft, rape, pillaging, plundering, etc.

      But hey! What do I know, right?

      • A divorce of the ideologically incompatible populations is my solution as well. It would be far from a good solution but much much better than war. Lots of people would then find it more or less necessary to move. I would be one of those. I am busting my butt trying to speed up my move to WY from MN.

        • Agreed. I don’t think the leftists will go for it, but that shouldn’t stop us from arguing for a more civilized path.

      • Some things are worth piles of dead bodies. etc. Eliminating communism from the face of the planet is one of them.

        • I share your profound loathing for Marxism. Unfortunately, I suspect, that you can’t eliminate an ideology even by killing all of the adherents. And coercing them away from it would be even more difficult and ugly.

        • Communism, historically, when tried has always failed. That’s because things that are false or untrue will always fail.

          No need to create piles of dead bodies. The communists who want to coerce people into their ideology create enough of them already. Indeed, our “Global Force For Good” is pretty good at creating stacks of bodies trying to coerce people into “democracy”. It’s not the ideology that’s the problem it’s the force and coercion of the ideology that’s the real issue.

          Let the commies have their bastions of common goodness. Let the experiment play out. But, of course, this assumes voluntary action, not force and coercion, but we all know that regardless of the ideology or doctrine all “government” is just that – force and coercion in monopoly.

          Again, insanity reigns, not logic and rationality.

        • Communism failing doesn’t stop it dragging down millions of people in the process. At the end of the day, to allow communism to exist is no better than watching the Germans herd people into boxcars and turning around with a shrug of “not my problem”.

        • You missed my point.

          If communists, democrats, republicans, mormons, muslims, nihilists, I don’t care what you label yourself, start a movement and that movement is based on consolidating power and using force and coercion to achieve their goals – then I am against that. If that force and coercion reaches my doorstep I will respond with force, to be sure, to protect me and mine.

          However, I’m just pointing out that the tinderbox could be doused with water before it catches flame and comes to insanity. But the problem is that since we’ve already swallowed the concept of monopolized force hook, line and sinker in the form of the government du jour then all we can see is enemies because of course there will be other groups of people who want to wield and control that “legitimized” hammer of force.

          It’s the concept at the core that is absurd and irrational. But I’m with ActionPhysicalMan…I plan on being far far away from where these shenanigans transpire.

          But I will not, in some fit of Stockholm Syndrome, sit here and blather on about defending “democracy” and “freedom” and “muh country” when the government of said country that purportedly upholds freedom is the one stealing from me on a daily basis and has a gun to my head threatening me with prison time, loss of rights and possibly death for minor and trivial things.

          Apparently everyone is in a stupor and can’t see the forest for the trees…

        • I understand your frustration, but if we suppress expression of ideas by force, we will in a real sense become what they are. I don’t fear them in open debate. Now, it is perfectly legitimate to propose use of force to prevent them from silencing others.

        • Ahh, but Phil, at this point it’s no longer suppressing ideas with force that we’re considering. THEY are already doing that. We’re discussing the elimination by force of the suppression of ideas by force. We’ve already asked nicely, they said no, then set the place on fire. What we’re REALLY discussing is NOT waiting on the almighty gov to do its job, but to do the job of the restoration of Constitutional Law in These United States our own selves.

        • Serge – I have ZERO worries that the NKVD is going to show up at my door.

          Don’t fall for that boogeyman.

          You do realize that the US is the giant bully in the situation right? We’re the country with nukes up the wazoo and threatening to use them on any country who isn’t following our flavor of “western democracy” whilst simultaneously aiding and abetting various terrorist countries because they are our “allies”.

          And before you even ask: No, I don’t think the US would be the 3rd Reich or part of the Japanese Empire had WWII not been fought either.

      • The problem with your peaceful separation theory is that we tried that before. Then a war happened between 1861-1865 where one side forcibly brought the other side back in to the fold. It was called the American Civil War.

