Hudson H9 Hands-On – SHOT Show Range Day

The Hudson Mfg H9 pistol seems to be the most talked-about product at SHOT Show 2017, and it’s easy enough to see why. Like it or, for whatever absurd reason, hate it, it’s nothing if not new and interesting. It combines many of the aspects of the 1911 that have made it a classic, lasting design and modernizes much of the rest.

I’m not one to turn down an as-high-as-physically-possible grip under an as-low-as-possible slide, an insanely short, crisp trigger with a tuned 1911-like reset, some weight at the dust cover, great sights, and more. Who would? I’m impressed.

Were I to purchase an H9 — and I gotta say, at this point I’m as good as saving up for the $1,147 MSRP gun — I’d opt for the trigger sans safety blade and add the optional thumb safety. That done, it’s truly a 1911 for 2017.


  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    ‘…or, for whatever absurd reason, hate it…’

    So the two most overrated handguns of all time got together and had a thousand dollar love child? What’s not to love?

    1. avatar Jon in CO says:

      Slow. Clap.

      Well played sir.

    2. avatar Johannes Paulsen says:

      Disagree. Does not look like an LCP mated with a Walther PPK.

  2. avatar Tile Floor says:

    Looks kinda like the 10mm from Fallout

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Yeah, when I saw that side view, I thought it would be another integrally suppressed gat.

      No such luck…

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        EDIT – And when I heard ‘Hudson’, I thought I’s see this:

  3. avatar El Mac says:

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on one. Glad to see some real innovation out there.

  4. avatar Shire-man says:

    An all metal XD that looks like a fat-lipped 1911? Neat. I wouldn’t bother with the thumb safety. Seems redundant and like something somebody trying to convince himself he’s carrying a 1911 would do instead of just carrying a 1911.

  5. avatar DaveR says:

    You say it “shoots flat” but it looks like the muzzle flip is no less than any other 9mm. I was expecting something more dramatic given how radical the front of the gun looks.

    But gotta say that trigger looks impressive.

  6. avatar Bob h says:

    I would do the exact opposite, trigger safety and no ambi thumb safety unless the trigger blade is sharp/annoying/dangerous

    1. avatar El Mac says:

      And I would do exactly as Jeremy said. There is nothing quite as stupid to me as putting a safety on a trigger.

      1. avatar Cliff H says:

        Which is why every Glock has one?

        And My SR9c? And LC9s, and many others?

        IMO the whole concept of the safety in the trigger is to weed out people too stupid to properly handle a pistol with the safety in the trigger. Personally, the in-trigger safety was the final selling point on the above mentioned Rugers for me. So far I have not managed to accidentally discharge either of them. Keep random objects out of your pockets or holster and keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target. Pretty simple, really.

        1. avatar El Mac says:

          Yeah Cliff, they are all ignorant as shit. No matter who puts em on their guns. But you go ahead and enjoy that dongle.

        2. avatar Johnny B says:

          The SR9c also has, annoyingly, a manual thumb safety.

          I don’t object to blade trigger safeties, and would prefer them to manual thumb safeties, but I don’t really see the need for either on most triggers.

          On a super tuned, extremely light target trigger with no take up nor creep, maybe, but to each their own. Good to have options.

        3. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Not difficult. No safety, long, heavy DAO trigger (think LCP), fine. Grip or thumb safety, light, short, crisp trigger (think massaged 1911), fine. Thumb, trigger, grip and magazine safety, with long, heavy, DAO trigger is just stupid. No safety, light, short, crisp trigger is just dangerous. Buy a .357 revolver and carry it around in your pocket, cocked.

    2. avatar Vhyrus says:

      I’d do option 3: No trigger safety, no manual safety, keep your damn finger straight til you’re ready to fire. Revolutionary, I know.

  7. avatar Texheim says:

    It’s ugly

    1. avatar Gregolas says:

      So ugly it makes Glocks look pretty.

    2. avatar Gregolas says:

      So ugly it makes Glocks look pretty.
      But at least has a proper beaver tail,not the upswept abomination put on most modern 1911s.

