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We’ve received reports previously of TTAG being blocked in dentists’ offices and airports. We’re now hearing that the feds are blocking the world’s most popular firearms blog from their networks, too. First, it was the FAA. Now it’s the Navy. And we got this from a friend who’s a medic in the Air Force . . .

Good day TTAG. I am emailing you to inform you the Air Force has blocked you as weapons/suspicious. I congratulate you on this award. Seeing as how the AF leadership for whatever reason is very left leaning. You in my eyes have succeeded in being a thorn in the anti-constitutionalists’ side. While I am bummed I cant read up on gun news in between patients. I am proud to say you have warranted some high level of attention.

As our man Foghorn Leghorn is wont to say, you can’t stop the signal. To which I can only add, you can’t stop people trying to stop the signal, either. Have any of or our other .gov friends experienced TTAG blockage issues? Which is almost as nasty as it sounds.

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    • The Navy and FAA are not blocking TTAG. TTAG is being blocked by Bluecoat’s Secure Gateway Proxy. This is what happens when you stuff a page with ads and malvertising sneaks in. Bluecoat detected the malware ads and reclassified the site as suspicious. So your options are as follows.

      1. Use a more reputable ad server.
      2. Use bluecoat’s request form to have your site reclassified (takes about a day) and they’ll see the malware is gone and it won’t be classified as suspicious.
      3. Keep thinking there is a conspiracy at the Navy and FAA and ignore #1 and #2.

        • Robert, please pay very close attention to what Johnny is laying out for you here. I work at a very, very large financial institution that uses BlueCoat to categorize websites. For some reason, BlueCoat’s categorization of your website changed from “Weapons” to “Weapons” and “Suspicious”. Our firm is not blocking TTAG because of the “Weapons” tag but because of “Suspicious” tag. Please don’t play the victim card…figure out why your rating has been compromised. Me and 400,000 of my coworkers cannot access your site from work until you loose the “Suspicious” tag.

          I love your site, please get it fixed!

        • As someone also in the IT and end user computer line of work, yes, your provider is trying to rape your readers computers from time to time.

        • That may be true where you work, but where I am working as a consultant at a large pharma company, the blocking screen on the guest WiFi specifically says it’s because of “Weapons.” Interestingly, they don’t block the Defensive Carry site.

        • Johnny: That may be true where you work, but on networks at two companies where I’m working as a consultant, the blocking screens for TTAG specifically say it’s because of “Weapons.” Interestingly, they don’t block the Defensive Carry site.

        • That image shows it’s being blocked because it’s “suspicious” (maybe what you say is true) and because “weapons”, which has nothing to do with the IT safety of the advertising.

      • Being in IT for 20 years and being familiar with web content filters, I’m inclined to agree. Forward proxy content filters suck, necessary for SSL inspection and easily bypassed with a webpage proxy site. The idea is sound, but it requires many restrictions on other aspects of the organizations network as to make it next to worthless. If this is all they got, I promise their network group/admins hate their job(s).

      • While I use an ad blocker most of the time, visiting TTAG on my cell phone bombards me with “sponsored links” such as “This is why my dad got laid with 61 girls…”

        Seriously TTAG… that’s an embarrassment for what should be a professional venture.

        • I couldn’t agree more. I don’t like blocking ads for websites I support, because it takes money from them. But I always use adblock on TTAG, because they have some of the worst ads on the internet. I don’t know how they allow their ads to be so obnoxious, but it is incredibly unprofessional. I don’t link people to TTAG because of the ads.

        • Me blocking ads on my own browser doesn’t change the fact that TTAG needs to link to *relevant* ads and not tabloid junk.

          I’d have no problem if the ads were for Cabelas, Midway, Ruger, car/truck/boat manufacturers, etc.

          Instead I get “1 weird trick that turns on any woman” as do other visitors to this site that may arrive here with an open mind to learn about guns/news but quickly dismiss it as schlock with these links all over the page.

      • Yeah, I tend to agree, it’s more likely the advertising content and sneak malware that got TTAG blocked.

      • That is exactly what it is. Here is Bluecoat’s current categorization for TTAG:

        This page is currently categorized as Suspicious and Weapons Last Time Rated/Reviewed: October 21, 2015 20:10:31 GMT

        You get “suspicious” for hosting or linking malware. Clean up the ad server.

    • The blue coats are coming, the blue coats are coming. Not blocked here, and I own the FAA, Navy and the rest. I’ll talk to my underlings and get this sorted out for you lickety-split, after all, I do pay them.