        No doubt those on the left would never tolerate a peaceful separation. Their whole ideology revolves around “moral” (their morals), self-righteous, sanctimonious, busy-bodying forcing their views down everyone’s throats. Whether it be nations or individuals, the left will not tolerate opposing views and will forcefully assimilate those against them through indoctrination or death.

        That means a peaceful separation is impossible because the left can’t leave anyone alone and will never leave us alone. They would always see us as a threat, a thorn in their side to their utopia. They would have to eliminate us since their ideology depends on 100% compliance.

  6. Liberals need to look at today’s Venezuela, that’s what the US will quickly become if they get their way.

  7. So I hear rumors that on November 4th the antifas are coming out of Mom’s basement and are going to physically assault anybody wearing or carrying an American flag. As a means of fomenting the Marxist revolution in America?

    Here’s the thing, people…if you plan to carry an American flag between now and when antifa immolates itself, consider a custom flagpole. Go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a four-foot section of 1 inch galvanized pipe. Paint that sucker bright white with Rustoleum. Screw a cap on the top that you have painted gold. Use that for your flagpole.

    When some antifa punks/thugs/fascists come for you and your flag, do NOT hit them in the head. Best practice, aim low, preferably kneecaps or shins. A good, solid strike to the shins with that flagpole will put ANYBODY on the ground. Move on to the next customer.

    Wearing a good Stars & Stripes bike helmet might be a good option as well.

    • “Wearing a good Stars & Stripes bike helmet might be a good option as well.”

      Good ideas, but make sure you add swimmer’s goggles to your protest self-defense loadout.

      That way, you won’t be incapacitated by the big can of bear pepper spray you’re using on the Leftists.

      And right before you jump into the melee, stream your smartphone video offsite and snatch those masks off them and record their faces for *uses* later after they are identified…


    • You need to be careful re helmets. As a motorcyclist I can tell you that while they provide protection, they also provide more torque for anything trying to twist your neck. (My experience in this regard is limited to, thankfully, wind, off-road brush and a jackass cousin who decided to play around.)

      If you wear one for this propose, make sure it’s a loose fit with some “give” in the straps. Bicycle and motorcycle helmets aren’t designed for combat use…

  8. Throughout history, it was those of the “intelligentia” who fomented and advocated “revolution by any means necessary”.
    It is time to reign in these bastions of “higher learning”…

    • Actually, no. Many of them tended to kill off the college professors and the educated, Hitler, Mao, etc.

      • I disagree…Many of these revolutions were spurred on by college students and those with money. The poor were too busy WORKING to support their families and didn’t have time for such “nonsense”. It is those real revolutionaries at the top who took advantage of the “useful idiots” (the spoiled college brats) and co-opted the “revolution” to further their own (communist) aims. The college types WERE instrumental in most revolutions…

        • It’s true that leaders of rebellions tend to come from among the educated. Some have understood this, Pol Pot being a good example. Once his regime seized power, they began murdering all the educated people to prevent the next revolution, further revolution being undesirable now that the right people, i.e., themselves, were in power. It’s what Orwell illustrated in 1984, where the “outer party” was under much more intense surveillance and control than the “proles.”

        • You can’t disagree with historical fact:

          “Adolf Hitler distrusted university professors and lecturers as he knew that by the very nature of their academic excellence that they could resist Gleichshaltung ( the coordination of the German population to do as the government wished so that they all thought in the same way). With a history of challenging accepted academic notions, professors were in Hitler’s mind a potential enemy.”

          Or Pol Pot:

          The ideology of Maoism has influenced many Communists, mainly in the Third World, including revolutionary movements such as Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge,[268] Peru’s Shining Path, and the Nepalese revolutionary movement. Under the influence of Mao’s agrarian socialism and Cultural Revolution, Cambodia’s Pol Pot conceived of his disastrous Year Zero policies which purged the nation of its teachers, artists and intellectuals and emptied its cities, resulting in the Cambodian Genocide.[269]

  9. I’ll speak for myself in saying that I welcome their attempt at their violent, Marxist revolution. Hopefully and probably, it will lead to their long overdue, and necessary, literal genocide. And yes, I’m serious. And no, this isn’t about my “disagreement “ and lack of “tolerance”. This is my understanding that these are domestic enemies. They are not fellow Americans, or our neighbors, colleagues, friends, or even, God forbid, our relatives. They are ENEMIES bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic through fundamental transformation. Conversely, they disagree/oppose is because we support the US Constitution, tradition and the intent of our Founders.

