Housekeeping: TTAG Still Loading #ImLoading


We’re still loading readers’ #ImLoading photos into our #ImLoading Facebook album. Send your image to [email protected],com with IMLOADING in the subject bar. We prefer them to have some sort of loading-specific thing going on or at least some ammo in the shot – unlike the image above – but if it’s cool enough – like the image above – who are we to complain? Thank you for your help. If you haven’t clicked above, click here to check out the gallery. Good stuff!


  1. avatar Jeremy S says:

    I see ammo in that picture! Ready to be fed right into the chamber 😉

  2. avatar Chadwick p. says:

    You got my ba-nana mag pic!

  3. avatar tom12121112 says:

    U guys put up my New Vaq but blew off my NAA Sheriff…

  4. avatar swampythebandit says:

    Just sent mine in hope fully y’all like it

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