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NRA convention (courtesy

Tongue firmly in cheek, Gun Nuts offers The 5 types of media at the NRA Annual Meetings. Caleb lets gun bloggers have it with both barrels: “If there’s one thing worse than the old media, it’s the new media. There’s nothing worse than a blogger who think that just because they’re smart enough to set up a wordpress page and pound out some mediocre content every now and then that their opinion is actually worth more than a fart in the wind. Seriously, bloggers are just the worst people ever. Can you imagine the massive ego it must take to think that your opinion is SO IMPORTANT that the whole internet should read it? Ugh.” Guilty as charged. Dan, Nick and myself will be at the NRA meeting in Indianapolis from Friday to Sunday, blogging our brains out. Let us know below if there’s something you’d like us to check out on your behalf. And no, booth babes don’t count. Although we might post some images on our Facebook page . . .


  1. avatar tfunk says:

    Booth babes. They count to me.

    That is all

    1. avatar tfunk says:

      Oooh, wait…pics of…can’t remember her name, but she’s a pro-shooter who was supposed to blog for y’all but then backed out and she’s married but don’t worry one day she’ll realize he wasn’t quite right for her and I’m pretty sure I still won’t be in a relationship by then (surprise surprise) so it’ll all work out as planned.

      Yep, pics of that girl.

    2. avatar Chuck (hates nj) says:

      I’ll second this motion.

  2. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    $500 cash if you can get a pic of Shannon Watts holding up a sign saying “Where is Dirk Diggler?” and no, photoshop doesn’t count

  3. avatar Rick says:

    That’s funny because Caleb thinks his opinion is worthy. He was a squidly dude on Top Shot, who had some integrity on the show, but has turned up the asshole-ry since he’s set up with Gun Nuts media.

    1. avatar JR says:

      “That’s funny because Caleb thinks his opinion is worthy.”


      There are some good content providers at gunnuts. Caleb’s not one of them most days.

    2. avatar Matt in FL says:

      I’m almost certain that Caleb was referring to himself when he wrote that. Maybe not just himself, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen him say something along the lines of “I can’t believe I get to do this awesome job.”

  4. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

    I’m interested to see the SCR

  5. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    Save the booth babes and just give us shots of the world’s top shooters. Like Michelle Viscusi and Tori Nonaka.

    1. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

      + 1

    2. avatar TheBear says:

      Awww – my epic reply was censored.

      Hmm – maybe this will work:

      Google that name.

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        I think you and I have different definitions of “epic.”

        1. avatar TheBear says:


          But I for one had no idea up until I caught wind of it on ENDO that the shooting community had so much drama…

          Or so many sex scandals.

      2. avatar Curtis in IL says:

        Google what name?
        FYI there was at least one well-known shooter babe whose name I didn’t mention because of drama and scandal.

        1. avatar TheBear says:

          I’d say to PM me but there aren’t any PMs…. 😛

          And I’d rather not push the envelope since I’ve already had 2 posts deleted.

    3. avatar ThomasR says:

      Yep; Curtis in IL, I put in my vote as well.

  6. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I guess I’m officially old. I don’t do Facebook, and a few pictures of pretty girls isn’t going to change that. I don’t even have time to read all the stuff posted here; I don’t have time to look at yet another “news” outlet.

    1. avatar Maineuh says:

      At least check in with FB around Halloween. Slutty vampires, slutty cats, slutty witches… It’s a gawker’s paradise! I’m told.

      1. avatar TheBear says:

        I’d prefer to just go outside. Google has billions of pics if pics is your thing.

  7. avatar HiddenHills says:

    Ask Caleb to review a Kel-Tec, ala “effing up a PF-9”.

  8. avatar ToddR says:

    Welcome to Indy; everything is within walking distance of the show. Middle-age bars are downtown, college bars are 62nd & College (go figure).

  9. avatar Anmut says:

    Anything and everything WHEEL GUN please.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      Here’s a wheel gun for you:

      Picture #42 down. Fires approx. 30 times before reloading – Hollywood would love it.

      1. avatar Anmut says:

        MEH. I like my wheel guns two ways: Highly concealable or highly powerful.

      2. avatar Nick D says:

        Considering how most old-school multi-barrel guns were prone to firing all of their barrels at once if reloaded wrong, the only safe place to use that thing would be from on top of it, riding it like a mechanical bull-et wheel

  10. avatar Stilicho says:

    Since you asked…I’d love to see Walther CCP info…followed now to soonish by a review.

  11. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Find a GLOCK brand GLOCK rep and ask them why they are so dumb for subjecting us all to the G42.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      almost bought one @ cabelas today. got 325 pts burning a hole in my pocket

  12. avatar Noakes says:

    Booth babes? How about booth guns?

  13. avatar KD says:

    Boberg XR45 Please!

  14. avatar Brian says:

    Please check out the ruger booth. They are supposed to have the production version of the 50 th anniversary 10-22 contest winner design there. Pics please.

  15. avatar 5Spotw says:

    Strike One pistol please!

    And of course the latest models of the things that go up….always a show stopper.

    1. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

      Ahhh the elusive Strike One. One can only hope we get our hands on them some day.

  16. avatar Accur81 says:

    Well I think your blog is worthwhile.

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