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Fair enough. But even if gun rights activist Nikki Goeser had been carrying a gun on the night Hank Wise shot her husband, there’d be very little chance she’d been able to save her beloved by force of arms. You can not outdraw a drawn gun.

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  1. While I’m sure that she would not have able to save her loved one, she could have at least killed the badguy. Paybacks a bitch and angry chick with a gun and a dead hubby can be one mighty scarey BITCH.

  2. Gabe Suarez might disagree with you on that matter.

    Sure, a gun may be drawn, is the user paying attention though? Does he expect resistance? Are you going to stand there and take a shot or are you going to get off the X? What happens if he’s in your face? There’s already a gun in play, why not use his?

    By your logic, off-duty cops, or for that matter, regular cops should forget about carrying, because what if someone gets the drop on them?

    • I agree…that an anti-gunners argument. There are many instances of people fighting back with a firearm when one is being used against them. Look at Charles Augusto, the 72-year old Harlem restaurant supply owner here in NYC, who pull his shotgun on 4 robbers (one had a Glock) and killed two of them. And the pizza delivery guy in Illinois…I forget his name…shot a robber who had a gun to his head. This happens often because the robber nearly always gets the drop on you…that’s why he’s robbing you!

      Robbers expect compliance…not resistance. The history seems to indicate that robbers will run when confronted with a firearm. These two facts give defenders a significant chance at defending successfully.

      When a violent crime is being perpetrated on you, pulling your gun without hesitation and shooting the perpetrator is always the right thing to do.

  3. I will admit you can not out draw a drawn gun. You ca however distract a drawn gun and pull your own. As she even said she does not know if she would have been able to save him. No one will ever know and that thought has got to kill her every day. She and the rest of America’s citizens should be able to chose. And the second amendment does say we do.

  4. Tennessee’s law is written so that you are prohibited from drinking while carrying your legal firearm. I disagree with this. A legal adult permit holder should be responsible to police him or herself as far as sobriety ad firearms are concerned. A law for this is not necessary. And why is it every time a news organization shows individuals at a pistol range that they are busy rapid firing their weapons (while hitting nothing)? Makes them look crazy. Guess I answered my own question.

  5. The report is a bit misleading: there are more than just 5 other states where you can go in an alcohol-serving establishment while carrying. I don’t know how many, but while these states don’t explicitly allow it, they don’t criminalize it, and thus allow it. My home state of MN’s allows it and even allows one to drink while carrying.

    And Robert, I agree with the others that “You can not outdraw a drawn gun” is an anti-gunner’s sentiment. There is so much going on in a lot of confrontations that one can take advantage of a distracted assailant. Always? Of course not.

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