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The education business has gone all out to further the message of the anti-gun movement in recent weeks. Public schools nationwide let kids out of school, ostensibly to “demand” more gun control laws. Some students who chose not to protest or dared to express an opposing view were reportedly suspended. And now, one teacher in Georgia has a special assignment for her young skulls full of mush.

Boys and girls at Hampton Middle School in Georgia were instructed by their teacher to write letters to lawmakers calling for stricter gun control laws.

“You are trying to persuade lawmakers to have stricter gun laws to help prevent another school shooting from taking place,” the assignment declared. “For this assignment, you are writing a letter to the lawmakers of the United States. The purpose of this letter is to pressure lawmakers to have stricter gun laws in the United States.

All in all it’s just another brick in the wall. As one parent reported,

“I asked him what he had for homework that night, and he said he had to write a paper on gun control,” William Lee told Blue Lives Matter. “I looked at it, and I told my son, ‘No, you’re not doing that assignment.’ Then I emailed his teacher the next day and told him that my son would not be writing that.”

When pressed, the Henry County Schools backed off.

“This activity took the wrong approach in limiting the ability of students to share any thoughts outside of what was directed of them when the subject elicits many different viewpoints from people, including students,” the (school district) spokesman told me.

The anti-2A message is strong and pervasive these days, pushed by educrats, entertainers and the media. How are you countering the prevailing guns-are-bad influences your young ‘uns are subjected to?



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  1. I am collecting gun facts and putting them out on all social media…I compose the facts in easy to distribute packets of information and post them on websites, and facebook so that other people can see the information and hopefully put it out there. I also send the stuff to media personalities, especially the ones who go on cable shows or who have podcasts…and I am now listiing them in the comments section of youtube videos…..

    I have an anti gun town hall coming up with a democrat trying to push gun control…I am going to take information on magazine bans, background checks, AR-15 civilian rifles, semi auto bans, the lie about Britain and Australian gun control, and I want to hand them out to people showing up….focused, information on a page or two with links and quotes…..

    • Heh. Sorry to be so cynical, Guy… but I’ll predict you’ll have about as much success disseminating facts on guns as you would have trying to educate a herpetophobe with facts about snakes; the Bigots have no intention of learning anything about their most hated subject because the subject itself terrifies them.
      I suppose that’s why I’ve gotten into the recent habit of simply cutting to the chase and telling a devoted bigot that they are – a Bigot.
      If someone seems to be uncertain in their convictions – on the fence, as it were – then that person may indeed be amenable to your presentation of summarized facts.
      Good luck!

      • I am not doing it for the anti gun extremists…I am doing it to get the information to the uninformed….the ones who say “yes” to a poll to improve backgrounnd checks when they don’t even know that we currently have background checks for gun sales….we need to inform the uninformed and clueless…

    • The left controls public education, higher education, Hollywood, the music industry, much of the internet and social media. Unless and until that changes, we must spread the word one person at a time through interaction with friends, coworkers and family.

    • Study hard and take a tranquilizer so you don’t lose your temper. Losing your temper because the other guys are dicks squanders your efforts.

  2. My children and grandchildren are exposed to my responsible leadership by example. Firearms are a daily fact of life in my home. They know first hand that firearms don’t just jump up off the table and start shooting all by themselves. And they are also exposed to my reverence for our collective American history and traditions, our hard won rights.

  3. “Rapists against guns”
    “Racists against guns”
    “Fascists for disarmed opponents”

    Practically writes itself

  4. Buying guns and teaching them. I don’t have any kids of my own (nor do I ever want to,) but family, friends and coworkers all get presents and instruction from me. My six year old niece just received a 10/22, one of my coworkers’ kids just received a Marlin Model 60, another coworker’s son is currently on the 4H rifle team and I try to help with that as best I can, and my best friend’s son is currently building his first AR with my help (both financial and informational.) I don’t suppose it’s ever going to win the culture war this way, but I’ll sure as hell try.

    • I have raised my two children to be pro 2a and like you have always given firearms and gear/ammo for gifts to my niece’s n nephews. They are adults now and pro 2a. I also sign them up initially to the nra and goa.

    • Evey259,

      If every one of us (people of the gun) reached out to just two people in our lifetimes, we would quite literally reach everyone for all intents and purposes.

      Keep up the good work!

  5. When they were in school I kept a close eye on what they were doing. Anytime something with a leftist bent was the assignment they didn’t do it and a note from their parents went back to the school. I also started taking them to the range when they were old enough to hold a pistol and taught them gun safety and marksmanship. Now that they are older they shoot on a regular basis and we all go to the range at least three times a month.

    • Every one of us should be doing at least what JD is doing. We have to — HAVE TO — ensure that our own children are responsible, comfortable, and capable with firearms. Even if our children do not grow up to be firearm enthusiasts, they should not have a phobia of firearms nor emotional reactions to them.

      Above and beyond that, we should also be doing our best to reach out to a few people in our circle of influence. That could be extended family members who have not had firearm enthusiasts mentor them. That could also be close neighbors, friends, or co-workers who have not had firearm enthusiasts mentor them. Reach out to them. Invite them to a shooting range. And make sure you have mastery of basic safe and responsible firearm handling and practices that you can share with them prior to going to a range as well as at a range.

