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Drowning in a sea of unopened emails, TTAG put out a SOS for a capable brand fan to assume the newly created role of Email Editor. We received an embarrassment of riches: over 80 responses. The vast majority of our applicants were completely qualified for the position; we thank all aspiring Editors for their time and expertise. As TTAG expands, we’ll be going back to our well of talent for more team members. After much folding, spindling and a little mutilation, we’re happy to welcome . . .

Josh Wayner to the TTAG team. Josh is a 2013 graduate of Michigan’s Grand Valley State University with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Research and Minor in Anthropology. He lives in The Mitten State with his lovely young bride.

Josh has seen every angle of the shooting industry firsthand. He’s run a gun businesses, designed new parts and systems, and written on a variety of industry topics. He competes at every available opportunity, winning thirteen medals at the Camp Perry’s CMP games — where he gets chewed-out for shooting barefoot (by older people wearing mismatched camo and three-layered sweaters in ninety degree heat). Josh intends to use his degree in anthropology to find out why they do that.

Besides shooting and dressing appropriately, Josh’s interests include cooking, hunting, writing, drawing and being a diehard autodidact. To that end, he enjoys discussing everything and anything firearms-related with both experts and gun muggles. We’ll be setting Josh up with his very own TTAG email — right after he clears our in-box. For now, you can contact him at [email protected].

This is an important addition to the TTAG team. Aside from our cadre of crack commentators, we’ve had considerable success publishing user-generated content: editorials, reviews, captions, 2A-related photos, memes and more. [Much of this content competes for prizes and all of our paid writers began this way or in the comments section.] Josh will help process reader submissions more quickly and efficiently, enhancing the TTAG community while keeping us up-to-date on news tips and industry comms.

As always, we thank our readers for their patronage. We couldn’t do this without you. We will continue to do our best to bring you the truth about guns, expanding content while maintaining quality. Rock and roll.

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  1. Stupid question of the day: why is someone who reads, organizes, and replies to emails an “editor” of emails?
    Good to have you around, Josh

    • Generic term for one involved in the editorial process of running a blog?

      Edit: Congrats, Josh. No matter what the “title” is, having a dedicated email point of contact/sifter is good for the site.

      • Congrats and welcome, Josh. It’s terrific that the site continues to invest in staff dedicated to keeping the content active, timely and relevant!

  2. In a traditional scope of news media the editor ultimately controls what content gets presented in the process. As a person who screens the emails he will have a large degree of that control in his hands.

    • Yep.

      I sure hope I haven’t annoyed him. 😮

      Congrats, Josh, I sure hope you were a fan of ‘The Daily Digest’…

  3. I like Josh, and he has a lot of experience to share, but is he going to write articles with an attitude presented as unquestionable fact and when someone disagrees he marginalizes them with a “they don’t understand” statement while at the same time changing his handle to “Writer of Things That Upset People” just to rub them the wrong way? Since he is going to be an “editor” – might I suggest TTAG give him a copy of that book titled “How to make friends and influence people.”

    • I was REALLY upset by those articles when I read them. It just didnt seem right that some punk kid would challenge all I knew about rifles. He did upset me. He was right about me. I was stuck thinking in the old way of thinking. I just didn’t want to change my way of thinking. I’ve got AR-10 pin-and-weld 308 now and it’s my favotite rifle! After he wrote those, a bunch of sites did the same and verified his research 100%. I went and read those comments and he is nothing but a peace-maker who didn’t get why it was that people weren’t taking his notes seriously. Old guys like me just couldn’t be made to understand, but now I do. I never saw a single comment where he was rude and he even came back years later to answer questions. has not credited him in their barrel articles, but they have matching independent data. Josh was right and way ahead of his time on this topic. I love his tone and attitude. We need more people willing to call out the silliness of the culture and bring it back to a practical roots.

      Good luck, Josh! If you aren’t writing things that upset people, you aren’t writing the right stuff! Keep us on our toes!

  4. Congrats! I was one of the applicants but I’m truly glad to see the position go to someone with a wealth of experience in all the areas required.

  5. Welcome Josh.

    From the article:
    “where he gets chewed-out for shooting barefoot (by older people wearing mismatched camo and three-layered sweaters in ninety degree heat). Josh intends to use his degree in anthropology to find out why they do that.”

    I would like to know your professional (or not) answer. Please, do not leave us hanging!

  6. Congratulations, Josh! Looks like my favorite site on the Wide World o’ Web is (still, as always) in good hands.

  7. That’s a nice pickup. I am wondering how long it will take before Josh hires an intern or more staff! I don’t see a slow-down in firearms related web content and TTAG has to be one of the busier watering holes….

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