  1. I work at a privately owned co-generation facility and it’s (amusingly) been blocked there for quite some time. Post a screenshot tomorrow.

    Was pissed at first. Now… meh. So it’s blocked. More to read when I get home.

      • maybe they can’t “stop the signal”, but they certainly can fire you. Running a VPN to bypass corporate restrictions is generally taken very seriously– it’s a huge security risk to the network.

        Everyone knows how to trivially bypass the blocks– heck, I was using Translate web pages to do that in the late 90’s. But know the consequences.

    • For that matter setup a VPN to your home for free. That way when you’re on the go and get hooked up to a network that is blocking anything you can just bypass it.

        • Certain VPN services can completely mask a VPN as just regular HTTP traffic which renders void any attempts to block VPN’s. Not that expensive either and connection speeds aren’t really slowed that much even when you are going through the great firewall of China and back to CONUS again.

  2. Starting yestetday, TTAG has been blocked at my place of employment, which is not .gov, with the same note about “weapons/suspicious.” Curious. There must be some common site analysis tool driving this. TTAG has had some malware problems–perhaps that led someone to label the site as questionably safe?

    • It was likely categorized by a security vendor. There are a few vendors that provide filtering services that protect not only against malware, but also filter for content. For content, it would depend not only upon how the vendor would categorize a site, but what the organization decides which categories filter/allow.

    • Starting yestetday, TTAG has been blocked at my place of employment, which is not .gov, with the same note about “weapons/suspicious.”

      Same here. I work for a large company (many of you drive our vehicles) and TTAG was never an issue. Starting yesterday it got blocked.

      • I run malware protection on my office computer and visit only a couple web sites regularly , The Blaze , TTAG , and Prophesy Update . All three of these sites have similar if not duplicating content and all three have been blocking malware classified as outgoing for the last couple months . Does anyone know what this might be ?

        • Yeah, it’s this sugr.swf file that one of the ad providers keeps spitting out. It’s malware and unfortunately I’ve had to block the site for all the computers for the company I work for. If your running a Mac it doesn’t do anything but download hundreds of sugr.swf files to you download folder. I would put money on the fact that this is why the site is getting blacklisted by companies. The company I work for doesn’t give a crap about what websites people visit, though when our firewall starts having a sh#t fit on sites spitting malware we block the sites for safety…..The worst was when I had to block a bunch of Israeli news sites because of malware ads. About 20% of the office employee’s are from Israel and hated me for a while.

        • The IT people for TTAG could maybe go to the three sites I mentioned and see which adds are on all three and voila , you might have your smoking gun , I don’t run across this stuff anywhere else and it’s always the same .

  3. This should not come as any surprise. Those who are willing to infringe on the Second Amendment are more than happy to infringe on the First Amendment as well.

    • A “Supreme Court Justice” – the implication is that is was Chief Justice Roberts – had dinner with Matt Drudge recently, and he told Judge that the SCOTUS had enough votes now to move on the First Amendment next year.

      Would you be surprised? If so, why? The SCOTUS is blackmailed by the NSA.

      ‘Nuff said.

      • “SCOTUS is blackmailed by the NSA”???… SCOTUS are not elected officials. They are nominated and serve for life. Anything short of incarceration, incapacitation, or death cannot prevent a Supreme Court Justice from serving. The NSA leaking a Supreme Court Justice’s private phone conversation or online viewing habits would bring a bleep storm of heat down of them for negligible gain.

        • Except … they still may not want their dirty laundry aired, which could still provide leverage (assuming for the sake of argument NSA spying of SCOTUS is going on – although it wouldn’t surprise me if it were). “Hell hath no fury” and all that rot. If your logic were true, no private citizen could ever be blackmailed over information that wasn’t actually criminal. Such is not the case.

      • I would agree to that hypothesis about the Utah / Supreme court connection and I would add to that Congress and government employees of all variety . These NSA folk have the information but will never use it for nefarious reasons , right ?

  4. i think that’s just really a sign of your success. Uncle Sam needs work done, can’t do TTAG and do work.

    TTAG is an easy past time to abuse.

    ; P

    What brand is that blade, and why don’t you have one 1/2 serrated?

      • OK, you caught me IT’S MY BLADE . . . BWAHAHAHAHAHA. . .

        Just kidding.