  8. avatar Nynemillameetuh says:

    Is that a grip safety on the back, or do I just have post traumatic 1911 disorder?

  9. avatar K Maiden says:

    Cool! However that MSRP seems high.
    Sadly I live in the FASCIST hell hole of Kaliforna. So price really is not an issue. Because it will never be on the “its for your safety approved list”. Oh how is sucks here.

    1. avatar Jeff K says:

      ‘that MSRP seems high’. I could get 2 or 3 real guns for that much.

      1. avatar Douglas Clark says:

        Correction, you could get 2 or 3 Other major brand polymer frame guns for that.
        Have you seen the prices for a fine quality steel frame handgun?
        Kimber, Sig 1911s, CZ SP-01 Shadow. VERY easy to get north of $1000 with a steel framed, high performance sidearm. There IS a reason for this.
        I thought I “upgraded” when i switched from the Glock 19 to the Walther P99 (years ago)
        The Walther was superior to the Glock, awesome trigger, awesome ergos, had a light rail earlier than most, bla bla bla. After years of thinking i had found something great i went to the range with a buddy who let me try his Kimber.
        amazing difference.
        No really.
        Like barely hitting the C zone at 25 yards with the Walther to a tight little group with the Kimber amazing.
        Started to learn why and what top shooters were running and switched over to the CZ SP-01 Shadow,
        There is a reason it and the EAA Witness CZ clones win IPSC competitions.
        But You’ll have to find out yourself, folks (myself included) don’t usually like hearing that their choice in sidearm could have been better. Its a very personal thing.
        But this company choosing the 1911 grip was a solid move.

  10. avatar Rokurota says:

    It looks like a 1911 grip angle, but will it take 1911 grips?

  11. avatar Uniform Whiskey says:

    I’m assuming this was written up before you won an H-9 last night. Which configuration did you win Jeremy?

  12. avatar Retro says:

    Why the hell would you put that damn dumb blade on the trigger of a gun when you have the option of a real safety? If the gun has a replaceable rear back strap, doesn’t charge extra to ditch the trigge blade & put in the thumb safety, have a milled slide for a micro red dot and drops the price to $700-$800, I’ll buy one.

    But otherwise, no.

    1. avatar Douglas Clark says:

      agreed, $880 max and mill the slide for the RMR and its competitors
      $880 is the price of an entry level CZ SP-01 Shadow and that gun wins most of the IPSC competitions.
      about $975 gets one a FN FNX tactical on gunbroker with a removable slide cover for the microdot of your choice and now Sig 320 has a model with a slide prepped for microdot.
      We can probably expect that will be coming soon from nearly every one.
      The best shooters at a recent Mike Pannone covert carry class were running RMRs and i was very impressed.
      but a boutique small manufacturer needs to get off the ground running and pricing guns “at a loss” for the first couple years to be competitive with reputable established companies is a good plan.
      Just a few years ago that Roberg X9 was such a big deal also and that company went under, good luck getting spare parts or warranty assistance from them.
      So part of the biz start up cost needs to be sold inventory at a loss for a couple years to build street cred with the public.
      that and really awesome customer support,
      Example: Sharps Reliabolt for the AR-15 did it right, REALLY awesome product for $69, (get one!) and they even had an early tool steel issue and sent every single customer a free one without obligation and asked us not to use the other. i bought 5 more for that.

  13. avatar Barnum Bailey says:

    Can’t compare side-to-side, but the final break of an Apex Tactical trigger in an M&P (Shield) also merits favorable comparison to a 1911 trigger…….for quite literally half the price or less ($350 gun + $150-ish mod.) An additional $500 for the low bore line and innovative recoil spring assembly seems steep.

  14. avatar Douglas Clark says:

    Nice firearm,
    Too bad TTAG was only able to send some fat kid to SHOT show to do the video.

  15. avatar Archangel187 says:

    Does the barrel bushing still fly across the room into another dimension?

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