That didn’t come out right. This is a picture of a Horus riflescope that the owner of the company has been viciously thwacking against a block of wood for the last few days. And despite the massive abuse the thing is still as clear as the box fresh versions and, according to the owner, still holds zero. The owner of the company claims that the key to the indestructability of these scopes is that they encase their optics in a steel tube which is practically indestructible. I just thought that was pretty damned neat.


  1. Sorry but the side of that tube is obviously dented. The lenses are fixed to the tube. If you bend the tube it changes the lense alignment. The turret mechanism may be strong enough to withstand the beating but there is not way that scope has not changed zero at all. It may be close, and the turret mechanism may be In exactly the same place as it was before. But the lenses have been moved by the distention of the tube.

    Unless the dented tube is just an outer casing around the mentioned steel tube that holds the optics. That could
    Make sense. But then one would wonder why have an outer tube at all instead of saving the weight…

  2. What would be more impressive and a better example of faith in the durability of their products might be to offer a warranty that is longer than one year.


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