        Not absolutely certain. The grind looks too pronounced for a 1/2 serrated blade type, and from the little bit shown of it in the pic, it looks to have the full width of it’s profile exposed, which should evidence at least the beginnings of any serration.

    • Because serrations can’t be sharpened very easily, and they don’t come in handy for most tasks.

      That’s why I buy all my knives in plain edge, if possible. Perhaps Farago is of the same mind.

      • I don’t disagree, but my daily-carry flat-ish Gerber Para-frame II has held up without much in the way of maintenance. I just like a little serration. ?

  5. Wow. Good to know our military and gummint are hard at work, per usual, on national security. I’ll get a chance tomorrow night to try to get on the site from our own international airport here in VT. Will post here accordingly.

  6. Naughty naughty boys and girls …you should know better. Do as your told and all will be well.

  7. I’d say this is more add malware related than anything. The .gov busybodies just aren’t that smart.

    • Really? You really believe that? I have some solid-ground swampland to sell you. CHEAP.

      I am VERY motivated to sell. Please contact.

      • Given the fact that it seems to be a simultaneous block across multiple unrelated locations, yes. It smells like a web filter update.

        Never attribute to malice what you can attribute to stupidity.

        Seriously guys, your site has the worst add filtering of my regular haunts. I appreciate that you need to keep the lights on (and Leghorn in ammo) but you really need a better add partner.

      • I’ve done a network sniff on TTAG and it has a huge amount of ad content getting piped in. I compared TTAG to many of the top most heavily trafficked sites, and TTAG no-one comes close to how bad TTAG is for ad content.

        • The only way to surf here is with Adblock Plus. If you are tired of your browser locking up or taking forever to update the page it will work some major magic.

      • Sorry you bought swampland in the first place. This is not a conspiracy. Bluecoat (not a gov’t agency) reclassified the site as suspicious due to the recent spate of malware ads appearing on TTAG.

        • I guess the Bluecoats on the AFB I work on haven’t been updated yet. I apparently still have access.

          But watching the paranoia from those who have no idea how NIPR networks work is very amusing.

    • I was at courthouse last week for jury duty. Their wifi blocked TTAG with a message specifically citing the weapons/firearms content, which should be illegal.

      I could see blocking access to non-work related sites for employees. I could see blocking access to illegal sites, or those violating obvious community decency standards, like pornography. Blocking something like TTAG, though, drifts into unjustifiable discrimination.

  8. Access blocked
    Category: Hostile to Dear Leader’s civilian disarmament initiative
    Action: Refer to IRS for audit
    Timeline: Urgent

  9. Yeah this ruined my day right off the bat, I usually check TTAG and my email while I enjoy my coffee first thing, now I have to resort to using my phone, which sucks because the cell reception is terrible inside my squadron building

  10. Actually, a number of sites that are not even remotely controversial have been getting blocked lately at work under suspicious weapons or suspicious adult/pornography. I suspect whatever software many of these places use to block “inappropriate” sites on official systems did some sort of upgrade, because this is new in the past few days. It has also been aggressively blocking ads on sites also.

  11. Name of the blog has guns in it, hence blocked. I called my IT dept to lift the block at work. I couldn’t access either. TTAG being blocked is nothing special.

  12. That’s why my iPad has cellular capability. If I’m blocked through somebody’s wifi, I turn it off and use my data. No biggie.

  13. Yes, the Navy has blocked it. Suggest setting up a mirror site and moving it every six months. It takes them at least that long to respond.
    On a related subject, I have a ceramic coffee cup that has a pistol-looking handle – my EEO-special female boss went berserk at the sight of it! (She apparently forgot that the Navy used to be in the weapons business…)

  14. not blocked at work, but it is on my kids’ school’s wifi. no prob – I had my phone activated as a hotspot. they also blocked ESPN. now every parent is asking me for the password to get on the “hitman” network 🙂

  15. Considering our fine art connoisseur overlord enjoys deleting comments that offend his delicate New England sensibilities, I find this post…ironic.

  16. TTAG is blocked at Scholotzsky’s. Schlotzsky’s also blocks Gander Mountain but does not block not Academy. These two stores sit side by side in my town and have similar product lines. Can’t figure out why one is blocked and the other is not.

  17. It is content-based Government discrimination and a violation of the First Amendment. Hire a good Constitutional lawyer and prepare to get rich.

  18. Considering the amount of time I spend on TTAG while at work, apparently they are cool with it. It would be impossible for them to miss that it was being visited.

