ID These Two Numnutz and Collect $5000

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This is a video of a gun store burglary in Ararat, Virginia that took place last weekend. The two Dillingers who broke into Rabbit Ridge Gun Shop and made off with fourteen heaters thought through their caper very carefully. They made sure to wear masks so they couldn’t be ID’d by the store’s security system.

What they apparently didn’t think of was the license plate on their truck.

If you embiggen the clip above, it looks like it reads CP 1834…or something close to that. Surely the crack G-men at the ATF can run that down, can’t they?

Or not. Maybe Harry and Lloyd were smaht enough to use a stolen plate. You wouldn’t think the ATF would have to go to the trouble of tweeting this over a week later and offering $5000 for info leading to the pair’s arrest.

If you finger them and collect the bounty, let us know what you plan to do with the cash.

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  1. I’m in. Looks like David Hogg with some cleverly placed padding to throw the cops off his scent. Can’t quite put my finger on the second guy… Maybe Alec Baldwin?

  2. Lots of possibilities here, among them:

    1. Its the ATF. They showed up for another warrant-less search and no one was around soooo….

    2. Its an anti-gun group trying to make points for their ‘storage’ nonsense.

    3. Nancy Pelosi needed some guns she could parade around in front of the cameras so she sent Hunter Biden and a buddy to get some.


    I doubt the license plate is stolen, could be though. But from what I can tell, considering how they pulled up in the light right in front of a camera and as disorganized ‘messy’ the truck bed is I doubt they gave this a lot of organizational thought beforehand beyond rip-open-door-and-take-guns. Anyway, not a lot of evidence of criminal master mind genius level thinking here.

  3. I wish I did know them—I wonder if the gun store would take a store credit? I could buy that Thompson or B.A.R. I’ve always wanted…

    On second thought, I couldn’t. Our governor just banned ‘high-capacity’ magazines and restricted ‘assault rifles’…

    Maybe I could buy ammo…at today’s prices, $5000 ought to get at least 60 rounds.

    D–n, after writing all this, I feel like robbing a gun store myself. That’s the problem with Gun Control, when you have it, it only pays to be a crook!

  4. “But if they are illegal how will they get guns I mean they can try but it will be illegal most people would never be able to find an illegal arms dealer that’s only in the movies if guns are illegal that’s it”

  5. “Surely the crack G-men at the ATF can run that down, can’t they?”

    Nah, they’re too busy going after honest FFL paperwork errors and unsuspecting citizens who had the temerity to buy more than one firearm at a time. Too many new criminals but not enough time. And now that all the new IRS agents are being asked to transfer down to the border to help the “administration” bring in more illegal aliens, all the feds are feeling the pinch.

  6. When tasked with harassing everyday folks over their lawful purchases through licensed FFL’s it’s a knocking team clad in armor.

    When tasked with what amounts to real police work, vehicle and perps caught on camera with clear plate visible, they reach out to the very people they’ve been harassing asking for help.

    Did they ask for the same help identifying the Chicago toots toting their Glocks with the giggle switches all over social media? Have they rounded them up and taken those oh-so-ebil-super-dangerous devices off the street?

    F the ATF.

  7. i live 15min from Rabbit Ridge. the guy that opened it was a dick head ass hole. that being said, i hate a thief and hope that these two will be caught. if they are not hitting gunshops im sure they are robbing folks in the community. there is a ton of meth made in that part of VA.

      • Your life must really suck if you need to get high from a mix of cold and flu tablets, cleaning products, and the lithium strip from a battery (supposedly a catalyst).

        Boxed wine would have to be a cheaper option.

  8. Burglary and robbery are not synonyms. Burglary is illegal entry of a structure or dwelling with the intent to commit a crime, usually theft. Robbery is the act of taking someone else’s property by force or the threat of force.

  9. That’s a couple of BAFTE agents, Dave and Steve. Nothing out of the normal here except no dogs, wives, or children were killed.

  10. Stupid store owner made it easy to break in.

    Door should have been dead-bolted from the inside, and the door knob attached with nylon bolts so they shear off should someone wrap a chain around the door knob and try to tear the damn door off with their truck…

  11. Whatbyou really meanis that some buffoon can’t be bothered to securehis store against casual thieves. That open door looks about as secure as my back door. He should bebanned for owningor selling firearms for life .It occurs to,me to be so bloody careless that it may even be an INSURANCE SCAM

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