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Remember kids, only the police and the military are sufficiently trained and skilled with firearms to own and carry them. That’s why we need more common sense gun controls to do something about the fact that so many Americans own guns.

The next time someone in the gun control industry pulls that old “argument” out of their arsenal of tired justifications for disarming civilians, remember this story from Idaho.

Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland didn’t appreciate a girls church group who had been taping “turkey thank you” notes to doors in his neighborhood before Thanksgiving. After affixing a thank-you to his door, they rang his doorbell and then ran down the street.

As reports . . .

Investigators with the attorney general’s office reviewed footage captured by the sheriff’s Ring doorbell camera, including a video that shows the girls taping the turkey to the door and running away.

In the video, Rowland steps outside, looks at the note, and appears to read the words “thank you” aloud. 

“That’s frickin’ bullsh–,” the sheriff says in the video, before calling to his wife to “get my gun.” 

When the girls passed his house, driven by their church group leader, the sheriff stopped the car.

She said Rowland looked into the car, pointed his gun at her, then pointed it at two girls sitting in the front passenger seat. The sheriff then aimed the gun back at her, the woman said, and told her to “get the f– out of the car,” the woman reported. 

As she moved to put the vehicle in park, the woman said, Rowland grabbed her by the hair, yanked her from the car, and aimed his gun at her face, holding it just inches from her forehead. 

Multiple girls inside the car reported hearing the sheriff ask the woman who she was and say “I will f—-shoot you,” according to investigators.

The woman had apparently gown up next door to the sheriff and “considered him a family friend.” She identified herself, but it didn’t seem to do any good.

“That’s when I really got scared because the gun was still at my head and he didn‘t know who was,” she said, according to the affidavit.

He eventually calmed down and let the woman and the girls go. Now, after an investigation by the state attorney general, he’s been charged with felony counts of aggravated battery and aggravated assault, along with a misdemeanor count of exhibition or deadly use of a weapon.

As for an explanation of his behavior . . .

Rowland said he had had one alcoholic drink earlier in the night, but was not drunk or impaired.

“I had all of my facilities with me, I was clear as a freakin bell,” he told investigators.

Rowland told investigators that the recent time change had “really messed me up” and said he was on edge because of interactions he and his wife previously had with members of the community.

“I have been doing this job for 36 years. I’ve had drunk Indians drive down my cul-de-sac. I’ve had drunk Indians come to my door,” he said. “I live just off the reservation, we have a lot of reservation people around us who are not good people.”

You can probably imagine how well that comment has been received. After a leave of absence during the investigation, Sheriff Rowland is now reportedly back on the job, awaiting trial.




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        • First degree assault with a firearm. He could be looking at many years in prison (like a decade). That might be excessive, but he definitely needs some prison time for this.

        • Law enforcement officers must be held to a higher standard of behavior as the right to self defense against criminal acts by law enforcement officers is severely impaired.
          A federal firewood cop trespassed on private property and threatened my wife and children with his handgun by aiming it at her and our baby in a car seat.
          After asking him if he knew at whom he pointed his pistol, he assured me that he knew exactly.
          I asked him why, then, he threatened my wife and our baby with his pistol. No answer.
          He took me into custody and booked me into jail. I was released 16 days later on a petition for a writ of habeas corpus.
          Watch out in the northern counties of Idaho and of northeastern Washington as the law enforcement establishment is a law unto itself.

      • He needs a lawyer. He needs to write his resignation letter. He needs a wife who won’t bring his gun without asking “Why?”

    • He needs a bullet if you ask me.lts a shame that he didnt point his weapon at the right church youth leader and get his ass smoked. Cops bitch and moan because they are hated but its situations like this that turn people against them. I hope at the very least that the court system does its job and holds him accountable .

    • No, the fatfuckin’ piece of shit needs to be waterboarded in urine! Where do they find these fucking mouthbreathers? And what’s with all of these fatfucks in law enforcement anyway?

    • He was clearly drunk. Regardless, he should be fired and his pension should be forfeited. But alas, since life isn’t fair, I expect that none of the above will likely occur.

  1. Seize his firearms. That’s what would happen to us, pending the trial. He gets them back, if he’s acquitted. Convicted, never possess a firearm again.

    • Instead he is out on his own recognizance and back on duty as Sheriff. The governor should remove him. Even if a jury of his friends and supporters acquits him, or his judge buddy dismisses the charges, he should not be restored as Sheriff.
      No criminal conviction is necessary for the governor to suspend or to remove a sheriff.