  19. One word, proxy. Enjoy your articles in between patients again. Though it wouldn’t be a surprise I guess if they go after proxy sites as well, so either find an extremely low key one or just set one up.

    • Purposefully circumnavigating the filters is a great way to get your network access revoked, and possible job loss.

  20. and are search engines which offer the ability to view most websites through their proxy. Your IT department will only be able to see that you have an https connection to (unless they have keyloggers or screen capturing deployed).

    Search the blocked URL, then click “Proxy” just beneath the result title. You won’t be able to use the back button, submit forms, or use javascript features.

  21. Years ago my previous employer started blocking web pages of all kinds that they did not approve of. They failed to account for the fact that they hired talented techs. Several of us just bought smart phones and used the hot spot function to drive a large tablet or a small laptop. The answer is you can only stop some of the signal….the information will find a way through.

  22. Wonder if they are using Barracuda? Could be that they added a bunch of new blocked sites in an update. It wouldn’t be the first time it has happened. I could still access it at work, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for a sudden loss of access.

  23. Well, haha, the joke’s on them. I just blocked the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, FAA, NSA, EPA, IRS, NCIS, Boy Scouts. the Onion and the AARP.

    We got ’em right where we want ’em, boys!

  24. A thought: at a Fortune 500 company I used to work for we blocked all weapons sites because they are extremely popular venues for “watering hole” style cyber attacks. The rash of malware that TTAG has attracted is just one example. Given the low appetite the military has for cyber penetration I would bet this is the cause of the “weapons/suspicious” tag: it’s not that weapons are suspicious, it’s that your security profile is dodgy because you are a weapons site. I’m as pro-gun as they come, but I would block you from any corporate network all day long.

  25. I can still access this sight though the USCG network.
    But we are a whole lot of derp some times… so the IT’s might catch up in year or five.

    • You are correct! I would be deeply saddened if TTAG were blocked on the Coast Guard network. I have no idea what I would do at work all day if it was lol. But, as you said our IT systems suck as I imagine you would agree!

  26. I work on an AF base. I’m on TTAG right now. Not blocked. NIPR network filters are managed by each individual base. You friend’s beef is better aimed at his base’s Comm Squadron. I highly doubt TTAG was directly targeted. Filters are updated by periodic updates. It may have been included in a batch. I VERY highly doubt that .mil leadership is even aware of this blog outside of any personal interest.

    Steam is blocked here, though, which does make me unhappy.

  27. [Edit feature sucks]
    Wendy’s blocks TTAG, as well as Sam’s Club. However, my Air Guard unit’s NIPRNET still allows TTAG. Also, it might not hurt to look at other ad servers. When I viewed this article, one of the ads was for seduction techniques.
    I mean, I like shapely girlbutts in tights/yoga pants as much or more than the next guy, but I wonder if that’s a source of the spate of site blocks.

  28. The world’s largest defense contractor now blocks TTAG as well. At first I thought it was a conspiracy until I remember how intrusive and non-workplace friendly the ads are on TTAG.

    That said, I enjoy the articles quite a bit.

      • It’s back up again. What a relief. Now I can go back to ignoring work…I mean avoiding work…I mean looking at TTAG during breaks. Yeah, that’s the one. 🙂

  29. they just blocked your site for all AT&T employees on internal wifi. I could access the site yesterday and couldn’t when i went to lunch today.

  30. Well, the first time I tried to read this article the ads crashed my browser, so I had to wonder if that kind of thing might have anything to do with it. OTOH, the .gov is pretty stupid in an advanced kind of way; the Texas Employment Commission used to block the Texas District and County Attorneys Association website (which carries just about every prosecutorial job opening in Texas) as an “advocacy” site. So I’m betting either malware protection or .gov politically-correct stupidity rather than rank conspiracy.

  31. TTAG is banned here in Kaiser hospital waiting rooms in California.

    Fortunately, it still works in my local Starbucks.

    • Sorry to tell you, but the Navy has not blocked TTAG. I am reading and typing this right now on a computer.

      There was a time when we would have issues gaining access, but it isn’t consistent so I’m guessing it has something to do that is on TTAG occassionally rather than continuously.

      Foghorn, I think you’re just fishing for something. Other posters have provided a possible remedy: remove the malicious adware and maybe that security flag most security protocols get you on wouldn’t be such a problem.


  32. I’m inclined to believe the adware/malware comments. I get more unwanted cookies from TTAG than from any other site. Please fix this. Thanks, guys.

