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Please send your “I Am a Gun Owner” statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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  1. What’s with all the normal looking ppl? Mainstream media would have you think it’s only OFWG and back-woods, inbred hicks that own guns, lol.

  2. The right to be for or against the above is protected by 2A, she is a citizen not a subject and whether or not I agree with her is now a topic of discussion and NOT dictation.

    Good for her!
    (Signed a Union Burned, Pro-Life, Traditional Marriage kinda guy)

    • Keith, your kind of admirable tolerance, if more widely spread, would help win elections from the gun-grabbers.



    I don’t care much for queers, feminists etc, and frankly don’t know why its important to make statements about such things when these matters do not concern cold steel, brass, plastics, copper, explosives & lead.

  4. Another “normal” person who’s a gun owner? OMG!

    So can the TTAG community as a whole agree that gun-owning women like 4theStars are our allies, regardless of how you feel about unions, abortion, or gay marriage?

    Personally, I never thought of myself as a feminist… then, I became a father to a daughter. That sort of thing has a way of altering your thinking about things.

  5. It must be photoshopped. We all know there’s no such thing as a feminist who supports the second ammendment!

    Good on ya!

    • Matt, good one. Many ffeeminists probably support the 2A for women only seeing as many or most of them believe every male is a potential rapist. Most men have no clue how much ffeeminists believe in and want a female-led supremacist society and any means justifies those ends. Everyone but the most deluded ffeeminists knows that their movement has nothing to do with equality. It is always easier to be a law abiding citizen when government policies and programs, and the laws are biased and discriminate in your favor.

        • No American worker, union or not, would be willing to work for the pay or as many hours for that pay, as a Chinese factory worker. They could make more money working at McDonald’s.

          Global companies are always seeking a way to increase profit margins and reducing labor costs is always going to be a primary way of doing that. And the main way of getting the labor cost down is to go to places where labor is cheap. When China starts to have a better standard of living and it starts to begin to get difficult to find people to work long hours for a few dollars a day, they’ll find somewhere else to drop their factories where people will do that and the racks at Walmart will still have their $5 t-shirts.

        • It didn’t go to China on its own – it doesn’t have legs. American companies outsourced it there.

        • It wasn’t the unions that sent jobs overseas. That was all the doings of the business owners — the same ones who always cry about how “government needs to create more jobs”.

      • Upset because government workers are raking in more money and getting a better health-care deal than you are?
        That’s the same question I’ve been asked by hundreds of conservatives every time I talk about greed and corruption on Wall Street — except they say “successful business people” instead of “government workers”.

  6. You guys should be updating your Facebook page with these. Social media can spread the message a lot faster.

    • +10,000,000

      As sad as it is, if you want to get the word out in today’s society, social media is a must.

      “I am a gun owner” group page on Facebook? Anyone want to start one?

  7. The varying groups in the 2A-supporting spectrum are like the US and Russia in WW2…likely enemies brought together by a common enemy and a necessary war. WW2 eventually ended, and as always happens in these situations, the lack of a common enemy allows other ideological differences to come to light and lead to a near-war of their own.

    But the important thing to remember is without Russia, WW2 would’ve been a whole different ballgame, perhaps one that didn’t end so well. So leave future wars and debates to a time when we have the luxury of splitting our focus to other issues…for now, anyone who supports the 2A and is willing to stand for it is welcome to the fight.

    • Now realize we will never have that luxury.

      Constitutional protections shouldn’t be political issues. There should be universal agreement that they should be protected. Unfortunately, that’s not reality, but it it needs to be the standard among people who care about a specific right.

      The right to keep and bear arms, the right to self defense, those apply to everyone. If someone from a group who would normally be opposed joins you in supporting the Second Amendment, then take that for the major win it is.

      • Well if we spent less time bitching about taking the 10 Commandments down and more time calling for the Bill of Rights to be put up, we might get somewhere.

        We waste so much energy on the wrong issues.

      • Caring about and being pro-Social Justice does not mean being against the 2nd Amendment — or anti-gun. Perhaps it time for people to understand that.

  8. Good for her!! We need to show the antis that 2nd-Amendment enthusiasts shouldn’t be pigeon holed into a stereotype. You can be pro-gay rights, pro-choice, pro-union and pro-2nd amendment. Thank you 4thstars… signed a white, straight pro-gun Democrat

      • If you do a stupid thing and no one points it out you are likely to repeat your stupid behavior.

      • Let me guess alphageek….you voted for the problem also? Due to your mistake we are all paying the price. Try not to screw up again in four years will ya!?!

