Karen Bass
Rep. Karen Bass, D-Calif. (Greg Nash/Pool Photo via AP, File)
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Los Angeles Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-California) has reported that a pair of guns were stolen from her residence in recent days. She discovered the break-in and missing firearms when she returned home on Friday.

Not only does news of the burglary at her home further illustrate that nobody is safe from the endemic crime in L.A., but it illustrates something much deeper.

Karen Bass — who’s currently running to be the Mayor of Los Angeles — is, of course, a staunch advocate of limiting the rights and taking guns out of the hands of the little people.

Yet despite the public rhetoric, far-left hypocrite Karen Bass knows the truth about guns…that when seconds count, a firearm is the best tool for good to use to stop a bad person with evil in their hearts.

She knows this so deeply and fundamentally that she owns — er, owned — at least two firearms to protect herself and her family, while at the same time advocating that your family go without them. And we can thank the burglar for exposing Karen Bass’ grand hypocrisy.

Fox 11 Los Angeles has the report . . .

Rep. Karen Bass said her Los Angeles home was broken into Friday night and two firearms were stolen.

“Last night, I came home and discovered that my house had been broken into and burglarized,” Bass, who is running for mayor against developer Rick Caruso, said in a statement issued Saturday afternoon.

In the statement, she said she called LAPD for assistance. She says two firearms were stolen, despite them being ‘safely and securely stored.’ She says nothing else was stolen from her home, despite cash, electronics, and other valuables being visible. 

“It’s unnerving and, unfortunately, it’s something that far too many Angelenos have faced,” Bass stated.

The guns were registered. Bass said she bought the guns years ago for personal protection. 

She remarked in a statement how the guns were purchased for self-defense…just like tens of millions of other Americans have done. Yet she wants to strip the little people of the ability to buy and own guns for the same reason.

If this kind of hypocrisy sounds familiar, it should. Bass has a long history of supporting the kind of far-left political positions that benefit and protect elites while keeping average citizens disarmed and disempowered.

From spiked.com . . .

Like many in California’s ruling political elite, Bass comes from the far left. In the 1970s, she travelled to Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade, an international group of sympathisers with Cuban communism. In 2016, when Fidel Castro died, she issued a praise-filled obituary to ‘El Comandante’. More recently Bass has distanced herself from this Castroite past and from policies such as defunding the police. But she can certainly be expected to follow the ‘progressive’ policy agenda typically backed by the city’s public-sector unions.

Bass, the Democrat nominee for mayor, has a double-digit lead in recent polling. In other word, don’t look for anything to improve significantly in Los Angeles any time soon.


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  1. According to Uncle Joe and Newsome she is to be arrested and jailed for improper firearm security…I bet they were not in a California DOJ approved safe or had a trigger lock, locked through the trigger guard…Who knows maybe she committed a straw purchase or trafficked those weapons…The ATF needs to grill her…

    • And this woman Karen Bass is asking us to vote for her to run one of the highest populated metro cities in the nation…

      She publicly states she’s against guns, so why she even had them in her house in the first place (obviously not securely stored as we plebes are required to do) is a mystery.

      • Staged move to the right, IMO. Trying to retain the minority lock.

        Arming a couple of her base serves the cause as well. Far left win/win.

  2. Only the guns were stolen – no cash, electronics or other valuables. Makes you go hmmm… sounds like an insurance scam to me.

    • California law requires reporting the theft of firearms. The law does not require reporting the theft of her Disney DVD collection, MacBook or her special edition vibrator set.

    • Inside job. Someone she knew stole them. Maybe a poorly executed plan to show that legally owned firearms will be used in crimes.

      1. Set up yourself to have your firearms stolen and used in a crime.
      2. Show that even the most righteous of gun owners, one from the side of the aisle poised as the saviors of humanity by limiting our rights, can easily have their guns stolen even if locked up securely.
      3. Show that guns are not safe in the hands and homes of the most law abiding of citizens.
      4. Ensure that those stolen guns are indeed used in a crime.
      5. Get elected to office in one of the most populous cities in the land.
      6. Profit.

    • I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t ring true…But the story will disappear when she inevitably wins the mayor’s seat.

