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  1. Don’t own a gun just so you can influence people with flashing around. If you pull a gun, be prepared to use it.

  2. How did this ever get posted? It is bad at best. The only word that can be heard clearly is the F word. This is truly where the breakdown of society clearly begins. I see nothing in this posting that is worthy of any further comment.

    • “This is truly where the breakdown of society clearly begins.” I think some break downs are local. There is nothing like this going on in my neighborhood.

  3. This whole video just reinforces the “don’t get involved” mantra in my head.

    Just call the police if you’re concerned. Not like they’ll do much at all – they’ve never been particularly helpful to begin with and with budgets getting crunched they’ll be moving closer and closer to the bare minimum of upholding the law (which has always been their first duty and which will necessarily benefit the wealthy over hoi polloi) – but it could help clear your conscience, if you’re the sort to be troubled by it.

  4. These damn Mensa meetings are just getting completely out of hand. Ban them, before someone gets hurt.

  5. Pulling out a lawnchair would be smarter. Intervention is only logical if doing so improves the situation.In the gun-owners shoes, id be cooking popcorn and watching the festivities.

  6. It looked like the pistol-packer started out trying to be a peacemaker, but what the hell — if two consenting morons want to beat the shit out of each other, let ’em have at it. The worst that could happen is that the gene pool gets just a little bit cleaner.

    • Think of the encounter as Evolution In Action. This whole neighborhood video looks like great candidates for various future Darwin type Awards.

  7. The behavior and language in that video was so offensive it hurt my tender sensibilities.

    Seriously, I think it needs a NSFW warning, just in case.

    After seeing how they treat each other its hard not to make a racist comment, but the same type of shit happens all over.

  8. We could play “what’s wrong with this picture?” with this video. Just for starters, if I were open-carrying (which I think is what I’m seeing) I wouldn’t get within arms reach of anyone fighting. One of the idiots may try to grab the gun. (If any of you don’t see a problem with that I would seriously be interested in how you would prevent it.)

    Speaking of lawn chairs, how about the woman sitting in one watching the fights along with her small child? I wouldn’t leave my child where combatants are about to walk within feet of where he is.

  9. That, my friends, is one of those oft-spoken of gun owners who treats his gun like a talisman that is capable of warding off evil. We were only 13 seconds into the video before he was visible with his hand on the gun, but that was also only the second time we’d seen his right hip, the first being about 3 seconds in. I’m willing to wager that he had his hand on it as soon as he slipped out of frame at :04. He finally pulled it at :42, but he had his hand on it for pretty much every one of the intervening 29-38 seconds. He wasn’t “itching” to use it, but he sure did regard it as some sort of magic wand.

    Also, we have here a perfect example of what guns can’t do. It doesn’t look to me like that gun did anything toward the goal of breaking up the fight. He’s astonishingly lucky that he didn’t shoot anyone or the gun didn’t “go off,” because that video would have damned him beyond any hope of rescue.

  10. A few years ago i was at the bar. A fight started at last call. As everyone filed out of the bar the same fight started again outside. 10+ dudes were fighting and the two cops on duty for security had their batons out but nothing was being solved. Another guy at the bar took it on himself to go to his car and grab his gun. He fired 2 rounds into the air. Thats when one of the officers took the opportunity to unload a magazine on him. I dont blame the officer for any type of quick judgement. its what i would have done as well. But, the friends of the guy that was killed that night all claimed that he was “trying to break up the fight”.

  11. File this under: “Brandishing your gun has not had the profound effect you were expecting…now what?”

  12. I would’ve cracked open a cold one and enjoyed the fight. Guns are for slaying attempted beer thieves. RACIST COMMENT DELETED, BUT STILL FUNNY. DAMN I KNOW SOME RABBIS WHO LOVE A GOOD SCHWARTZER JOKE. THANKS CHARLIE.

  13. First, I think this guy really deserves an IGOTD award, but, alas, his name is unknown to us. Second, I lament the fact that the gun owner, as apparently the oldest guy in the crowd, wasted a golden opportunity to “be the adult” and show some restraint to his younger brethren. There are probably a few ways he could have provided a valuable lesson.

    I agree with many posters to stay out of the situation and let it play out a while. What if, though, one of the fighters was his son and things were rapidly deteriorating? As for me, this is another reason why I also carry pepper spray. I feel it is better to have a less-than-lethal alternative rather than feel “forced” to draw my gun.

  14. Pepper spray would have been more effective at breaking up the fight then waving a gun around like a nit wit.

  15. Funny thing that got me thinking about the video, was this guy a legitimate CWP holder? Main reason why was it looked like he actually had a IWB holster instead of ghetto carry.

    To me it makes a lot of difference as far a responsibility/expectations.

  16. My first thought after watching this video was the waste of taxpayers’ money on whatever the local school system is. My second thought was to just let the two guys duke it out. My third thought was the taller kid in the black shirt screaming threats against a whole family and that he’d “F” them ALL up seemed to me like a terroristic threat, worthy of being arrested for. Since there is no context as to what caused the fight to start, I don’t know who is the bad guy here for sure, but I know if I lived there, I’d be expecting to see a return visit from that kid and would assume him to be armed with the intent of killing the whole family.


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