    • Guess that came down to whether she feared those eeevvviiill Republicans taking away her access to free taxpayer funded birth control or those benevolent Democrats passing “reasonable gun control”.

      • We’d all be better off on gun rights if Republicans didn’t come off as total d-bags when talking about or to women. If Obama and the Democrats hadn’t won that demographic by the landslide they did, there’s a good chance we’re talking about President Romney’s upcoming inauguration and a lot more Republicans in Congress. Which would mean much reduced chance of any gun control.

        • Didn’t say you were. I’m saying that Republicans made themselves as appealing as a bout of the flu to most women and cost themselves a lot of votes. If they want to start winning elections consistently, then they need to figure out how to turn that around.

        • Well first the election was hardly a landslide.

          As far as Republicans coming off as douche bags about women, you obviously weren’t paying much attention last year so I’ll fill you in. Democrats are losing the battle over abortion rights and they know it so they have to paint Republicans as more extreme than they are. This whole thing got started when George Stephanopoulos, former Clinton communications director turned “journalist” asked Romney during a Republican debate whether he though it was OK for states to ban contraception. Romney gave him a “what the hell are you talking about” look and claimed that he never heard of anyone proposing such a preposterous idea. But the left grabbed it and ran. Way to be a douche bag, Mitt!

          The real problem here is the “low information voter”.

        • He said “won _that demographic_ by the landslide”. Which is absolutely correct when you’re talking about women, and generally people younger than 30.

          And given how much Reps got grilled in that election precisely over abortion rights (what with several candidates losing specifically over that issue), I don’t see where your assertion of “losing” comes from. Face it: the country is moving towards liberal side of the spectrum socially. Economics is under debate, but abortion, gay marriage, drug legalization etc are now inevitable – it’s only a matter of time.

        • @GOV. It was brought up because Rick Santorum brought it up during the primaries, so ABC wanted to know if Mitt thought the same way. And Mitt knew exactly why it was asked!

          And it’s amazing how a lot of you guys are against free contraceptives, or any contraception for that matter, I guess because it promotes promiscuous sex, but have no problem with free boner pills to OFWG, so THEY can have promiscuous sex!

          And for the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone (besides OFWGs) would post their picture and beliefs in support of 2A here at TTAG, you guys trash them if they don’t follow goose step with what YOU believe in!

    • Should she have voted for Mitt “I signed the AWB” Romney?

      Contrary to popular opinion here, guns are not the only political issue of importance, and for many people (even pro-gun) it’s not the most important one. For a feminist especially, I’d imagine that rights to her own body (i.e. pro-choice) would be more important.

      • Married women have always voted Republican and 2012 was no different.

        The polls have shown a steady decline in support for the pro-abortion side since ever since Roe vs. Wade. Over half now claim to be pro-life. The country is moving to the left on drugs and homosexuality, but to the right on abortion and gun control. Note I said “the country” not leftist politicians.

        The real issue on abortion is not a social one but a scientific one. In the majority decision, Justice Blackmun wrote that “if the humanity of the fetus could be established” it would render their decision void. She believes that a fetus is a part of her body, but I believe she has never asked herself why a completely genetically unique individual with his/her own heartbeat minding his/her own business sucking his/her thumb is no more human than her appendix.

        Romney did sign an extension of the Mass. AWB but in the process he kept hundreds of weapons off the banned list. The legislature was 85% Democrat, so what do you expect?

    • Let me guess….you voted for Mittens, the Republican Conservative who pushed for and enacted the “Assault Weapons” ban in Massachusetts? Am I right?

    • Really? If my post was off-topic, so are the posts from:

      Joe Grine
      Gov. William J. Le Petomane (which I was trying to reply to, but this thing’s software randomly chooses not to display “reply” links on comments half the time)

  9. Thank you Ms. 4theStars. I don’t agree with some of your views but that is what makes us great.

  10. *waves hello* I was away all day teaching a Basic Pistol class, so I’m just now catching up on the news of the day.

    The 2nd Amendment to me is most important because without it, the others lose their strength. Weakening the 2nd Amendment leaves the others vulnerable to tyrannical ruin, especially the 1st.

    The way I figure it, we can fight about the other stuff later, after we reaffirm -and in some cases regain- our 2nd Amendment rights. Until we defeat these useless gun bans, magazine restrictions and registration schemes… Until we strengthen concealed and open carry laws across the entire United States… Until we win the war waged upon us by the anti-gunners… My votes, my activism and my donation money are dedicated to this one cause.

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