  10. Sometimes the only way to teach people is with hands on experience.

    I greatly feel we are fast approaching this point in time that this will happen.
    Just as I am sure many southern states fully believed most of the nation was pro slavery, and much of England believed most of the colonies were loyal to the Queen……

    Sometimes hands on experience breaks the intellectual bonds.

  11. Lord help these poor bastards should they ever leave the big cities that protect them and march on small working class towns. They’ll quickly find out that the laws that protect them in LA, Chicago, and NYC won’t do jack shit in the rest of the country.
    I believe they grossly overestimate the amount and type of support they’ll get from fly over country while monumentally underestimating the amount of resistance they will face. These fools haven’t a clue as to the types of people they will be attempting to defeat. They don’t understand that hunters take shots out to 500 yds or more as a recreational activity. Perish the thought that the veterans that support them only have BCT and AIT in a non combat MOS as their only military experience while their opposition sees combat troops from across at least 3 generations with tours in actual combat zones and actual experience gun fighting.
    I pray they aren’t dumb enough to move out from their cities, I pray they don’t start their “glorious revolution”, but if they must let it be in my time so that my children may know peace.

    • Yeah, the poor commie bastards have us surrounded… More than just veterans and hunters in just about every rural area… lots of well armed old ladies too. 🙂 It’s a real shame if they want to burn down the cities, but I’ll bet there will be plenty of resistance there too.

      Everybody here has done a thorough inventory of their “preps” this month? Yes? Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

      Oh, and the cameras, etc. are just fine, but I’m not going to count on that. It may be a freak show in the cities, but if it gets out here I’ll certainly need my rifle. I’m ready.

      • Oh I know there are plenty of well heeled ladies across the land. I wasn’t excluding the cities I just wasn’t focusing on them as a good portion of our largest cities have enacted enough gun control to force a more equal fight in terms of equipment.

        • “…have enacted enough gun control to force a more equal fight in terms of equipment”

          The only real limit to anyone’s “equipment” is their own imagination and how much they decide to ALLOW the controllers to influence their choices. “Gun control” doesn’t work at all for criminals, and it doesn’t work well at all to control anyone else who cares to resist. Life is all about choices, and everything is a choice. Even choosing to do nothing is a choice. 🙂

          I choose to defend myself and my community.

  12. There will be no revolution. There will be no uprising. This picture is the perfect truth of it. Look at it, 3, maybe 4 people even remotely capable of violence. And “capable” is highly suspect.
    What are the rest doing? Smiling, taking pics and video, having a fine time. This isn’t a revolution, it’s a freak show, it’s a train wreck, and everyone is just a gawker.

    • That’s what the British thought right up until the first shot fired at Concord and Lexington. No one (military and intelligence crowd excepted) expects revolution or war. Now there is an exception for those wars that had a long build up and became part of the social consciousness like North Korea in the 50s and today, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Iraq after invading Kuwait, and both Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11.

      • “That’s what the British thought right up until the first shot fired at Concord and Lexington. ”

        Please share what the current “antifa” movement has in common with the founding fathers.

        • Nothing… If anything they share more with the Imperial British of yore. I never said they were friends of liberty. I said the British never really expected the colonies to rise up until the first shots were fired. I wasn’t commenting in favor of either side in the fight merely stating the no one expects wars or revolutions until they happen.

