Illinois Rep. Urges Constituents to Use Firearms Restraining Orders to Grab Friends’ and Relatives’ Guns

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Denyse Wang Stoneback is the Illinois House Representative for the Land o’ Lincoln’s 16th District north of Chicago. A longtime gun control advocate, Rep. Stoneback founded something called People for a Safer Society.

The PSS site says . . .

People for a Safer Society is a gun violence prevention organization that was founded in early 2013, shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. The organization aims to educate people and raise awareness on gun violence. 

The organization facilitates education, awareness and advocacy that can make a difference on local, state, and federal levels. In addition to pushing for common sense gun laws, People for a Safer Society informs communities about non-legislative solutions, such as divestment from gun manufacturers.

People for a Safer Society is based in Skokie, Illinois, and has engaged communities throughout the Chicagoland area.

In short, Stoneback appears to be a Shannon Watts wannabe who wasn’t successful or savvy enough to catch the eye (or the wallet) of a big bucks benefactor like Michael Bloomberg. She was able, however, to parlay her gun control advocacy into a Chicago Tribune endorsement and a seat in the Illinois House.

One of the gun control measures Rep. Stoneback helped push over the line before being elected was the Firearms Restraining Order Act, Illinois’ version of a red flag confiscation law. Once in office, she helped expand the law so that more people, including ex spouses and those with common children, can drop a dime on a gun owner and move to confiscate their firearms.

Now Rep. Stoneback is taking steps to make sure that all of her constituents know about the law and can easily petition a court to grab the guns of someone they know and love (or just someone with whom they have a beef).

Reader AJ who lives in Morton Grove got this flyer from Rep. Stoneback in the mail yesterday. Here’s the other side . . .

Because what good is creating a way for just about anyone to disarm someone they know if no one is aware of it?

We contacted Rep. Stoneback’s office trying to confirm the authenticity of the mailer (because Photoshop is a thing). We left a message for her Chief of Staff, Richard Moran. So far, Mr. Moran hasn’t returned our call, but the mailer certainly looks authentic and we’ll assume that it is until and unless we hear otherwise.

As the flyer states (after quoting the bogus statistic that the Highland Park July 4th shooting was the 322nd mass shooting so far this year) . . .

If you know a person in crisis, you can prevent a gun tragedy. Family and household members can request a FRO from the courts directly, and anyone can request that a FRO be filed through law enforcement to temporarily remove guns and prevent the purchase of new guns by individuals who pose a significant risk of harm to themselves and others. 

Of course, the Illinois law, like virtually every red flag confiscation law, is a due process-free affair. The target of the confiscation order isn’t informed until police arrive to grab his or her guns. Only then can they respond in court and try to prove that, in fact, they aren’t a danger to anyone and should have their firearms returned.

As Rep. Stoneback claims in the flyer . .

Research shows these laws are effective when people are aware of them and use them properly, and countless mass shootings, homicides, and suicides have been prevented nationwide. (emphasis added)

If we get a call back from Mr. Moran, we’re anxious to ask him exactly what research the is mentioned in the flyer and whether it’s was bought and paid for by Everytown, Giffords, Brady, or some combination thereof. We aren’t holding our breath waiting for the phone to ring, though.

Rep. Stoneback obviously wants to make it as easy as possible for her constituents to swear out a complaint and grab someone’s — anyone’s — guns, so she’s included handy-dandy QR codes to make the process smoother. Unfortunately, they don’t work.

It looks like Rep. Stoneback hasn’t paid to activate the codes. At least not yet. Oopsie.







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    • I doubt she’s desperate. Got a good gig & protection if she wants it. Just a typical ILL annoy Dim…

  1. We need to hold politicians accountable for their actions. This is clearly an abuse of red flag and restraining orders. The politician is asking that constituents falsely report folks in an effort to confiscate firearms. Where’s the due process? Where’s the reporting via the context of the law? It’s crap like this that we continue to let politicians get away with, which emboldens them to continue to abuse the system of law.

    • That right dumbazz illinois democRat…Let’s presume a firearm is in the wrong hands and you grab it. That leaves the wackadoodle with silent bricks, bats, knives, forks, hatchets, gasoline, poisons, handcuffs, ropes, chains, feet, fists, hammers and noisy chainsaws, vehicles, etc.

    • How about the constituents report all of the Democraps in the Illannoy legislature, and get their guns taken away. How about from Wang herself? If she’s like the rest of the hypocrites, she’s surely got some of her own.

    • We can’t really call it “abuse” of a red flag law, can we?. (Of restraining orders, that’s another matter.) She’s just making sure that it gets used exactly as she and her allies intended: to harass, intimidate, possibly bankrupt, and eventually disarm law-abiding gun owners, without due process. (Criminals and head cases, not so much)

      Rusty’s right: red flag laws are unconstitutional on their face; though we can’t expect a ruling on that from SCotUS any time soon, much less compliance from the system.

  2. Red flag laws are clearly an unconstitutional abuse perpetrated by the anti-gun tyrants of the Democrat party. Anyone who anonymously red flags someone needs to be doxed so that everyone knows who did it, the victims of this abuse need to be able to face their accusers.