  6. Easy. I take them out and let them shoot. I give them positive emotional experiences with guns (i.e. I let them go out and have a blast shooting.) to counter the emotional drivel our current anti gun bigots spread as if it’s the gospel. The only way to defeat the antigun forces is to turn their greatest weapon ( Da Feelz) against them and start bringing some emotion into our own arguments. You can say logic trumps emotion all you want but as a former car salesman I can tell you the exact opposite is true. I’ve seen customers taken to the cleaners walk out with a smile as they climb into a crappy car that in no way fits their needs just because the salesman made them FEEL like it was a good choice and I’ve also seen customers buy the complete wrong car just because it made them FEEL good (you know the guy with 2 kids that buys a Mustang or Camaro instead of a real family car or SUV). We cannot win on logic and reason alone we have to get people emotionally invested in our cause. The left has no logic or reason just pure emotion, sure it never works for very long but the beauty of it is, it doesn’t have to. The emotion can fizzle out in a few weeks but that’s still long enough to inflict some damage and the emotions can always be rekindled a little while later when another tragedy occurs. Logic and reason take time. We got lucky with Obama because the right’s hatred for him was stronger than their despair at yet another mass murder. Now though we won’t be so lucky.

    • “Easy. I take them out and let them shoot. I give them positive emotional experiences with guns (i.e. I let them go out and have a blast shooting.) to counter the emotional drivel our current anti gun bigots spread as if it’s the gospel.”

      I’ve heard that advice for decades. But for many of us in suburbia, that’s not really an option.

      • well in that case gas up the truck and drive till you hear a banjo. Round here I got a small area that’s sort of the unofficial official public range (old farmer lets folk use his land to shoot on long as you pick up after yourself), the Peabody area if you got a membership, and an actual range just up the road near Whittaker’s (personally my favorite gunshop since Uncle Lee’s became property of Bud’s) but still gotta have a membership for that one. Still though you could get out and ask around you might be surprised to find some public land or an old quarry to go plinking in.

        • Also if you fail to find any of those, you can always start them out like I started mine. Get them a BB gun, pellet gun, air rifle, bow, or nerf gun and let them do target practice in the back yard. Forget what the neighbors might think. Also that 20-30 dollar investment in gas to get to and from your chosen shooting spot is money well invested in giving your kids awesome memories of an awesomely fun time with mom and or dad doing something that the teachers and the news tells them is wrong. That one experience will pay dividends in children that start to shake off the current drivel spread by gun bigots and they’ll start to examine every major issue in a different light.

        • “I’ve heard that advice for decades. But for many of us in suburbia, that’s not really an option.”

          “well in that case gas up the truck and drive till you hear a banjo. Round here I got a small area that’s sort of the unofficial official public range (old farmer lets folk use his land to shoot on long as you pick up after yourself)”

          “Also that 20-30 dollar investment in gas to get to and from your chosen shooting spot”

          And this is why gun ownership will eventually die out.

        • Don’t look at it like that. Look at it as an investment into quality time as a family. Who knows years from now your great great grand kids may be continuing the tradition of driving out to BFE or to the local range a county over on Saturday to shoot pop pop’s evil AR 15. Sure you have to put some effort into finding a place to shoot and yes you have to spend some money to go shoot but in the end the effort does have it’s rewards. For me it’s a 20 minute drive to our shooting spot (the farmer’s land) and we can pretty well do whatever we want on that range long as there ain’t too many other shooters. The farmer actually has a really good 300 yard range with berm, we bring our own targets and stands (if needed) and generally make a day of it. Then we pick up our shot up targets and leave, the old guy keeps the brass and either reloads or recycles it. You may not find someone like that but you can find public land (CHECK LOCAL LAWS), a friendly-ish farmer, or a range with membership (not like a gun club but just a range membership). Just invest some time in showing your kids different and it will pay dividends later. Hell you could even get them into archery, nobody complains about their neighbor shooting a bow in their backyard well unless you hit their cat….

      • What suburbia?

        I live in a very, very, blue suburbia outside of a large NE city and we have at least 10 gun stores with indoor ranges within 15-20 minutes of my house. These ranges are always very busy (frequently have to wait).

        There are also at least 6 large gun clubs withing 45 minutes of my house and some of them have waiting lists to join.

        If anyone thinks that guns are only popular with OFWGs, they should come to the range with me every weekend. A lot of 30-somethings and very diverse.

        I wonder how many are Leftists tooling-up for the coming Revolution.

        • “I wonder how many are Leftists tooling-up for the coming Revolution.”

          Pink Pu55y hats and dildos. Lot and lots of dildos 😉

      • I live in Chicago’s western suburb. We drive for 2 and 1/2 hours to my friend’s 100 acres property in Michigan to shoot outside. I shoot my pellet air rifle and my kids shoot their bb guns in our garage. I take my kids to indoor range. It isn’t enough.
        So I have applied for membership in Aurora Sportsmen’s Club.
        My kids will not get brainwashed by gun grabbers in their school if I can help it.

    • The only way to defeat the antigun forces is to turn their greatest weapon ( Da Feelz) against them and start bringing some emotion into our own arguments.

      Moltar for the win!

