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How do you accidentally shoot your wife, twice, through a wall?

TTAG Commentator GeneralPatton6 emailed a heads-up on a story from

How do you accidentally shoot your wife, twice, through a wall? The man responsible, Mark Hilson, says he’s “never seen a gun discharge that way.” Me neither. My understanding of firearms tells me there’s only one way for a gun to go off. Trigger, hammer, firing pin, primer, bang. The reports say the gun was a Beretta; I don’t know how adjustable the triggers are. I’ve heard of 1911’s going “full auto” by adjusting the trigger too much, but not DA/SA guns. I’ve also heard of “open chamber discharges” in 1911’s, but that’s it. (I had a friend run a bullet down his leg from one of those.) Obviously, Mark Hillson broke two or more “gun rules,” so he definitely qualifies for an IGOTD. The grand jury doesn’t see it that way. Neither do I.


  1. avatar Daver says:

    i just Googled “open chamber discharge” and can’t find anything…can you please elaborate?

  2. avatar frankgon4 says:

    In Texas, there was an incident of a man committing suicide by shooting himself 5 time with a bolt action .22
    Now that is determination or a load of horse manure.

  3. avatar Don Curton says:

    Often, after my wife and I have a “discussion” that is not an argument (really!), we go to separate rooms, shut and lock the doors, and I pull out one of my guns and “wipe it down”. I mean, who doesn’t?

  4. avatar Ropingdown says:

    The obvious answer is “with good thermal imaging gear and a steady hand.”

    1. avatar Eviljay says:

      Thats good.

  5. avatar GeneralPatton6 says:

    I believe an “open chamber discharge” ocurrs when you have a double feed jam and you have a primer up against the firing pin and somehow the firing pin contacts the primer while the chamber is open. I have a couple emails out to get more information so I will post when I get more info.

  6. avatar Tom says:

    He looks so cute in his orange jump suit. Jail guuuurrrrll.
    the gun was a Beretta;
    says he’s “never seen a gun discharge that way.”
    Must be a high tech weapon that is beyond his mental capacity.

  7. avatar Accur81 says:

    Probably the same way I accidentally typed “hot photos of Michelle Viscusi” 6 or 7 times.

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      “Your search – “hot photos of Michelle Viscusi” – did not match any image results.”


        1. avatar Accur81 says:


          I accidentally hit your link! Good times…

        2. avatar Curtis in IL says:

          That, friends, is how you sell pistols.

  8. avatar Totenglocke says:

    Like a boss, that’s how.

    Seriously, am I the only one that’s impressed that this guy is using liberals fear of guns magically “going off” to try and beat a murder charge?

  9. avatar paul r says:

    Wait a second, what about “fire following”?? This would account for multiple shots but he still would have had to do a “press check” or accentuate the slide somehow.

  10. avatar Jim Barrett says:

    How do you adjust the trigger on a 1911 to go full auto? On the surface it sounds like it might be fun to fire a full auto pistol, but given how much my muzzle flips with one shot, I suppose that if it happened to me, I’d have several rounds into the ceiling.

    1. avatar GeneralPatton6 says:

      Basically, you adjust the trigger travel so much that after you fire the first round the sear won’t be able to re-engage the hammer and the hammer continues to fall, firing every shot till the gun is empty. It isn’t true full auto, it is an uncontrolled emptying of the gun. Not recommended.

  11. avatar CJ says:

    I’m not saying I believe this guy but my Springfield Armory XDm .40 has double fired on me several times. It isn’t the first gun I’ve seen double either. Weird things do happen. That doesn’t mean I believe the guy accidentally shot his wife through a wall.

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