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John Boch

See all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” portraits¬†here. ¬†Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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    • Didn’t you post some country music the other day? Good-guy card revoked.

      (Tap tap) This thing on?

  1. Eh… these are interesting from a “hey look at all these normal people” stance, but really bring no value to the site or content. I dont really understand why these pics are even being posted in the first place. Interwebs 15seconds of fame? Just being critical for the sake of being critical.

    • Maybe you haven’t heard a liberal anti rant about how owning a gun makes a person bad. When I say bad, I really mean it. The anger and disgust at peaceful, responsible people who simply own a gun can be quite palpable.

    • Its to fight the “all gun owners are rednecks, or mass murderers” meme. The pics are also posted on Facebook.

    • Hold on, let me go get my camera, compose a list of five or six things that sums me up, snap a photo, send it to the gang here so some uber-critical keyboard whiner can complain I’m positioning my crotch in such a way that indicates I’m a red commie traitor.

      Seriously… I’m going to get right on that.

  2. That ferret’s got one badass look on its face. Even he’s saying “Molon Labe” to all the antis out there.

  3. Thanks for being with us John. Your cute ferret has this look of quiet fierce determination as if to say don’t even think of trying to take his guns away. I like your black powder guns. Very classy!

    • Pretty soon they’re just going to have to compile a list of things that are still legal. It would be shorter.

  4. Those “firearms” don’t look properly stored. They could “go off” and hurt that poor child (ferret).

  5. One of the smartest individuals I’ve ever known was a ferret I had a while ago–in an I.Q. distribution of herself and America’s politicians, she’d have been in the far right tail, wondering how she got lumped in with all those dolts on the other end.

    I miss that squirming little fuzzy…

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