  7. The American education system is nothing but a lefty progressive brain washing mill. With far to many parents disconnected from their children, relying on government to raise them. Well, what can we expect. America is dying. You need more proof? Look at the Tide Pod eating hitler youth, demanding rights be erased.

  8. I’ve taken a page out of the anti’s playbook. I’m willing to actually teach and point out all the relevant facts, but my default has become to scream that if you’re anti gun then you’re automatically pro rape and pro slavery. It’s emotional and hyperbolic, but so is the other sides effective rhetoric. We’re not competing for the well thought out opinions of intelligent individuals; we’re competing for the knee jerk emotional response of retards

      • But propaganda only works for so long. At some point it becomes absurd and ridiculous. From that point on, the response only gets crazier and crazier, as they try ever greater and greater lies. It’s called the “back side of the power curve”. It’s a pilot term for a condition where more power does not help to right the aircraft, but only makes the problem worse.
        That is what we have today, and why the media and the other insiders are so desperate. They have nothing but lies, and those don’t work anymore. So, sorely lacking in the brain cell department, they can see nothing for it but to tell ever greater whoppers. After all, it worked before.
        Except that now, on the back side of the curve, all that does is make more and more of the sleeping sheep wake up and take note of what insanity they are behind.
        Welcome to the back side. Its nice over here…

  9. I’ve taken out my young ‘uns from the indoctrination camps years ago. That, and occasional range time to hone the skills.

  10. Try to improve the the relationship between POTG and LEOs. Also make sure as many soldiers are well educated on and pro-consitution. The left has got their target audiences. that have been quite effective, we should have ours.

    • If I was young enough I’d go in LE and hope that I could remain there without violating the constitution and general ethics because I’d violate neither to stay on any job.

    • There’s plenty of LEO’s trying to do the same. Every time I come across a cop, where ever I am, I shake their hand and thank them for all they do. It might not be much, but I think it gives them a bit of hope that not all civies are assholes, and it might boost their happy for the day and change their interaction with someone later on.

  11. It depends on how you mean “counter”. With children I think proper firearms education is the answer.

    With the public and the general nonsense going on now I think you let it burn itself out. If you take an honest appraisal of what’s going on, yes, a few states have gone full on tard but I think the pols in those states will get led to slaughter over this by the voters soon enough. On the “larger level” the “national discussion” is rapidly turning against the antis.

    They’ve gone “whole Hogg” on the “repeal the 2A” thing which gets about 20% support. That support existed long before this recent push so it’s not like they’ve won over a bunch of people. NRA donations, support and memberships OTOH are going through the roof. In other words, they’re riling up their opposition and convincing the proverbial “fence sitters” that we’ve been right all along. As such the whole thing serves as nothing but a red-meat offering to their base and no one else.

    As Democrats have grabbed hold of this they’ve harmed themselves. Chuck Schumer might me a dbag but he’s not stupid. He told Democrats to drop gun control but instead they’ve embraced it with both arms. Chuck probably sits back every night with a large highball, a massive headache and wonders how he’s going to salvage the Senate from this clusterfuck. He knows the truth: This is going to cost them and probably cost them dearly in November. Not necessarily because “gun control”, that’s only part of it, but because they’ve let the mask slip and revealed that they truly are Froot Loops about this topic. Not only are the out of their minds but they’re arguing/negotiating in bad faith and running with topics like gun bans and other things that are not popular with the public at large.

    Yeah, they won a few battles up front but the nasty, divisive, deceitful douchbaggery will come back to haunt them. Mark my words, they’ll rue the day they decided a kid like Hogg was a good choice of spokesman. He’s effective in the short term because he’s hard to counter attack right now and he’s a mean motherfucker who’s about perfect for bareknuckle politics (especially since you can’t even question him) but in the longer term his self-serving, petty, nasty attitude is a serious liability. Eventually he’s going to go off in the gun control crowd’s face like a grenade on Woody Harrelson’s ass (Before anyone asks, that’s a Thin Red Line reference.)

    • You’re right although I look forward to the simply amazing fireball that Hogg is going to produce when he flames out. It will be an amazing spectacle to behold and will surely eat up a good portion of the news cycle. Mean little bastard will go down faster than Stormy Daniels when she saw Trump’s checkbook balance.

    • I doubt very many would have had to ask about the reference. It was an easy one even for me and I have the memory of a goldfish.

    • Sure they are over reaching this time as usual and will flame out. But, it is still just a matter of time before a mass shooting happens when even worse people are in congress and terrible legislation will pass. It may not be inevitable technically but it is practically. As individual states lose semi-autos and full size magazines fewer people will punish their federal legislators for spreading the pain. Misery loves company.