    Anxious to see your take on the new Sig P225.

  33. I would be upset if I wasn’t on some government watch list for pro-Bill-of-Rights people, so TTAG should be happy it got the attention of our leftist government. Or, it could be those run-away JavaScript routines executed by your advertisers that crash browsers.

  34. The firewall specifically says it’s due to content. RF’s site has had malware issues, sure, but this time, certain parts of the military are really blocking TTAG.

    No matter, that’s why they invented LTE.

  35. NAVNETWARCOM Battle Watch Captain….. I had to run to the bathroom because I was laughed so hard at this title it made me pee.

    So the Navy’s Network Warfare Command has a Battle Watch Captain….I guess everyone needs to make their efficiency report shine somehow, particularly if you can’t actually carry a rifle and bring a real fight to a real enemy.

    News flash: The Chinese & Russians already have all of our information and all of our secrets. Our own leadership sold us out. Banning TTAG is smoke & mirrors.

  36. If I read TTAG at work it’s always via smart phone over the carrier’s network.

    The absolute worst thing – from a practical, personal, career-consequences standpoint – you can do where I work is embarrass the management.

    Not that TTAG would embarrass me, but all it takes is a crusading auditor on the IT logs to cause a stink. Paranoid? Perhaps. But I’ve seen similar things happen at similar places of enjoyment.

  37. Tinfoil time but this is how they get gun control. Once the Internet is viewed as a right, just like electricity and running water you will see subsidized and fully Government funded ISP’s blow up. I am sure uncle sam will demand offensive content like “weapons” be banned.

  38. Blocked at Walmart too. While I’m at work I have to disconnect from their wifi if I want to view any firearm related websites

  39. Some of you guys need to pull out from below the TTAG belt line, and get a breath of fresh air.

  40. Who are these people attempting to access TTAG or any other remotely controversial site, or even any personal web surfing site, from their employer’s network?!

    It’s bad enough you’re wasting company time, but who hands over easy cause for termination to the Man like that? Sure, even in states where you can be terminated for no cause or any cause not legally protected, you would still forfeit unemployment benefits if terminated over violation of the employer’s use company property policy. It’s damn near 2016, people: time to get a smart phone.

      • Not particularly. I’m enjoying more freedom, compensation and camaraderie here than ever before anywhere else in my career.

        However, people fundamentally can be trusted no farther than to act in their own interest. Sometimes, even less than that. I don’t leave myself vulnerable to their whim and vicissitudes.

  41. Tower City Center mall in Cleveland blocks anything “weapons-related,” but I haven’t used their internet in about 5 years or so.

  42. Get better revenue generation options. Ditch the malware and switch to better ad services. Partner with some companies. Put your gear/gun reviews on YouTube and monetize them. You could even sell products with your logo on them. Fix your forums. Sell website perks of some kind.

    All these these things will make you money and not get you blocked.

    It’s the 21st century, guys. There’s no reason pro-gun websites need to still be in the 90’s. Kids streaming video games from their basement are making thousands of dollars, without half the audience size you have. Gotta innovate a little.

  43. It’s because the site have classified as weapons/suspicious by Bluecoat. It’s even blocked by their free K9 Web Protection software (a very nice tool, especially if you have children in the house).

    Get rid of the Ad Malware and request re-classification.

  44. I don’t think this site is banned by my company (the only things I know they block are adult sites and gaming sites), but I’ve never accessed this site at work. My boss doesn’t care if I use the internet for personal use, but I would prefer to not have anyone at my company to know that I am into firearms (except a few trusted friends). I usually catch up at home, but I do occasionally access the site from my smartphone too. Even if your work blocks your access to this blog it’s not that hard to check it from your phone.

  45. Isn’t the military suppose to defend the constitution, the 1st amendment? I have the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough $hit.
    The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  46. Just for fun I checked the five wifi networks I can reach that don’t have security codes. TTAG is blocked on two of them. I don’t know exactly whose they are, but the bizarre strings they use for names suggest businesses.

    Plus, my own security stuff blocked you… again. That’s once this week, three times last week, that TTAG was blocked on my computer for suspected malware.

    Seriously, any ads that are adult in nature are likely to get you blocked (half the time I can’t access the site via the town library wifi and get “childsafe” waarnings).

    Listen to the IT guys: this is about the lousy ads and frequent malware. It’s the equivalent of leaving loaded guns laying out in the yard in plain sight and thinking it’s okay. If I did that and the folks here knew, I’d get told to clean up my act. So… clean up your act.