    • Anyone else see the foolhardiness of pitting unarmed persons against those with firepower?

      An intentional provocation to cause a scene for the optics. Early elections commence from rooftops, when?

      • The “unarmed person” (who might actually be armed, just spiteful and cowardly) gets to hide in anonymity, sending the police to do the dirty work. I’m sure the cops prefer to go after the guns _en_masse_, pointing loaded weapons, in the wee hours; so it’s basically SWATting the unsuspecting victim.

  3. People for a Safer Society is a gun violence prevention organization

    We need to start a “Guns for a Safer Society” as a people-on-people violence awareness/prevention organization… Best way to make a “GUN” violence point? Gather 100 anti-gunners in a room then walk in and toss an AR on the floor then step back and watch as their eyes fill with terror, then wonder and finally amazement when they realize the gun is not going to jump and start killing everyone in the room. Of course, the consensus will probably be “it’s a trained gun” or some other dumb shit so, Never Mind…

    • Or as I said once before, toss an AR on to the floor and take one of their children by the neck until they whimper just a bit. Then we’ll see who the true anti-gunner is. I bet it won’t be the parents of that child.

      Similar to another issue going on with the Trans mental illness. Denying the true nature of a thing does not make it so.

      • I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around a parent that names their child ‘Denyse’.

        They probably thought it was a trendy and ‘hip’ mis-spelling of ‘Denise’, while in reality it reads as ‘Dense’… 🙂

  4. I think we need more gun violence. Against anti gun people who would abuse the law for their own political ends.

    • That time I saw her speaking? And the way her security guards LOOKED AT ME? I was so frightened I was shaking as I left the building. Thank you for sending on this informative flyer. Now I just need to get the names of her security detail. It will be such a relief to get guns away from these angry men.

  5. Hitler did this too. He wanted people to ‘inform’ on their neighbors if they were not ‘good germans’ or were gay or jewish or other ‘undesirables’. He wanted kids to inform on their parents and friends. Hitler said it was for the ‘safety of the german people’.

    the only difference here is, well, none actually its just the ‘mechanics’ of it that are different.

    • “Snitch on your neighbor, get an extra cup of rice” is still a thing in Cuba… In North Korea it’s snitch on your neighbor share a bullet through the brain cause the “Leader” needs that cup of rice as a side for his filet mignon and lobster.

      • “In North Korea it’s snitch on your neighbor share a bullet through the brain…”

        The current reality there is far different. The way it now works is, if the security apparatus picks you up, you can bribe the cop to have poor vision. Corruption is so endemic that the low level authorities are starving along with the rabble. That makes it easy to get away with a lot of stuff, and many people there have a side-hustle or 3 to make some extra money…

  6. Anyone can request an FRO through law enforcement?
    So everybody jam the phones requesting an FRO for Stoneback and every other FRO advocate.

    VOIP+Tor+text to speech=hilarity

  7. It occurs to me that the (dis)Honorable Rep forgot to add an I to her PSS acronym…as in PISS. Her adds could be: “Illinois where you can legally PISS away other people’s Rights in the anonymous safety of your own home”

  8. Just imagine if they used all the time, money and energy goin after the thugs with the guns! Whoops, almost forgot, that’s not who they wanna disarm!

  9. I have serious concern and fear that Denyse Wang Stoneback poses a significant risk of harm to herself and others with access to a gun. I don’t live in Illinois, so which police department do I call to report this so a temporary FRO will be issued so an armed police force will show up at her home and ransack it looking for a gun ’cause I said so?

    This whole thing is ripe for ‘swatting’ type misadventures and injury/death. Neighbor pisses you off, get a temporary FRO via your local police department so an armed police force will show up at their home and ransack it looking for a gun ’cause you say so. No need to even be telling the truth, no justification needed just a you think or feel and saying “they said…” with no proof at all. Want to get even with an ex? Make a call and get a temporary FRO. How about that boss at work who is a PITA? Make a call and get a temporary FRO.

    No one will know its you, its completely confidential and they will not tell it was you, no proof no problem, no ‘probable cause’ no problem…. no constitution, now that’s a problem.

  10. Did no one got the memo about CNN dumping Stelter? dacian and Minerva will probably be in mourning for the next few days at least and we should all give them deference during their process… Hmmm..chuckle…tee-hee.. haahaaaaahaaaaaaHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAA.. Just kidding, not about Stelter, he’s ABSOLUTELY gooooooooonnnnnnnneeeeee… But the REST BWAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… OBTW: Magistrate Reinhardt has ordered release of the Trump Raid affidavit; DOJ must submit redaction requests by next Thursday.

    • Stelter probably could have made it a few more years if Trump was still president. His presidency was a gift to CNN. The walls are closing in! For real this time!!

  11. Figures a female Chinaman would come up with something sleazy like that………

    Anybody stupid enough to do that better remember don’t do it to that relative you’re always “borrowing” money from so you can continue sitting on your rump watching tv.

    • Stoneback was born in Skokie, Illinois. Her father was an engineer who immigrated from China and her mother was an ESL teacher at Mather High School.