      • Interesting take and you could be right this has happened after every mass shooting. The left comes out pushing “common sense” solutions, a couple places pass said solutions, and then the left trots out a total stinker and self emulsifies when they can’t get it passed anywhere.
        That’s the beauty of the model they’ve been running though, they keep getting these emotional knee jerk solve nothing laws passed after every shooting they don’t have to worry about lasting change they just have to wait until the next one and trot out another package just after it happens. They keep winning because while we’re still silent and grieving waiting for the dust to settle they’re hitting the pavement introducing this crap and we just leave a wide open vacuum there. When we react it’s already too late the bill is already on the floor for a vote. Our logic and reason can’t compete with emotional appeasement and emotional investment.
        These guys get everyone emotionally invested in their cause it literally takes no effort on the participants’ part. Our side requires forethought and study their side just requires you be present and emotional. They pull a lot of the same tricks those crappy dating system emails pull (you know the ones where this guy has discovered the one weird trick to bedding the hottest girls ever) they tell a story, get you emotionally invested (really who hasn’t chased the super hotty only to get rejected after she uses you for a few dinners or drinks), and then they hit you with their pitch for their product (well if you click here and send me 87.00 I’ll send you this system I found and you’ll be banging college coeds tonight!). Only with gun control it’s these people were murdered and if you help us pass this law it’ll never happen again, it’s not the offer people are responding to and it’s not that they agree that the law will work it’s the emotions. It feels good to do something to prevent another tragedy (or it feels good to bang that Israeli supermodel) so they vote for the law (or they send that 87.00 money order) and when that fails the cycle starts all over again.

      • That really depends. Here in Colorado we had a pretty swift reaction to gun control. Dems got recalled, Dems lost the legislature and the governor held on to his job by the skin of his teeth.

        No one here cares about the “new” laws. Cops don’t enforce them unless it’s part of throwing the book at someone up on other, much more serious, charges.

        In fact, realistically Hickenlooper holding on due to two districts in Denver and one in Boulder is the only reason that shit hasn’t been repealed. Calls for more gun control are laughed at and when Hickenlooper is gone those 2013 laws probably will be repealed. Republicans, newcomers to politics who are hardcore 2A, are hitting the streets hard here right now canvassing for votes and building a state voter database on issues.

        Losing a few battles (two so far by my count) is not the end of the world. Those battles can be refought or litigated likely both will happen over time.

        Be happy for what HAS happened. A couple rather small losses have been traded for the Left dropping the mask and probably cutting their own throats at the national level. Traitors in our midst have been exposed. Voters now are ready to go after GOP members who threw them under the bus. The organizational level needed to effectively and quickly defend future attacks has become apparent to A LOT of people.

        Make no mistake, this is a war. You won’t win every engagement but as long as you learn from them they serve a useful purpose.

        • logic and reason won out as it always does but the fact remains initially yall took it on the chin as the emotional wave behind the drive for gun control crested and broke. Now you have to fight those laws on top of fighting any old laws you want to see change. Should there be another tragedy in Colorado you may see emotions win out again… Perhaps not since it seems the pro gun community has grown recently. Still there is always that off chance that FUDDs go with the emotional left rather than the logical right when gun control is floated after a tragedy. It really is a stunningly effective plan, they don’t have to win a lot just enough to give us a bigger hole to fill.

          Say tomorrow they pass an AWB ok now to get the 2nd back to where it should be we’d have to fight the following:

          1. AWB
          2. NFA
          3. GCA
          4. FOPA
          5. ATF
          6. DOJ
          Of course those break down into many hundreds of smaller battles like how the hell we deregulate suppressors and full auto, but still it’s an additional case load and we won’t win every case. Meanwhile the left doesn’t have to defend a thing really. MDA, Bloomy, Giffords et al don’t have to pay a dime to hire a defense for these laws the government does and we pay to prosecute these laws through the NRA. They don’t have to worry one wit that their wunderlaw is repealed because they know the status quo is the same as it ever was they still have the meat and potatoes of the controls they want. Suppressors are still taxed and registered, background checks are still in place, and Guns are still federally controlled. Fighting that new law just meant we wasted resources and burned political capital we could’ve used on the older laws. The enemy on the other hand only wasted resources getting that law passed and they’ll be given more resources and more political capital once the next tragedy occurs while the nation is still reeling and the blood is still dripping. We give them far too little credit for the sheer brilliance of their system. Rage, Legislate, Repeat. Rage, Legislate, Repeat. Rage, Legislate, Repeat. The only time we can legitimately claim a victory is when the laws proposed fail miserably even then we still burn a fair amount of money and political capital seeing as we have very few politicians actually on our side. We have to threaten them after every tragedy while the left needs only to dangle the carrot or blow the whistle for their dancing monkeys in government.
          How much urging do you think it took after Parkland for Feinstein to be onboard with an AWB? How hard was it to talk Nancy into coming out of the casket to stump for gun control? How many votes did they have to promise Creepy Joe to come out in support of those teeny boppers? Very little.
          How much political capital did we burn trying to convince RINOs to grow a spine? How much lobbying did the NRA have to do to talk Paul Ryan into not calling for the AWB? How much did we have to twist Trump’s arm to keep him from doing an EO gun ban? I’m willing to wager anywhere from very little to a fucking truck load.

        • “…yall took it on the chin as the emotional wave behind the drive for gun control crested and broke.”

          Not at all. There was massive opposition to those laws. Democrats got a phone call from Joe Biden (verified) where they were informed of what they were going to do and that not doing this would mean they’d get primaried out of existance. So, they disconnected their phones and changed normal order to pass those laws through the legislature with no citizen input or “expert” input either. The emotional reaction (rage) was to that behavior. The laws never had much support emotional or otherwise.

          “Should there be another tragedy in Colorado…”

          The laws were in response to the DNC/National Democrats reaction to Sandy Hook. Hickenlooper stated flat out after Aurora that no changes to the law(s) would make a difference. No laws were changed following Aurora. As such these laws had nothing to do with Colorado per se.