    • My thoughts exactly. These gun were supposed to be in a lock box. I imagine like Hornady sells or any other of the gun accessory companies. So these “crooks” and they have used the plural at all times and the news today announced that two perps had already been arrested took a strong box and ignored cash, jewelry, and other valuables just lying there for the pickings. While burglars are many times among the dumbest criminal afoot, these two seem especially slow witted. How did we know there were two? Apparently they snuck in and out without being seen. If they just lifted the box and left so there were gobs of DNA tying around to be lifted and processed already??? It is my understanding that you meet the requirements of the law if the firearms are locked in an approved container. It doesn’t have to be fastened to anything to meet the legal requirements, so a couple of roscoes locked in a Hornady box in your sock drawer would meet the requirements of the law. So La Bass won’t be charged. Just another case of it’s fine for me but not for thee of the elites. Do not take my advice above about what meets the legal requirements. I only play at being a lawyer in my nightmares. When I am awake and sober, being a lawyer would be very low on my list of desirable occupations.

  3. Thank GOD COMMIEFORNIA has such strict restrictions, and NCIS background checks in place for getting your hands on Firearms, and Ammunition. What will happen when these stolen guns are used in a Murder, Robbery, or Assault? I am sure she will be charged for not having her weapons locked up, or accessory after the fact. It’s very telling when criminals don’t steal Jewelry, Cash, or Electronics.

  4. I just discovered something about myself… I am no longer able to do my “shocked face”, evidently the required facial muscles have completely worn out.

  5. I want to see what she considers safe storage. If it is not a safe that is bolted down into the foundation, she is lying.

    • Most private individual’s “safes” are RSC…Residential Storage Containers…..an illusion of security. A $15 Harbor Freight 4″ battery powered grinder and ten minutes will get into most any RSC enough to pull the contents out through hole in side or top. Only a drug addled junkie, aka BASSackward Karen’s Defective Citizen constituents, would attempt to breech the door. Old Harley buddy, a professional locksmith, had favorite saying, “Locks keep kids and the terminally stupid out.”

      • For most “safes” that I have seen, I don’t need a grinder, battery powered or otherwise. There’s enough of a gap between the lid and the body to start a medium screwdriver, prize it open a bit, so you can get a real pry bar into it. That’s all I need to open cheap “safes”. If the little 18″ pry bar won’t do the job, it would be easy enough to walk out to the truck for my Burke Bar. Four feet of leverage will break a lot of the more expensive locking mechanisms . . .

      • Yup, there is no such thing as 100% secure. A cheap saw will get into almost any safe and a blowtorch will get into the rest of them. A carry gun can be pulled off an unconscious body. Not that safes are bad, just that people need to be aware of their limitations.

        It’s like those idiots who claim that “you can’t stop someone wearing body armor”. Sure, it covers some of the most bleedy bits of your body. But not your face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, lower gut, pelvis. With fewer holes and your heart and lungs intact, body armor gives you a better chance of surviving if you can get moved to a hospital quickly after being shot. It does NOT make you invincible.

        Safes are similar. It provides a deterrent against unprepared thieves, dishonest guests who might pocket something valuable, and children (and my safe has fire retardant stuff in it). It will NOT stop anything else.

      • It’s not a bank vault.

        It’s not a substitute for a security system.

        It might deter some burglars.

        It’s to keep curious children (especially smaller ones) out.

        It’s to keep wayward house guests out.

        Beyond that, it’s a function of your budget & willingness to do things like drill into floors, studs, etc.

  6. Just like the old decrepit witch of the left Feinstein, she has/had her CCW, but not for us peons, no way can we be trusted. Typical Dims- protections for themselves but not for us common folk.
    Things are changing though, just not fast enough.

    • “Had” is the correct term. She gave it and her snubby up when she went all in on gun control. She was one of the very very few SF residents to EVER get a CCW in the City. I don’t know what it is like now after Bruen, but until recently it was a de facto NO issue jurisdiction. except for LEO or reserve officers.

      • She did not have a CCW when she was Mayor of San Fransicko. She carried in violation of the law but was never prosecuted.