      In the 2022 Democratic primary, Kevin Olickal defeated Wang Stoneback June 28, 2022.

      Olickal is on the ballot in the general election on November 8, 2022, running for election to the Illinois House of Representatives to represent District 16.

      Stoneback is on her way out of office, shes using her position now to set her up for a grab at Bloomberg type money after she leaves office by setting up a front organization like Shannon Watts did so she can keep getting a paycheck.

  12. Here are some stats for you, from California, published in 2021:

    Five years ago, California became one of the first states in the nation to enact a so-called red flag gun law, allowing family members and police officers to ask a court to block those believed to be a risk to themselves or others from having firearms. Now, as other legislatures weigh adopting similar laws, state officials said Friday that a record 1,285 gun-violence restraining orders were issued by judges in California last year, temporarily removing firearms from people deemed a danger.

    Though many courts were operating under restrictions or remotely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they received petitions for the orders at a greater rate than the year before, when guns were taken from 1,110 people.

    • I find it ironic the flyer says that research shows “countless mass shootings, homicides, and suicides have been prevented nationwide.” They really are countless tragedies, because they never happened, so you can’t actually count them or whether the prevention worked. And maybe they would have happened, maybe they would not have, maybe they still did happen anyway. Pre-crime doesn’t work well unless the goal is to just lock everyone or everything up as guilty just in case.

      Just going by general violence/murder rates as we regularly see doesn’t usually correlate with any policies.

      They need to prove that Bob was going to kill, they took his guns away, and so he didn’t. They took Fred and Jim’s guns too, but they weren’t really going to kill, so was the law good, or… Overkill? Meanwhile no one took Sam’s guns and he killed his wife and kids before offing himself. Is that one success and three fails?

      I don’t understand why red flag laws are singularly focused on removing guns, not other weapons or risks, or the risky individual. Other than accomplishing Dem’s goals of reducing the number of firearms that is.

      • “I don’t understand why red flag laws are singularly focused on removing guns.”

        I don’t either. But I can make an educated guess.

  13. I think Little Miss lost her primary election to a challenger. She’s a freaking lunatic.

  14. Wake-up and smell the coffee. It’s not just the U.S. that has lost their minds. We’ve had the falling away, now they are turning the nations against each other. They are trying to adopt the programmable digital dollar and the president came out and said “ We are on the cusp of a New World Order”. Part of that is to disarm us so we can’t fight it. Letting all the illegal aliens in to displace us. Making what is an abomination to God the law of the land. Repent, turn away from your sin. God is faithful to forgive. We are living in the generation of the fig tree. Why do you think they need 87,000 armed IRS agents?

  15. “People for a Safer Society is based in Skokie, Illinois, and has engaged communities throughout the Chicagoland area.”

    Given the recurring double digits weekend body counts in Chiraq, it appears that Ms. Wang’s society is having no impact.

    Besides her “society” you might find her legislative “accomplishments” interesting:
    (Adds additional “crimes/incidents” to “red flag laws”.
    (Raises the amount stolen to become a felony and removes previous theft/robbery with violence from sentence enhancement)
    HB 4296:
    (Prohibits firearms carry even with a CHL in State Forests)
    (Commits to passing meaningful legislation that will prevent people filled with hate from obtaining the means by which to end innocent lives.)

    The list goes on; she’s a true believer in BS.

  16. Why would anyone use a paid service to generate a QR code? Last I checked they’re literally just a variant of barcodes that (generally) holds URLs instead of product names.

  17. All back stabbin people better concern Themselves with the term “end of sentence”, especially in red flag situations… revenge is a dish best served cold…

  18. Wang Stoneback, thats a funny way to spell Fidel Castro.
    Firearmnm’s Owner Identification Card
    They dont know how to spell Confistication either.

  19. Falsely reporting someone has threatened to use violence is a crime of violence within itself. basically the equivalent of SWATing someone, which in the past has gotten the victim(s) and the officers killed. “Red Flag” laws are probably the most unconstitutional laws created, even more than gun laws or taxes… Why didn’t she just publish a manifesto on how to get your relatives, friends and neighbors killed?

  20. For a violent person who wants to commit an assault or robbery, this is a convenient way to have the police make sure your target is disarmed before you get there. If an abusive ex-boyfriend wants to show up without fear of being shot at, this works out very well.

  21. I foresee a big market opportunity for “safe houses” in which to store firearms away from red flag prying eyes.

  22. violating the human
    and constitutional rights
    of law abiding citizens
    is ok
    when democrats do it

  23. She should be advising her constituents to arm themselves so they can defend themselves from the lawlessness Democrat soft-on-crime policies have unleashed.

  24. Before he was elected, Rep. Stoneback helped pass the Firearms Restraining Order Act, which is Illinois’ version of a “red flag” law that takes guns away from people who break the law. Once she was in office, she helped change the law so that more people, like ex-spouses and people with children in common, can pay a gun owner money and try to take their guns away.
    snow rider 3d

  25. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) was “swatted” early Wednesday morning after an unknown person filed a fake shooting report that led police to respond at Greene’s home, authorities said.

    Yeah, let’s let complete strangers take control of our lives anonymously without consequence on their part… Good times.

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