          “Say tomorrow they pass an AWB…”

          No offense but this is a straw man that I’m not going to address. It’s the same way I’m not going to address the “What if’s” surrounding the concept of the Sun not rising tomorrow.

          “How much urging do you think it took after Parkland for Feinstein to be onboard with an AWB?”

          None. Feinstien has authored numerous AWB’s going back to the 1990’s. She was on board with the AWB when most Lefties didn’t know what it was. Ditto Joe and Pelosi. They were for this kind of legislation before Parkland ever happened. Years before.

          “How much lobbying did the NRA have to do to talk Paul Ryan into not calling for the AWB?”

          Seeing as any discussion with Mr. Ryan on this topic was behind closed doors I have no idea. Nor do you.

          “How much did we have to twist Trump’s arm to keep him from doing an EO gun ban?”

          No twisting was required. He stated emphatically that while he supported certain things like a bump stock ban that he was going to follow the law and not use an EO the way his predecessor loved to do because it was illegal and would be overturned immediately. Trump said, and I quote, “Although I desire swift and decisive action, I remain committed to the rule of law and to the procedures the law prescribes.”.

          I get why some people are worried but, no offense here, you’re blowing this out of proportion compared to what is actually happening. I mean, look at David Hogg. That little psycho hasn’t really talked gun control in a few days because he’s got a hard-on for trying to get Laura Ingraham fired. He’s not a long term threat to us.

          You have to look at the overarching picture. Way, way too many people on TTAG get bogged down on the details of one or two fights and lose sight of the forest for the trees (or some whacked out conspiracy they come up with in their own heads). Do the antis have some effective tools at their disposal? Sure. Does that mean they’re going to win? No. Do we have effective tools at our disposal? Yup. Can we get better, stronger, faster and more effective? Damn straight we can.

          I could go on about this in terms of tactics or strategy but there isn’t a point to that. The key takeaways from this are two fold: 1) We’re learning how to deal with the antis who, by the by, learned a lot of this from our side. 2) We’re also learning who is and who is not really with us. Fair weather friends can now be jettisoned in mass. Some can simply be cast out while others have to be voted out. But now we are getting to know who truly is and who is not with us. That’s priceless information that only shitty situations like this can bring to light.

          Always remember: Steel sharpens steel. Fighting a dumb, worthless opponent only makes you FEEL good when you whip their ass. It doesn’t make you a better fighter.

        • good points and a fair argument I really gotta work on some debating skills a little better…

          “I get why some people are worried but, no offense here, you’re blowing this out of proportion compared to what is actually happening. I mean, look at David Hogg. That little psycho hasn’t really talked gun control in a few days because he’s got a hard-on for trying to get Laura Ingraham fired. He’s not a long term threat to us.”

          For now he isn’t a threat… However once he pulls his head out of his ass or his handler manually adjusts his shot group he’s right back in the game and a threat once again, if not, well there’s always another one waiting in the wings and there will always be another tragedy (real or manufactured if you believe that sort of thing) which will produce a David Hogg 2.0 or a Shannon Watts 3.5.

          “You have to look at the overarching picture. Way, way too many people on TTAG get bogged down on the details of one or two fights and lose sight of the forest for the trees (or some whacked out conspiracy they come up with in their own heads). Do the antis have some effective tools at their disposal? Sure. Does that mean they’re going to win? No. Do we have effective tools at our disposal? Yup. Can we get better, stronger, faster and more effective? Damn straight we can.”

          We HAVE to get better, more organized, better funded, and better able to meet threats across the full spectrum of rights we hold dear. I concede that on paper we are pretty evenly matched but they have a slight edge when it comes to influence they have MSM and Social Media on lock. We have the real world and rising gun ownership (possibly) on our side. I mean if the spike in ownership is the result of lefties buying up guns for their great rebellion against Trump or a sudden rash of mass shootings they’ve been planning since election night we may be in for a bumpy ride. So far though, it looks like the increase in ownership and the increase in NRA members is helping, then again it could just be the left flooding the NRA with their puppets (Man even I doubt that one).

          “I could go on about this in terms of tactics or strategy but there isn’t a point to that. The key takeaways from this are two fold: 1) We’re learning how to deal with the antis who, by the by, learned a lot of this from our side. 2) We’re also learning who is and who is not really with us. Fair weather friends can now be jettisoned in mass. Some can simply be cast out while others have to be voted out. But now we are getting to know who truly is and who is not with us. That’s priceless information that only shitty situations like this can bring to light.”

          Yes we are learning a lot however all the knowledge in the world can’t help you if you cannot successfully employ it against your enemy without that attack blowing up in your face. Hence why I think they’re using actual living breathing kids in this chapter of the crusades. Now if this were a shooting war we’d know they’re getting desperate since traditionally you didn’t really throw 13 year olds out in front of infantry battalions, but since this is more a culture war it could mean they have a long lasting victory on their hands. However, I do have evidence to the contrary( it just means the battles have reached further down the age ladder. How this all shakes out is very much still in the air but I prefer to err on the side of caution and assume that the next fight is the most important fight we’ll ever see and continue to fight that way.