  7. Considering the only thing taken was weapons I’ve got to speculate that the crooks knew exactly what they were looking for and where to find it.
    Which would lead me to believe that they had been in her house before. I’m sure they could pull a geo-fence from phone data but that would likely show a whole bunch of people who the politician doesn’t want anyone know she’s associated with popping up.

  8. eh so they stole the safe too? why was that the only target? and the main question will she buy more guns? hmm.

  9. “She says two firearms were stolen, despite them being ‘safely and securely stored.’”

    Not securely enough, obviously. Thanks to her incompetence, there are now 2 more guns “On the streets of LA”.

    No matter, she’ll be elected, and dodge the questions of her insecure home…

    • “….2 more guns “On the streets of LA.” All the better, my little pretties, to blame We the Little Peeps for the crime those scary awful guns inflict on her blessed Defective Citizen constituents. It’s really not the politicians….bears, snakes, wolves, sharks and politicians do what they do….it’s the Useful Idiot Defective Citizens that vote them into office that is America’s threat.

  10. “Bass, the Democrat nominee for mayor, has a double-digit lead in recent polling.”

    The denizens of Los Angeles deserve every bad thing coming their way. No sympathy for them…at all.

    • So much for the “gunz for everyone-even Commies”. I won’t defend it’s “rights”. Remember when Communism was vilified??? Obviously a comrade knew it had gats🙄

    • She should prove that she has a gun safe, otherwise be charged with having unsafe firearms freely available. odd that they just stole her guns, everything thing else in the house that ain’t tied down isn’t worth that time to steal(No jewelry, watches, tv, xbox)? and they obviously knew where those guns were, so freinds and family plan? POC seems to enjoy “borrowing” things from each other.

    • Briefly because I only portray a lawyer in my nightmares, it must be stored in a CA DOJ approved locked container. According to my understanding there is no requirement that the approved locked container be restricted in movement, ie., nailed to the floor or too big and heavy to move without the assistance of several muscular accomplices, just secured in a locked, approved container. Again points out the stupidity of such laws. However, now that La Bass has pointed out how easily it is to just remove the locked container look for the lejislachure to cure that defect next year and require that the locked container must be securely affixed to an immovable object.

    • Two of her guns were stolen. Only 2 of her guns were stolen.
      Since guns is plural, no telling how many more she has.

  11. I know a lot of people who own firearms who would also say that they support “getting guns off the street” (which I’m guessing they think means confiscating them from street criminals). If she was a staunch advocate of safe gun storage and her guns weren’t locked up, then it would hypocritical – but I’m not so sure that’s the case here.

  12. Obviously someone knew that Bass had firearms in her home and where to find them so the short list is family members or “intimate partners”.

    I’m sure that Bass supports the proposition that the firearm’s “owner” is responsible for the injuries that the stolen weapons inflict?

  13. quote———–Bass, the Democrat nominee for mayor, has a double-digit lead in recent polling. In other word, don’t look for anything to improve significantly in Los Angeles any time soon.———-quote

    Proof enough the people of California are better educated than the the people in many Hillbilly States. If the jackbooted stingy, tightwad, heartlessly cruel Republicans took over every social program in California would be cancelled. This is in no way an exaggeration, they are actually that evil.

    And by mentioning the fact that she went to Cuba the Far Right in their paranoia and ignorance start screaming “The Commies are coming”. In reality one of the Reasons Obama opened up relations with Cuba is that their medical breakthroughs have been nothing short of phenomenal and the sharing of this information would save many lives in the U.S. Of course what would the ignorant paranoid commie fearing Far Right know about the real world they live in.

    Cuban medical care is so far advanced that they have been sent to many 3rd World Countries to set up treatment centers for disease treatment and control. Not bad for an island country that the paranoid Far Right hysterically scream about.

    Infant Mortality in Cuba is 4.1 compared to 8.0 in West Virginia



    Also Bass did not mention “what type” of secure storage she had. Perhaps a strengthening of the existing law is warranted.

    And before the Neanderthals of the Far Right start screaming that since her storage method failed they ought to do away with all storage laws, no law is perfect because even a Diebold safe can be cracked if a professional does it and has enough time and the right tools at his disposal but that does not mean we throw the baby out with the bathwater. Only the stupidity of the Far Right would go that far.

    Perhaps mandatory security alarms should also become law.