  2. Well if you’re so damn twitchy that something like ‘daylight savings time’ can set you off then you need to be fired immediately for the safety of everyone else.

      • Please check Idaho Statutes 59-901. There are a host of reasons that he can be “fired” or relieved / removed from his Office and responsibilities…not all of them rely on a conviction, after due process, through the judicial system.

      • Sheriffs can be suspended or removed by the governor. They can be arrested and held in jail pending trial.

  3. It seems to be a common misconception that people in positions of responsibility are immune to what life brings to the rest of us. Judges making ludicrous, horrible decisions from the bench. Law enforcement officers losing any semblance of rational thought and behavior. Welcome to aging and it happens to different people in different ways and at different times.

  4. Well ain’t that a hoot! What if that had been a native American driving the car would that stupid asshole shot her? Sounds like that was a big possibility. Ide be willing to bet he would have arrested her. Stupidity on his part all the way. Committed a felony and proves he and probably his wife are just racist pigs.

    • You’ve obviously never lived around Indians. At some point after observing them for a while you will ask yourself “Is this really happening or am I just a racist”. I’ll clue you into something, it is really happening but observing that makes you a racist for some reason or another.

  5. Yep and like in all segments of society there are good and bad Sheriffs and these are the primary people authorized to approve gun permits in most States and too many of them relish denying others the right to carry a gun. Go figure!

  6. If TTAG ever brings back the “should have been a Defensive Gun Use” column this is a prime example. If this jackass would have pulled this stunt a few counties north it’s likely the story would have ended differently.

  7. “I had all of my facilities with me…”

    So the good sheriff hauls a portable water closet along whenever he goes on a bender–novel idea.

  8. That’s just horrifying. While it is true that ding-dong-ditch is not appreciated, even when it is from good kids doing something good, this is over the top felony WTF behavior. He hated the cheerful note because he was in a grumpy mood and then carried that grumpiness to a full on “I’m going to jack them hard” and then went and did it. There is no way that an ordinary citizen would get a pass on this and a LEO needs to be held to an even higher standard. He should be on unarmed desk duty until he can be fired.

  9. Did this dude wash a fistful of Ambien down with a fifth of Jack and fall asleep at 4 in the afternoon watching The Revenant? “THANK YOU?! WTF!!?!? HEY COUSIN WIFE!! GET ME MY MAGA EDITION TAURUS JUDGE RIGHTCH-MEOW!! THOSE DAGGUM INJUNZ R AT IT AGAIN!!!”

  10. This is a great example of why I say the police should be disarmed. The police have demonstrated that they are incapable or unwilling to follow the United States Constitution they swore to uphold and protect. Their willingness to stand down and allow American cities to be burned to the ground, while murder rape and Mayhem go on unchallenged by government authorities. This Shows you can’t trust them.

    There is no reason for an American police officer to carry a firearm. I believe the only weapon they should carry is a good old-fashioned nightstick.

    Perhaps with training and documented proof of their decision making skills and demonstration of good moral character and self-control. Perhaps then they can be allowed to carry a loaded firearm.

    Every rookie police officer needs to prove they are worthy enough to be issued a firearm. After 12 months, their first firearm should only be a 5 or 6-shot revolver. Two or three years later, Maybe if they last long enough, they can be allowed to carry a 15 round semi auto handgun.

    If they do something stupid. Their firearm is confiscated. And it’s back to carrying only a nightstick.

    • You are almost as looney as this drunken copper. He should have his piece taken away until after the trial. NO excuse. Sould have run a BAC on this clown right away. SURE he had all his “facilities” about him. Drunker’n an old skink. That was crazy talk, and should cost him his job. He should be tried in a court where the jury is not aware he is/was a law enforcement officer. Only way they will be “neutral”. At that point he was no diferent than the guy next door to him. What if HE (the eighbour) had “gone off”like this stellar example of an upright LEO? That guy’d have taken a ride downtown in a cruiser, been booked, BAC taken, and charged with drunk in public and in possession of a firearm when je’s too drunk to know what he was doing. THEN add the battery, assault, unlawful detainment, kidnapping (five counts), brandishing, makeht lethal threats with no grounds, and a few more such things the mormal DA will invent.
      Shold be end of the trolley line for this “law enforcement” officer. The Department needs to can im right away. Bad reputation for the department to carry trash like this on their payroll.