  12. When the principal of my daughters first middle school told the kids (and the teachers) that they could not wish someone a Merry Christmas we pushed back hard and the superintendent gave her strong direction about the 1st Amendment. That year you heard Merry Christmas in the halls, up till almost Easter, when it became Happy Easter! Dr. Clarke retired at the end of the year and likely still complains about all cruel Christians who hate Muslims and Jews.

    It isn’t just the 2nd Amendment, they hate the 1st, and have largely destroyed the 10th

  13. I have tried arguments based on data, I have argued the philosophical underpinnings of the 2A and the right to armed self defense, I have pointed out the utility of a force equalizer and I have implored people to consider the nature of the world before the introduction of firearms and, in many cases, have failed to move the needle. Because of these reasonable arguments failing, I have more often than not just begun to respond NO! to the demands of the gun control types. In truth, it is somewhat effective. They are a bit taken aback and then try to convince me that they are right about something and I just keep saying no. When they claim that they, or really, the government can force me to comply, I switch to, How?

    If nothing else, this forces the gun control activist to, at a minimum, recognize that they are trying to impose their will on other people and the only way to accomplish that is force – up to and including deadly force.

    Often, I can end a conversation of this type by saying something along the lines of, “So, you think it is sensible that in order to reduce bloodshed (though you have no evidence that your proposals will do that) you should compel people who disagree with you to conform to your demands and, if they don’t, you propose that they be killed. Is this an accurate summary of your position?” Makes them stare their fascism in the face a bit.

    Of course, they usually get a little stiff necked and claim they’re not talking about killing gun owners. I reiterate that whether they intend it or not the end-game of forced compliance requires threats of harm up to death. Why do they think we use the “Cold dead hands” line.

    • I use the same tactic. Most still think the person being disarmed is the aggressor ’cause “democracy”. “If you choose to live here you are agreeing to the rules that democracy yields. You can vote, but then you have to abide.” I have been told it is the resistor that is instigating the violence. The tactic only works on rational people, which are fairly rare.

      • Yes, it only works, directly, on rational people but, it does force even the irrational into defending an irreconcilable position – .i.e., To stop the senseless killing I want you killed.

        ‘They’, of course, tell me it’s not about killing me, or those like me, but they can’t square that with their demand that I be disarmed and my response is “no”. It’s an impasse and that is the point, and was the point of putting the 2A in the BOR in the first place. An impasse is not, as those on the left would often have us believe, necessarily a bad thing. They talk all the time about ‘compromise’ but fail to recognize that we already have a de facto compromise in place. That is: You want to take what I have, I don’t want to give it up, I have the means to prevent you taking it so you leave unsatisfied and we both exist in status quo anti. Ta-da, compromise. Not the one they want, to be sure, but an equilibrium state all the same.

  14. Having children write an essay and then sending those letters to representatives on gun control should be ileagal, The schools are forcing children to help demolish the Constitution. This is not right.

  15. I politely point out the flaws in their argument… then get unfriended because they’re so progressive, they can’t tolerate a different point of view.

  16. It’s simple. School’s gotta go.

    Going to school, and “getting an education”, are not the same thing. Education = good. School = bullying, enormous tax burden, and left-wing indocrination.

    To hell with “school.” Parents should teach their kids what they need to know.

  17. The problem is, we have allowed the anti Second Amendment crowd to define the terms.
    A firearm is a tool which possesses no evil intent on its own. Assigning intent to an inanimate object is the epitome of insanity. Demonizing a weapon on “looks alone” also marks the accuser as an unstable individual who is also insane. Call them out on their illogic and insanity.
    Another dirty tactic the anti-Second Amendment crowd uses exposes children to potential and actual harm by putting them in “gun-free zones”. These people care not one wit about children, but uses them for their own nefarious purposes.
    We need to TAKE BACK the argument…
    When the antis blame the firearm for the actions of a criminal, state that: “a firearm is an inanimate object, subject only to the intent of the user. Firearms ARE “equalizers” and are used to preserve life and make a 90 lb. woman equal to a 200 lb. criminal”.
    When the antis attempt to justify their “gun free zones” counter their misguided argument with “you mean, criminal safety zones” or “victim disarmament zones”.
    State that “we protect our money, banks, politicians and celebrities, buildings and facilities with PEOPLE WITH GUNS, but protect our children with “gun-free zone” signs”.
    When the antis criticize AR-15s in general, counter with: “you mean the most popular rifle of the day, use able by even the smallest, weakest person as a means of self-defense. Besides, AR-15s are FUN to shoot”. Offer to take them to the range and supply them with an AR-15, ammunition and range time. I have made
    many converts this way.
    When the antis state that: “You don’t need an AR-15 to hunt with”, counter with “AR-15s ARE used for hunting, but in many states, are prohibited from being used to take large game because they are underpowered”.
    When the antis state that: “AR-15s are high powered rifles”, correct them by stating that “AR-15s with the .223 or 5.56mm cartridge are considered medium-powered weapons–NOT “high-powered” by any means”.
    When the antis state that: “you don’t need and AR-15”, counter with, “Who are YOU to consider what I need or want?”
    When the antis state that: “the Constitution was written during the time of muskets, and that the Second Amendment should only apply to “weapons of that time period”, state that: “by your logic, the First Amendment should not apply to modern-day telecommunications, internet, television, radio, public-address systems, books and newspapers produced on high-speed offset printing presses. Only “town-criers” and Benjamin Franklin type printing presses would be covered under the First Amendment”.
    When the antis state that “only law enforcement and government should possess firearms”, remind them of the latest school shooting, as well as Columbine, where “law enforcement” SAT ON THEIR HANDS while children were being murdered, citing “officer safety”, afraid to challenge the shooter, despite being armed to the hilt. The government-run murderous sieges at Ruby Ridge and Waco are also good examples of government (mis)use of firearms. Let’s not forget the millions murdered under communism by their governments AFTER their firearms were confiscated.
    This tome can be used to counter any argument against any infringement of our Second Amendment.