        • ATFAgentBob,
          There was more than a little fear among the British that a rebellion was fomenting. The increased troops Patrick Henry complained of were the result of just that.
          But that’s actually not important. The important thing is the difference. Many of the rebels were relatively wealthy. Many had significant holdings, both in land and capital. Many were veterans of war and skirmishes, and all were armed, and some extremely well armed (yay cannons!) And moreover, they were leaders of the business and military communities at large.
          Compare that with the current communist movement in the US, and you’ll see why I asked the question of what they shared in common. Nothing, they share nothing in common.
          Which is why there will be no rebellion. These people are not brave, they are not strong, they are not armed, they are not tested, and they are not respected. They are a laughing stock and a diversion, and nothing more.

        • Yes it is true they upped the military presence as a show of force to hopefully dissuade a revolt. The commanders and troops never thought the revolution would actually come to blows and that if it did come to blows it would be quickly crushed by their superior might. I mean you’d have to be crazy to challenge THE most powerful army in the world and the most vast empire in the world with only 13 colonies and an army made up of farmers, hunters, and trappers. Even if they had proven effective against the French and the Indians out on the frontier because you know even back then the French were a laughing stock apparently.
          My statement honestly wasn’t to try to inflate the threat the modern communists pose to our Republic but to merely be a warning that no empire ever expects to fall or face revolution. One should maintain preparations for such events. I’m not saying prep for it like there’s no tomorrow but merely keep yourself apprised of the situation and maintain proficiency with your chosen weapons systems should the need to fight a rebellion or invasion surface. Sure, they aren’t a threat to your life just yet but they could develop into one should they really start to pursue a more militant method of change.

      • Bundy Ranch was the modern equivalent Concord Bridge. The spontaneous armed citizen militia that came from all over the country to oppose government tyranny was hardly communist.

  13. “So I hear rumors that on November 4th the antifas are coming out of Mom’s basement and are going to physically assault anybody wearing or carrying an American flag.”

    Ever take a look at the current US Military uniforms? 1.2 Million Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Air Force members…really bad idea.

    • That’s because it is made up propaganda. November 4th was stated to be for peaceful rallies, but right wing whackos turned it into “attempted revolution” despite no evidence.

        • You are correct. However, Antifa types WILL be wearing “white supremacist” regalia themselves…an old Alinsky tactic…demonize your enemy (by fomenting violence)…

  14. Well this shit isn’t going to get better if the commies are continued to beat people just for having a differing opinion. They should have been dealt with at first sign of violence. Sadly this won’t end well for anyone involved. They will get taken care of and their buddies on capital hill will try to take our guns away again… still. As of we are supposed to let their weak argument be stronger because it’s backed with baseball bats and flag poles with nails on the end.

  15. Just to clarify what it will take to win a “civil war”….

    Eliminating the Antifa and such other useful fools who may take to the street to do serious violence is winning the battle. The war would only be won when the real perpetrators are also eliminated or deported.

    The Communist Party USA has been working here for near 100 years. They have managed to place fellow travelers into positions of power in most institutions in America. Consider who they are; they will not be on the streets they will be setting their offices in Universities, media, law firms, court houses, legislatures, schools, corporations, financiers to name some. Churches also?

    Unless those communists/marxists who are the leaders, who provide ideas, direction and money are removed you only kick the can down the road. They will continue their work and produce another generation of Antifa to take to the streets that your children and grand children will have to deal with.

    The problem with the above is, most American conservatives are not the kind of people who can or will walk into an office and in cold blood shoot the communist setting behind the desk. Until that happens things will continue as they are, only worse.

    Be Prepared!

  16. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt . . .”
    – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

  17. Contrary to published reports, the Soviet Union did not fall. It merely transferred its capital to San Francisco, its political commissars occupied almost every university in America while its propaganda ministers, well-trained in American universities, successfully infiltrated the MSM.

    When a West Pointer can advertise his communist ideology with no fear of retaliation, we can see how far and fast things have gone downhill.

    The communists are doing so well by subversion that I actually hope they become more direct and violent. It will mean their undoing. And their deaths.

    • Antifa members will be easy to spot. They have to travel in groups of at least three. One who read. One who can write. And the third to keep a watch over those dangerous intellectuals.

  18. Nothing of consequence will happen on 11/4. There is enought food and TV and porn for all to enjoy still.

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