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See all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” portraits here.  Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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  1. I keep seeing these posted on the website, as if owning a gun is a crowning achievement. It is OK to be proud of your college and your volunteer work, but all it takes to own a gun is about $300. All it takes to get a CCW in most states is about $75.

    It is like being proud of your television set, or your discount laptop.

    • “all it takes to own a gun is about $300. All it takes to get a CCW in most states is about $75.”

      Let’s hear from everyone in Chicago, New York and D.C. (yadda, yadda, yadda) about how easy it is.

    • I’m just going to beat RF or whomever to the punch and give a big


      to you, sir. The point is that gun ownership does not equate being a part of a fringe group; gun owners are from both sexes, every race, creed, and walk of life. I’m sure you understand the point and that you’re just being facetious.

    • Dave – People are proud of practicing their 2A rights, not the materialistic ownership of the firearm. The “I Am a Gun Owner” pics show the wide range of people in this country that are doing just that. And hopefully will show those that are anti-2A that it’s not a right or left issue. These people are your neighbors, your attorney, your child’s teacher, the janitor at the school, your doctor and so on.

    • Low Budget Dave,

      The purpose of the “I am gun owner” posts is to demonstrate that gun owners represent a vast demographic, and not just the stereotypical old fat white guys (OFWG). Please refer to this post by RF the editor a few days ago for an explanation.

      Others would do good to read it as well, as one of the points is to not flame those submitting a picture and to be accepting of all demographics who support 2nd amendment rights.

      • Another point of all of this, in my opinion, is to put faces to gun ownership, to show these are real people with lives they are living and families they want to protect. These are the people that citizen disarmament will affect. Street criminals and spree killers will do their thing regardless of whatever scheme lawmakers dream up, but law abiding citizens will try to live within the law and suffer the consequences.

      • Don: Just because someone doesn’t agree with you all the time, does not make them a troll. I am not insulting people, I am not posting things off-topic, and I am not comparing anyone to Hitler.

        If you only want to read opinions from people who agree with you, then don’t read my posts. If the owners of this website only want complete 100% agreement, then they are free to delete my posts, and I will have the discussion elsewhere.

        In most places, people welcome conflicting opinions, and seek to learn from them. If all you want to do is call me names, it raises the question of who is trolling.

        • I believe the “troll call” occured due to the fact you felt the need to type up a post without any thought or meaning to the article. As Chewy said above, these posts have a purpose other than just saying “I am a gun owner.” The fact that it was beyond your comprehension to realize that or that it required too much effort to read the explaining article that RF posted is what got you called a troll…

          Oh yeah, and all of the other posts you have made on other articles with little-to-no thought. Not that you are the only one that does it, but you have an opposing view and do it.

          Just saying.

          • Chris: I am not sure if I am required to read every post on a board to be able to comment on one of them. Just because I don’t agree with an article does not mean I don’t understand it. More to the point, if I am not allowed to comment on a post, then they shouldn’t open up the comments section.

            But every time I say anything other than praise and congratulations for the opinions on this board, someone (usually Don) chimes in to call me a troll.

            And you think my opinions have little thought and meaning? How much thought does it take to keep repeating: “Dave is a troll.”

    • Hey, I am proud of my gun(I can say that can’t I?), I didn’t think so. ///It takes a belief in yourself to own a firearm & sense that a person is responsible for their own safety. There is a reason the bradys can’t touch an icky gun, no self control, Randy

  2. I am glad you are armed & able to defend yourself. Congratulations on those wise choices & if my kid was at your church, I’d be thankful to have your considered care for their safety as well.

  3. Great portrait of you and where you’re coming from, Crystal. Thanks for contributing it. I think you’re the current holder of the “opposite of the stereotypical OFWG” title. 🙂

  4. Female youth pastor? And a gun owner? Oh, the scandal! (/sarcasm)

    Sadly these days, there’s plenty of Christian churches these days that have a problem with both of these things. I remember when my father, working as a youth pastor of an urban church, got shocked looks when he plainly told families that he had a CCW and was carrying his SIG.

    Seriously, though… Crystal, you are awesome. Thank you for speaking out!

  5. Hi Crystal, Good to see you here. Thats probably one of the more difficult things to do, balance your religion with your self defense choice, Randy

  6. Opinion: More of the people sending in photos should be smiling. Not necessarily a huge toothy grin, Crystal’s smile is big enough.

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