  47. TTAG is free for access in mainland China last time i went there. Funny they block youtube and facebook where there are people praising their excellent regime. is accessible as well lol

  48. Your not blocked on Navy Servers, I am replying to this article through a Navy Server from a ship in the fleet. As has been stated a few times above it is the Bluecoat software that is blocking you. Ours comms guys had the power to override the block through the Bluecoat system. There is no hidden agenda against your page. An update to Bluecoat was loaded and it tagged your page.
    The bad thing about your article is it almost sounds as out there as some of the Anti-gunner ramblings. Written without any from of good research into the problem, just lets throw up a Headline that will get attention.

  49. Two things: 1) IKEA and Target block TTAG as well 2) How is this guy surprised that the military leaders are left leaning? Literally their job is to direct people to use violence in order to increase the power of government, nothing is more “left-wing” than that.

  50. The block is indeed malware driven, but in fairness to TTAG, I’ve seen other legit sites such as,,, and others serve up just as much malware lately. Malvertising has simply exploded this summer and continues to thrive in many environments, especially where Adobe Flash is used and exploited. The issue lies with how this new breed of malvertising is served up. Previously known “good” ad companies are being exploited to serve this stuff up, usually without their knowledge, until somebody notifies them it is occurring. If you aren’t already, it should be common practice to run an ad-blocker of your choice in your browser and/or enable a service like Privoxy on your home router/WAP.

  51. TTAG has BY FAR the WORST ads of any website I frequent. No competition. The content of the site is great, guys. I visit multiple times a day. But the clickbait ads have become so intrusive that I just downloaded an Ad-blocker.

    NIRVANA! TTAG now loads instantly, doesn’t freeze, doesn’t crash, and best of all is not filled with trash ads!

    I recommend everyone do the same. Maybe then TTAG will wise up and listen to its customers. Change your ad content and layout and your readership won’t Ad-block you.

  52. Per a GDA, blue coat proxies will block websites and embedded media that land in the “uncategorized/none” category starting 10/23/15.

  53. Why not set up a non-discript proxy website for those who know what to look for while they are out in the wilderness?

  54. I’ve got to agree on the adware/malware issue. I’d like nothing more than to whitelist TTAG and would even click on ads that interest me. However, I can’t afford the risk of compromising my computer or its performance with the current people with whom you’ve contracted. Frankly, while I quite enjoy the periodic Israeli supermodel and think Kirsten Joy Weiss is one of the sexiest women on the planet, the sexually oriented ads really cross the line of my patience.

  55. Remove the stupid ads! Not just any old ads but the constant “click-me, click-me” ads.

    You are not blocked on .gov computers, your ads are.

  56. Clean up the adware junk and we can have the discussion about places blocking free speech.

    Sorry but adware/malware is not “free speech” and compromises security.

    I’m sure everyone screaming about “free speech” would be pissed if company X was hacked and your information leaked to hackers.

    Nope! Then, you’d be screaming about why something wasn’t done and people should be fired, blah blah blah.

    Novel idea: Fix the problem.

  57. I was in Iraq in 2010 and it blocked weapons sites. I was trying to order a new holster for my M9 and they made it nearly impossible. I had to wait until I got back to my CHU to place an order. So I am in a country, at war, and I can’t go to websites that discussed guns and other firearms?

  58. I started getting automatic downloads to the download folder on my Mac when viewing with Safari a few months ago and eventually narrowed it down to TTAG as the specific site that was the biggest offender.

    I had to install an ad-blocker (Ghostery) and block all ad content to stop the irritation.

    I would recommend cleaning house on your ad bologna Robert and then after some time you can determine if the reason TTAG is being blocked is due to the content or due to the “other” content.

  59. I work at the Department of Interior and they just blocked it within the past week. When I attempt to go here it says it is a “Suspicious” website.

  60. That’s an affirmative. Navy definitely blocked TTAG. Can’t remember how long ago they did this. Just two weeks ago, I was able to view TTAG. In the last couple of days, whenever I visit TTAG from a Navy computer, I keep getting that sign “blocked by network.” Sucks.

    • Same here. TTAG was blocked at a big automotive manufacturer beginning last Tuesday (I think) but is now working again.

  61. Well, I control the firewall/network access for our organization (over 3500 employees), and I can guarantee that TTAG will never be blocked here as long as I’m here!

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