  18. If you are a member of our People Of The Gun tribe, you will undoubtedly find yourself in one of those conversations where some libtard makes what I call a “of-course-like-me-you’re-against-assault-weapons-whose-only-purpose-is-to-kill-people” kind of statement. These kinds of statements are intended to do two things. First, they’re a test of our allegiance to the speaker’s political beliefs. Second, they are intended to establish a boundary where you are on the “wrong” side.

    When somebody says this to you, they generally aren’t expecting to have a discussion about gun-control versus gun-rights. You, on the other hand, can initiate that discussion by calmly stating that you support the 2nd amendment, think 30 round magazines are great, own handguns and rifles in various calibers along with thousands of rounds of ammunition, etc. Really, the kind of rejoinder you choose to make to the above comment is up to you. After all, you didn’t start the discussion—they did. There’s a rhetorical trick to pulling this off, however.

    Simply put, you can be most effective in making your case to casually or even formally advocating gun control by observing a simple rule: Don’t Get Mad. If you can keep your temper under control, even when someone is losing their’s and calling you names, you’ve just won most of the impending argument before it begins.

    Controlling your temper, however, in these situations is a lot easier said than done. Some argumentative people are quite good at pushing other people’s emotional buttons. It’s something they’ve learned to let them win arguments without actually knowing much at all. But, with a little self-discipline and awareness of how you want to appear to others, you can quickly learn to keep a cool head, make cogent points, and intellectually challenge even the most seductive gun-control arguments. Trust me, the personal satisfaction from being able to do this is enormous.

  19. How are you countering the prevailing guns-are-bad influences your young ‘uns are subjected to?

    I’m passing out guns (to adults). You see they shoot the guns, and then they start to like them, and then when gun control activists start talking about taking their stuff by force (i.e. laws with government) then they start to feel sore about it. And next thing ya know! 🙂 They’re right there next to me.

  20. Quite often, firearms owners are their own worst enemies. The duck hunters don’t like the AR-15 “black rifles” so they see no problem if attempts are made to ban them. The traditional rifle owners don’t like machine guns, so they have no problem with them being legislated out of existence. Some pistol owners see nothing wrong with certain long guns being outlawed just as some rifle owners would have no problem seeing pistols banned.
    Friends, ALL firearms advocates must “hang together” and realize that an assault on ANY means of firearms ownership and self-defense is an assault on ALL forms of firearms ownership and self-defense.
    There is absolutely NO ROOM for complacency among ANY Second Amendment supporters. An attack on one is an attack on ALL…
    ALL firearms laws are unconstitutional on their face. Imagine the hue and cry if “reasonable” restrictions were placed on First Amendment activities, especially with the “mainstream media”. The Second Amendment is clear–what part of “shall not be infringed” do politicians and the media not understand…of course, they understand full well…it’s part of their communist agenda…

  21. Anti gunners have made there decisions based on emotion or lack of information.

    When ask I say support gun ownership because I will not support a policy that would increase rapes, murders, and violent robberies.

    The first question I get is why I think it will go up. I say president Obama. He commissioned a study by the CDC and that was their conclusion in a nut shelll. And if owning a gun saves just one more life I think it worth it.

    Antis who have made an emotional decision will explode. Further division with them is not possible.

    Those who have bad information will start to ask more questions. With proper information you can change there minds.

  22. How are you countering the prevailing guns-are-bad influences your young ‘uns are subjected to?
    Most of the Tide Pod Eaters and Special Snowflakes don’t know jack about jack when it comes to guns and gun laws. Educating them is not too hard, as they are totally ignorant and just regurgitate what they are told.

  23. Expose them as frauds.

    The single best tactic I’ve ever seen when taking on the high-n-mighty types as Bloomberg, the Hollywood pervs wandering around, belching their inane nonsense, etc – is to point out the beefy young men in ill-fitted jackets around them. I’ve pointed out where these bodyguards are printing, guessed at what gun they’re packing, etc.

    Most people are clueless – until someone points these issues out.

    Then I point out “Hey, I’m sure these celebs would be happy to allow you to have bodyguards too!”

    Obviously, most people can’t afford to employ bodyguards – and then the two-faced nature of these clowns becomes dramatically apparent.

    That’s how you use the left’s own strategy of class envy and resentment of money against them.