      • Take a deep breath and employ spell check after each rant. We’ll still know you’re an idiot but you won’t appear quite as illiterate…..

      • vigilante

        “a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.”

        Like when the cops are orderd to stand down.

        • when the cops are ordered to stand down, what is needed is the well-regulated militia.

          which is exactly what “2nd supporters” reject.

        • to rant7
          The roof Koreans were vigilantes. And there is nothing wrong with that. They were not a well-regulated militia. And they did not hurt anyone when they were successful at protecting themselves, and their private property from rioters. Who were allowed to riot. Because the Los Angeles Police Department have been ordered to stand down.

        • “The roof Koreans … were not a well-regulated militia”

          might want to look into that. south koreans are culturally militantly organized against boolsheviks and that carries over into civilian life. they practice the militia principles that we were supposed to.

    • In this particular instance, it’s important to note that he is not “police” but the duly elected County Sheriff.

      • Sheriffs can be suspended or removed by the governor, arrested by the governor’s organized militia (state police), held in jail pending legal proceedings.

    • Chris T in KY

      I’ve been a police officer in three separate cities in two different states and not once did I swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. You’re confusing the police for the military which is ironic since the police confused themselves for the military.

      The police do not operate independently of political control. If they’re told to stand down they do not have a choice in the matter. If the police choose to disregard the political chain of command then they themselves become vigilantes despite being in uniform.

      • Not sure what State(s) you’ve worked in.

        Sheriff’s in Montana are covered under the “elected official” provisions in the State Code. They do swear or affirm to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Same for their Deputies. A quick survey shows that most of the Police jurisdictions in the State also administer an Oath of Service which covers upholding the Constitution.

        • A retired Minnesota police officer told me that they did not swear to support the US Constitution or the constitution of the State of Minnesota.
          Without the oath or affirmation they are mere security guards, having no more authority than private citizens.

    • Sheriffs can be suspended or removed by the governor. They can be arrested and held in jail pending trial.

  11. I can understand this reaction if it was thugs vandalizing his house, but girls posting “thank you” notes? When I was a kid, we called a guy like this an “a*hole.”

    He should lose his job.

  12. ““I had all of my facilities with me, I was clear as a freakin bell,” he told investigators.”
    Well sheriff, you may have had all of your facilities, but how do you explain your bad character?
    Oh! you say the time change made you do it! Well you’re too feeble to carry a weapon or pose as a LEO.

  13. This mans a hero! It’s about time someone started fighting back against holiday cheerorists! How many more specific calendar days will be marred by well wishing messages callously taped to the doors of the innocent before the sheeple wake up and admit this is a war!

  14. I sure hope that the jury finds that Sheriff guilty of felony aggravated assault and battery as well as the misdemeanor weapon charge (which should be a felony weapon charge in my opinion).

    I would also like to see that Sheriff charged and convicted of kidnapping (for yanking the woman out of the car) as well as unlawful detainment.

  15. An unpleasant truth is that, IF we are going to be 2A supporters, we have to come to terms with the fact that some people will abuse the right . . . as this incredible moron apparently did. He seems to be guilty of at least one felony, probably two, also bad judgement and poor firearm safety discipline. I wouldn’t want this moron as a neighbor, let alone my local sheriff. I hope a jury finds the facts support a guilty verdict for his apparently felonious conduct, he is run out of office, and spends some instructive time in the penal institutions of his state. Oh, and if he is found guilty, he’ll never be able to purchase a firearm again. I’m OK with that result, in this case.

    • “IF we are going to be 2A supporters, we have to come to terms with the fact that some people will abuse the right”

      lots of “2nd supporters” view their rights as being absolute – meaning they can do no wrong by definition.

      • Do expand how you think “2nd supporters” absolute rights equating not being able to do wrong.

        • read their posts here. they and no-one else are the arbiters of right and wrong.

          grid down the “2nd defenders” will be the biggest gun-grabbers of all time.

  16. obviously beginning to suffer dementia.

    but what you need to keep in mind is that lots of preppers/survivalists specifically intend to act exactly precisely this way themselves first chance they get. they’ll talk about “constitutional rights” but in their minds that’s about themselves – everyone else is just an intrusion onto THEIR rights.

  17. Maybe everyone would be happier if we just go back to the pre-1960 GMT wherein midnight changed every day based on when the first point of the constellation Aries became visible on the horizon at Greenwich, England.

    • I was told.
      ” The reason we have daylight savings time is so that trains coming from the east won’t hit trains coming from the west. ,,,And that was before airplanes ! ! !”

