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Some people say interpreting laws, the Constitution, the Founders’ intent and legal precedence is a dark art. That’s nothin’. You want emanations and penumbras? Try figuring out how WordPress’s spam filter does its thing. As you may have noticed, comments haven’t been making it through consistently for some time now. The spam filter’s stopping everything so we’re forced to sift through the literally thousands of actual spam comments that come in to manually release the good stuff. We’re working on it. Which is to say people with much more technical know-how that I have are working on it. Until then, please bear with us. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for this post and the hard work! You guys are awesome. Hope you get to read that lol

    It deffinatley dosnt like me right now. I just wish this site was a little more mobile friendly so I can say more and not sound only like a smart@$$ and not just make short stupid comments.

  2. Ohh, comments are down…. that explains it….for a second I thought everybody was “just getting along” like so many have been asking for

  3. Seems like it’s been headed for failure for the last week or so. Ridiculous number of comments trapped in the filter.

  4. Funny coincidence, I just opened up a pre-cooked Dutch ham in a black 2″ high oblong shaped can and inside it turns out to be SPAM in a fancy can.

  5. Might have to mark each commenter you approve as safe.
    Did you do a recent update of plug ins?
    I used wordpress on a site of mine and some of the plug ins actually have security vulnerabilities.

  6. Twice in the past several days my comments did not get through. It is heartbreaking, because they were masterpieces of rigorous logical analysis, and yet also of aching beauty . . . and delicate, playful charm. And now they are gone, gone, trapped like lint in a dryer.

    Oh, the humanity.

  7. Seems like it’s still jacked up. Just had two comments disappear into the ether, should be interesting to see if this one shows up. REALLY sucks when you take the time to type something on a touchscreen (at 1/10 the speed of a real keyboard, in my case) and it gets eaten by the WP-comments monster.

    • Pretty sure it’s more of a single-shot conversion right now, since they’re having to manually promote every comment out of the moderation queue.

    • I thought it was SPORTS…

      S-lap your mag
      P-ull your charging handle
      O-bserve the chamber for a jam
      R-elease charging handle
      T-ap forward assist
      S-print for the nearest AK you can grab

  8. How awesome would it be if you could whitelist IPs? Not all of them, obviously, but for instance, the IP this comment is coming from is my home computer, and although it’s technically dynamic, it hasn’t changed in 8 months. At least then I could avoid false positives for no discernible reason.

  9. You’ve come this far and I think that’s great, keep chasing your dreams and one day you’ll reach the top and then you’ll see how great you’ve become . Rainbow Friends

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