Last week we awarded one of our prestigious IGOTD trophies to the Osage County, OK Sheriff based on a report of an incident in which an officer negligently fired off a couple of rounds, wounding two of Barnsdall’s finest. It turns out that the real culprit in the shooting (who wasn’t named in the original report) was actually Officer Danny Couffer of the Barnsdall PD. Officer Couffer has since resigned. Thanks to Louise Red Corn of for setting us straight. And our apologies to OC Sheriff Ty Koch and his boys for the undeserved award.


  1. WOW, that’s what we call a RCE. Resume Creating Event. Not exactly food for a successful career in law enforcement. Glad the officers weren’t killed!

  2. Ouch that sucks.. I wonder if the department will be sending their officers back to the range for more training.

  3. I wonder how many officers will be shot by their own (friendly fire or unfriendly) versus how many are shot by registered permit holders this year.

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    • Bro did you read? The officer whose rifle went off was a city cop. Koch is the county sheriff, not the Barnsdall police chief. Therefore it is pretty obvious that Koch did not hire the city police officer.

  6. Internet sucks.
    They may want to give an IGOTD award to the guy who hired and trained the talented and gifted officer.

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