Hope for Florida Gun Owners: Sandra Atkinson Running for Florida State Legislature

Sandra Atkinson Florida GOP

Courtesy sandragop.com

With Florida Republicans left and right supporting restrictive gun control bills, the question is being asked by many gun rights supporters, including myself: what can we do? Here’s one thing you can do: you live in District 4 (Okaloosa County, FL) you can actually help.

Florida House District 4

Florida House District 4

Sandra Atkinson is running in the GOP primary for Republican Rep. Mel Ponder’s seat (he’s decided to run for a county commission seat).

Who is Rep. Ponder? He’s the lawmaker who introduced HB 183, the bill that would grant a specific exemption for lawmakers from the CCW ban at government meetings.

But the more important question is, who is she?

Atkinson is an ally and friend. She’s a two-term Republican State Committeewoman for Okaloosa County and currently chairing the Republican Party of Florida’s Second Amendment committee.

Additionally, Atkinson is an Army veteran and local business owner in Fort Walton Beach. She was also the County Chairwoman for President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

I can personally attest that Sandra Atkinson is a defender of the Second Amendment. She was with me at the state capitol and spoke against SB 7026, the gun control bill passed by Republicans and signed into law by then-Governor Rick Scott (R) after the Parkland shooting. Atkinson has faced an uphill battle within the RPOF for the Second Amendment and she’s not quitting now.

Sandra is working to get enough signatures to get on the ballot. If you’re a resident, you can help her by going to her website.

The primary election is on August 18. I don’t easily throw my support behind just anyone, but Sandra Atkinson is someone I can support. Again, she’s 100% pro Second Amendment, vehemently opposes new gun control laws and is very much in our corner.

She has two websites. Her official Campaign website and her official Republican Party of Florida website.


  1. avatar Fully Involved says:

    Yes! She is exactly what Florida needs!
    For those in Okaloosa please support her and save our state!!

  2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Luis, she sounds good, but much I can do to help. Unless it’s a little $. She’s too far west. My sister lives on 30A in South Walton but I think even that’s not in Atkinson’s district. I’ll talk to Mary tomorrow.

    1. Hello, I saw your comment and yes, I am right next to Walton county. Any amount of money would be helpful to my campaign or if you know of anyone that lives in Okaloosa County share my site with them. http://www.vote4sandra.com to help spread the word. Many thanks

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        MS. Atkinson, I’ve done a little research. I know I can’t vote for you. Mary don’t think she will be able to either. However, you will be receiving a financial contribution between now and the election. It will arrive when FRS allows me my modest pension each month. Should approach the $1000 limit before the election. I’m just a poor ass retired deputy sheriff. You understand. Good luck!

        1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          “Doesn’t” think. I despise spell check. Thinks it’s more intelligent than me.

  3. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    “Not” much.

  4. avatar Chip in NWFL says:

    Well I actually live in FWB and will do what I can to help her…I liked Mel Ponders (actually dated his wife back in HS and I’m still good friends with her family) but NOT happy at all with his latest carry carve out for the elite!

    Count me in to help…I’ll get in touch with her.

    1. avatar klaus Von Schmitto says:

      Vikings or Choctaw?

      1. avatar Chip in NWFL says:

        I went to Choctaw, class of 85….she went to Fort Walton class of 86.

    2. Great, thanks for your support. Give me a call or shoot me a text.

      1. avatar Chip in NWFL says:

        Message sent….

  5. avatar Someone says:

    “Again, she’s 100% pro Second Amendment, vehemently opposes new gun control laws and is very much in our corner.”
    That’s great, but it’s not enough. What is her stance on repealing old gun control? As long as politicians in our corner only defend the status quo, the gun grabbers, whe are never satisfied, always gain a little “compromise” here and there and the ratchet tightens. What we need is a good offense to not only keep whatever is left of our 2A rights, but to get back what we lost.

    I want my cake back!