    • Dacian you must be an “idiota” to believe that Cuban healthcare is better than ours. I had relatives in Cuba that managed to get out 30 years ago and have since returned to visit and they tell me that the Cuban Healthcare system is straight out of 1940’s. If you believe the lies and statistics that the Castro Brothers put out you must be so naive and foolish that you believe in the tooth fairy.

      I was not born on that Island but I will not visit my ancestral homeland until it is truly free. Do you know that there are still political prisoners in jail in Cuba from the July 11, 2022 freedom demonstrations for food and medicine? Do you know why there is such a lack of food and medicine? Because Cuba makes Mexico look like a beacon of honesty and political competence.

      Do you know that La Havana had Electric Trolleys and full electrical wiring by 1910, and by 1930 almost all the towns had electrical power. This was something that was unheard of in Latin America. But Communism has stopped and regressed all progress. Cuba does not have a reliable internet system or electrical system. I have talked to people who have gone there and they have told me that it is one of the worse Internets in the world.

      But Dacian if you think it is so great you should move there and let us know how you like it.

    • half the people in California don’t even have a clue what’s on the other side of those mountains…ever see those Jay Leno street interviews?…well educated?…right!….

    • Dacian, you have to be some clever Trump supporter who thinks that acting like a caricature of the most unhinged, hateful leftist will drive people of the gun together.

      I mean, there’s no way that you are this hateful and ignorant unironically right? Is it even possible that you believe these insane ramblings and complete ignorance of reality will change anyone’s mind? The ONLY conclusion that I can reach is that you WANT people of the gun to band together and strengthen their resolve to not let complete fools strip rights.

  14. Pfui.

    She has a couple braced AR pistols, and had a tragic boating accident to get ahead of the BATFE.

  15. Just the firearms were stolen? Not cash, jewelry, electronics? Sorry but I have to call bullshit on this one. No self respecting thief is going to pass up cash or pawnable items and just take a couple guns. Either a false report to garner sympathy from the idiots or a set up for some purpose.

    • An amusing notion this is a cover up for some sort of “gift” or relative/friend/whatever that stole them.

  16. The potheads will make sure this woman is elected to office. She and the white potheads deserve each other. Both of them are anti-civil rights. This black woman is quite comfortable accepting money from racist White liberals. Because they know she will always vote to prevent other black people from getting guns. She certainly is one of the “few chosen ones” by the white liberals, who can partake in firearms ownership.

    From “smoke the vote”

    “Congresswoman Bass previously opposed marijuana policy reform but has recently come around to support the repairative components of legislation such as The Marijuana Justice Act and The MORE Act. ”


  17. I find myslef in a bit of a quandry her,. Whilst I can agree with this womans stance on gUN CONTROLS at the same time I consider totally irresponsible of her in that she seems to have made no effort to secure her own firearms.
    I come from the UK and as you are probaly aware gun control measures in the UK and licensing procedures are extremely strict to say the least BUT if you do get licence the POLICE have to h absolute right to check up on your security measures at any time. If found wanting you WILL lose your license and your firearms including shotguns will be confiscated onn the spot . There is no appeal.

  18. This woman who broke the law will walk. Just like Hillary Clinton who broke the law also walked away. From the “no longer justice system”. And there are people who are wondering why, there are so many Americans, who support having a “national divorce”???

    Don’t worry the potheads and the sexually liberated who run California, will send plenty of legal gun owners to jail. But not this connected black democrat.

  19. where is the hypocrisy? as soon as you can tell me where she said ALL guns should be banned, your article is nothing but horseshit.

  20. The party that left 7 billion dollars worth of arms to our enemies, doesn’t want you to be able to defend yourself! Rotten mother FKN POS!

  21. Estos personajes de la política, hablan mucho de la DEMOCRACIA pero apañan gobiernos o sistemas que no son nada DEMOCRATICOS. Realmente tendrían que hacer las valijas e irse a vivir a Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela u otro país que ellos admiran. Es fácil opinar desde un lugar donde no le coartan la libertad de hablar. Son como opinan muchos, unos hipócritas. La desgracia es que llegan a esos puestos gracias a la mentira y a los ingenuos que los votan.

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