    Remember, Alinsky’s rules were not written to be used once the left got into power. Alinsky didn’t think about what would happen when the left became the dominate power structure – and they have a huge blind spot to what happens when people apply Alinsky’s rules to them. The two most effective rules are:

    – ridicule is a potent weapon
    – make them live up to their own rules
    – go outside the expertise of your enemy. This means ridiculing the left for their ignorance of guns in general, but especially ridicule them for their ignorance of existing gun laws.
    – pick a target, personalize it, freeze it. Pick out Bloomberg. Point out how much money he has – that he got from milking information on Wall Street. Point out how he lives in pampered security which other people can’t obtain. Point out how he’s trying to take other people’s rights away. Dig up dirt on him, use it.

    Make the left live by their own rules – Alinsky’s rules.

  24. Like Holocaust denial, gun control advocacy is fundamentally root in lies.

    Expose those lies and the narrative collapses.

    I’ve been doing it for forty years and it works.

  25. “Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    — Mark Twain

    • Exactly. I like my IQ where it is and simply won’t waste my time.
      Most of them won’t listen and I’ve got better things to do than waste my breath on them.

    • I think George Bernard Shaw said:
      “never wrestle with a pig. You get all dirty, but the pig likes it.”

  26. What I find interesting is there are pro-gun messages all over the culture, if you look.

    An example, in the world of the Harry Potter books, at 11 every kid goes to the gun shop, sorry, I mean wand shop. Except that in that world, wands are even more powerful than any gun is in ours. In the wrong hands, they are literally death rays and even weapons of mass destruction.

    It’s emphasized that it’s villainous to restrict children from learning self-defense. Among the first acts of the tyrannical government installed by the bad guys is banning wand possession by undesirables, with accompanying confiscation. Harry and his friends remain free because essentially create their own militia, and drill in tactics on their own in defiance of the government.

    The messages are there to be found. There’s no way J. K. Rowling intended to send this one, but it’s what she wrote. You can use it to instruct.

  27. All of the letter writing, rallying, educating, exposing, and using logical arguments will accomplished absolutely nothing at the end of the day. The best thing that gun owners can do to counter the anti-gun culture is to shut up and buy. buy. Buy every firearm of all different types that you can afford, and as much ammunition as you can afford and then keep your mouth closed as to what you have.

    All of the actions mentioned in the comments here are all very good, and in the end will accomplish absolutely nothing to change the minds of anti-gunners. The three best things that we gun owners can do is to donate to pro-second Amendment politicians, pro-second Amendment legislative organizations, and stock up on firearms and ammunition, and then shut up about what we have in our safes.

    One last note, my advice would be to start buying and stocking up now, before the 2018 midterm elections. If the Dems somehow retake the House and Senate, their first order of business will be to impeach Donald Trump and the second order of business will be to at a minimum hamstring the Second Amendment; your best option will be to have already purchased what you are going to buy before then. If you are not financially well-off as most of us are not, then create a priority list of one or two things and spend the time between now and the midterms working on buying those one or two items.

  28. I’ve had success with one method. I have asked people to watch a debate from “Intelligence Squared” about guns. In it, Gary Kleck and John Lott face off against the usual suspects. The cool part is that before the debate, the moderator takes a vote with the audience to see if they are pro, con, or undecided, and then they do it again after the debate. The vast majority of undecided switched to “pro” after they had a chance to hear the facts. Kleck’s performance was amazing. So, I do have some hope that facts can persuade. You can find it on YouTube here:

  29. “home-school” yr kids;
    even if you only teach them the absolute basics…. viz: the three “R`s” ….
    they’ll still be better off, smarter and turn out nicer than the likes of HOGG et al;
    in fact: a uni’ lecturer in AUstralia once told me some years back now that most of the kids these days who start as first-year/”freshmen” don’t even know how to look up the index in a book; many cannot do cursive writing nor sign their own names;
    how do they actually gain admittance to universities?
    who knows?
    except that, in AUstralia, the universities are forced to take people to meet certain ‘quotas’ in order to continue to receive government funding;
    in fact: many are so ‘strapped-for-cash’ that they take overseas students who hardly even speak a dozen words of English….. usually from Asia;

    mean-while, in Brasil, upcoming Presidential candidate(s) are running on a “gun law repeal” ticket…..

  30. “write letters to lawmakers calling for stricter gun control laws.”
    Correct response to the assignment is to write to legislators for stricter federal laws to keep state and local governments from infringing on 2nd Amendment rights of citizens, or for the state government to have a stricter pre-emption law with penalties for local government that fails to comply. If they want stricter laws, we can propose them.

    • Now THAT is the perfect way to influence others, it is the most effective.

  31. The optimal way to counter “the Left’s” anti-gun propaganda is by using crime stories as examples of what can befall armed and unarmed victims. Share and repost articles on ALL your social media accounts and comment sections on articles/editorials, use pieces from local and national news outlets, best if they have a photo of the perp and/or victim, play into the emotions of those you are trying to influence, fear is a powerful motivator.

  32. I just ask them this hypothetical question… what if you are trapped in a room with your child and bad people (plural) are trying to break in. Would you defend? If there is a tool within your reach that you can use to increase your defensive advantage like a cabinet to block the door, or a chair, or a book you can use to block or to throw, would you use it?

    If the answer to the question is yes, then to me there is chance they are willing to hear my side, maybe even cross the fence. If the answer is no, then i dont even bother, they are beyond hope.

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