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The National Right to Carry Act is being debated in the House of Representatives RIGHT NOW! Click here to watch live. Following the live debate the bill will be put to a vote, and if yesterday’s vote to move the bill to the agenda is any indication it should pass the House with no problem. In theory, anyway. Grab your popcorn, this should be interesting. [UPDATE: C-SPAN has a better stream, watch it there. ]

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  1. I watched it on and off yesterday. The link you provided however does not play well with my computer…so here is a link to cspan also covering it live for those that can’t see the house website

  2. +100000000 to the representative from Ohio who pulled out his own CCW and cosponsored the bill.

    Also to the gentleman who said “the representative from Michigan is right in saying that driving a car and a CCW are not equivalent. Driving a car is not a protected individual right under the constitution, we don’t usually use cars to defend ourselves and our families, and cars kill many more people than guns.”

    • Last year Johnson asked in a committee meeting if Guam would tip over due to military build up.
      He’s way past drunk.

    • Unfortunately that’s how most of our State govt is here. I can’t wait to move before my birthday so I can carry.

  3. I would consider myself to not have any party affiliation, but the people speaking out in favor of this bill are wiping the floor with those opposed. Those for the bill are, in general, eloquently defending it and taking a fact-based approach; those against are pretty much seem to just ramble.

  4. I mean technically the constitution is all we need but since some people like to ignore that……
    Wish i could move to Vermont, but Florida will be just as good

  5. A Rep from Florida ,Alcee Hastings,D Florida 23rd District, is currently discussing an amendment requiring anyone who wants a CCW to apply for one at a Law Enforcement office. A state which enforces HR 822 would need to generate applications that need to be processed at the local law enforcement station.He is currently discussing how non-residents of Florida can apply for CCW permits via mail and is discussing gun violence being an ‘Epidemic’ as quoted by a surgeon general.

    Another representative is adding a statement about Utah’s CCW permits being 70% from out of state residents.

    • What the rep didn’t mention is that Utah is getting rid of non-resident permits (if they haven’t already).

      Even so, if I watched the stream correctly, the amendment made it in. Doesn’t that kind of f*ck the bill? Because I know my state doesn’t require local LEO interaction :/

      • Mine does, had to visit the county fuzz for my CCW, CPL here. Michigan wouldn’t notice a difference unless I missed something.

        • Texas handles all application work centrally at DPS’s HQ in Austin. If Hastings had said resident permits, Texas would have been okay. The way that amendment’s written, though, technically nobody in Texas would be able to enjoy the benefits of this bill since nobody interacts with local LEO. That’s a problem.

  6. Ms. Lee isn’t making sense…. you have to register most handguns when you get your ccl right? im assuming shes basically lying through her teeth

    • Probably talking about the Anders Breivik shooting. You know, the one in Norway… Politicians are shameless.

  7. I move that the phrase “common sense law/amendment/policy” be banned from the chambers of government at once.

  8. News Flash Rep. Cohen, you cannot have a CCW permit in South Dakota unless you are over 21, for lack of a pistol to carry.

    Edit-Constiuents of Trey Gowdy, you choose well. We nationally thank you.

  9. So. Between Trey Gowdy and Sheriff Chuck Wright, Spartanburg County seems like a pretty freakin’ awesome place to live.

  10. all hostile amendments defeated ! ! !

    now onto their last ditch atempt to derail the ass whipping by a motion to recomit

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