    1. Saw your comment and I am a “cake master” lol I want you and all the other law-abiding citizens to “have their cake back” too. I have spoken at gun rallies in T’hasse, at the Stand Your Ground Hearing, went to T’hasse numerous times and tried to talk sense into legislators about our Right To Bear Arms. I have been endorsed by Stephanie Feis. She is the mother of coach Aaron Feis from the Parkland shooting, may he RIP. I am against the infringement of our Right to Bear Arms.
      I am decorated honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Army. I didn’t put my life on the line for this country to have these politicians selectively say who can and cannot defend themselves with a firearm! If I were in office right now, I would be leading the charge to repeal the Red Flag law alongside Rep. Mike Hill and Rep. Anthony Sabitini. The word “Shall” is not a suggestion. I have just been appointed to the RPOF 2nd Amendment committee so let’s see how that goes.

  6. avatar RedFlagRising says:

    FL, NC and GA will be the next states to go VA.

    Obamas plan to flood the country with hostile illegals voting Democrat is working perfectly.

    1. avatar Matthew the Oilman says:

      The immigrants are hostile to our gun rights because we can’t communicate with them.

      1. avatar Bob says:

        The author of this article is the son of immigrants.

        Also, you might want to check out Oleg Volk. He’s an immigrant too.

        1. avatar RedFlagRising says:

          Conflating “immigrant” with “illegal alien invader.”

          Conflating “Sven the fisherman” with “Jose the cartel shotcaller.”

          Nice. Obama approved!

  7. avatar Kenneth Heavrin Jr. says:

    I made a contribution primarily because of here 2A support and hope she can lead Florida from it’s anti-gun abyss!

    1. Kenny, thank you for your generous donation. Rest assure, my stance on our Right To Bear Arms will never change.

  8. avatar Alan says:

    The solution of Florida’s legislative problems might not so much lie in or with the election of this particular candidate as it lies in the removal of current members of the state legislature, some of whom appear to have forgotten the oath of office they took.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      Or removal of NE carpetbaggers?

    2. True BUT we must keep widdling away to get our people in there so we can get these unconstitutional laws reversed.

  9. avatar Stateisevil says:

    There are 3 main types of gun owners in Florida. Hunters, CWFL holders who put their subcompact pistol in the glovebox (for which they don’t even need the license), and guys who own 17 suppressors, 5 SBRs, 9 premium ARs and PCCs and countless pistols who don’t even know there is a right to bear arms and belong to 0 gun rights organizations. FL GOP therefore does whatever it wants.

    1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      Stateisevil, there are more than the types of firearms owners in Florida. There are the grandmothers I trained that live check to social security check and keep a S&W #10 in the nightstand. They don’t shoot as often as they should, but at least they have it. There’s my daughter who has a sunflower tattoo on her back. Her husband has a man bun. He’s the turkey hunter from hell. The last thing you want to see is Katherine pointing that vintage Detective Special at you. In fact, it is the last thing you’re likely to see. In this world. Then there’s the hundreds of average citizens I trained so they could get their CCW. All races. Economic strata. Education levels. Stateisevil, there are hundreds of types of firearms owners, not just in Florida, but in this nation.

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        “Three” types. Only had four hours of sleep last night. Sorry.

      2. avatar anonymous4goodreason says:

        Well Gadsden, I think you’ve hit on a big part of the problem. There are so many types that we can’t even agree on whether an infringement is acceptable. Recently, I was speaking to my neighbor who had just purchased 2 very nice guns and we’re both strong 2a supporters or at least I thought he was until I mentioned red flag laws. I was shocked that he was all for them! It took me only about 15 minutes to change his mind by showing him that they already killed a man in Anne Arundel County, MD (Gary Willis) for no good reason and that the feds had already weaponized the law by asking Washington State authorities to red flag and seize the guns of the head of a militia because they didn’t like his politics (sorry, I don’t remember his name but I think his group is anti-semitic or something but promised not to start anything, just to be ready is something starts). The state, of course, was all too willing to comply with the request. We’ll be seeing more of both in the not too distant future.

        Anyway, he wasn’t aware of either of these or how easily it can be weaponized. After that he quickly changed his tune. The problem is there are far too many people like him who think they’re one of the good guys and the state won’t be coming for them.

        Before anyone jumps on this, I don’t agree with antisemitism but, like the 2nd, I do believe strongly in the 1st. He can hate whomever he chooses as long as he doesn’t take any harmful action on his hatred.

  10. avatar Alan1018 says:

    We would have more hope if we could recall the secretary of agriculture.

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