  18. Germany does an in depth psychological tests on applicants for police work so they can prevent nut cases like this sheriff from ever getting a job in law enforcement. I have met many cops just like this sheriff and they were sadistic, brutal, psycho’s who were a danger not only to the community but to their own families as well.

    Chances are he will get only a slap on the wrist until the next time when he goes berserk and murders someone. He knows he has “qualified immunity” but if he would have murdered those white women even that might not have saved him. Only minorities are fair game for execution by cop. Such is life in Capitalvania.

  19. Now if this is accurate this Sheriff is definitely a racist & on drugs on his time off.
    I don’t say this lightly because I personally support the thin blue line.
    Bad judgment from of all people, a Sheriff…
    The one group of law enforcement that is the best at supporting the U S Constitution…

    • ” because I personally support the thin blue line”

      The thin blue line must run a distant second to upholding his oath of office. The man has violated that oath, and that blue line must disown him – unless they are all oath breakers.

  20. The next time someone in the gun control industry pulls that old “argument” out of their arsenal of tired justifications for disarming civilians, remember this story from Idaho.

    No good, they’ll remain conviced that, no matter how stupid, incompetent, lazy, mean, or vicious the police are, it must mean that the common man is even worse.

    Unless we’re talking about a career felon, of course, in which case the slightest failing by police only goes to demonstrate the criminal’s saintly nature.

  21. well, that’s a new one.

    Sheriffs, as politicians, have a higher tendency to be both crazy and feel immune to laws.

  22. He says he had a drink but was sober and clear headed. That’s almost assuredly a lie. Why even bring up drinking? Then he excuses his behavior because of those bad Indians.

    He can’t hide behind his bade. Anyone else does that they are going to be busted. He can be busted like everyone else who over-reacts and does something stupid.

  23. Hopefully he is evaluated for neurological and/or psychological conditions and/or physiological condition since he might have multiple conditions that might have been triggered by daylight savings time including possibly dementia.

  24. Just my opinion on this. The Sherriff should be either in jail awaiting trial, or out on bond with his firearms in police/Serriff’s office custody/storage. Should also be on unpaid administrative leave until trial as well.
    Most of us out in the real world do realize and understand with the freedom to keep and bare arms means some people will misuse them as well. We understand with those rights do come responsibilities. The Sherriff acted in an irresponsible and inappropriate manner. Having done so, he should suffer whatever consequences the jury or judge in his trial deems appropriate.

  25. There but for the grace of god etc.etc. In a society where the use of firearms is treated in such a casual manner, as a matter of right what do you expect? A law enforcement Officer in a democracy only reflects the society in which he polices. I cannot believe that this was the first act of idiocy by this Law Enforcement Officer or the first act of obvious drunkenness either. So you citizens who voted him in or voted for the people who employed bloody well FESS up and take some responsibility.

  26. He’s been charged by the AGO with Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Battery. Both are felonies so he’ll be removed from office as he should be. He admitted to the incident so he’s not going to be able to argue that it didn’t occur. He’s obviously bigoted towards Native Nations and Peoples. If he’s in Montana or Wyoming he will be a former cop serving time with the
    same “ drunken Indians” that he won’t tolerate and can’t stand.

  27. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane* here needs to be locked up for the safety of the community. Just listen to his words:
    “‘Thank you,’ that’s frickin’ bullshit. Get my gun,” [I’ve got me some drunk Indians to kill, disguised as little girls from church]. “I have all of my facilities with me, I’m clear as a freakin bell,” [and that’s why I’m pointing my gun at little girls and threatening to kill them and their female church leader just for taping a “Thank You” note to my door, even though the female church leader I’m pointing a gun at was my next-door neighbor, but I’m too drunk or brain-addled from Daylight Savings Time to recognize her even after she told me her name].

    *For those too young to remember, Rosco P. Coltrane was the corrupt, crooked sheriff from the Dukes of Hazzard.

  28. Why are these guys 5 star generals, I know you have to have a chain of command, but they go right from Captain to General.

  29. Back on the job, awaiting trial?

    Isn’t there SOMETHING wrong with that picture?

    Oh, I’m sorry. Thin Blue Line. No matter how buttfok crazy a cop gets, you can’t touch him because the union protects him, his fellow cops protect him, the court protects him, he is simply untouchable.

    Just move along Citizens, there’s nothing to see here, nothing has happened, just go home and forget you’ve seen us here.

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